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Greg HallOff the Couch

by Greg Hall
Landmark columnist


Reid rumored to be Chiefs' next coach

Posted 1-3-13

“I will be surprised if Andy Reid is not the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Chris Mortensen, ESPN
GH: Just two days ago Reid to Arizona was all but a done deal. I’m not ready to buy that this deal is done – at least I hope not.

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com reported that [Andy Reid] met with Chiefs brass for nearly nine hours in Philadelphia [Wednesday]. Reid texted Frank saying the meeting ‘went very well.’ Reid then flew to Arizona to interview with the Cardinals, which was scheduled for Thursday but could get pushed back to Friday after he arrived later than originally planned, according to the report.”
Kevin Patra, writer, NFL.com
GH: A couple of things jump out from Patra’s report. Nine hours is a long time to meet with a head coaching candidate unless both sides are very serious. There is little doubt Reid is Clark Hunt’s first choice. The question is how high is Kansas City on Reid’s wish list? The second thing is that Patra reports Reid flew to Phoenix to meet with the Cardinals. There have been conflicting reports on Reid’s whereabouts since his meeting with the Chiefs. Some believe he is still scheduled to meet with both the Cardinals and the Chargers. Read on.

“We should point out that Reid wouldn't tell the media if the interview didn't go well. It could be a leverage play to extract more money or power from Arizona or another team. If there was any doubt, however, Reid's Kansas City interview cements the fact that he is one of the biggest fish in this market, and before the coaching carousel comes to a stop he could have his choice of seats.”
Kevin Patra, writer, NFL.com
GH: Again, how high does Kansas City rate when it comes to comparing the Chiefs’ vacancy to those in Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Buffalo? Clark is making a very public play for Reid. Plan B appears to be to hope Plan A works.

“Apparently it was a six- or seven-person dog-and-pony show that went to Atlanta [Tuesday] – including Scott Pioli [to interview the Falcons’ Dirk Koetter]. … What was happening in that meeting in Atlanta apparently was that non-football people were asking football questions.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: How does Pioli’s presence increase the chances of hiring Andy Reid? How does Pioli’s presence do anything but question the leadership capabilities of Clark Hunt?

“I really wonder if he believes in himself as an owner.”
Soren Petro, on reports that Clark Hunt took Scott Pioli and multiple people with him to interview Dirk Koetter in Atlanta and Andy Reid in Philadelphia, 810 AM
GH: One of the signs of a great leader is to understand your weaknesses. Hunt obviously sees himself differently than Jerry Jones. That’s not all bad.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense at all the way the whole process is going.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“What you’re sending out to everybody in the NFL is what everybody already thought – that franchise has no clue!”
Frank Boal, on Clark Hunt’s reported traveling entourage to interview head coaching candidates, 810 AM

“Spoke with several Chiefs players today who would love to see Andy Reid hired as the next head coach.”
Matt Miller, @NFLdraftscout, Twitter
GH: We heard the exact same thing when Romeo Crennel was named the Chiefs’ interim head coach. This Chiefs’ hire might need to appease the Chiefs’ fans more than the players.

“Reid was fired Monday because he authored the most absurd season a head coach has produced in recent professional sports history. The Eagles' 2012 devolved beyond debacle status; beyond surreal, and into impossibility.”
Marcus Hayes, columnist,
Philadelphia Daily News
GH: Wow. Where else but the world of head coaching can you get fired from a job you failed at miserably and demand a huge pay raise and almost unlimited power? And they call what we do Fantasy Football.

“No franchise could endure two seasons like Reid's 2012. Every incident, every misstep, every misevaluation, lay at the feet of Andy Reid. A cataclysmically awful signing; the drug-related death of a nepotistic hire; the insistence by his agent that he could coach in Philadelphia forever; the firing of a loyal, if miscast, lieutenant, and the subsequent, disastrous ascension of an overmatched assistant; the late-game injury to the most valuable player on the team in an unwinnable game; the dismissal of an insubordinate defensive lineman, then his insubordinate position coach. And, throughout, Reid's pernicious refusal, in defiance of his owner's dictate, to put a congenial face on the franchise he represented. These things actually happened. We checked our notes. Maybe teams like the Cards [and Chiefs] did not.”
Marcus Hayes, columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

“For those complaining about Andy's 4-12 record this year, Jon Fox was 2-14 in his last yr @ Carolina. Look at him now. Fresh starts help.”
SaveOurChiefs, @SaveOurChiefs, Twitter
GH: So does a HOF quarterback in Fox’s huddle.

“I’m just going to say from an educated view, Andy’s not going to want Scott around [if he takes the Chiefs’ job].”
Chris Mortensen, 810 AM
GH: This is just so odd. Again, why drag Pioli to Philadelphia to interview a guy who doesn’t want to work with him?

“Is there a part of me knowing Andy that wishes he would take a year off? Maybe. … I think a change of scenery will reenergize and refresh Andy Reid.”
Chris Mortensen, 810 AM
GH: Kevin Kietzman got ugly Wednesday while discussing the personal issues Reid has faced with his family and the possibility of Reid being the Chiefs next head coach. But ugly is about the only way you can address Reid’s past year – at home and on the sideline.

“A legitimate knock [against Reid] is the way he deals with the media. Sometimes he’ll be miniscule in the information he will dole out. He took a lot of heat in this town with his dealings with the media. That was legit. But Andy didn’t care about that stuff.”
Ike Reese, former Eagles linebacker and current Philadelphia sports talk host, 610 AM
GH: Sounds like Andy and Ned Yost would get along just fine.

“If he happens to come out there [to Kansas City], just put food in front of him and you’ll be okay. Kansas City has great food out there. Just as long as he has food, he’ll be okay.”
Ike Reese, former Eagles linebacker and current Philadelphia sports talk host, 610 AM
GH: What if Reid made his decision on where to coach based solely on the city’s cuisine? Fish tacos in San Diego. Authentic Mexican in Phoenix. BBQ in KC. I’ve sampled them all – repeatedly – and there is no wrong choice. Attach a $7-million annual salary and you could even put up with Buffalo wings.

GreHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Clark Hunt is the problem

Posted 12-31-12

"I am embarrassed by the poor product we gave our fans this season, and I believe we have no choice but to move the franchise in a different direction. I will immediately begin the search for the next head coach of the Chiefs. The entire football operation will remain under review, and there may be additional changes to come. No final determination has been made at this point on the future of General Manager Scott Pioli."
Clark Hunt, in an official press release announcing the firing of Romeo Crennel
GH: With this press release, Clark Hunt hopes to quiet the unhappy Chiefs fans and begin to move forward on the 2013 season. But what he has done is simply underscored how out of touch he is with his fan base and this city. Not firing Pioli at the same time he axed Crennel is just another stumble by the rich kid from Dallas.

"At the end of the day I know what the fans want and it's the same thing I want. We want to win. If we can do that, I think the fans will get onboard with whoever is in the [GM] position."
Clark Hunt, in a radio interview with Soren Petro Monday afternoon, 810 AM
GH: That might be the biggest "if" uttered since the snake talked Eve into biting that apple. Maybe Clark is saying he knows Chiefs fans want Pioli canned and he is working his way to that end on his own timeline. But sometimes timelines need to be tossed aside for the good of the goal. Retaining Pioli, even for a few days or weeks, makes Clark look weak, clueless and far too corporate. He needed to play Donald Trump today and instead we got Donald Duck.

"There is no time line."
Clark Hunt, in an interview with Mitch Holthus, on when he expects to make a decision on Pioli's future with the Chiefs, KCChiefs.com

"It could happen quickly and it also could take several weeks depending on teams that are in the playoffs."
Clark Hunt, on hiring a new head coach, 810 AM
GH: Riveting information from Mr. Duck. He's only had two months to prepare for this move.

"The Bears fired their head coach today. They won ten games. I love Lovie Smith but that's the kind of commitment to excellence you want!"
Josh Vernier, 610 AM

"The financial side of it will not hinder us [in regard to hiring a head coach or GM]."
Clark Hunt, 810 AM
GH: It would appear to all who are keeping score that the financial side is all that is keeping Pioli employed at this time. Simply put, I do not believe anything Clark said to Petro in his interview when it comes to his commitment to winning. How could any worthwhile competitor sit quietly over the past two months and watch his NFL franchise wither into the embarrassing mess that is the Chiefs? Clark may think he wants to win but I doubt a silver-spooned heir as he has any idea what real winners must sacrifice and risk for greatness.

"This thing is eating at him. I talked with [Clark Hunt] this morning. To me, some of these moves he's contemplating are paradigm shifts and completely changes the way this organization operates."
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: Holthus' comment intrigued me until I heard Clark tell Petro what these " paradigm shifts" might entail. Read on.

"The head coach will report directly to me."
Clark Hunt, stating this will be a fundamental change in the history of the Chiefs hierarchal structure, 810 AM
GH: Does anyone think reporting to Clark is going to strike fear or even accountability into the heart of the Chiefs next head coach? It's just not all that imposing for a football coach having to answer to a guy wearing a pair of Testoni alligator loafers and sipping a vintage Chateau Lafite --none of it that he earned.

"Although I won't have one answering to the other, I would say the chemistry [between the head coach and GM] is very important."
Clark Hunt, 810 AM
GH: Since when? Has Clark even been paying attention to what has been going on with Scott Pioli and his hand-picked head coaches? Clark comes off in his interview with Petro like he just found out he now owns an NFL franchise that has been ablaze with ineptness the past decade. I'm sorry, but Clark Hunt is the problem here, folks. He has to be the other NFL owners' favorite punching bag. That his best friends have not pointed this out to the SMU smart guy is simply sad. I get the feeling Clark is surrounded by Sam Malone's buddies at Cheers when it comes to his posse.

"It does you no good to be too involved when you don't even know football. You don't know!"
Jayice Pearson, on Hunt claiming to be involved in the head coaching search and the Chiefs' operations, 610 AM

"I do spend a lot of my time on football issues already."
Clark Hunt, 810 AM
GH: Excuse me...but how freaking scary is that comment?

"I think he's frustrated and somewhat embarrassed."
Soren Petro, after his interview with Clark Hunt, 810 AM
GH: I didn't have much of a problem with Petro's interview with Hunt except that he didn't push the Chiefs' owner nearly as hard as he deserved. I understand that sitting face-to-face with Hunt can be intimidating for a radio jock whose station is contractually tied to the Chiefs, but Chiefs fans deserved more when it comes to what Hunt's franchise has wrought on this fan base. Hunt spoke of being embarrassed in his press release, Petro should have pushed this point and tied it to his decision to not announce Pioli's firing at this time.

"I was in the middle of volleying back and forth and where I was going to go next."
Soren Petro, unable to give his opinion when asked by Todd Leabo and Danny Clinkscale his perception of one of Hunt's comments to him during the interview, 810 AM
GH: This excuse from Petro bothered me. He is a veteran sports talk host who was educated and trained at Syracuse University. He cannot formulate questions in a live interview based on an interviewee's answers? Grow up, Petro. Or pay your mom back the money she spent sending you to learn how to gamble.

"As long as Clark Hunt is in control, the Kansas City Chiefs will never win a Super Bowl. I would even argue that he will never win the trophy that is named after his father!"
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Clark Hunt is 48. He and his family will never sell the Chiefs. Never. His grandsons' grandsons will own this franchise. Let's hope they have more balls than The Clarks.

"February? That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!"
Jay Binkley, on reports that Clark Hunt has stated he hopes to have a decision on Pioli's future settled by early February, 610 AM
GH: And Clark thinks he knows what the fans want?

"I'm looking forward to turning the calendar to 2013. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't happen again and that we have a team they can be proud of in 2013."
Clark Hunt, 810 AM
GH: Words mean little in sport, business and love. Actions are all that matters. We would like to love the Chiefs once again. Show us you are worthy of our allegiance, Mr. Duck.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24




The best of 2012 OTC includes at least one touch of Neilbonics

Posted 12-28-12

As 2012 morphs into a new year over this long holiday weekend, it offers me the chance to look back on some of the quotes, stories and personalities that shaped my Off The Couch column this past year. Here are some [but far from all] of those for your reading pleasure.


“We are very excited to name Romeo [Crennel] the new head coach of the Chiefs. In 30 years as a coach in the National Football League, Romeo has established an outstanding track record of success, and we believe his experience and proven ability make him the best person to help us reach our goal of consistently competing for championships.”
Clark Hunt, Chiefs Chairman and CEO, in official statement

“I just shit myself!”
Bill Maas, a Pittsburgh native, moments after Tebow’s 80-yard overtime TD pass to Damarious Thomas defeated the Steelers in the playoffs, Twitter

“The media in this town is very corrupt. That’s the sports media I should say. Honestly, it seemed like it was a bigger story nationally than here in Kansas City. I was interested and sort of amused by what the reaction was by certain people. Certain radio stations that I won’t name. Certain TV stations that I won’t name. It’s disappointing on a couple of levels. One of which is it’s a pretty major story in Kansas City. And for some of the people in Kansas City to just ignore it, that’s their prerogative but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you have a big story to talk about and you turn a blind eye. A lot of us in the media have to decide which master to serve because there are many temptations in this business. You can either serve your readers, listeners, viewers or you can serve the very teams that you are supposed to hold accountable. A lot of the media in this town are more interested in serving the master they should be holding accountable. To me that’s shameful. That’s not the type of journalism I respect.”
Kent Babb, after his "Arrowhead Anxiety" expose on Scott Pioli's iron-handed and often bizarre control of the Chiefs' organization was heralded by the national media,  Royalmanreport.com
GH: Babb got a gig from the Washington Post out of his Arrowhead Anxiety story. The local media got a "candy wrapper" punch line that I have been guilty of overusing as well. But Babb's comments about the local media in his quotes to Chris Kamler during an appearance on the webcast Royalmanreport.com, should concern all who work in Kansas City media or partake of their work. Babb is not some disgruntled former employee. Babb is not blogging in his u-trough from his mom's basement. Babb is not some faceless, nameless nobody. Babb works with and around the very people he slices open with his words. My hope is that some were listening.

“If you can be bought or swayed or whatever, I’ve learned one thing and that is opinions are cheap in a lot of sports towns, not just here but around the country. If you can be talked into having a certain opinion, then your opinion isn’t worth much at all. Maybe I don’t have the friends in the media [that I had prior to the story] but that’s okay. I didn’t get into this business to make friends.”
Kent Babb, Royalmanreport.com
GH: On the heels of Jack Harry's comments this week about his "friend" Scott Pioli, Babb's words could not be more timely.

“The only thing I can compare [the stories about Chiefs employee’s being forced to work under intimidating conditions] to is when I used to work for Jason Whitlock at this radio station. I didn’t have a lot of contact with the real bosses here because Jason was my boss. And he motivated us – myself and [Magnificent] Megan by fear. He would harass us. Send us emails outlining how horrible we were as people and how horrible we were at our jobs. He would tell us how much everyone hated us at work and how everyday they wanted to fire us and he had to fight for our jobs. He had me in so much fear that I would come to work each day thinking, ‘How am I not going to get fired, since everyone hates me here. Oh my God!’ Every day that’s how it would be. Every day I would wonder, ‘What’s he going to yell at me for?’ It was fear! You never felt comfortable in your job. You were told everyone hated you and that you were just a step away from being fired.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM


“I came into the Royals’ locker room [in Surprise] and I heard some players talking to [Salvador] Perez. They were asking him, ‘Was it seven for five? Seven for five???’ ”
Soren Petro, intimating that some of Perez’s Royals’ teammates may have been questioning the logic in signing a long-term contract that pays him only $7 million over the first five years, 810 AM
GH: I believe this signing by Dayton Moore may prove to be his most important move as the Royals' GM. The young catcher has that large of an upside as he prepares for his first full season with the Royals and their newly rebuilt pitching staff.

“[Sal Perez] and his family are now one of the richest people in his country. Where is he from?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
G: This is simply one of my favorite KK quotes of the year -- on so many levels.

“The atmosphere Saturday was impossible to describe with words. Words do not adequately replicate the experience of absorbing the noise that topped 120 decibels at five or six points in this thrilling contest. This is like having your nose pressed against the hull of a 757 aircraft with the jet engines going full-bore for two hours. My ears still  are ringing, and I want more. I want a lot more. I want this rivalry to keep  going like a Groundhog Day dream, because this installment of the Border War  might have been the finest of them all.”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, on KU overcoming a 19-point deficit at home to battle back and defeat Mizzou 87-86 in OT in the two schools' final conference game, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: This was simply the game of the year in Kansas City sports. I watched from my couch – much like most of you. Kansas State’s double OT 101-96 win over Xavier in the 2010 NCAA tourney is still the best college basketball game I’ve caught on my couch. But this one is sitting second with a bullet. And when you consider the two combatants and the barn they occupied – it screams to be called, “Daddy.”

“I can’t even put it into words. I don’t think I’m ever going to be part of something as big as this game was tonight.”
Thomas Robinson, following KU’s87-86 OT win, CJOnline.com
GH: The thought that no other Kansas or Missouri student athlete will ever share T-Rob's experience still bothers me -- and it should bother you as well no matter what colors you wear.

“I would give anything to go back to college and have to opportunity to pitch
against ku tomorrow and shove it up their @$$.”
Aaron Crow, current Royals pitcher and former Mizzou All-Big 12 hurler, Twitter

“ROCKCHALK JAYHAWK!!!! MUCK FIZZOU! 8 str8 big 12 chips!! Never been more proud of a group of guys at the K! Much Alum Love from Tel Aviv!!!”
Keith Langford, @keith_langford, former All-Big 12 KU player, Twitter

“That really was a good game. Just a great, great game to watch. Arrrrrrrggggh. I know it was a great game, but ohhhh man, I really do hate those bleeepin’ Jayhawks.”
Jon Sundvold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The best sporting event I’ve ever gone to. That includes 5 superbowls, And nearly every great college football stadium #RCJHKU!!!!!!”
Charlie Weis Jr., @CJWJR23, son of KU’s new football coach, Twitter

“I’ve attended numerous Duke-North Carolina games, been to Rupp for Kentucky and Louisville and was at plenty of UCLA-Arizona matchups in their heyday. I’ve been to no shortage of New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox games. This is right there. With all of them.”
Jeff Goodman, columnist, CBSSports.com
GH: And people still wonder why I pine so for this rivalry to be renewed? In the words of one of my favorite TV characters, Jean Luc Picard, 'Make it so!'

“Do you know what those guys at Metro Sports do when that [ESPN feed] goes out? Nothing – because they don’t know! They’re watching the feed come into their newsroom. They have it off their satellite. They don’t even really know that it’s off the air.”
Kevin Kietzman, on TWC losing their ESPN feed for large portions of two Monday night Big 12 basketball games, 810 AM
GH: Time Warner's inability to retain their satellite feed for these two Big 12 games [and a host of other performance issues no one at TW seemed able to resolve] motivated me to switch our service to AT&T's U-verse. I like everything about my decision except the $200 monthly bill and no Metro Sports.

“God has called us to a higher place in Kansas City and we can’t wait. ... I’m very sincere and I’m for real.”
Rex Hudler, the Royals new TV color analyst, on the former Angels’ broadcaster accepting a job as the Royals’ TV color analyst, 810 AM

“At first glance he sounds like a wrestling announcer.”
Kevin Kietzman, on his interview with Rex Hudler, 810 AM
GH: What can be said about Hudler that has not been said, written or screamed? Hudler is an acquired taste -- and that is being as kind as one can be about the cornball color analyst. I find his style embarrassingly bad. He's a fun radio interview but his goofy, good-guy, rah-rah rants on the Royals' broadcasts are the stuff better left for the junior-high crowd.

“Ain’t nobody in life gonna make me do anything I don’t want to do! I don’t let people make me do anything. If the administration would have forced me to do something I didn’t want to do then I’d have two choices; to perform with what I don’t believe in or quit. This is all me.”
Frank Martin, when asked if pressure from the K-State administration was the reason for his change in attitude about cursing, 610 AM
GH: Frank is now the head coach at South Carolina. You draw your own conclusions.

“Can’t express enough thanks to all who helped usher in my retirement in such a warm
fashion. I heard from so many of you. I’m humbled.”
Mike DeArmond, after it was made known that Saturday would be his final game covering Mizzou for the Kansas City Star, Twitter
GH: If you follow the cantankerous DeArmond on Twitter as I do, you know not all of those he's heard from were sorry to see him go. Which is pretty much how I am guessing MD likes it.

“I think you guys are making the best of an awful, terrible and embarrassing situation. ... I believe these guys are complete and utter liars. I have a hard time believing it’s a joke. The video is horrific but Matt, Andrew and Tanner thank you for coming on.”
Nick Wright, after interviewing the three main MU students who starred in and produced the We Are Mizzou music video, 610 AM
GH: This music video went viral nationally -- and not in a good way. Confession time: I thought the tune was kinda catchy.

“Just having a good relationship with the coaches, the people, the players, the whole atmosphere has been outstanding for me, to be able to fulfill my dreams at the University of Missouri.”
Dorial Green-Beckman, on his decision to sign with Mizzou, ESPNU
GH: DGB's dreams almost went up in a puff of smoke early in the season but his strong finish has Tiger fans hoping he fulfills all of his MU dreams and theirs as well.

MARCH 2012

“Karma, karma, karma. Learn how to handle success. The Jayhawks nation knows how to handle success. Five times I believe, we’ve handled it really, really well.”
Sheahon Zenger, KU athletic director, in comments made to KU boosters in Omaha following MU’s upset loss to Norfolk State in round one of the NCAA tourney, captured on a video posted on YouTube [until it was quickly removed]
GH: An absolutely devastating first-round loss for Mizzou as Kansas fans sat in Omaha and gloated -- much like MU fans do every time KU is rudely bounced from the tourney in an early-round upset. Zenger's words simply adds fuel to he fire that still burns between these "former" rivals.

“We laid an egg. We laid an egg.”
Kim English, in his postgame comments following the loss to Norfolk State, TV 41

“Jayhawk Christmas.”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, following MU’s first-round loss, Twitter

“Kansas City is split. I still think Kansas City is more of a K-State, KU town than it is a Missouri town, at least the way we see it. If you are going to poll the people that are living in the 30-mile radius, I’d think you would have far more K-State and Kansas people than you would Missouri people.”
Bill Self, responding to a question from WHB’s Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: I am hoping both Kansas and Mizzou win their respective conferences this season and the NCAA places them both at Sprint Center for their opening round games. These two fan bases can duel it out in March at the P&L as to which school owns Kansas City.

“You gotta shoot it. I had to shoot that shot! I had to! I had to make that one!”
Elijah Johnson, moments after the final buzzer, on his deep three-point basket late in the game to knock off North Carolina to reach the Final Four, Jayhawk Radio Network

“I had [Tyshawn] as my sleeper coming into the tournament and he’s been asleep the whole tournament. He was fantastic today. He’s the Energizer Bunny.”
Charles Barkley, following KU’s win over UNC, CBS

“I will say this, I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed coaching a team as much as I enjoy coaching this one. I love coaching these guys.”
Bill Self, 610 AM
GH: Self has been just as effusive in his praise for his current squad, which starts four holdover seniors from last season's Final Four qualifier. I love a coach who enjoys his work. Roy Williams often looked and acted like he was burdened with his occupation. I get the same vibe from Alabama's Nick Saban. Self is more like a Disney movie coach -- tough but funny and friendly.

“Rejected by Withey!”
Marv Albert, as Withey made two huge blocks down the stretch to not only deny UNC but also start fast-break buckets for KU, CBS
GH: I heard Greg Gurley tell Bob Fescoe this week that Withey is the runaway pick for the college defensive player of the year. He also said if the votes were tabulated today, Withey would be a first-team All-American. Withey's jersey will one day hang in the Allen Fieldhouse rafters alongside Wilt's. I cannot think of a greater transformation since Cinderella hit the bookstore.

“I’m not disappointed in Gregg Williams and people need to back off of Gregg Williams! … Disciplining Gregg Williams is a joke! It’s a load of crap! The league loves big hits! I disapprove. He is merely a symptom. He is not the disease!”
Soren Petro, after Roger Goodell and the NFL came down hard with penalties and fines involving the New Orleans Saints Bountygate scandal, 810 AM
GH: Petro was far from the only member of the KC media who saw no harm in the Saints' bountygate. Read on.

“Just about everywhere in football there is some sort of bounty program. I can’t get worked up about guys getting paid for hitting people.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM

“As much as everyone wants to be stunned, there’s nothing stunning about this.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Meanwhile, talk of concussions and litigation threaten the very existence of the game at the amateur level. Will we even have high school football in five years? Will massive college stadiums become the present day equivalent to the Roman Coliseum?

“Someone finally came out and brought it to the format and now they have evidence that it happened. … It’s been like that forever. Now however, it’s unfortunately that the coach gets the suspension behind it because he knows what’s happening. But if you put the coach on our own side of it, and you look at the inside of him and say, ‘Okay. The players does it on defense!’ ”
Neil Smith, 810 AM
GH: You cannot have a year-end best-of OTC without a slice of Neilbonics.

“I feel like I found a great new home, a great place and a great team to play for. So I’m excited about that.”
Eric Winston, the former Houston Texan offensive tackle, on signing a free-agent contract with the Chiefs, 610 AM
GH: How attractive Winston looked in March, remember? Before he went all sickening and disgusting on us.

“I’ll say this; your goal now is to be a Wild Card team. [The Chiefs] literally probably only beat the Broncos once every two years now – one out of four. This is absolutely awful.”
Kevin Kietzman, after Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos, 810 AM
GH: KK nailed this one from before Manning left Indy. He predicted the Broncos would win in AFC West in s rout and that the Chiefs would be doomed to fight for scraps. He said Peyton would be a Pro-Bowl QB and I questioned it all, thinking he would struggle coming off neck surgery and an inactive season. I was very wrong, KK was very right.

“I went to my management [at KSHB TV 41 on Tuesday] and I said if it will help you, I’m ready to step down. These people can have it. I don’t need it. I’m 69 years old. I’m out there and I know I make opinions, ruffle feathers and everything else. But I’ve never ever experienced and seen in my life [this kind of attack] the last three days. It has been awful!”
Jack Harry, on how frustrated and upset he is over some social media attacks he is receiving from Kansas fans following KU’s win over MU in Allen Fieldhouse, 810 AM
GH: One question: What the hell was the KSHB management thinking?


No promises, but I will try and put together a best of OTC for April, May and June over the weekend. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading over these old columns and remembering the stories that went with them. The problem is it takes a lot more time and effort than it likely shows...and I have always been somewhat of a lazy cuss.



Jack Harry lays off his 'friend' Scott Pioli

Posted 12-28-12


“The Chiefs had FIVE players selected to the Pro Bowl despite having only 2 wins. Atlanta has 13 wins & only had THREE players selected.”

@SportsCenter, Twitter
GH: The Season of the bizarre continued for the Kansas City Chiefs on the day after Christmas when the NFL bestowed the most unlikely of all holiday gifts – five selections to the Pro Bowl. ESPN was so astounded they used the all-caps button for emphasis on the FIVE. Jamaal Charles is a worthy pick. Derrick Johnson as well. The punter Dustin Colquitt, well, maybe but not likely. But Tamba Hali? No. And the head scratcher of head scratchers has to be Eric Berry, the Chiefs MIA safety. Read on.

“Apparently the ProBowl voting took place before the start of the regular season.”
Jeffrey Field, @kiribatiwriter, Twitter

"We get into this because winning championships is something you can share with someone. You can share with a large group of people. Individual awards and honors is...I don't want to call it selfish but it's something that only one person can live with. It's great you collect those [Pro Bowl] things but.... I have this saying: Individuals go to Pro Bowls, teams win championships. That saying is based on, what we wanna do here is build a championship.”
Scott Pioli, KCTV 5, April 2010
GH: ArrowheadPride.com dug up this Pioli comment from 2010. Here is the link Joel Thorman provided via Twitter to a number of articles that contained similar comments from Pioli. Four of the Chiefs’ Pro Bowl picks are Carl Peterson leftovers. Only the dubious Eric Berry pick is a Pioli draft selection.

“Bad day for Scott Pioli. 5 Chiefs in Pro Bowl. 4 drafted by Carl Peterson, 1 by Pioli. Chiefs reject Wade Smith makes Pro Bowl for Texans. I can remember when the annual pro bowl announcement was not big news in KC. The Chiefs play-off match-up was the big story.”
Neal Jones, @NealJoneskctv5, Twitter

“Will say that 5 Pro Bowlers for Chiefs does 2 things. 1. Accentuates QB issue. 2. Accentuates GM issue for failing to address QB issue.”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, Twitter

“I'd call it an indictment on the selection process.”
Nate Bukaty, @nate_bukaty, Twitter
GH: I agree with Bukaty – five Chiefs on the Pro Bowl roster says more about the lazy voting process than the depth of talent on the Chiefs. I was surprised Matt Cassel’s name didn’t appear from some player’s recycled 2010 ballot.

“FIVE CHIEFS went to the Pro Bowl? In related news, Harvard Business school just hired six former CEO'S from the Enron Corporation.”
Dave O, @daveo933, Twitter

“Also the fact that my timeline is dominated by pro bowl discussion shows you how powerful the #nfl is.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: Did Fescoe just awake from a long winter’s nap? What did he think his Twitter timeline would be dominated with the final week of December, the NBA?

"We want to build a championship because it has this impact on the community and the fans. The fans, sure they love to buy a jersey of Joe Smith and wear it to the game and it's a nice and wonderful thing because they have this Pro Bowlers jersey on but I've seen what championships do to communities. I've seen what it does to fan bases. I've seen what it does to groups of people. It brings people together on a level that's so different than all of the individual things."
Scott Pioli, KCTV 5, April 2010
GH: Pioli can now say he’s seen what a dysfunctional front office can do to a once proud NFL franchise – having been the GM of the Chiefs for the past four years.

“Scott Pioli is a friend of mine. He’s a friend of mine. And I don’t like seeing friends get thrown under the bus.”
Jack Harry, as he listened to Kevin Kietzman call Pioli’s work as the Chiefs’ GM the past four years “football malpractice,” 810 AM
GH: What does it matter who Jack Harry’s friends are if they happen to work in the sports arena where he is paid to report and critique? This is as damning a comment from a professional broadcaster as I’ve heard in some time. We have all heard Harry lash out at professional athletes, teams, coaches, schools, athletic directors, student athletes, etc. with little mercy for their feelings. So now he chooses to run from his job because he is friends with the Chiefs’ GM? I’d fire Mad Jack today if I was his boss.

“He mocked me. He mocked me on the radio. He said he wished I was the general manager of the Denver Broncos.”
Kevin Kietzman, referring to a radio interview he did with Pioli last spring when Pioli made light of KK’s suggestion to offer multiple high draft picks to trade for the chance to draft RG3, 810 AM
GH: I listened to Kietzman interview with Pioli live last May and Pioli’s response was more of a chuckle than a mock. But Kietzman doesn’t handle opposing viewpoints on his show well – unless it’s from the doddering mind of Jack Harry. 

“My thing isn’t personal with Pioli. I got nothing personal with him.”
Kevin Kietzman, attempting to defend his stance on Pioli to Jack Harry, 810 AM

“I don’t know the total picture [with Pioli]. You better know the total picture before you call to can somebody. I told you the guy was my friend and I wanted to hear exactly everything that went on before I made the final judgment on this.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: The whole picture? Has Harry been awake the past four years? Has he listened to his own Chiefs’ postgame show the past four seasons? Pioli has had four seasons to build the Chiefs into a consistently competitive team in the AFC. He will finish his fourth season with the first or second pick in the 2013 draft. Not a pretty picture.

“You think it’s popular for me to [defend Pioli]? You ought to see the emails I get because of my stance on this. I don’t care. That’s where I’m coming from, man! That’s who I am!”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Harry states this as if he is proud to be Pioli’s lackey.

“This is what you and I do for a living and our listeners deserve this discourse between us.”
Kevin Kietzman, as he and Jack Harry’s disagreement over Pioli became heated, 810 AM
GH: What Kietzman’s listeners deserve is to hear him take on a discerning viewpoint from someone who is not Jack Harry or Danny Clinkscale or someone else whose paychecks he signs. KK’s show would improve dramatically if he was willing to be humbled on occasion.

“We lived in Kansas City 3 years and loved it. I love the Hunt family. But I will not be back in coaching, there or anywhere else.”
Tony Dungy, @TonyDungy, responding to an Internet report that the Chiefs were preparing to hire Dungy as their next head coach, Twitter
GH: What a shock.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Len Dawson says we aren't seeing professional football

Posted 12-25-12

"This is supposed to be professional football."
Len Dawson, as he evaluated the deplorable play of the Chiefs scoring offense this season following their 20-13 loss to the Colts, 810 AM
GH: Out of the mouth of the most famous and beloved Chiefs' player to ever don the red and gold. This truly is supposed to be professional football played in the hallowed grounds of Arrowhead Stadium. I think Lamar Hunt would concur with Leonard. What we are seing is not what we have been sold.


"The Colts did it despite being outgained by the Chiefs, 507 yards to 288. They did it despite yielding 352 rushing yards, the third-most bloated total in the Colts’ 60 NFL seasons."
Phil Richards, writer, Indianapolis Star
GH: That is an almost unbelievable statement. Except that we saw it happen. At home in Arrowhead.


"I was surprised the quarterback [Brady Quinn] threw the ball. I was in such perfect position and he still threw it. It was coming right to me, and I’m like, hey, oh, wow, he threw that. I had to get it."
Vontae Davis, Colts' cornerback, on the easy interception he made in front of Jon Baldwin, Indianapolis Star
GH: Neither you nor I were surprised.


"God gave me a gift. I can just run."
Jamaal Charles, after rushing for 226 yards and a TD in a losing cause to the Colts, Kansas City Star
GH: What a waste. Kansas City has been home to some sensational running backs the past 10 years. What has it got us? Probably the first pick in the 2013 draft. Sam Mellinger does a nice job of describing the sorry plight of Charles in his KC Star column.


"It's the No. 1 outside stadium I've ever been in. Arrowhead Stadium has got a very unique flavor to it. I mean it was built state of the art at its time and it's still state of the art with the parking and the tailgating and the whole thing they have out there is fabulous. It's great."
Bruce Arians, Colts interim head coach, who was the Chiefs' running backs coach from 1989-92, Indianapolis Star
GH: How sad is it to read Arians' words and then view the vacant seats inside Clark's Arrowhead? Arians now hands the Colts back to Chuck Pagano after the head coach took three months off to battle cancer. This is a storybook season building in Indy that no screenwriter could have conjured. The team is just average...maybe not even that. But they are in the NFL playoffs one year after finishing 2-14, losing Peyton Manning and having their head coach stricken with cancer mid-season. You tell me there's no Santa Claus.


"This is Spielberg stuff. To call it a storybook is almost an understatement. It's been bigger than that."
Ryan Grigson, Colts' GM, Indianspolis Star
GH: As I watch the Colts this season, I admit to wondering if that could be the Chiefs of 2013. The Clarks have given us no reason to think this but as fans, we rarely work on reason. Magic, hope and miracles are what we feed on.


"We've had a lot of fun with the Colts over the years, all those double-digit victory seasons, all those deep playoff runs, but this one was utterly unique and special. Because it came out of nowhere. The players and coaches can say it all they want -- 'Yeah, we could see it coming' -- but I don't believe a single one of them. Nobody had the audacity to see this coming. Nobody."
Bob Kravitz, columnist, Indianapolis Star
GH: So maybe it could be us in 2013? I need something to get me through the next seven months.


"Grigson gazed around his locker room. It's between him and Denver's John Elway for Executive of the Year. If I had a vote, I know where mine would go. Are you kidding? A complete rebuild? With more than $38 million in salary cap money allocated to players no longer on the team? ... The Indianapolis Colts, 2-14 last season, rebuilt completely, are miraculously, ridiculously, incredibly, preposterously IN THE PLAYOFFS!"
Bob Kravitz, columnist, Indianapolis Star
GH: There are great no-name people out there who can do what Scott Pioli could not. It is Clark Hunt's job to find one.


"Arians directed the Colts to a 9-3 record in Pagano's absence, tied for most wins in NFL history by an assistant who has taken over for a head coach during a season. He's eligible to be voted Coach of the Year even though no interim coach has won it."
Mike Chappell, writer, Indianapolis Star
GH: So what about this guy, Arians? He's not a big-name coach but he has something that makes men want to play hard for him. Some might say that is luck, as in Andrew Luck. But he should rate an interview with Clark come January.


"I haven't had the joyride some coaches have had in 20-some years in the National Football League. To have this job given to me and to be able to do it and be able to hand it back with a football team in the playoffs, I really can't put into words."
Bruce Arians, Indianapolis Star
GH: The more I see, read and hear, the more I like. The Chiefs could do far worse that hiring Arians to replace Romeo.



"I don't think [Bill] Cowher is the right guy for the [Chiefs'] job either. The league has changed, man. It's changed! They've got to get somebody who's IN the league. How many years has it been since Cowher's been in the league? The players are different than when Bill was coaching. And the style of play is different."
Jayice Pearson, who played for the Chiefs when Cowher was an assistant under Marty Schottenheimer, 610 AM
GH: Jayice might be the first voice I've heard who doesn't think Cowher is a good fit. I think he's on to something. I like a hungry employee. Cowher's fire burned out in Pittsburgh. I don't see him getting it rekindled in KC.


"I don't want to see some random scank be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs."
Josh Vernier, comparing the Chiefs' hiring decision to being at the bar at closing time and grabbing whoever is left, 610 AM
GH: I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to talk radio hosts -- but Vernier strikes me as a bargain that 610 Sports should have left on the shelf.


"I still feel like there's a lot of talent on this team -- I really do. There's a strong nucleua on this team."
Eric Winston, Chiefs' offensive tackle, in an interview with Bob Fescoe prior to the Colts' game, 610 AM
GH: I sure hope some worthy head coach feels the same way. But without a quarterback, the Chiefs are just Buffalo in a warmer cliamate. No one even notices.


"I'd say in the top three or top five [most disappointing Chiefs' players this season] is Eric Berry. What I'm seeing from #29 is just a bunch of tackles. I haven't seen any plays made. I haven't seen any turnovers. I haven't seen anything that shows me what he did in his rookie season can be a staple throughout the rest of his career."
Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: Eric MIA Berry. The safety that plays like a linebacker...and covers like one too.


"Good LUCK with your #1 draft pick."
Sign at Arrowhead, held up by a Colts' fan
GH: The Colt fan may have done this to tweak Chiefs' fans. I took the sign as maybe a gesture of goodwill during the holiday season. We won't get Andrew Luck but maybe our future QB awaits in 2013. Watching Luck, RGB and Wilson sure makes being a fan look fun.


GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter



Time for some college basketball talk

Posted 12-21-12

“I don’t think [Kansas State] is very talented. I’ve seen them practice and I’ve watched them play.  Everybody talks about them having a lot of talent; I don’t think they’re a very talented team at all. I think with that said, Bruce Weber’s done a very good job. … I don’t think they’re that talented. I think Bruce has done an exceptional job. You say he’s got a lot of talent, I disagree with that. When I went and watched them practice, I was shocked! People were saying they’ve got a lot of talent. I was like, ‘No they don’t! They don’t!’ They do not have a lot of talent.”
Matt Doherty, former KU assistant and former UNC head coach, in an interview with Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: A couple of things jumped out at me during Doherty’s analysis of Kansas State’s basketball team. 1) He doesn’t think K-State is very talented. (It might have been the fact he mentioned it over and over and over…). 2) Coaches will defend each other to their last breath. It’s never the coach, it’s always the players, administration, fans, etc. Coaches are kind of like teachers in this regard – if you dare criticize one, they’ll attack everything but the actual problem.

“All those starters – none of those starters would start at Kansas. McGruder was a preseason All-League. I don’t think he’s that talented. He doesn’t have three-ball range, He’s an average athlete. … McGruder? He wouldn’t start at Kansas.”
Matt Doherty, 810 AM
GH: I like a no-holds-barred name analyst like Doherty who is willing to make bold statements in the backyard of those who he is critiquing. But his take on McGruder is far different from mine. I think McGruder is a slam-dunk All-Big 12 selection and deservedly so. How many “not very talented” athletes fit that designation?

“K-State’s RPI is in the 140s. So if the [postseason] field was selected today, I don’t know if they’d be in the NIT.”
Blair Kerkhoff, college sports columnist for The KC Star, 810 AM
GH: I agree with Kerkhoff – so is that a talent problem or a Bruce Weber problem? Frank Martin sure knew how to get this team into the NCAA each year. Almost any coach can get a team full of talented studs into postseason [see Baylor). It takes a coach to adapt his scheme and style to fit his talent. I think Weber can do that – he just hasn’t yet. January and February will be interesting months inside the Octagon of Doom.

“I hope our fans show up and cheer us on.”

Bruce Weber, on the Cats/Florida game at Sprint this Saturday
GH: Weber made this comment in his on-court postgame chat after KSU unimpressive 78-69 home win over Texas Southern. It might have been a simple throwaway line but I read it as more than that. Weber is running into the same problem at KSU that he had when he replaced Bill Self at Illinois – fan fatigue. Wildcat Nation is pining for their cowboy boot-wearing, Cuban-swearing Frank Martin. Maybe Weber needs to hold another mock funeral.

“It will be as tough of an environment [at Ohio State] that [Kansas] will be in all year long – including the Big 12. If they can survive this environment, they are one of the elites.”
Blair Kerkhoff, on KU’s Saturday 3:00 PM (CT) tip at Ohio State, 810 AM
GH: If you are a college hoops junky living in the great Midwest, Saturday offers some choice alternatives to holiday shopping with KU/Ohio State at 3:00 (CBS), MU/Illini at 5:00 PM (CT) (ESPN2) and K-State/Florida at 7:00 PM (CT) (ESPN2).

“Who would've guessed that Missouri left for the better basketball conference?”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter
GH: Texas knocked off Roy’s Boys in North Carolina, so maybe there is some hope for the Big 12. But it is far more likely that UNC is a shadow of their former selves. Will the SEC place more teams in the NCAA tourney than the Big 12? Right now I’m having trouble finding four worthy Big 12 teams.

“I’m not sure there are that many great [college basketball] teams out there. I think everybody’s really good. … The best players [in the country] are young. I think it’s hard to be a dominate team [with young players].”
Bill Self, Hawk Talk
GH: Self named Indiana as the best team in the country, along with Duke and Florida. He stated there are no dominant  teams like Kentucky from last season – which possessed both youth and dominance. This past weekend’s upsets would support his theory.

“I don’t know what are upside is but I think our upside is comparable to most teams in the country. Why can’t our upside be as high this year as it was last year?”
Bill Self, Hawk Talk
GH: Self made this comment in response to a KU fan who called in to say he didn’t see this Kansas team as a Final Four contender. It appeared to tick Self off a bit. Coaches like to downplay their team’s talent and chance for success right up until someone questions their team’s worth.

“They know how to win. I’ll say that about our kids. Knock on wood, they know how to win. … I think there’s some potential there without question.”
Bill Self, Hawk Talk
GH: Anybody paying attention to this season’s Jayhawks knows that Self likes this team a lot. He thinks he’s got some defensive warriors who battle. He’s also got some of the most athletic high flyers that have worn the crimson and blue in some time. Kansas is good. Damn good.

“Nothing Kansas basketball does is surprising except lose. When they lose, it’s surprising. Is the expectation for Kansas a Final Four? Absolutely! I don’t care what they lost last year!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“Look, this [Big 12] conference is so bad but Kansas will still lose more than two games.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“He played great. He was 1-for-7 from three, that doesn’t concern me because I know he is going to make threes. What Jabari brings is basketball I.Q. He moves well without the ball, plays unselfish, he passes the ball and is patient. I think that is something needed on this team.”
Frank Haith, on the debut performance of MU’s Jabari Brown against outmanned Tennessee State, MU press notes
GH: Mizzou is still a question mark to me. Are they great? Are they just good? Are they in the early stages of becoming a national power in the SEC? MU’s TV schedule has been iffy unless you are a Time Warner subscriber and have access to Metro Sports. I need to see the Tigers more to make an assessment of how good Frank Haith’s club is going to be. I’m hoping they have the opposite experience of what the Tigers had in SEC football.

“Jabari is a great overall player – most people see him as a shooter, but he’s a great passer, a great rebounder and great for his size (in the paint). He’s a great player; he’s not always looking for his shot, he’s looking to get other people involved. On this team we have a lot of guys that can score the ball, so with him being a passer, it makes the team a lot more comfortable and shows how unselfish we are.”
Earnest Ross, MU guard, on Jabari Brown, MU press notes
GH: I keep hearing that Jabari Brown is not a replacement for Michael Dixon – despite the fact that he looks like exactly that player to make MU forget about Dixon. He might be the most important person on MU’s campus this winter outside of Phabulous Phil Pressey.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



The reaction to Nick Wright's report

Posted 12-20-12

“From a more than reliable source: Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel have officially been told they will NOT be back next year.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: With this tweet, the former 610 afternoon drive-time sports talk host sent Twitter abuzz here in Kansas City – and got Kevin Kietzman and Jack Harry to do their best to discredit the rumor. Read on.

“A Chiefs’ spokesman at the highest level told me tonight that there is absolutely no truth in the rumors that Scott Pioli has been relieved of his duties. A former Kansas City radio host, Nick Wright, now working in Houston, tweeted late this afternoon that he had a quote, ‘reliable source at Arrowhead,’ who said Pioli and Romeo have been told they will not be back next year. My source told me about 8:30 tonight that all of those rumors circulating about the demise of Pioli are unfounded and untrue.”
Jack Harry, KSHB TV 41
GH: Kevin Kietzman also announced on 810 Wednesday evening – calling in to TJ Carpenter’s evening show, that his sources at Arrowhead said that Wright’s report was false. I found the byplay between the media on this “story” to be far more interesting than the actual report. Does anybody not think the two architects of a 2-14 NFL team are coming back for more?

“Kietz, Harry, etc called the Chiefs, who denied the report. So, you know, therefore your info is wrong. Douchebag journalism.”
Ivan Foley, @ivanfoley, Twitter

“We broke that story six weeks ago! If he has been told, why keep it a secret? What benefit of his to keep it a secret?”
Jayice Pearson, on whether or not Pioli and Crennel will be fired, 610 AM
GH: I found Pearson’s reaction funny. He has no allegiances to Wright and therefore isn’t at all worried about stepping on his Houston sandals. Danny Parkins on the other hand, is a bit more beholding to his Syracuse buddy. Read on.

“A former radio host here said he heard from a credible source that Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel would not be back next season.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I thought it was odd that Parkins was at first reluctant to say Nick Wright’s name on the air. Has Entercom banned all Nick references? Apparently not. It just took Jay Binkley’s questioning of Crennel to get Nick a mention.

“Tell me the rumor. I haven’t heard the rumor.”
Romeo Crennel, responding to Jay Binkley’s question at Thursday press conference regarding Wright’s tweet, 610 AM
GH: Brinkley asked Romeo to respond to Wright’s tweet but he refused to mention Wright as the source of the report. Instead, Binkley said it had been reported on “national” sites. Huh? Everyone but Romeo was aware that Wright broke this story. Why was Binkley so guarded?

“I don’t deal with rumors. But if you can put a name to the rumor, that is something else.”
Romeo Crennel, asking Binkley to name who originated the rumor, 610 AM
GH: Even when Romeo went to this extent, Binkley backed down and never named Wright. It was weird. It also showed how green and ill-prepared Binkley is in handling an interview or press conference with an NFL coach. Parkins played the audio of Binkley’s dialogue with Crennel and he also found Binkley’s work lacking. Read on.

“That’s interesting. I don’t know why Binkley did that. I guess I understand, but what is it that Jim Rome used to always say? Put your name on it. What does he care? [Wright] didn’t put it out there anonymously. Why didn’t he just say, ‘Nick Wright?’ I guess that just surprised me.”
Danny Parkins, when Binkley declined to answer Crennel’s question about who started the rumor, 610 AM
GH: This is a trait that I have noticed on 610 that almost never happens on 810 – one host of a show criticizing the work of another host. Some might call it unprofessional. I call it real radio…or at least subversive radio. Read on.

“It’s not a rumor. I guess it is a rumor since it hasn’t happened yet. … I would say that it’s more than a rumor. That’s not a report that Woodward and Bernstein would necessarily go with but it’s more than a rumor.””
Danny Parkins, after listening to Binkley ask Crennel about the “rumor,” 610 AM
GH: It sure sounds like a rumor to me – but I’m not after Binkley’s job. Read on.

“I completely agree with Romeo. That’s awkward at best. I completely understand why Romeo did that. By [Brinkley] phrasing it as a rumor, I completely get why Romeo wouldn’t address it. That’s interesting. I would have went about that a different way.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: 610 Sports lost Ryan Maguire, the guy who hired Parkins and The Big Show, when he recently moved to a station in Pittsburgh. Parkins and Maguire did not get along, so Maguire’s departure was good news for his future at 610. But a new boss might not be great for the futures of Binkley, Josh Vernier and Jayice Pearson. Parkins would like nothing better than to get a shot at afternoon drive and competing against Kevin Kietzman. Dissing the radio work of the guy who sits in that coveted PM seat might not be cool but radio is a rough business. Binkley needs to start playing the radio game with more of an edge or he’ll find himself back in his garage drinking beer.

“My future is week to week.”
Romeo Crennel, responding to a Binkley questions, 610 AM
GH: I would say Crennel’s future is exactly this week and next.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


The Chiefs' future QB situation

Posted 12-19-12

“I would take Tim Tebow today over Chase Daniel [Saints] and Matt Flynn [Seahawks]. At least Tim Tebow has proven he can take a team to the playoffs and win a playoff game.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: This from your 28th-ranked sports talker in the nation. Now you know what you need to get noticed – the balls to be outrageously and embarrassingly dense.

“Timing is everything. If the KC had the #1 pick in last season's NFL draft, they take Andrew Luck. This year? A QB-version of Tyson Jackson.”
Neal Jones, @NealJonmeskctv5, Twitter
GH: Is the draft that bereft of quality quarterbacks? Probably not. But I don’t think anyone is under the impression that the next Andrew Luck or RG3 is waiting in April. Read on.

“You absolutely have to draft a quarterback with the first draft pick! I’m not in favor of drafting two quarterbacks [in this draft]. … Get a stinking quarterback! Are you kidding me?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: No one on in the KC media has been more vocal about the Chiefs need to draft a quarterback with their first pick. KK swears his relentless hammering of the Chiefs refusal to go after Peyton Manning or any other viable quarterback options in the off-season is the reason Scott Pioli refuses to appear as a guest on his show. One thing is very clear to me – since Pioli has refused KK’s invites, Kietzman’s show has changed from Chiefs’ caterer to Pioli baiter. Screw the exclusive Chiefs radio contract and Mitch Holthus’ riveting Chiefs Kingdom show. “We have the Lake Lotawana Lizard here tonight and her underwater school of Beermaids at the bar!”

“It’s okay to reach [in the draft] for a defensive tackle like Tyson Jackson but it’s not okay to reach for a quarterback?”
Nate Bukaty, on Pioli picking the underperforming Jackson with the third overall pick in 2009, 810 AM
GH: Hard to argue with this logic – except to say that why duplicate a dumb pick? Picking Jackson third overall looks ridiculous now. Will picking Geno Smith at number-one overall look just as foolish three years from now?

“Why do we want everybody else’s garbage? Let’s get our own garbage.”
Bob Fescoe, who is not in favor of the Chiefs signing another team’s back-up quarterback like Kirk Cousins, Chase Daniel, Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, 610 AM
GH: I’d prefer to stay away from garbage. Isn’t that why Pioli and his fellow GMs get paid millions – to evaluate and talent? Pioli couldn’t correctly evaluate Matt Cassel – and he watched him practice and play in New England for FOUR YEARS. There is definitely some thievery going on at Arrowhead, but I’m not sure The Clarks understand who is picking their pocket.

“There is no game-changing quarterback out there [in the upcoming draft]. Even if there were, this organization has not shown the wherewithal to uncover a guy like that.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Bang! Right between the eyes! The Pioli organization has proven to be an absolute disaster in football operations – especially at their most important job, finding and developing a starting quarterback.

“Why do you want to go with a back-up quarterback instead of drafting one in the first round?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Because there are no drop-dead gorgeous, can’t-miss quarterbacks in this draft. There are plenty that will be available with the 33rd pick. Take a can’t-miss player at number-one and then grab your first QB with the first pick in the second round. I would be tempted to grab a second QB with the Chiefs’ third pick as well.

“I want Geno Smith! I want Geno Smith!”
Steven St. John, on the impressive but flawed West Virginia quarterback, 810 AM
GH: I won’t be upset if the Chiefs gamble and grab Geno or another QB with the first pick. I just don’t think any of the top four or five are all that much better than the other. Here’s a shocker for you – I like OU’s Landry Jones with a late pick. He is going to be an excellent NFL quarterback. His experience and accuracy are going to allow him to play early in his NFL career.

“I think [Geno Smith] is athletic but not an athlete by NFL standards. I want to make it clear – he’s not RG3. He’s not Cam Newton. He’s not even as good a runner as Andrew Luck.”
Soren Petro, on the West Virginia quarterback, 810 AM
GH: We need to get over the idea that if a QB is black, he’s a fast-running, quick-scrambling QB. Not all short white wide receivers are Wes Welker and not all black QBs are Michael Vick. Geno is as stationary as Matt Cassel and even less daring on the run – but with a far better arm.

“He’s not getting drafted! Drafted for what?”
Soren Petro, while discussing the possibility of Collin Klein’s NFL draft stock, 810 AM
GH: Chase Daniel sat in New York at a Heisman runner up and then watched the NFL draft pass without hearing his name called. Is Klein headed for a similar fate? I think he’d make some team a great tight end. I agree with Petro that he has almost zero chance of playing quarterback in the NFL – although Tebow is still employed.

“I don’t know that there is a bigger hot-button issue in Kansas City sports than the quarterback position of the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Bob Fescoe, on what pundits, fans and experts think the Chiefs should do to resolve their starting quarterback woes via the draft, free agency or a trade, 610 AM
GH: Getting the Chiefs an NFL worthy starting quarterback is definitely an important topic amongst KC sports fans. But is it number one? Kansas basketball fans would laugh at that notion. Missouri basketball fans have much more invested in whether or not their band of strangers can bond to become a team that challenges for the SEC title. K-State fans are thinking about almost nothing else [including Wildcat basketball] but a 12-win football season. Royals’ fans are agog over the Wil Myers/James Shields trade and can’t wait for Opening Day. Chiefs’ fans want heads to roll – specifically Scott Pioli’s and Romeo’s. So, is the Chiefs’ lack of a QB important to KC sports fans? Sure – but it’s not the Chiefs have lost their all-encompassing hold on this city’s fan base. While we still care, we are far from crazed over the decisions made by this now embarrassing franchise. I’m not sure there is a hot-button you could mash on the Chiefs’ fans’ interface. It is as cool as the empty seats that have overtaken Arrowhead like the flu.

“I’ve been saying all year long that when healthy, I think the Chiefs have a top-five offensive line – and I think Brandon Albert is a big reason why. [Donald] Stephenson is a really light-on-his-feet offensive tackle, and there’s not really a lot of them. He’s progressed quicker than I thought he would.”
Matt Williamson, NFL writer for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: I am guessing this guy will be in the top 10 of sports talkers in 2013.

“Thank you for subscribing to The Kansas City Star through Press+. Your qualifying subscription has been confirmed, and we hope that you are enjoying your online access. We will review your subscription status periodically and will contact you if at any time we cannot confirm your required subscription.”
Press+ Customer Care, email to me this week as a subscriber to The Kansas City Star, that allowed me to access their online content without an additional charge
GH: And the newspaper business wants to know why they are failing? This is an industry that was built on communication. They hire and employ talent that is educated and trained to communicate through the written word. So who was it at The Star who thought it was a good idea to email a subscriber in good standing since 1988 and basically threaten them? “We will review your subscription status periodically and will contact you if at any time we cannot confirm your required subscription.” Merry Christmas to you as well, Mr. Grinch.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


How long before Pioli gets fired?

Posted 12-17-12

“The weird thing about Kansas City [Chiefs] is that there is absolutely no smoke to make you believe a change [at the GM position] is coming. Usually, there is smoke first and then a fire.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: While there may be no smoke drifting from The Clarks or NFL insiders, all one has to do is watch this Chiefs team play and you can see, smell and feel the bonfire that is searing the senses of all those who even have a passing understand of the game of football.

“If Pioli and Romeo had any dignity, they'd save Clark Hunt the trouble and announce their end-season resignations now.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter

“It’s staggering to me that there is even a discussion on whether or not this regime should be brought back – even if Clark Hunt has to fall on a $15-million [salary] grenade.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Will Hunt want to watch Arrowhead turn into Mayor Sly’s downtown light rail boondoggle? A ridiculously expensive home for the few? Retaining Pioli will empty Arrowhead’s parking lot faster than a September monsoon.

“Every play, every quarter, every half, every game an indictment against Scott Pioli and Romeo...”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“I think the Jovan Belcher stuff changes how they go about it but I don’t think it changes the decision.”
Sam Mellinger, 610 AM
GH: How do you respectfully fire someone? Having sat on both sides of that conversation I can say that it is difficult at best. No employer hires an employee in hopes of firing that employee. When that time comes, there is no good way to do it but swiftly and professionally. Neither makes the blow less damaging.

“Knowing the Chiefs, they will probably fire Scot Pioli on New Year’s Day when no one in the media is working. … If it doesn’t happen on January 1st, then we can start a countdown – because they’re all getting fired. There is no way anybody keeps their job.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“Everybody’s accountable. The collective coaching staff from the head coach to the offensive assistants to the offensive coordinator to the players. Something is definitely amiss there. You can’t even get a first down until sometime in the third quarter? It’s the Raiders, guys! They’re not that good.”
Bill Maas, when asked to comment on the futility of the Chiefs’ season, 610 AM
GH: Something is definitely amiss. The outtakes from the Chiefs’ offensive series in Oakland would fill a segment on NFL bloopers. Slant passes ricocheting off of a receiver’s facemask, an offensive lineman called for facemask on the defensive lineman who gets the sack, a first-round draft pick jumping after passes like he’s scared of the ball and a quarterback throwing an outlet pass that slips from his hand and falls three yards away. Amiss? What a wonderfully nice word for incompetence.

“That might be the worst non-weather-related game I've ever seen the Chiefs play.”
Todd Leabo, @Leabonics, Twitter

“Do we really have to talk about this sh*tty team tomorrow?”
Aaron Swats, @a_swarts, Twitter
GH: This has to be a bit of a dilemma for the local sports talk shows. Is there any reason to breakdown a 15-0 loss to a dreadful Raiders’ team? No – except to fire up the heat on Clark Hunt to fix his franchise. I watch the other NFL games and I don’t even consider the Chiefs to be in that league. I wonder what Clark Hunt sees?

“They dominated a former rival, snapped a six-game losing streak and earned the bonus points that come with posting a shutout. Upon close observation of the scoreboard, the Raiders on Sunday looked fabulous. They don't look nearly as good, though, once you back away from their 15-0 win over Kansas City and see how it puts a pimple on the face of their next draft pick. … As much as the Raiders players wanted a win as a reward for all their months of effort, the future of the franchise was threatened in the process.”
Mote Poole, writer, on the Raiders win over the Chiefs, Insidebayare.com
GH: Poole’s lead sentence says a lot – “They dominated a former rival…” Not even the Raiders consider the woe-begotten Chiefs a rival any longer. How quickly the Chiefs have fallen into obscurity and shame. Mr. Pioli, that is your legacy.

“I feel bad for Kevin Harlan.... Solomon is an absolute idiot.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, Twitter
GH: Here is a great question for Kevin Kietzman to pose to Harlan today in his 5:00 PM interview – “Who did you piss off at CBS to get stuck with Solomon Wilcots?”

“I wonder if the SAP button on my tv makes Shannon Sharpe speak English?”
Robert Sigrist, @DocSig, Twitter

“Cornerback Brandon Carr signed a $50 million contract as a free agent to join the Cowboys this year. Previously, he played for Kansas City, where current Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was head coach. He said he used knowledge of Haley's tendencies to good use in overtime.”
Ed Bouchette, writer, on Carr’s OT interception and return to inside the Steelers’ one-yard line, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Knowing coach Haley, I kind of figured that play would be coming at some point in the game. It was zone coverage, so I was able to read the quarterback and the ball. ... It helped a lot playing for him, because it let me know how he thinks.”
Brandon Carr, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
GH: I imagine Carr had a Lil Wayne tune playing in his head as he cut in front of the Steelers’ receiver and almost completed the Pick Six. BTW; word out of Pittsburgh is that Ben Roethlisberger was not too happy with Haley’s play calling in Dallas. Look for Haley to start growing a beard and skipping bathing for Christmas.

“My lil brudda @BCarr39 always said when he felt appreciated ‘just watch.’ lol I'm coming to that playoff game bruh str8 up.”
Brandon Flowers, @BFlowers24, Twitter
GH: Does a professional athlete really need to feel appreciated to perform? What’s the paycheck for – ammo?

“Multiple sources have confirmed what @GabeDeArmond first reported: Mizzou promotes OL coach Henson to OC and WR coach Hill will coach QBs.”
Terez A. Paylor, @TerezPaylor, Mizzou beat writer for the Kansas City Star, Twitter
GH: I also saw the Columbia Daily Trib’s Dave Matter and other members of the media credit DeArmond with this scoop. I found it refreshing to see members of the media who cover the same beat not get caught up in “who’s first” on a story but rather reporting what they know. The social media age of journalism has flaws but it also has a very bright future with character like this on public display.

“That’s about all I know – family, football and faith.”
Bobby Petrino, the former Arkansas head football coach, in an interview with Paul Finebaum on his new position at Western Kentucky, Sirius XM 91
GH: The line of the week for me. Finebaum let him say this with a straight [but I’m guessing somewhat pavement-scarred] face.

“Well, the thing is in this business you look for opportunities. … That conference got very tough while I was there and it’s getting even tougher.”
Tommy Tuberville, on why he chose to leave Texas Tech for Cincinnati, Sirius XM 91
GH: Tuberville took the Cincy football job because he thinks the Big 12 is just too tough for a team like Texas Tech. That says something about Bill Snyder, Charlie Weis and ISU’s Paul Rhoads. At least these guys are willing to battle it out with the “haves” in an unbalanced football conference.

“Two unwatchable games tonight. KU under scheduled and KSU has over scheduled.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Kansas’ easy win over Belmont and K-State’s loss to Gonzaga, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: How can Kansas State overschedule in basketball? They are a perennial NCAA program with a veteran team. I just don’t understand this kind of thinking from a fan. As a Nebraska fan, a team whose basketball program is just dreadful, I don’t want to watch them play UMKC. Meaningless wins are just that – meaningless.

“Belmont and Colorado both probably will be in the NCAA Tournament despite those bludgeonings of the past 2 weeks.”
Gary Bedore, KUSports.com beat writer, @GaryBedore, Twitter
GH: While KK called KU’s home game with Belmont underscheduling, it might just be that Kansas is very, very good. And the bad news for the rest of the Big 12 is that they are likely to get much, much better.

“As a journalism junkie you have to watch tonight's 60 minutes about Newtown...absolutely stunning how thoughtful and thorough.”
Michael, @biggest711, Twitter
GH: Much of the media coverage on the Newtown shootings has been in my opinion incredibly self-serving and also invasive of the families and people directly affected. I too thought 60 Minutes did a thoughtful and thorough job in their reporting. Much more so than the media mongers who jammed cameras and microphones into the face of kids the day of the shootings.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


ESPN reaping the benefits of ridiculousness

Posted 12-16-12

“But my question, which is just a straight, honest question, is: Is [Robert Griffin III] a brother or is he a cornball brother?”
Rob Parker, ESPN commentator, ESPN
GH: Rob Parker, a formerly anonymous newspaper guy, is one of many inane voices that now dot the daytime shows that are a part of ESPN’s Chip Bayless Journalism – if you say it loud enough and it’s crazy enough, people will listen, tweet it and repeat it. It’s the kind of caustic casualness many attribute to online “journalist” but it has seeped into ESPN, network newscasts and even the sainted daily newspaper. A brother or a cornball brother? What defines each? Is the brother toting a 40-ouncer and the cornball brother working a briefcase? Read on.


“He's not real. OK, he's black, he kind of does the thing, but he's not really down with the cause. He's not one of us. He's kind of black but he's not really, like, the guy you want to hang out with because he's off to something else.”
Rob Parker, ESPN
GH: Parker is just too good to be true if you happen to be looking for idiotic quotes for an Off The Couch column. So where is it that RG3 is “off to” that Parker would not want to hang? Work?


“I don't know because I keep hearing these things. We all know he has a white fiancée. There was all this talk about how he's a Republican, which, I don't really care, there's no information at all. I'm just trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue. Because we did find out with Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods was like, I've got black skin but don't call me black.”
Rob Parker, ESPN
GH: A white fiancé AND he might be a Republican? Get a rope. The fact that Parker is able to tie Tiger Woods into his idiotic portrayal of RG3 is so inane it is perfect.


“Following yesterday's comments Rob Parker has been suspended until further notice. We are conducting a full review.”
Mike Soltys, ESPN spokesman, USA Today
GH: What Soltys' comments failed to mention is that ESPN will also be reaping the benefits of his ridiculousness. There's no marketing like crazy.


“My parents shatter stereotypes. My dad, a black man, listens to Rick James, Tupac, Guns N’ Roses and the Eagles. He eats his chicken baked, not fried. And he doesn’t like watermelon. He dated a white woman, my mama. And she listens to bluegrass and gospel. She watches any movie starring Eddie Murphy, Ice Cube or Tyler Perry. Fried chicken is her favorite.”
Jenee’ Osterheldt, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: I found it interesting that The Star chose to have Osterheldt cover Parker’s comments in her column rather than Sam Mellinger, the Star’s lead sports columnist. Osterheldt is best known for writing about the frivolousness of life as a single female in Kansas City. So why have her cover this story? Is it because she is black? How stereotypical is that of The Star?


“Race and being ethnic enough is a never-ending conversation in this country, and one I run into often. Apparently, there is a checkbox of what does and does not make you black. I have been accused of being not black enough, too black and not white enough all my life. I have a white friend who couldn’t believe I liked Reba McEntire. ‘That doesn’t seem like your kind of music,’ she said. I have black friends who said I acted white.”
Jenee’ Osterheldt, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: I have never had a friend or foe tell me I was or was not too white, too black or too/not too of any color. But I am sick of those Reba commercials for her TV sitcom popping up on just about every show I record.

“KCSP-610 a.m. morning talk show host ‘Bulldog’ Bob Fescoe has landed on Radio Ink magazine’s inaugural list of the ‘30 Top Local Sports Talkers in Radio for 2012’ in its December issue. Fescoe, the host of ‘Fescoe in the Morning’ from 6-10 a.m. with sidekick Josh Klingler, was the lone sports talker in the Kansas City market to make the elite list and came in at #28.”
John Landsberg,
GH: If you wonder why sports media types like Rob parker spit out this kind of ridiculousness on a live broadcast, look no further than who gets rewarded as the country’s finest sports talkers. Fescoe might be the furthest thing we have in Kansas City from a quality broadcaster. But he is great at acting the fool and getting noticed for it. What sells is stupid – and Fescoe deserves all he gets.

“It’s a great honor. I am very humbled to have been selected. The folks with 610 and Entercom have been outstanding and I want to thank them. I also credit the passionate sports fans in KC as I believe we do have the best fans in sports right here in Kansas City.”
Bob Fescoe, Bottomlinecom.com
GH: I have a different take than Bulldog on his great honor. These national lists of media folks could not be a bigger sham. KMBZ’s Darla Jaye has been named six consecutive years by Talkers Magazine as a “top talker” in the country. Darla Jaye? Fescoe fits in fine with this group.

“So, Romeo Crennel just rocked one of the weirder press conferences of the season, chastising the media for — best I can tell — quoting him accurately. You be the judge: Romeo, on Wednesday: ‘(Breaston) needs to show that he has a greater understanding of the game plan and he can execute the game plan. If he can do that, then he can be in uniform.’ Romeo, on Thursday: ‘I don’t know how you get he doesn’t know the game plan out of that.’ Huh.”
Sam Mellinger, Don’t Kill The Mellinger, KCStar.com
GH: Oh how I wanted someone – anyone – at Crennel’s press conference to just break out in laughter at the preposterousness of Crennel’s doubletalk. If this Chiefs’ gig doesn’t work out, Romeo could take a radio job and be a great addition to Sports Ink’s top 30 list next year. 

“This is an unraveling of a guy who is losing control of his organization. He’s putting his pettiness ahead of the team. This is absolutely a fireable offense.”
Kevin Kietzman, after Danny Clinkscale informed KK that the word out of One Arrowhead Drive is that Scott Pioli is upset with “any and all” Chiefs’ players who talked with or had contact with Todd Haley while the Chiefs were in Pittsburgh to play the Steelers, 810 AM
GH: The Candy Wrapper Man strikes again. Has there ever been a Chiefs at Raiders game that was less anticipated than this Sunday’s snoozer? Maybe this is The Clarks’ Christmas present to local retailers who typically see empty stores during a Chiefs’ game. Ho-ho-ho.


GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Royals talk in December another sign of how far Chiefs have fallen

Posted 12-13-12

“It’s December 12th and we’re talking Royals baseball. I love it!”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: Well, I hate it. I cannot think of anything more telling about the state of Kansas City professional sports than the fact we are reduced to spending December discussing the pros and cons of a Royals trade. While great NFL matchups dot the country this week – NYG @ Atlanta, GB @ Chicago, Denver @ Baltimore, Indy @ Houston, Pitt @ Dallas, SF @ NE – many Chiefs fans are left rooting for a loss to the Raiders to secure the top pick in the April draft. Rock bottom… meet Kansas City.

“This [Chiefs talk] is on hiatus for now. Until the other shoe drops, it’s going to be real quiet around here [regarding the Chiefs].”
Kevin Kietzman, to a caller who complained about all the Royals chatter during football season, 810 AM

“When I broke camp in St. Joe I thought this could be a double-digit win team. I had no idea this was coming.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs’ lost season, 810 AM

“The whole organization believes in Luke [Hochevar]. I know Luke has taken a lot of heat over the years in Kansas City. As of right now he’s a starter.”
Dave Eiland, 610 AM
GH: If this is true – and I have no reason to believe it is, I mean when was the last time an entire organization agreed on any player – the Royals front office is worse off than advertised. Hochevar has been handled like a special-needs kids since his arrival in 2006. How about treating old Luke like he needs to produce or we kick his overpaid ass? One thing that’s missing in the Royals’ feel-good locker room is a Hal McRae ass kicker. Sometimes being comfortable is the worst thing when it comes to production.

“You can never have enough pitching – and you can never have enough starting pitching. Right now we have quality starting pitching and we have depth.”
Dave Eiland, 610 AM
GH: Time to win then, baby. I want to see wins in April and May or Yost’s hind end on a southbound train to the next NASCAR race.

“I’m still not sold that Pioli’s going to be gone. I hear everybody say he can’t hire three head coaches. Why not? Look at the history of this [Hunt] family.”
Jack Harry, on the popular belief that Pioli will be canned following this dreadful Chiefs’ season, 810 AM
GH: If Clark Hunt retains Pioli, he is simply deaf and dumb to the needs of his franchise. If Pioli is retained and allowed to hire another head coach and infect another draft, the Chiefs deserve to have Royals’ talk dominate the holidays in Kansas City.

“He needs to show he has a greater understanding of the game plan and he can execute the game plan. If he can do that, he can be in uniform. There have been other guys who have been showing us a little bit more, so we decided to go with those guys.”
Romeo Crennel, on why the veteran wide receiver Steve Breaston has been inactive for recent Chiefs games, Kansas City Star
GH: Breaston doesn’t know the game plan? That’s like saying Jason Whitlock doesn’t know his way around a President’s Tray at Gates. Read on.

“Basically, [Breaston’s] done. He’s finished. They’re saying basically we’ve got no use for the guy. That’s just a nice way of saying we don’t have any more use for Breaston.”
Jayice Pearson, on the Chiefs stance on wide receiver Steve Breaston not understanding the game plan, 610 AM
GH: On a team that is bereft of wide-receiving talent, the Chiefs have chosen to sit one of their few proven wide receivers. Great coaching, Romeo.

“[Breaston] is a good football player and the Chiefs need every good football player they can get. That is a little odd.”
Matt Williamson, of ESPN, 810 AM

“It’s hard for me to say they don’t have the talent [at wide receiver] because it seems like they do.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“The [Chiefs’] wide receiver position is a complete and total mess.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: It is very reflective of the Chiefs’ organization – minus those sparkling clean candy-wrapper-free stairways.

“If Jonathan Baldwin has 18 catches this year, ask yourself this – how many catches would he have if Peyton Manning were here? He might be headed to the Pro Bowl. Peyton Manning would have changed that player.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I know KK loves Peyton Manning…and he was correct in predicting Manning would resurrect the Broncos into division winners. But is all that ails Jon Baldwin the fault of poor quarterback play? I think not.

“If someone would just come out in the league office and admit, you know what, we could have handled this situation better, it would go such a long way with both players and fans. I think people would really come around to realize what this thing was all about because right now the league office and Commissioner Goodell have very little to no credibility with us as players and I'd say with a lot of the fans because of the way that this has taken place.”
Drew Brees, after Paul Tagliabue overturned Roger Goodell’s previous ban of four Saints’ players, ESPN Radio
GH: Brees has just pushed Goodell into a corner. Does he come out fighting or crawl into the nearest mouse hole? The players almost always lose in these kind of matchups – but Brees might just be rich enough [thanks to the NFL and Goodell’s work] who doesn’t care.

“I was waiting 20 years to get the call. I loved it the first time. It's a great honor to be able to do it again. This time we need 14.5 points. ... I just hope to set the table for the group of guys. I'm the stage manager. In two years I hope to get it done.”
Tom Watson, on being named the Ryder Cup captain for 2014 in Scotland, USA Today
GH: Watson was 10-4-1 as a Ryder Cup player and his USA teams went 3-0-1 over his career. He is also the last US captain to win on foreign soil when his squad scored a scintillating 15-13 come-from-behind win in 1993 at the Belfry. Watson is a sonofabitch competitor – and I say that in a complimentary way. If he was managing the Royals, Luke Hochevar’s ass would either be winning or wherever the hell Trey Hillman parked his unicycle.

“[Watson] is one of the legends of the game. I am sure he would be a fantastic captain, not just to the team but that whole aspect of the Ryder Cup. The man is a huge name in the world of golf and rightly so. I think he will make a fantastic captain for the Americans.”
Darren Clarke, a possible choice as the European captain in 2014, USA Today
GH: Watson is Kansas City’s third professional sports franchise. Still.

“I think he's a really good choice. Tom knows what it takes to win, and that's our ultimate goal. I hope I have the privilege of joining him on the 2014 United States team.”
Tiger Woods, who has been on only one winning team in seven tries, USA Today

“I wanted older assistants with an attitude. I didn't want it to be fun and relaxing because the Ryder Cup is the most stressful week of the year. You are making four trips to the bathroom stall. You have to create an environment where preparation is the key, not having fun. Watson will make sure they are prepared. The players have fun naturally, but when the bell rings on Friday in 2014, the fun ends and the work begins. If you're not prepared, you're going to get killed. Tom will have them prepared no matter the situation.”
Paul Azinger, on his choices for his run as the Ryder Cup captain, USA Today

“I remember the Saturday at Royal St. George's in 2011, when the rain was coming down sideways, and Tom had a smile on his face when he went out to play the third round. He enjoyed every moment of making the best of the weather. I saw that and I wanted to do the same and I played my best round. I love his attitude on the course and it will carry over to the team.”
Rickie Fowler, who was on the losing Ryder Cup team in 2010 in Wales, USA Today
GH: How about the sight of Watson coaching the tight-trousered Fowler on a Scottish fairway? I cannot wait for the summer of 2014.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


George Brett likes the Royals trade

Posted 12-12-12

“The Royals want to win now. The only way we have to keep a Moustakas, to keep a Hosmer on this ball club is for us to start winning now. … If we can start winning now, hopefully, Moustakas and Hosmer will tell their agents, ‘Get me the best deal you can in Kansas City because I like this team. I don’t want to go anywhere else.’ Believe me, if we continue to lose 90 to 95 games every year, that conversation will never take place. So for that, I’m very thankful for the trade.”
George Brett, talking with Bob Fescoe, on why the Royals traded Wil Myers for two of Tampa Bays’ starting pitchers, 610 AM
GH: Winning is a variable that the Royals and Chiefs have not been able to factor into re-signing free agents for far too long. We hear about our Midwestern quality of life, our fervent fan bases and even the quality of our restaurants – but no one dares refer to the Royals and Chiefs chances of being champions. Would that rare carrot be enough to keep our homegrown talent home? It would sure be nice to find out.

“James Shields just told us he would be open right now to talk about an extension with the Royals if they are interested ‘no doubt about it.’ ”
Jim Bowden, @JimBowdenESPNxm, Twitter

“Takes an act of congress for me to not fire back when ppl talk bad about [the] Royals in kc... We'll prove them wrong.”
Danny Duffy, @dduffkc23, Twitter
GH: Danny Duffy might be the most Joe Six Pack professional athlete on Twitter in the history of social media. He trades tweets with anybody and everybody who is a fan – and not on the typical pro-to-fan level, but more like he’s friends with these faceless folks in cyberland. It also doesn’t hurt that he is the author of the famous quote – “Bury me a Royal.” This Royals team is hard to hate despite their losing ways.

“You’re probably looking at August or September to be safe. That’s like acquiring two quality pitchers at the trade deadline when those two guys come back.”
Dave Eiland, on when he expects Danny Duffy and Felipe Paulino returning from Tommy John surgery rehab, 610 AM
GH: Duffy has been telling us June is a realistic due date for his return. I wouldn’t mind the two of them sitting out until the Royals’ postseason roster needs to be declared. Yeah, I said it. So now I’m sounding like JoPo circa 2000.

“If I’m the Royals I’m asking what are we doing at the minor league level with these young arms that they are going backward. Montgomery should have been in the big leagues two years ago.”
Mitch Williams, ESPN MLB analyst, on the Royals being unable to depend on their farm system for starting pitching, 610 AM

“This changes everything. Everything gets better if you can pitch.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM

“Last thing [for now]: Call me a Debbie Downer if you want. Just know I've never hoped I was wrong about a Royals move more than this one.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, who has spent much of the week blasting the Myers/Shields trade as a bad deal for the Royals, Twitter
GH: On that point Rany, all Royals fans can agree.

“You can peck away on your blog…”
Soren Petro, deriding those bloggers who dare question the Royals’ trade, 810 AM
GH: I don’t have a problem with those who have criticized this trade. A great city has a media and culture that invites conflicting opinions. One of this websites strongest points in my opinion is the difference of opinions that is shared on a daily basis in the fertile Comments section. One thing that has always been lacking from Soren Petro’s and Kevin Kietzman’s sports talk shows is balance. Differing opinions on these two popular formats are rarer than Royals’ postseason appearances.

“You just know this is a baseball town. I just felt like Dayton felt – now is the time. I think we’ve put ourselves in a really good position to go out and compete every single day.”
Ned Yost, 610 AM
GH: This is not a unique feeling for Royals fans in December. We often feel optimistic months before spring training. Dare we think this spring will be different? That this summer will bear fruit? It is the life we chose as baseball fans. It is a maddening, beautiful existence.

“OH CRAP. It is December 12 already and I have not yet watched Love, Actually. ‘If you reallylove Christmas...’ ”
Melinda Haas, Omaha Stormchasers photographer and fan, @minda33, Twitter
GH: Love Actually is my all-time favorite movie no matter the season. It is an unabashed chick flick that scores on so many levels for me that even the deleted scenes in this one are perfection. My wife and I make it a date to watch this DVD every December. Sounds like Melinda has a similar date in her household. I am going to guess we are far from alone. Do you think Miss Dunkin’ Donut 2003 watches every December? Of all the romantic stories in this movie [and there are many], Jamie’s and his Portuguese housekeeper’s is my favorite. The films’ theme song, Portuguese Love Theme is simply a perfect, perfect instrumental. When it swells during Jamie’s proposal at the restaurant, you cannot help but to be moved. I envy those of you who have yet to enjoy this exquisite film.

“My two favorite Christmas movies – Love Actually and Die Hard.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Nailed my one and two holiday movies as well. I remember introducing our two boys to John McClane and Sargent Al Powell a couple of Christmases ago. Nothing like watching somebody experience a great movie for the first time. “Yippee-ki-yay mother…

“What about Home Alone?”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: We love watching Home Alone with our kids – even now that they are in college and high school. My bride is a Christmas movie freak. Last week she cracked out the DVDs of Burger Meister Meister Burger, Burl Ives’ Rudolph and Mickey Mouse’s Christmas [the one starring Scrooge McDuck – “What are they cooking, a canary?”]. She has been playing them each night during dinner and we’ll continue to do so until the week before Christmas when she goes A Christmas Story crazy and we get nonstop Ralphie, Randy, Flick, Schwartz, Scut Farkus and The Old Man. “Oh Fuuuuuuudge...”

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Chiefs show no signs of being competitive

Posted 12-11-12

“The Chiefs have been the least competitive team in the NFL in one of the most competitive seasons in league history.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: One simple sentence that says a lot about the desperate position Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel have placed Clark Hunt’s team in as they flounder on at 2-11. Getting rocked 30-7 in Cleveland might be a new low in a season of record lows.

“Crennel is a winner as man but a loser as a football coach. Forget sentimentality: needs to be fired at year's end.”
Yael Aboulhalkah, @YaelTAbouhalkah, Twitter
GH: Crennel’s job is unsalvageable – right? Scott Pioli cannot be allowed to hire a third coach in five years, right? The Clarks Xmas present to his fan base will be an active broom with a wide, wide swath. 

“This is a group clearly in over its head, overmatched against NFL teams. They call timeout to get the ball back at the end of the first half, only to run out the clock with a draw that everyone back in Kansas City knew was coming. They gave up an accidental 93-yard punt return, missed a short field goal, kicked it off out of bounds and threw jump-ball fade routes to Jamar Newsome (recently promoted from the practice squad) instead of Jonathan Baldwin (the first-round pick two years ago).”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Just reading through that list of ineptitude has to make even the most ardent Chiefs’ fans cringe. It is time to reboot this franchise.

“You can forget that one. Cousins is almost as valuable to Washington as Griffin bc of injuries like today's.”
Kent Babb, responding to Todd Leabo's tweet of how good Kirk Cousins, the Redskins backup QB, would look in Chiefs' colors, Twitter
GH: The Redskins grabbed Cousins in the fourth round after trading up to draft RG3 with the second-overall pick. You could say it was the opposite of how the Chiefs viewed the 2012 draft – one that is proving to have been rich with QB talent. While Babb may believe Cousins offers the Skins valuable insurance, he is even more valuable as trade bait. I expect him to be dealt for some team’s #1 draft pick in 2013.

“[Steve] Tasker just gave me a new line for the times when I say something stupid. My brain pulled a hamstring...”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, on the color analyst for the Browns/Chiefs game, Twitter
GH: When you’re 2-10, you don’t get the best TV analysts for your games. My question is why are there so many bad color analysts? With only 16 games a week, I would think the networks could find 16 very talented voices to fill those seats. A few former NFL players make great analysts – but very few. Phil Simms is not good – despite his status. Jon Gruden thinks almost everybody is the best and greatest. Solomon Wilcots is in way over his skis. Dan Dierdorf went from bad to good and is now bad again. Tasker is just a mess of odd words and thoughts. Dan Fouts doesn’t bother me too much. Mike Martz might be the worst NFL analyst working. Troy Aikman does a good job. I can take or leave Brian Billick. Daryl Johnston is also tolerable. Cris Collinsworth ticks off a lot of folks but I like his work. Who do you love or hate?

“Next year the Chiefs cannot make the playoffs if Dwayne Bowe is not on the roster.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Is this true? Looking over the options at wide receiver it appears to be a given – even with an upgrade at quarterback. Jonathan Baldwin and Dexter McCluster are two of Pioli’s biggest busts that continue to haunt this team’s offense.

“It is a foregone conclusion that Dwayne Bowe will be gone next year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Franchise Tag – The Sequel.

“The Chiefs have a huge need for a wide receiver right now.”
Adam Teicher, 810 AM
GH: It seems like this need and the need for a quality quarterback have been a constant part of the Chiefs’ decline during the Herm Edwards-Todd Haley-Romeo Crennel spiral.

“He can say all the right things but Dwayne Bowe is going to go to the highest bidder. The only way Dwayne Bowe comes back to be is obviously if they franchise him or if there is a new general manager who makes a commitment to Dwayne Bowe long term.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“1: Emotional weekend for Dallas CB Brandon Carr. He joined former Chiefs mates in Austin for funeral of Kansandra Perkins Saturday ... 2: Carr then boarded Jerry Jones' plane+flew to Cin to join Cowboy mates grieving death of LB Jerry Brown, w/NT Josh Brent jailed for it.”
Peter King, @SI_PeterKing, Twitter

“Upset pick of the day ---- Colorado over Kansas at the Phog. Love these Buffaloes.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, just prior to the Buffs game at Allen Fieldhouse, Twitter
GH: Rothstein wasn’t the only hoops expert hinting at an upset win for CU over KU – but he was one of the more entertaining. Read on for is mea culpa on the Jayhawks 90-54 win.

“Kansas looks like vintage Kansas today. Looks like I've got all different flavors of crow to choose from for my next meal. Can't believe how poorly Colorado has played today. Totally uncharacteristic of this team so far this season. Note to self. Never pick against Kansas at Phog again. Ever.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter

“I know I said I definitely would not start [Jabari Brown] so I want to make sure you guys don't think I'm lying to you. I don't know yet what we will do. I want it to be a competitive week. We get to bring it back to first day of practice this week. All bets are off. Let's go compete for playing time.”
Frank Haith, on Jabari Brown, the 6’5 redshirt sophomore shooting guard transfer from Oregon who is expected to be eligible for Mizzou’s next game against South Carolina State, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Brown is expected to fill the void left by Mike Dixon’s departure – and some expect his presence to vault Mizzou into the national championship talk.

“Not only can he shoot the ball but he can score.”
Frank Haith, 810 AM
GH: That might be one of my favorite coach quotes. We can all shoot it, right? I mean, except that dude from Appalachian State on the free throw line. Check out his “shot” here.

“There’s no greater non-conference game that I’ve been a part of.  Walking out of the stadium and seeing it half filled with Illinois fans and half filled with Missouri fans, 22,000 people. It’s just a special, special game. I’m really glad that both administrations have extended it. For our fan base, it’s something to look forward to every year. I do think you can have great rivalries with teams that are not in the same conference. And credit to both universities for keeping that thing alive.”
Frank Haith, 810 AM
GH: Do you think Haith was directing his point toward that school that lies about three hours due west of Columbia? There is a huge difference in MU continuing a rivalry with a school like Illinois that was never a conference foe and continuing their bloodbath with Kansas. But I’d sure like to see the Border War renewed at least on the hardwood.

“[Phil Pressey] could be better. He hasn’t hit his stride yet. I’ve got high expectations for Phil. We’ve got to get back to the level where he’s making guys around him better.”
Frank Haith, when asked by Steven St. John his thoughts on Pressey’s play so far this season, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou has not played like the 12th best team in the country. They may be overrated or maybe Brown makes them a legit Final Four contender. Kansas sure looked the part in taking Colorado down. And what about K-State? Their win at George Washington was not pretty. January will tell us much about our local cagers.

“Getting a lot of anger from KSU fans over Heisman vote and results. Klein had a great year, I had him 2nd. No reason to be upset purple ppl.”
Gabe DeArmond, Twitter
GH: Klein’s third place finish in the Heisman is a tremendous accomplishment for him and Kansas State. I don’t see a negative thing about it. Those who do simply don’t understand how incredibly difficult it is to get to where Klein is and forever will be.

“Iowa State sold out their full allotment of 10,000 Liberty Bowl tickets in less than 72 hours. That's impressive.”
Sean Callahan, @Sean_Callahan, Twitter
GH: Damn. To play Tulsa [for the second time this season] in Memphis. Those Clones fans are flat dog crazy. I love ‘em.

“I think watching how both coaches approach offense is going to be remarkable to watch.”
Curtis Kitchen, of CurtisKitchenKC.com, on K-State’s date with Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, 610 AM
GH: This is the one bowl game I cannot miss – not that there are many of them. Watching how Snyder attacks Oregon and how Oregon attacks KSU’s defense is going to be fun. This one might end up in the triple digits.

“That’s the shocker of the silly season to me. It way out-shocked Bielema to Arkansas.”
Dennis Dodd, on Tommy Tuberville leaving Texas Tech for Cincinnati, 810 AM
GH: Lubbock has never looked worse – and that is saying a lot.

“With hirings of Butch & Malzahn, there will be 6 SEC teams running a Spread (UT, Miss, MSU, Mizzou, A&M, Auburn).”
James Crocker, @JamesRCrocker, Twitter
GH: Old Man Football just might have retired.

“A coach once told me ‘show me a good loser and ill show u a loser’... Let’s step back and see if this is what u want your kids to be learning.”
Elvis Fisher, @ElvisFisher72, former Mizzou offensive tackle, Twitter
GH: Here’s hoping Elvis goes into coaching.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Royals trade Myers in a deal praised by some, killed by others

Posted 12-10-12

“The Kansas City Royals [Sunday night] acquired right-handed starting pitchers James Shields and Wade Davis and a player to be named or cash considerations from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for minor league outfielder Wil Myers, right-handed pitcher Jake Odorizzi, left-handed pitcher Mike Montgomery and third baseman Patrick Leonard.”
GH: With this announcement, the Royals pushed all the bad news about the 2-11 Chiefs to the bench and heated the hot stove talk surrounding Royals’ baseball like it hasn’t boiled since, well, maybe ever. Twitter will do that. Read on.

“This is exactly what you’ve been wanting Dayton Moore to do – isn’t it? I don’t have any problem with them doing it, but oh my god they gave up a lot!”
Jayson Stark, ESPN MLB insider, while talking to Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Some hate the trade, some like the trade and some wonder why we’re talking Royals’ baseball in mid-December. To those I reply – Browns 30 Chiefs 7. Read on.

“I'm on vacation, although my [very tolerant] wife is increasingly skeptical.”
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, KC Star’s Royals’ beat writer, Twitter
GH: I first saw the news after about 1:30 AM when I woke and innocently checked my Twitter timeline. Dutton was fielding early-morning tweets like Moose handles shots at the hot corner. An hour later I was still trying to catch up on what MLB experts had to say about the trade that cost the Royals their best position prospect since Johnny Damon and the Ray’s one of their two All-Star starter.

“The Royals traded Myers for pitching help in a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays featuring James Shields that might make them slightly better in the short term but at a severe long-term cost. And it's quite possible they don't even sniff 80 wins with the pitching they just acquired, unless there's another substantial deal coming.”
Keith Law, MLB writer, ESPN.com
GH: The views are mixed on this trade but my non-scientific survey has the Rays getting more props than the Royals on this one. Read on.

“I hate being in the same baseball division with Tampa Bay. I just hate it.”
Bill Simmons, @BillSimmons, noted Bosox bastard, Twitter
GH: I did not detect any sarcasm in Simmons’ tweet. He understands how savvy the Rays have been in turning over their roster every few years to inject cheap, young talent into that division of financial giants. I for one will be rooting for Wil Myers to wreak havoc for the next decade in those east-coast baseball cathedrals.

“The Royals will also get a player to be named later.”
Matt Snyder, MLB writer, CBSsports.com
GH: Any chance that P2BNL is Evan Longoria? 

“As for the Rays' starting rotation, they have plenty of young pitching to soften the blow of dealing Shields.”
Matt Snyder, MLB writer, CBSsports.com
GH: What the Rays are good at – developing starting pitching in their farm system – the Royals unfortunately are crippling bad.

“The Tigers look at James Shields and think that the Royals just became a real threat in the American League Central. Twitter thinks the Royals ‘gave up a lot.’ The Tigers know that two teams that ‘gave up a lot’ just met in the World Series. As one Tigers person after another whispered during last week's winter meetings, ‘I just hope they don't get Shields.’”
Danny Knobler, MLB insider, CBSsports.com
GH: Interesting to hear that the opposition in the ALC is even thinking about the Royals. Let’s hope Shields makes the pennant race as interesting.

“Shields is a difference-maker. He pitches tons of innings [second in the majors to Justin Verlander over the last two years]. He wins games, even when he's matched up against great pitchers.”
Danny Knobler, MLB insider, CBSsports.com
GH: Knobler obviously likes the trade. Read on.

“Shields is a very fine pitcher. He is not an ace. He’s not a difference maker. … He’s not Justin Verlander.”
Rany Jazayerli, 810 AM
GH: Rany, not so much. Read on.

“After digesting the trade last night I slept like a baby. You know how babies sleep? Crying their eyes out. … Wil Myers is not a good prospect. He’s not a great prospect. He’s one of the top five prospects in all of baseball. There’s about an 80-85% chance that Wil Myers will be a superstar in the major leagues.”
Rany Jazayerli, 810 AM
GH: Rany has become one of the loudest voices in the anti-Dayton Moore movement. So much so that the Royals have tried to unsuccessfully squash his voice at times. Read on.

“We were well-positioned to dominate the AL Central from 2014 to 2017. But someone needs to keep his job in 2013.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: Without mentioning Dayton Moore, Rany eviscerates Dayton Moore. Read on.

“The one silver lining in this is that we can stop blaming David Glass. At least David Glass is showing that he is willing to fund a payroll that the Royals need to win.”
Rany Jazayerli, 810 AM
GH: Rany is laying the blame for this trade at Moore’s feet – but Moore will also garner the credit if it proves to be successful. Rany holds little hope for that possibility becoming a reality. Read on.

“They’ve gutted their farm system for an improvement that probably doesn’t get them to the playoffs. Other than that – fantastic move.”
Rany Jazayerli, 810 AM
GH: Gutted? If the Royals’ supposed deep farm system was this shallow, Moore and the Royals have more problems than losing Wil Myers.

“6 am & just saw the news! BIG GAME James pitching for the Royals...NEEEEXT!!! I'm jacked, running sprints in 30 degree weather to celebrate! And @Royals got Wade Davis, guy dealt against us every time when I was an Oriole! This is an exciting day for KC fans & organization.”
Jeremy Guthrie, @TheRealJGuts, Royals starter who the Royals’ recently re-signed, Twitter
GH: You have to like the attitude coming from some of the Royals’ players on this move. Read on.

“Stoked out my mind. Rehab is gonna be so #gnar tomorrow! LETS GO.”
Danny Duffy, @dduffykc23, Twitter
GH: The Rays’ ace, David Price, was almost apoplectic over the news. Read on.

“Lies!!!!! … Guys, guys, guys there's been a huge misunderstanding...whenever we all wake up tomorrow Shields and WD40 will still be my teammates...”
David Price, @DAVIDprice14, Rays’ All-Star ace, on news that the trade was in the works, Twitter

“ESPN's Keith Law loved the deal from the Rays perspective, calling it a heist. ‘A potential franchise-making deal that should allow the Rays to continue their run of contention on a dime for several years as they acquire a centerpiece bat in Myers, a potential mid-rotation starter in Jake Odorizzi, and two other prospects.’ Also, he said it was the kind of deal that is likely to get Royals GM Dayton Moore fired.”
Marc Topkin, writer, Tampa Bay Times

“I thought I might be able to squeeze in one more year [in Tampa], but that was kind of being selfish. ... I’m excited to go over there, but this is definitely a sad day for me and my family. I’ve been here 12 years. We made this our second home, and we’re definitely going to miss it. I have a lot of good memories here and the fans treated me as good as possible.”
James Shields, on being traded to the Royals, Tampa Bay Times

“The value that he had as the leader of this [Rays’] staff is something you’ll see in Kansas City and the clubhouse.”
Marc Topkin, writer, Tampa Bay Times
GH: The Royals’ staff needs a leader. Maybe Big Game James is that guy.

“I do admire the Royals’ courage. For them to say this is a success, they have to make the playoffs in ’13 and/or ’14. Quite simple. … Not saying it is doomed to fail. But this was done out of desperation.”
Jon Morosi, @jonmorosi, FoxSports MLB analyst, Twitter

“’Our Time’ was a year early. Dayton Moore and the #Royals are all-in... Simple as that.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Moore’s window as the Royals’ GM has to be closing quickly. This is him pushing all of his chips into the ALC pot. He and Yost were likely done after 2013 anyway. This appears to be a selfish move by Moore to win now and hope for the best later. We will know soon if his gamble paid off.

“My guess is Bubba Starling is three years away. I expect him to start next year at Lo-A Lexington.”
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, on Bubba being a prospect who could replace Myers in the Royals’ system, Twitter
GH: Three years seems like forever to a baseball fan – because it is. But Bubba is only two seasons out of high school ball. Maybe we get lucky and he makes it to the show by 2014. His career and Myers’ will be fun to contrast over the next decade – and to dream what they would have looked like side by side in the grass at The K.

“Just had this thought. Remember the last time #Royals grabbed a Davis to help pitching staff? Storm and Mark.”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, sports editor of St. Joe News-Press, Twitter

“If Royals want to know how much fans/media/bloggers care about the franchise -- its 1am and Twitter is vigorously debating latest trade ...”
Brad Porter, @bradporter, Twitter
GH: For those who doubt the passion of Royals’ fans – I’m looking at you Cardinals’ faithful – there is no doubt that Kansas City’s baseball heart beats strong and long underneath the stifling cloak of 90-loss seasons.

“Royals' owner D. Glass to trade Jack Stack Barbeque and Arthur Bryant's for the rights to the McRib.”
Old Hoss Radbourn, @OldHossRadbourn, Twitter

“[The Royals] have a very specific window – ’13, ’14, ’15 – and then it’s going to close.”
Buster Olney, ESPN MLB analyst, 810 AM
GH: But still plenty of time to add value to the Royals’ farm system and jam a 2x4 into that window sill.

“I think everybody’s mad that they made the trade. Most everybody. I’m starting to settle into the freaking negativity in this town.”
Steven St. John, judging from his Twitter timeline on Royals’ fans, 810 AM
GH: SSJ sounds like he needs a vacation. I know I do.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Royals talk is cheap

Posted 12-7-12

“It just doesn’t add up. It’s just not honest.”
Soren Petro, disputing David Glass’ statement that the Royals have done no better than break even financially since they have owned the franchise, 810 AM
GH: There are few things that interest me less in the winter months than Royals’ talk – but our local radio stations appear to be obsessed with David Glass and his Wal-Mart ways. Maybe the last 25 years of losing have beaten me down to the point of not really caring what happens in the off-season. Seven months of losing baseball is more than I need to satiate my seamheadedness. For those of you who are not of my thinking….read on.

“The Royals are flat-out lying to you! They are lying to you when they tell you they are trying to put a quality competitive team on the field.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Bob Dutton, who does a quality job in covering the Royals for the Kansas City Star, has sent the local baseball nerds into a tizzy with his tweets on the confusing plans for the Royals’ payroll in 2013. Will it be $70 million? Will that $70 million include the entire 40-man roster and adding to son Dan’s beanie cap collection? Who the hell knows? Better yet, who the hell cares? Come spring, we’ll all be thinking positive thoughts and hoping the warm air and green grass will nurture a miracle season for our Royals. It is simply what baseball fans do.

“David Glass made his money for a company that pays as little for labor as it possibly can and is proud of doing so. Good luck, Royals fans.”
Joe Sheehan, @joe_sheehan, of SI and Baseball Prospectus, Twitter

“We’re now at a point in time where we have good young players — as good as any team in baseball. Now, we’ve got to do what we can to support them. Do we trade one of them? I don’t know. I’m not trying to.”
Dayton Moore, Kansas City Star
GH: Glass catches a ton of well-deserved heat from the local media for being cheap. But Moore, like Allard Baird before him, skates on the edge of criticism because many believe his hands are tied with Glass shackles. But if he’s not trying to trade some of the Royals’ young talent for starting pitching, what the hell is he doing? It is really all he should be focused on from now until he’s fired.

“I’d like to use our farm system in a way to support our major-league club now that we have good, young players who are all under control. Now, it’s time to do everything we can to begin to move forward.”
Dayton Moore, Kansas City Star
GH: Moore used the phrase, “everything we can to begin to move forward.” Nate Bukaty hinted on his Friday show that Moore may be leaking skimpy payroll info to Dutton that belies his public positive comments about Glass. I don’t think these guys are organized enough to stage that sophisticated of a ruse. The conflicting reports we hear from the Royals camp is just SOP for that bunch. 

“The truth of the matter is if we add another pitcher … there wouldn’t be room to add that individual unless we got rid of somebody else.”
Dayton Moore, Kansas City Star
GH: This comment is in direct conflict with Moore’s, “everything we can to begin to move forward,” comment. In other words – it’s the Royals, stupid!

“The Royals are very good at this time of year of convincing us they’re close.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This year they appear to be more intent on convincing us they’re cheap, lack all PR skills and are trying to set a franchise fan record for most negative tweets. #Royals

“Don’t you think the Royals are trying harder than the Chiefs right now? At least they’re shopping players.”
Jake Gutiérrez, to Steven St. John, who did not agree with Jake’s take, 810 AM

“[The Royals] can afford to add $20- to $25-million to the payroll. Until they do that, they are not trying that hard. And I’m just talking about being the best team in their division – and they’re not even close!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – who comments on the Royals equates trying and winning with spending money. Yes, that is one way to do it. Obviously, it’s not the Royals’ way. How about trying scouting, coaching and managing? Ever heard of that one, Stan?

“I always liked playing Kansas [when I was playing at Oklahoma State] because I got a chance to guard Tad [Boyle] who was as slow as I was. You can ask Tad, I wouldn’t have recruited him and he wouldn’t have recruited me.”
Bill Self, Hawk Talk, on meeting the former Jayhawk and his Buffaloes in Lawrence Saturday afternoon, 610 AM

“The only bad thing about the basketball game Kansas plays against Colorado is it was not chosen for Kansas City. Neat way to tweak Missouri fans — play a game in that state against another old league rival wearing black and gold.”
Kevin Haskin, columnist, on KU agreeing to play a home and away series with the former Big 12 Buffs, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Even the media in Kansas still has their eyes fixed east toward Missouri and those hated Tigers. Mizzou is thinking of KU, too. Read on.

“We have a high level of respect for Kansas. We hope to be able to renew that rivalry. We just hope at some time our counterparts at KU want to play.”
Mike Alden, 610 AM
GH: I know this riles up the KU crowd each time the subject is broached – but when one school wants to play and the other does not…it does not look good for the school who refuses to enter the ring.

“I would say this to my beloved alma mater – it’s time [to renew the rivalry with Mizzou]. Let’s go.”
Bob Fescoe, a Kansas alum, 610 AM

“[Kansas] is almost certainly in my mind going to win the league again. They’ll probably earn a two-seed and be one of the top eight teams. I’m kind of going on record now that we’re going to be wrong on [our preseason ranking of KU] at 12. They’ll be closer to seven or eight. … I don’t think there is anybody out there [in the Big 12] that can hang with [Kansas] over an 18-game schedule.””
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: It is too early to cross off K-State, OU, OSU and even Iowa State and TT. But Texas looks awful, and we know TCU is a joke. Huggins’ squad in Morgantown has been beaten three times already. Baylor is Baylor – pretty on the outside and rotten on the inside. It looks like KU will have to forfeit some games to not win their ninth Big 12 crown in a row.

“The add-on they’re talking about to Allen Fieldhouse would be in the upper teens of millions. It would be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of Kansas. It would rival any Hall of Fame in America. We’re pretty excited about it.”
Bill Self, on the new structure that would house Naismith’s original rules of basketball, Hawk Talk, 610 AM
GH: Allen Fieldhouse might be the least impressive building on the outside with the most impressive inside – especially on game day. If the new addition to the old barn is anywhere near as fan-friendly as the rest of the place, hoop fans are going to love it.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with where Ben [McLemore] is. I can’t imagine there’s a bigger sponge out there in America.”
Bill Self, on his very impressive redshirt freshman, Hawk Talk, 610 AM
GH: Self treats all of his players differently – and in my mind a good coach understands that is necessary to get the most out of an athlete. Self treats McLemore like he’s a returning alum who stopped in to play some ball with the youngsters. He has a lot of respect for McLemore’s game – and after the first month of the season, I think we all know why.

“I’m not canceling Missouri’s season because they don’t have Mike Dixon. But I think while he doesn’t play, they’re going to struggle.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: So far – Gottlieb’s dead on. Read on.

“Mike Dixon's departure has little sway over AP voters. #Mizzou rises four spots to No. 12 in this week's Top 25 poll. Indiana-Duke still 1-2.”
Steve Walentik, @Steve_Walentik, Twitter
GH: The Tigers have some very nice pieces but they look like a team that is still trying to get to know each other. That’s kind of what the non-con is for. Laurence Bowers looks all healed up and good as new. The Tigers will need him and Pressey to make a run at the SEC title – which Kentucky looks more than ready to vacate. But that Florida team looks damn good.

“What’s Les Miserable about?”
Kevin Kietzman, while talking to Danny Clinkscale about the touring Broadway musical now showing at Kansas City’s Music Hall, 810 AM
GH: I know I am not your average sports guy. At the risk of staining my man card, I confess to having seen  Les Mis on stage at least seven or eight times since I first saw it on Broadway in 1988. I will likely be there at the cinema when the movie version opens Christmas Day. I attended Thursday night’s performance at the Music Hall by myself. My wife enjoys the theatre but not like me. If you are not a musical kind of person, I understand why you would not go. But if your heart beats at all at the sound of an orchestra , the swell of a baritone, the wisp of a beautifully tuned falsetto and the sight of staging from artistic geniuses – go. Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

“She’s more of a sandwich maker. I’d much rather come home to a cold meal and a hot wife, rather than a hot meal and a cold wife – every damn time.”
Otto Kilcher, discussing the culinary skills of his bride, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Discovery Channel
GH: I stumbled across this show that’s in its second season on the Discovery Channel just this week. What an amazing, thrilling, simple life these people lead out in the huge and untamed Alaska wilderness. Otto is simply a genius problem solver with a craftsman skill set that is too quickly disappearing from our country. Read on.

“[My grandfather] told me to marry a big woman. She’ll keep you warm in the winter and give you shade in the summer.”
Eivan Kilcher, Otto’s son, who did not take his grandfather’s advice, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Discovery Channel
GH: Three generations of the Kilcher clan have homesteaded 638 acres in Alaska since the 1930s. Otto’s dad migrated from Germany to flea Hitler’s oncoming reign of terror. I possess none of the brilliance, moxie and toughness of these folks. They make me proud to be a part of their species. There is a marathon showing of the series on Saturday starting at 6:00 PM. Set your DVR and let me know if you are as impressed with the Kilcher clan as I.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Mad Jack Harry has trouble handlign criticism

Posted 12-7-12

“Quarterback Collin Klein and linebacker Arthur Brown were named the offensive and defensive players of the year on the All-Big 12 [coaches] team in voting by the coaches and Bill Snyder was coach of the year to sweep the top three honors. Meshak Williams was selected defensive lineman of the year. Klein also was selected offensive player of the year by The Associated Press, one day after Snyder was named the coach of the year.”
Topeka Capital Journal
GH: I mentioned this past summer that I thought K-State’s schedule was so difficult, that Snyder’s team could lose eight games this season. It was not met with much enthusiasm from the Catbacker crowd – and rightfully so. While last season’s K-State football team appeared to win on lucky bounces and desperate comebacks to beat more talented teams, this year’s Cats were stacked with talent and they dominated most foes. Their comeback win over Texas – after suffering a crushing defeat to Baylor – was one of the more remarkable wins I witnessed this season. I am hoping the Mayans will be proved wrong in this, the Year of the Wildcat.

“Really, I have no argument if any of those guys win [the Heisman]. But if you’re asking me for my prediction I think it’s going to be Johnny Football.”
Steven St. John, on the three finalists, Manti Te’o, Collin Klein and Johnny Manziel, for the prestigious New York Athletic Club’s reward, 810 AM

“Really, in almost any other year Collin Klein would be a shoe-in for the Heisman.”
Curtis Kitchen, of CurtisKitchenKC.com, 610 AM

“If Manziel does win the Heisman, and passes through Waco on the way to his bowl game, he should thank Baylor. Had the Bears not halted K-State’s unbeaten run, Collin Klein would be the 2012 Heisman frontrunner. Still. Weird what one defeat can do to sway voters. And K-State’s lone defeat was to Baylor, where last year’s winner, RGIII, happened to play.”
Kevin Haskin, columnist, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Klein’s Heisman’s chances took a huge hit with that Baylor loss – and in my mind deservedly so. I think Klein is a great college quarterback and it has been a privilege to follow his career from such close proximity. But is he the best college football player this season? Not to me. With his bull-rush running style and javelin throwing motion, he needed to be perfect. He was not.

“I know guys who aren’t even football people who vote [for the Heisman]. They don’t even watch college football. They just get excited about guys who run around and make plays and are freshmen. I think that’s why [Johnny Manziel] will win it.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Barnett doesn’t have a Heisman vote but if he did he said he’d vote for Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o first and Collin Klein second. “I’m old school,” he added. I think that’s coach-speak for; “A freshman quarterback doesn’t deserve the Heisman.”

“It is an individual vote. I can vote for anybody I want to. I can vote for the Notre Dame kicker if I want to. There is no criteria at all. No one can tell me how to vote. If someone says, ‘I’m not going to vote in a freshman,’ he has the right to do that. That’s the beauty of this thing. The Heisman people don’t have anything to do with how we vote.”
Tim Brown, 1987 Heisman winner as a Notre Dame wide receiver, Sirius XM 91
GH: It will be interesting to see who does win the Heisman on Saturday night. I think Johnny Football wins it easy with Te’o finishing a distant second. Who woulda thunk it? How about MU’s Maty Mauk for the Heisman in 2013? It wouldn’t be any crazier than Johnny Football’s unexpected rise in 2012.

“Uneasy is the head that wears the visor, particularly after fans have grown accustomed to a lifestyle afforded by Chase Daniel, Chase Coffman and Jeremy Maclin. In his four years on the job, [David] Yost grew gaunt. His cheeks sank, his eyes bagged, his once frolicking locks drooped like lacquered straw. He had entered his grunge phase. For some reason, reporters were only allowed to talk to the coordinators once every other week, and even at that, Yost would put off descending the staircase to meet the media for as long as he could. … Some guys are so sure they're right and everyone else is wrong that criticism doesn't bother them. I don't think Yost is one of those guys.”
Joe Walljasper, writer, on Yost retiring from his position as MU’s offensive coordinator, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: I have always found it fascinating how differently some people in the spotlight handle criticism. Yost apparently allowed his critics to cripple his ability to enjoy his job. Read on.

“If you have any sensitivities in those jobs it becomes a weakness. If you have any sensitivities at all, you can literally get tired of [the criticism].”
Gary Barnett, when asked to comment on Walljasper’s column on Yost, 810 AM
GH: Barnett could not be more dead on in my book. I cannot say with any validity if we are born with thick skin or develop it. Likely a bit of both. But few of us are subjected to the scrutiny and criticism that befalls our sports heroes. I have always respected those who are built to weather the storm rather than seek shelter from it.

“I read every letter I get – and it bothers me. It bothers me! It doesn’t bother you? We’re in the public eye and we have to listen to the public!”
Jack Harry, while discussing reading hate mail from his viewers with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Some members of the media are just as recognizable as sports figures – but they do not encounter anywhere near the criticism. Mad Jack almost quit his job earlier this year due to the hateful correspondence he said he received from Kansas fans following his early-season dismissal of the eventual Final Four Jayhawks basketball team. As Barnett stated, it’s a weakness.

“KU is fortunate that Missouri saw the light and bailed for the SEC. There is no question in my mind – none – that the Tigers would win the Big 12 if they hadn’t joined the SEC. … Missouri is picked third [in the SEC]. It would be tough for Kansas to crack the top three in the SEC. My only regret about Missouri leaving the Big 12 is they did it one year too early. The Tigers would have owned the Big 12 this year.”
Jack Harry, in a Jack Smack commentary this past October,  KSHB.com
GH: Mad Jack is simply a guy who talks tough but wilts under the burn of an anonymous email. He’s lucky he’s not one of the athletes, coaches, GMs or owners he so often verbally scorches. 

“I’ve often said that if those people [in the media who criticize the media] would work as diligently to go get the story as they do poking holes through people who do good stories. You see a lot of that in our business. That’s the nature of the beast.”
Jack Harry, on media criticizing media, 810 AM
GH: Obviously not all criticism is warranted. But so what? That is all the more reason to evaluate your nasty emails and then determine if they are accurate or trashcan material. If you get paid to play an opinion-based role in the media – you damn well better be pissing some people off. Making everyone happy is not your role or your goal. For a veteran like Jack to not understand this is just stunning to me.

“I am 100% convinced that everyone on the staff of this radio station has done a great job in being professional. We have journalists here. We have sports journalists here. I am most proud of that at this radio station because this medium when we started 15 years ago was a wasteland. I think we’ve covered it beautifully. I don’t think we’ve done a thing wrong.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK doesn’t like criticism but he handles it with an all-encompassing ego that crushes the life out of any possible negative thought. In KK’s mind, he is never wrong. Never. He knows better than all who dare question his brilliance. While it might border on insanity, his style allows him to sleep well at night while Mad Jack frets over Jayhawk-stained emails.

“I knew it was Jovan Belcher an hour before I announced it. I don’t need the Kansas City police [to tell me]. It wasn’t about being first. I think that’s our job – if you know, you tell people.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman’s rant on this subject – his third consecutive day of devoting most of his four-hour show to the subject – was just wild, crazy stuff. Jack Harry sat beside him for an hour and barely uttered an intelligent counterpoint. In other words – it was a regular Wednesday appearance for Mad Jack. Read on.

“Apparently there’s some unknown creed among news journalists that in a case like this you wait for the police to confirm who it was. To me that’s ludicrous! He’s a public figure! He’s a football player! I’m not waiting on the police!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: The criticism that KK received from others in the media was that he failed to wait to get word from the police that relatives of Belcher’s had been notified. Does it matter to the deceased Belcher whether or not he’s outed for his crime? No. But what crime have his relatives, friends and loved ones committed to hear his name first come from KK’s lips? I think Kietzman is disingenuous when he says it was not about being first. It was all about being first.

“Mine wasn’t so much what I heard as but what I knew. I knew who it was. I didn’t need the police to confirm it. There was no question. I knew.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This statement is simply idiotic – unless Kietzman was in the Arrowhead parking lot alongside Romeo and Pioli. It was ALL about what KK heard. Any reporter or journalist knows you never know – sometimes even if what you see is true.

“This morning's is former Mizzou bball coach's son, Mike Anderson Jr.'s 3rd arrest for DUI. (2007 in Columbia, another in Jan 2012).”
Ashley Avala, @ZavalaA, Twitter
GH: Mike Anderson hasn’t made many positive headlines of late. I hope Brett Bielema has better luck with his move to Arkansas.

“I'm glad the opportunity came at Arkansas ... There's only one school I would've done it for and that's Arkansas.”
Brett Bielema, as he was introduced as the new head football coach at Arkansas
GH: How do coaches say these lines without being struck by lightning and having a farm house dropped on them?

“You know, I thought one play really started the whole thing the other night [for Nebraska against Wisconsin]. They got us on a reverse. They got us on a couple misdirection plays. And our guys started to overcompensate to the outside, and then they got us in the middle. They got us a little out of kilter. We did the same thing to Florida in 1995. The next year, Steve Spurrier won the national championship. Sometimes a game like that can be instructional. It can end up helping you. But right now, it seems like the sky is falling.”
Tom Osborne, attempting to put a positive spin on Nebraska’s embarrassing 70-31 loss to the Badgers in the Big 10 title game, Omaha World Herald
GH: If Nebraska wins the national championship next year, I will follow KK’s Heisman lead and shave my head. It just won’t take me nearly as long.

“[Rick] Majerus made regular stops in Omaha to see his friends, Joe and Mike and Broz. He liked Creighton and was the headliner at the Jaybacker Bash, the hoops fundraiser, one spring. Majerus showed up in a T-shirt and sweats and told one great story after another. He commented on the food, saying, ‘I have cuff links bigger than that piece of prime rib they served.’ Later that night, he joined the after-party at Big Fred's, where he had a pizza and a meatball sandwich and told stories into the night.”
Tom Shatel, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Majerus was a jolly old soul but his addiction to fatty foods probably didn’t help his early departure from life. 64 is far too young to hang up his sweater. Eat well this holiday but mix in some activities that include a bit of sweat. ‘Tis the season.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



David Yost retires as OC at MU

Posted 12-7-12

“It was David's choice, 100 percent”
A source close to David Yost told the Tribune, on Yost’s retirement as Mizzou’s offensive coordinator after 12 years, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: I don’t think Yost’s departure was all that great of a surprise to most who follow Mizzou football. MU looked inept offensively for much of their season. There was a time Yost was a fan favorite when he had Brad Smith and Chase Daniel to execute his offense. An oft-injured James Franklin and a depleted offensive line transformed Yost’s signature blonde locks from cool to cold after one trip through the SEC.

"Coach Pinkel told him, 'David, I'm really worried because people are going to think I pushed you out,' " the source said. “David said, 'Coach, they're going to think that. There's nothing we can do about that. We know the truth.' David was really happy after that meeting because he knew Coach Pinkel was in his corner.”
Dave Matter, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Yost is correct, most will believe Pinkel or MU forced him out as a sign to the fan base things would change and improve. But Pinkel is loyal to beyond a fault – at least when it comes to his assistant coaches. It is a weakness in Pinkel that will very likely keep him from ever moving his program to where MU fans want to go.

“I thought all along that this is a decision that Gary [Pinkel] should have made.”
Jay Binkley, on the announced retirement of MU’s offensive coordinator David Yost, 610 AM

“The strain of managing three major roles with the Tigers — coordinator, quarterbacks coach, recruiting coordinator — had become too much for Yost and his young family, several sources said. Yost and his wife, Carrie, have three young children.”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Daily Tribune

“David Yost had no control over the injuries that ransacked Missouri's offense this year or the brutal schedule the Tigers played in the Southeastern Conference. But no matter the circumstances, he was accountable for the performance of MU's offense. As each week passed, and Missouri's offense continued to sputter, the struggles weighed heavily on the 42-year-old coach.”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Yost is a young guy with three young children. His decision appears odd at best to me. Does he want to coach elsewhere – someplace where the heat’s not as hot? Or is he willing to move on to another life – one less lucrative but more private?

“I think it was a huge loss. And what troubled me was the line in [Yost’s statement] about it being ‘personal.’ I don’t know if that was a throwaway line or if there’s something else there. I know Dave and he’s a great coach and a great person. It’s as least as biggest a loss for his recruiting prowess. He got James Franklin and DGB. I think they’ve got a gaping hole in the staff right now.”
Dennis Dodd, 810 AM
GH: Yost is very well liked and respected amongst many of the media that cover him. Listening to Dodd, it sounded to me like he took Yost’s departure personally – as if a friend of his had lost his job. The media is not allowed the luxury of friends when it comes to the individuals they cover. Sounds harsh, sure, but distance is the only true game plan for media objectivity.

“If you know David Yost, you know he doesn’t look like your typical offensive coordinator. He looks like Spicoli.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM


“This is a plus for Missouri – coaching in the SEC.”
Dennis Dodd, on MU’s search for a replacement for Yost, 810 AM
GH: Will coaches view Mizzou’s new conference as a more attractive home than say their former Big 12 digs? It sure looks that way when you consider what happened at Arkansas and Wisconsin this week. Read on.

“I’m in total shock. If you gave me 50 names I would have Bret Bielema on that list. Barry Switzer was ahead of Bret Bielema on that list! It’s downright fascinating.”
Paul Finebaum, on Arkansas hiring Bret Bielema from Wisconsin, Sirius XM 91
GH: Listening to Finebaum’s show on Tuesday was an education for this Yankee. Finebaum not only had no idea how to pronounce the Wisconsin coach’s name – his FIRST name! Finebaum called him Brent for four hours. The SEC looks upon the rest of college football like I’m guessing Caesar viewed the Christians. And with Bielema’s decision to bolt from his Rose Bowl-bound Badgers, the feeling appears to be mutual.

“The SEC just hired the Big Ten’s Rose Bowl Coach.”
Caller to Finebaum’s show, Sirius XM 91
GH: This is not a good sign for the Big Ten or any cold-weather schools. College football is now a southern sport. Deal with it and rearrange your priorities accordingly. Sure, there will occasionally be a K-State or Notre Dame or Ohio State that makes a splash – but that plunge is now merely a ripple in determining who wears the CFB crown.

“Bielema never won widespread acceptance, but he did win games. On balance, his plusses far outweighed his minuses. … Bielema's game-day coaching became a lightning rod for criticism, especially this season, when UW lost five by a total of 19 points. Bielema's brash demeanor and tendency to speak before thinking also rubbed people the wrong way.”
Tom Oates, columnist, Wisconsin State Journal
GH: The guy has been to three consecutive Rose Bowls and the opinion I hear more often than not out of the Cheese State is, “Good riddance!” Wisconsin has a very good chance to quickly begin to resemble Nebraska in more than their uniform.

“One ARK media has Gundy going, one has him not going. Who to believe? Stay tuned.”
Jenni Carlson, @JenniCarlson, Twitter

“From the same paper, no less.”
Stewart Mandel, @slmandel, responding to Carlson’s tweet above, Twitter

“Nothing is better than Twitter during a coaching search. Nothing is worse than reputations of journalists after one.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: GD tweeted this before the surprise hire of Bielema. Dead. Ass. On.

“It’s not over! I’m telling you – it’s not over! People were saying nationally, ‘Well that’s it. Everything is going to stop.’ There were a few people out there saying, ‘I’m telling you, this is not over.’ And certainly that’s true and continues to be true.”
Mike Alden, while discussing conference realignment with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, 610 AM

“I hope @greghall24 covers this non-sense that @SportsRadio810 afternoon host is spewing.”
Neil, OTC Reader, after Kevin Kietzman’s first hour commentary on the Belcher crimes on Monday, Twitter
GH: I heard from a number of readers who were hoping I would cover Kietzman’s over-the-top response to the Jovan Belcher case. KK spent both Monday and Tuesday reading every morsel of rumor or Internet gossip and delivering it and more like it was coming off a police report. KK was scorched by those in his business for his decision to release Belcher’s name before the police officially made it known to the public. Many – and I’ll bet a few who KK respects – thought his act callous, unprofessional and just plain low life. KK does not like having his reputation as a journalist made fun of or sullied. Instead of apologizing or explaining, he attacks. He still refuses to back off his Missouri/Big 10 guffaw. This very flawed side of KK is one of the reasons I rarely miss listening to his show.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Christine Vendel's story on Belcher

Posted 12-7-12

“Seconds after fatally shooting his longtime girlfriend, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher leaned over her in their master bathroom, said he was sorry and kissed her on the forehead. His mother, who heard gunfire as she stood in the kitchen, rushed to her son’s bedroom and watched his remorseful goodbye. Belcher apologized to his mother, kissed his 3-month-old daughter and fled his rented home in the 5400 block of Crysler Avenue in his Bentley.”
Christine Vendel, writer, Kansas City Star
GH: With her detailed and riveting account of the final hours of these newly famous Kansas Citians’ lives, Christine Vendel [who also credits KC Star writers Randy Covitz and Adam Teicher for their work] shows us why the daily newspaper is still relevant. Whether you read her story online or on old-fashioned newsprint, it added depth and context to a story that has gripped the nation. Read on.

“Detectives don’t know what specifically sparked the argument between the couple at home, but a friend of Perkins told The Star that the couple argued around 1 a.m. Saturday when Perkins returned home from the Trey Songz concert and drinks with friends afterward. Belcher was mad she had stayed out so late, the friend said. Sometime later, Kansas City police talked with Belcher after finding him asleep in his Bentley on Armour Boulevard. Officers determined he was able to drive himself home. Police believe he arrived home about 7 a.m., well before a 9:30 team meeting. That’s when the yelling began.”
Christine Vendel, Kansas City Star
GH: Vendel uncovers the fact that Belcher had been approached by police just hours before the shootings as he slept in his Bentley on Armour Blvd. The police determined he was able to drive home? There will be some investigation as to how that sobriety test was delivered. Did Belcher’s status as a Chiefs player save him a DUI but cost him everything?

“Police said youth, immaturity and financial pressures served as a backdrop. During his college years, Belcher allegedly punched a dormitory window because he was upset over a woman. Autopsies with toxicology tests were performed on both bodies, but results will take weeks, police said. Investigators believe alcohol may have played a role in the argument’s escalation.”
Christine Vendel, Kansas City Star
GH: I cringed when I read the anonymous single-sourced report on DeadSpin.com that painted an ugly picture of the murdered mother and attempted to excuse Belcher for his actions because of head trauma, pills and booze. Vendel uses his journalism skills to write a believable balanced story that adds depth. DeadSpin and similar websites are fine for salacious and speculative commentary – but the work of a talented newspaper writer is something I hope we never lose in the digital age.

“Belcher’s mother, who came from New York to live with her son so the couple could work through their issues, didn’t hear much of the argument. But just before 8 a.m., she heard her son say something to the effect of: ‘You can’t talk to me like that!’ ”
Christine Vendel, Kansas City Star
GH: Words. So Belcher was angry with the way the mother of his child spoke to him? It doesn’t appear that she was armed – except with words. We take words far too seriously at times. People like to say that words hurt – but not nearly as much as nine rounds from a hand gun.

“I did it. I killed her.”
Jovan Belcher, according to the police, Kansas City Star

“He probably realized he had done something and he couldn’t go back.”
Police Sgt. Richard Sharp, speculating on Belcher’s mindset, Kansas City Star

“In the parking lot of the practice facility at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Belcher encountered Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Belcher stepped out of his Bentley with a gun pointed at his own head, police said. Club officials knew about the couple’s problems. The Chiefs had provided counseling and ‘were bending over backward’ to help, Sharp said. But Belcher told Pioli that the assistance wasn’t enough to fix their problems and now, ‘It was too late.’ When another Chiefs employee arrived, Pioli told him to stay back. Meanwhile Pioli tried to persuade Belcher to lay down the weapon, Sharp said.’ ”
Christine Vendel, Kansas City Star
GH: Consider the ridiculousness of this encounter. Belcher is 25. His contract was for almost two million this season. He drives a $220K Bentley. It was a 60-degree morning in December. But somehow Belcher found his life so awful he murdered his live-in girlfriend, committed suicide in front of his GM and head coach and left his infant daughter an orphan. What thoughts must have raced through Pioli’s and Romeo Crennel’s minds as they witnessed this foolish, selfish and indefensible act?

“I was trying to get him to understand that life is not over. He still has a chance and let’s get this worked out.”
Romeo Crennel, on what he told Belcher just before the linebacker committed suicide, Kansas City Star
GH: Romeo meant well but Belcher’s life was over – at least his NFL-player-Bentley-driving life. A lifetime in prison awaited him. He got off easy with a single shot to the head.

“I got to go. I can’t be here.”
Jovan Belcher, just before he ended his life, Kansas City Star

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/12/04/3946159/belcher-shot-himself-as-kc-police.html#storylink=cpy

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Romeo and Chiefs shine in darkest hour

Posted 12-7-12

“As a teammate, how do you go about separating that I liked this guy on Monday but now he’s a dead murderer? How do you deal with that?”
Bob Fescoe, on the attitude and emotions of the Chiefs’ players toward Jovan Belcher, 610 AM
GH: Many of the Chiefs’ players wore t-shirts under their uniforms Sunday with Belcher’s likeness printed on them. Dexter McCluster wore his during postgame interviews. It did not sit well with some. Others tried to make sense of it. Read on.

“You can love a monster. Chiefs players wanted to wear number 59 on their jerseys but the Chiefs stepped in and said that’s not going to go.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Outsiders can only guess at the emotions that gripped the Chiefs locker room this weekend. Clark Hunt and the Chiefs’ organization acted professionally and correctly in refusing to outwardly mourn Belcher’s death. While it may seem obvious to some, I imagine this was a difficult decision that was made within hours after the murder/suicide.

“These guys are all victims. They’re all hurting. Jovan’s not hurting but everybody else is. … These guys don’t know Jovan Belcher the murderer. They are choosing to remember him the way they choose to remember him.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas was interviewed by both Fescoe on 610 AM and Jack Harry on KSHB 41. In neither of these interviews did I hear Maas asked about his own past issues with domestic violence and hand guns. Maas could have served as an expert on both.

“If you put nine bullets into a 22-year-old woman who is the mother of your child – there is something wrong. You go out a bad guy.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“I think the best thing you can do as fans is to step back, take a deep breath and sit down. Because you never know somewhere along in your life if you’re going to have one of these moments. Hopefully, nothing to this level, but there’s going to be something in your life that you have to deal with. And we don’t know how that situation is going to be. … Try to see the whole picture on this thing. You don’t know how you would react in that situation. You just don’t know.”
Richard Baldinger, 610 AM
GH: While none of us know how we will react to any future situation, it is beyond simplistic for Baldinger to question how we would react placed in Belcher’s situation. Anyone in a physical relationship with another human experiences many ups and downs – some quite traumatic – over the course of their relationships. Most manage to find a way to avoid committing murder.

“You don’t truly know somebody until you know them – and then you still might not know them.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Binkley’s comment doesn’t make much sense in the literal sense – but I get what he’s trying to say. Monsters are everywhere – even inside those we think we know best.

“Grieving for a loved one is an individual thing. Those closest to the situation should not be judged. You don't have to agree with them but you shouldn't persecute them either. Grief is a personal issue. I will not judge how someone chooses to do it.”
Soren Petro, @TheProgram, Twitter

“Not at all. Not at all. Didn’t see any kind of clues. Jovan is probably the definition of a teammate. He’s gonna give 100% every time. He the most consistent player I played with. Me and him have grown really close while he’s been on the team the last four years. This is devastating. We lost a good one. We lost a really good one.”
Derrick Johnson, 810 AM
GH: I read the DeadSpin.com story that attempts to blame Belcher’s crime on football-related head trauma, pills and booze. Jason Whitlock and Bob Costas are pointing their fingers at hand-gun control. Who really knows? But I would also add a lack of character to the list of possible reasons for Belcher’s actions. Sometimes the reasons for crimes like this are far simpler than people want to believe.

“Whitlock & Costas say Belcher's murder/suicide is due to lax gun laws. Others pin it on NFL head injuries. Hard to follow media agendas.”
Chris Stegall, @ChrisStegall, Twitter

“How about Romeo, man? I think it’s the greatest job of coaching in the history of sports!”
Bob Fescoe, on how the Chiefs’ head coach led his team through the weekend’s horrific events and ultimately to a victory on Sunday, 610 AM

“As we call him the grandfatherly figure, that grandfatherly figure was in his element at that time. His calm demeanor and he understands life. That’s who you want to go to. Everybody could be suited to that. Not everybody could handle that decision.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maybe this is the reason Romeo Crennel is here at this time as the head coach of the Chiefs. It is obvious to me it is not because he is a great head coach. Maybe it is because he is a great man. Read on.

“As it turns out, his even spirit and gentle soul made for the perfect man in an unthinkable situation. Romeo Crennel’s finest hour of the season came from the darkest moment of his life.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“I thought he was outstandingly brave and just the ultimate leader [Sunday].”
Josh Klingler, on how Romeo handled his role as the Chiefs’ head coach, 610 AM

“The team took on the personality of Romeo Crennel in hi finest moment [Sunday].”
Bill Maas, 610 AM

“Clark Hunt doing very extended interview session here in locker room [after the game]. I believe this man cares. Deeply.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, Twitter
GH: For a franchise that has for years now has failed at their stated goals, failed at communicating with their fans and time after time stumbled when it comes to public relations – Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel rose to incredible heights this weekend to place the Kansas City Chiefs in best possible light during their darkest hours.

“Proud to be a Kansas Citian today. #Chiefs
Tommy Kackley, @TKack24, Mizzou journalism student, Twitter
GH: These days have been all too rare for many of us over the past few years. Sunday was not one of them.

“PLEASE don't romanticize or lionize this Chiefs win. That trivializes a horrific tragedy.”
Bob Ley, @BobLeyESPN, Twitter
GH: Ridiculous. These Chiefs’ players had nothing to do with the murder/suicide. Their win does in no way trivialize these events. The courage of men to move forward and past even the most heinous of times should always be applauded.

“We wanted to play the game because we’re football players. We love the game of football.”
Derrick Johnson, in a postgame interview on Sunday, 810 AM
GH: Belcher’s acts did not change this. I for one am glad the Chiefs’ players refused to allow his crime to alter the day.

“As a coach, you can basically account for everything that happens on that field except drop passes.”
Mike Martz, as the color analyst for the Panthers/Chiefs game, Fox
GH: Wow. Mike Martz proved to be a really rotten head football coach but he might be even worse as a TV color analyst.

“He looks like he’s been playing this game for 15 years. … It’s hard to get more efficient than these guys have been with Brady Quinn.”
Mike Martz, on Brady Quinn’s play against Carolina, Fox
GH: Quinn was so much better than we have ever seen him that he looked almost like a possible solution for the Chiefs’ current QB woes. But let’s not get stupid here.

“No penalties. No turnovers.”
Ron Pitts, play-by-play for the Panthers/Chiefs game, as the Chiefs retained that rare distinction until a late delay-of-game penalty marred their day, Fox
GH: The human race is a remarkable group. Faced with maybe the greatest distraction to ever present itself to an NFL team, the 1-10 Kansas City Chiefs played almost flawless, distraction-free football for four quarters to get their first home win of the season. Just an incredible example of focus and brotherhood.

“This is as well played a football game – particularly on the Chiefs’ standpoint that I’ve seen, basically. You wouldn’t know that from going back and looking at the record of these teams.”
Mike Martz, Fox

“This is really just his first full season [in Kansas City] to put his stamp on that as the head coach.”
Mike Martz, Fox
GH: While Romeo and Pioli deserve all the praise they have received over the past 24 hours, they still need to be fired at the end of this season. These events will make Clark Hunt’s job all that more difficult. But difficult doesn’t mean it should be avoided.

“We shouldn’t be embarrassed about being excited about this game.”
Stan Weber, shortly after 9:00 AM on Saturday once the Belcher story broke during 810’s college game day to discuss K-State’s game to win the Big 12 title, 810 AM
GH: The Belcher news story overshadowed every other news report of the weekend. Unfortunately, that included the coverage of Kansas State’s great come-from-behind win over Texas to secure their Big 12 title and a trip to play Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. The Kansas City Star’s Sunday paper did a great job of allowing the Cats’ win their deserved space. I’ll try to do the same in a future OTC.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



How media reported the Belcher story

Posted 12-1-12

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend early Saturday, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager after first thanking them for everything they had done for him, police said. … ‘They were just talking to him and he was thanking them and everything. That's when he walked away and shot himself.’”
GH: This became the lead story on MSN.com and just about on every other media outlet Saturday morning. How the media handled this shocking breaking story on a sleepy Saturday morning is the focus of this Off The Couch column. Read on.

“FOX TV crew was removed from Arrowhead just before 8am and the stadium has been on lockdown since. I was first local media here.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Being first seems to continue to be an important designation for some in the media. I really don’t understand the rush…and I really don’t understand the chest thumping that accompanies the declaration. Read on.

“Jovan Belcher.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb was one of the first members of the national media who I saw tweet Belcher as the identity of Chiefs’ player. He deleted the tweet soon after.

“Sources: Jovan Belcher has shot his girlfriend and shot himself.”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: Kietzman broke this story live on 810 shortly before 9:00 AM. At that time he merely mentioned there had been a shooting of a female that and a black male – believed to be a Chiefs’ player – was threatening suicide in the Arrowhead parking lot. He tweeted and went live on 810 with the identity of Belcher not long after. The fact that he named Belcher before the police released his name was not well received by many on Twitter. Read on.

“Again we are all hearing this name, we are not reporting it until we get the go ahead from police. … Not looking for thanks for taking the high road on the name, we just aren't doing it until confirmation comes from police.”
Josh Klingler, @joshklingler, Twitter
GH: 610 refused to name Belcher or confirm the reports like KK’s that named him as the shooter. Despite Parkins’ rush to tell us he was first on the scene, 610 came off looking more professional than 810’s Kietzman in most of the tweets I read.

“I understand people want to know, but this isn't about being first...this is about respecting the families that may not have been notified.”
Steven St. John, @SSJ_WHB, Twitter
GH: It was apparent to me that KK jumping the gun on naming Belcher was not appreciated by all of his coworkers.

“That DOES NOT mean his family has been informed. Put yourself in family's shoes. That's doesn't impact my decision. Family first. Period.”
Bonnie Bernstein, @ BonnieBernstein, responding to people informing her that Belcher’s name was being posted elsewhere, Twitter

“Player whose name is floating out there was a starter on defense. Soft-spoken, mild-mannered young man. Hard to wrap your mind around this.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, Twitter

“Floated? [Kietzman] confirmed it for the whole world, including the family.”
Dan Cowan, @kcdan, responding to Babb’s tweet, Twitter

“And KK is a real piece of work. Not an actual reporter, spends no time at games, no time around players and coaches. Yet reports name. Loser.”
Ross Martin, PCBearcat, sports editor of St. Joseph News-Press, Twitter
GH: Kietzman gets hammered often by other members of the media for not being more involved in locker room interviews and press conferences. I do not agree with the criticism. KK spent the first 15 years or so of his career doing nothing but working in the media trenches. He’s paid his dues. You don’t have to agree with his “journalism,” but his failings have nothing to do with his proximity to the athletes, coaches and front offices.

“I've heard from multiple sources who the player is but it's not responsible for me to say. KCPD says all family has not been notified”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: While Kietzman was getting blasted on Twitter for naming Belcher, a steady stream of 610 staffers were more than eager to let everyone know they knew, but were too responsible to tell. But remember, Parkins was there first.


“Nice reporting this morning on @espn News by @bobfescoe and @DannyParkins.”
Chris Kamler, @TheFakeNed, Twitter
GH: I saw a number of tweets praising 610’s work on the Belcher story. Apparently so did 810’s Aaron Swarts. Read on.

@Leabonics did a fantastic job on ESPN this morning. Good job by @theprogramkc @TJCarpenterWHB @kkwhb @SSJ_WHB.”
Aaron Swarts, @a_swarts, Twitter

“Today was by far the strangest & most challenging day of my career. I'm most comfortable in an opinion role so I hope I met your standards.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Parkins sent this tweet out about 8:00 PM on Saturday night. I’m more comfortable with members of the media who just do their job and don’t troll for compliments.


“Terrible news out of KC. NFL players actually have lower than age-matched peer suicide rate. still, 1 obviously too many. sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/…
David Epstein, @SIDavidEpstein, Sports Illustrated writer, Twitter
GH: This tweet trumped all of the me-first media tweets I read. Epstein seized the murder-suicide to promote his SI story from last May – whether it had anything to do with the current story or not.

“Local TV news is a waste of time. Twitter is where it happens.”
Brian Kubicki, @bkparallax, responding to my frustration over the lack of live TV coverage Saturday morning, Twitter
GH: After hearing KK first mention the story on 810 just before 9:00 AM, I switched to 980 AM for their coverage. The weekend news reader on the job did not know how to pronounce Crysler Avenue. I flipped on the TV to get some video from the local stations. Channel 5 had a camera person and a young reporter at the murder scene. The reporter had few details and struggled to get his words out but at least TV5 had someone working the story live. KSHB 41 had almost nothing on the story, despite having a live news show through 11:00 AM. I watched a TV41 studio interview about adopting stray dogs while I waited for them to report on the Belcher story. When 41 finally did get a camera person out to Arrowhead, there “reporting” consisted of a live camera shot from the Arrowhead parking lot of four policemen/detectives standing around laughing heartily. It was not a good look for KC’s finest. The camera quickly panned away from the cops and to an occupied area of the lot. Many media outlets have inexperienced people working their Saturday morning shifts and on this Saturday it showed.


“And when kshb decides to air a live shot it is of cops telling jokes and yucking it up! Nice!”
Todd Richards, @TRich6225, Twitter


“Who the HELL goes to Wikipedia page for Javon Belcher and show date of death to 12/1/12?”
Ira Taylor, @iracpa, shortly after Belcher’s name appeared on Twitter, Twitter
GH: People are an odd bunch. Some cracked jokes. Some mourned. Some complained about how others were reacting. Twitter allowed all to participate.


“Kills someone else, leaves family behind & forever effects the individuals who saw him take his life. It continues to be the coward's way out.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, Twitter
GH: Vernier’s tweet initiated a Twitter conversation between him and Greg Schaum, a former Royals’ pre- and postgame host on 610. Read on for some of that dialogue.

“Oh Josh- do you think that was necessary to get on a soap box now...really!”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter

“This kind of thing hits too close to home for me. I can't mask anger with sympathy.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, Twitter

“Does for me too man- which is why this is not the time- saying coward way out makes it much easier than it really is.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter

“I apologize if people thought that was too quick. It just drummed up so many feelings that I've had buried for a while now.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, Twitter

“You seem like a good guy and we all deal differently- so I appreciate that response and know u are not alone in this my friend.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter
GH: Too often these kind of Twitter disagreements go downhill faster than a Bo Pelini game plan. [Wiscy is up 63-17 as I type this.] Props to Vernier and Schaum for handling their differences like responsible adults.

“Why is everyone glossing over the fact HE MURDERED A WOMAN in front of baby?!? THAT’s the headline -- Suicide secondary.”
Dana Wright, @RadioDana, Twitter
GH: There was a great deal of sympathy expressed early for Belcher. That will likely change as we get further from the incident. His decision to kill himself seemed to be the reason so many took pity on him. What if he instead died in a high-speed chase as he was running from the cops after shooting his child’s mother multiple times? How different is his crime from O.J.’s, really?

“[The Chiefs] need to play with this guy’s passion. He’s no longer here, but if they want to represent him and the sorrow they feel, they need to go out and play with his passion and his energy.”
Herm Edwards, ESPN
GH: Herm’s words baffled me. I would hope that all athletes avoid Belcher’s “passion.” ESPN reported on Belcher as if he died a hero. They used game-day photos of him and solemnly posted “1987-2012” on the TV screen as they faded to commercial with the aid of a soft piano music bed. Maybe O.J. should have shot himself instead of taking that ride in the Bronco.

“It's not any worse for the girlfriend's family than it is for Belcher's family. Sometimes, there are no degrees of awfulness.”
Robert Ford, @raford3, Twitter
GH: Awful is awful – and it is always worse for the loved ones these type of crimes leave behind.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Dixon gone from MU amid lots of questions

Posted 12-1-12

“It’s been a challenging few months, and while I appreciate the support of many in the Mizzou community, including my coaches and teammates, it’s in the best interest of me, my family and the University of Missouri for me to finish my career elsewhere.”
Michael Dixon, in a statement released by the University of Missouri on Thursday
GH: This official released by Missouri ended Michael Dixon’s career as a student athlete at Mizzou but opened a Pandora’s Box of questions as to why it took almost three years for the school to act on the accusation of rape by one of their own athletic department employees. Read on.

“[Dixon’s] announcement came hours after the Post-Dispatch posted online a story [Thursday] about a second rape accusation against Dixon coming to light in a two-day period. It’s uncertain whether the story precipitated Dixon’s departure.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Missouri had almost three years to act on this charge of rape from January 2010. So the Post-Dispatch makes the alleged victim’s testimony public and on the same night Dixon releases a statement that he’s done at Mizzou? This is a coincidence? No. This is a university with a lot of questions left unanswered – on the behalf of the woman and Dixon.

“The alleged victim, then an MU employee, told the source close to her that at least two Mizzou athletics officials knew about it soon after she shared the information with authorities. … [She] stated she was concerned that since Dixon is a basketball player [for Mizzou] that no one would believe her about what happened and she may be persecuted for it. That fear included concern about reprisal from Dixon, who she said with descriptions consistent in both interviews forced intercourse upon her despite her protests and struggle. A nurse who attended the initial interview indicated that ‘from the injuries sustained, she believes force was involved,’ the report summarized.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: These statements from the woman should be incredibly troubling for anyone associated with the Missouri Athletic Department. This woman was an employee of the athletic department at the time of this alleged rape. What kind of a work environment would make a female employee that afraid of reprisal for reporting a rape?

“The alleged victim declined to press charges, she said in a supplemental follow-up interview conducted by Det. Sam Easley, for various reasons ‘including not wanting her family to know and not going through the pressure and harassment from outside sources.’”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: This woman was a student and a coworker to the members of the Mizzou Athletic Department. Keep that in mind as you read on.

“She believed, to it being discussed at a broader athletic department meeting. Though she was unsure of who attended the meeting, soon thereafter she apparently was invited to meet with then-MU basketball coach Mike Anderson. Anderson was sympathetic, she said in a past interview with the Post-Dispatch and the source verified Thursday, to the point where the coach cried as she told her story.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Anderson was the head of the basketball program at the time. One of his players is accused of raping a Missouri student who also works in the athletic department. He is so moved by her story that he cries in her presence. It then takes three years and the public exposure by the Post-Dispatch of this incident before Missouri’s ties with Dixon are severed. Wow.

“Each source said Anderson also told her he could take no action unless she moved forward with the accusation, presumably meaning into the legal process though possibly also meaning entering into a complaint to Mizzou — such as the one that engaged the Student Conduct Committee more recently. Anderson in no way tried to pressure her not to take it forward, each source said.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Put yourself in Anderson’s position. You are the manager of a department and one of your company’s female employees comes to you and accuses an employee under your charge of rape. She doesn’t want to press charges because she is afraid what her family and fellow employees will think of her. Do you tell this young woman there is nothing you can do for her unless she presses charges? Or do you get to the bottom of this story and find out if your male employee is guilty? Anderson wasn’t the only MU athletic department employee to know about these accusations. This had to be widely known with the MU athletic family. Read on.

“It was later suggested she move on from her MU job, the source said Thursday, though specifying that she wasn’t forced out and that she seemed to take the suggestion as in her best interests.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: How convenient and completely insensitive of Missouri to suggest the woman leaves her job and Dixon be allowed to not only stay but flourish in their system. Obviously, the MU athletic department believes some or all of her story – or why else is Dixon now gone? I cannot believe this is how MU chose to handle this situation. In corporate America, there would be hell to pay.

“She told Dixon she would never get an abortion, and she stated Dixon told her that if he found out she was pregnant he would ‘kick her in the stomach and push her down the stairs,’” the report said. She “stated Dixon was laughing as he was saying this and did not think anything was a big deal.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: The text here is unclear to me. Was she saying Dixon didn’t think it was a big deal or she didn’t think his threat was a big deal? But how does Anderson and the MU athletic department read those lines and shove this under the rug for three years?

“On the final page of the report, written on Jan. 21, 2010, Easley writes that the alleged victim did not wish to prosecute or want Dixon to be contacted concerning the case.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Does this mean that Dixon was not only once again not questioned about these accusations but might not have even been made aware of the woman’s testimony against him? How is that fair to the accused Dixon? In both accusations of rape against Dixon, we are judging them almost solely on the testimony of the alleged victims. That was enough to end Dixon’s career and ruin his reputation in his home state and beyond. If he’s guilty, he deserves to be trashed. But the facts are he’s been charged with nothing. He hasn’t even been questioned by authorities.

“Yea I’m done here bro I’m not gonna be here anymore another girl my freshman year pulled this ... on me now it’s coming out and everyone is gonna think it’s real so I’m thru bro I appreciate you tho just let as many (people) as u can know.”
Michael Dixon, in a text to a friend Thursday, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: We don’t know nearly enough to make any final judgments here – but there are obviously some differences of opinion between the alleged victims and Dixon. Mizzou has some explaining to do. 

“People need to make the distinction between not breaking the law and not being a good rep of an organization. Far different standards.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: When was it that Missouri made the decision that Dixon was/is a poor representative of the university? And why? Was he just fine representing the school the three years he played after the first accusation? Is he a poor representative now that the public is aware of these accusations? Is it simply a case of bad PR for the school?  I don’t know the facts – but it appears those who do have chosen not to charge Dixon. That would seem to me to be a very interesting case for any attorney who wishes to take on MU.

“Watch Michael Dixon transfer to an MIAA school. Close to home and can play immediately.”
Carrington Harrison, @ cdotharrison, Twitter
GH: What school in this state or any other is going to welcome a student athlete who has left his former campus because of two rape accusations? Dixon better brush up on his Italian or Russian if he is looking to continue to play hoops.

“I'll begin with a confession. I'm no expert and not even a participant in the new communication channels. I've never tweeted on Twitter; I don't have a Facebook page; I decline all invitations to join LinkedIn. I seldom carry my cellphone, and it doesn't have the capacity for texting. But I can't ignore the role these tools play in our society's conversation with itself. Like it or not, you can't either.”
George Kennedy, a former managing editor at the Missourian and professor emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism, discussing the role social media played in the reporting of the Dixon stories, ColumbiaMissourian.com
GH: Does Kennedy’s doctor rely on leeches to cure what ails him? Was he really the best choice to author this column?

“The public conversation about this tragedy has been far from civil. Journalists can't and shouldn't ignore that conversation, but we don't have to amplify it. Twitter can be, as it was in this case, a source for journalists. It can't be a substitute for real journalism.”
George Kennedy, ColumbiaMissourian.com
GH: I am saddened by the naiveté expressed by Kennedy. Because he refuses to participate in the technology that is now available to journalists and their sources, he refuses to believe it is real journalism? The tweets by Kim English tipped off the media that Dixon’s issues were not simply a “violation of team rules.” How is that different from a reporter receiving an anonymous phone tip? No one I know is saying Twitter is the new Wall Street Journal. But refusing to understand and participate in today’s technology weakens the words of those like Kennedy.

GregHall242@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Conference realignment

Posted 12-1-12

“It appears the Big 12 is set in stone at 10 schools, for the foreseeable future. Forget, for a moment, who would be the candidates. Let’s just discuss the policy of staying at 10. With the SEC at 14 schools, and the ACC and Big Ten headed to 14, there is a natural inclination that the Big 12 must follow suit. But why? The others expanded for economic reasons — the Big Ten Network, a possible SEC Network, expansion of the ACC brand into the Northeast besides Boston. But the Big 12 discovered the opposite. The Big 12 reached financial windfall by decreasing the number of teams.”
Berry Tramel, columnist, NewsOK.com
GH: The Big 12 is the only major conference publicly stating they are happy with having fewer members now than before. “Ten is great,” is what we heard from Kansas officials at Bill Self’s press conference on Wednesday. Is the Big 12 smarter than everybody else or not as visionary? Read on.

“I don’t understand what the Big 12 is waiting on. Why not go pick up Florida State and pick a partner to go with them? This is about the Big 12 going out and devouring somebody else. That’s what it needs to be.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I agree with KK that the Big 12 is making a mistake thinking staying at 10 members is good for their future solidarity. Louisville was an attractive match that got tired of waiting. I think the Big 12 is saying one thing while thinking another. They learned this from the Big 10. 

“It’s fear. Fear from these schools who do not want to be left out and not have a chair left when the music stops. That would be disastrous [for smaller Big 12 schools]. We are still viewed as fly-over country.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Rumors continue to swirl that Kansas is being courted by the Big 10. Is a move by a Big 12 school even possible with the grant of rights penalty now in place?

“Here's a quick explanation of the [Big 12] grant of rights: ... if a Big 12 school leaves for another league in the next 13 years, that school's media rights, including revenue, would remain with the Big 12 and not its new conference.”
David Ubben, writer, ESPN.com
GH: The only way I can see a Big 12 school walking away from the conference is if there is no conference to enforce the penalties. This is not beyond the realm of possibility.

“I don’t think the Big 12 needs to add [schools]. They can just stay at 10 and keep doing what they’re doing.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM

“It’s amazing to me the movement that potentially could occur in the next … immediate future. Are we gonna stay at 10, which is the perfect number, but going forward is that really reasonable to be at 10?”
Bill Self, Kansas City Star
GH: The Big 12 keeps promoting 10 as the “perfect number” but I do not agree. Without a conference championship game in football, they Big 12 has eliminated itself from the BCS title game this season. How many recruits will view that as a reason to sign with the SEC, Pac 12 or Big 10?

“The first better offer [Kansas] gets, they’re out. I don’t trust Texas. Those people want to secede from the union! You don’t think they’ll leave the Big 12?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“We are in great shape. I don’t feel like there’s any need to rush to do anything. But I do think there should be talks in case, a contingency plan.”
Bill Self, Kansas City Star
GH: Translation: “Whatever I really think, I ain’t telling.”

“I’ve been accused of being an SEC homer since I’ve been here. It’s not homerism! It’s reality!”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Carpenter made this comment after reading through Notre Dame’s schedule and dismissing its difficulty as the product of preseason hype. Here is what I hate about this two-team BCS playoff system – it forces fans to take sides and run down deserving teams. So a 12-0 Notre Dame is an unworthy opponent for the SEC champ? And Carpenter wonders why he’s perceived as an SEC homer?

“Notre Dame gets so much love undeservedly.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Carpenter makes the same mistake that so many SEC zealots make, they seem to think what happened in past seasons should influence this season’s rankings. It has no bearing – or shouldn’t.

“I watch Alabama play and it’s just undeniable how good they are as a football team. It’s all just me – I’m a crazy SEC homer.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Notre Dame is having a great season and deserves their ranking. Oregon, Georgia, Kansas State and Florida are also having great seasons and deserve their top-ten slots. I would add Texas A&M, Stanford, Oklahoma and South Carolina to that list of teams equal to Alabama. The Tide are a very good team, but not the dominant powerhouse the SECycophants paint them to be.  

“I would love to see Collin [Klein] at the Heisman ceremony but he’s got to beat Texas and he’s got to beat Texas badly to get to that point. I would love that. I would love to see him put up monster numbers and get back in the Heisman conversation because right now I don’t think he’s in it.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: The Baylor loss cost Klein his Heisman, but if he isn’t invited to the ceremony in New York it will be because they moved it elsewhere.

“StubHub cheapest [CFB] title game tix: MAC $2.95, ACC $4, B10 $16.99, CUSA: $39, P12 $69, SEC $295. P12 and CUSA use home sites (Stanford, Tulsa).”
Dan Wetzel, @DanWetzel, Twitter
GH: I wonder where that $2.95 MAC seat puts you in Detroit’s Ford Field? Does it come with a Ndamukong Suh kick in the groin?

“It looked like players and coaches had quit during that first half [of the MU/A&M game]. It was 42-0 in the first half!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“I say bare minimum, Missouri’s got to be in a bowl game next year.”
Gabe DeArmond, reviewing the Tigers’ disappointing football season, 810 AM
GH: The 2013 Mizzou SEC football schedule includes; at Vandy, at Georgia, Florida, USC, Tennessee, at Kentucky, at Ole Miss, A&M. If the Tigers go 4-0 in their non-con [which they should], they have a chance to at best win what, seven games? That would be real progress. But outside of the road game at Kentucky, none of those SEC games are a given.

“I think Gary Pinkel has done an unbelievable job. I think him and Mike Alden and where they’ve taken the University of Missouri…the last championship for the University of Missouri was 1969. It’s not like they’ve had a lot of tradition to build on. Gary and Mike have taken that thing and made it a top-20 program.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou is no longer a top-20 football program. That designation evaporated with their move to the SEC. Call it whatever you like, but they will need to re-earn their stripes in their new conference. A&M used the move to catapult their stature as a football power. Mizzou did just what their detractors said they’d do – fail miserably. I think Pinkel has one year to win seven games. Six might not be enough. Five will get him fired.

“I always thought my success was 99% my assistants and 1% my wife. Gary can’t say that anymore…but he’s still got that other 99%.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Et tu, Brute?

“I don’t think [Texas] is mentally tough enough at the quarterback spot to win this football game. I don’t see them gathering themselves and I don’t think there’s enough leadership on that team to walk into Manhattan, Kansas and into a stadium where Kansas State has to win the game. That they have enough leadership to really stay with it and win this football game.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: I cannot imagine a much more damaging review of a major football program. If Texas lacks toughness and leadership, what are the Horns doing holding onto the past? K-State just might end the Mack Brown era on Saturday night. K-State 56, Texas 12.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Michael Dixon accused of rape, no charges filed

Posted 12-1-12

“Mizzou senior guard Michael Dixon was accused of rape in August [2012], but the case was closed Nov. 16 after an investigation led Tracy Gonzalez of the Boone County prosecuting attorney's office to conclude there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges, according to a Columbia police report obtained by the Post-Dispatch.”
Vahe Gregorian, writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: The details of why Michael Dixon has been suspended this basketball season are now available for public consumption. Read on.

“She [the alleged unnamed victim] said she invited Dixon to her apartment to get to know him better. She said he suggested they turn out the lights because his ‘eyes hurt’ and that, after initially resisting, she agreed to turn off the lights and they went to her bed. … she said Dixon told her to ‘chill out’ and began tugging at her pajama pants. She said she told Dixon multiple times to stop, to which he responded, ‘just chill out.’ She said she tried unsuccessfully to push Dixon off of her but couldn’t. She said she told Dixon, ‘No, you don’t even have protection, this is disgusting,’ and that after saying that, Dixon removed a condom from his pocket and put it on. She said that soon afterward Dixon penetrated her with his penis and she was in pain and unable to move. She said Dixon asked her to turn around so he could penetrate her from behind, which she did. When asked by the investigating officer if she ever tried to stop Dixon, she said ‘she had just let it happen and she did not know why.’ She said she was not afraid of being struck by Dixon. … She said after the alleged rape she walked Dixon to the door and opened it for him.”
Steve Walentik, writer, who fashioned
his article from the narrative of the police’s offensive report, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Date rape is a serious crime – but so is the accusation of rape by a woman scorned. “She said Dixon asked her to turn around so he could penetrate her from behind, which she did.” Doesn’t sound like she was screaming for her neighbors to come stop this act. “She said after the alleged rape she walked Dixon to the door and opened it for him.”

“The woman said Dixon stopped after about 20 minutes and she reached for her pajama pants. She said that when Dixon asked why she was trying to put on her pants, she replied, ‘because this was never supposed to happen in the first place.’ She said she went to the bathroom and when she returned Dixon asked her to perform oral sex on him. She said she told him no, and then Dixon asked her to masturbate him, which she did. She stated ‘she didn’t know why she did.’ She said Dixon left soon thereafter.”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: One question: What university board heard this testimony and voted to expel Dixon? Read on, it gets worse.

“She said she and Dixon had not spoke since it happened but that she sent him a text message approximately two minutes after he left her apartment. According to the report: ‘The text she sent said they should hang out together, and was sorry for yelling at him. She also told Mr. Dixon she didn’t want him just using her for sex. Mr. Dixon sent her a text back, saying Okay.’ The woman ‘told Mr. Dixon to send her a text when he was free. Mr. Dixon sent her a text back, saying Okay.’”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Two minutes after leaving her apartment after she was “raped” she is apologizing and wanting to hang out? Props to the Columbia police department and shame on this sham of a board that has allowed this incident to fester.

“A later follow-up report stated that the woman tried to contact Dixon via text message on Aug. 27 but he did not respond. The next day, she told police she sent him another text message and told him he was ignoring her and called him an ‘asshole.’ Woman: ‘Michael, what kind of person has sex with someone then doesn’t want to contact them afterwards. I barely text you. I didn’t even want to have sex with you in the beginning; i pretty much made that clear with you since last semester, but no Michael always gets What he wanta.’”
Steve Walentik
, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Anybody out there ever been in a similar situation as Dixon? Just about every guy with a working penis.

“Woman: ‘I told you before I cut those damn lights off we werent going to have sex. I had no intentions of doing that with you Because i don’t have sex with guys i barely know. You only wanted to come over that night for one sex anyways. I just wasn’t going to let you. But no you weren’t taking no for an answer. So that is Why Im mad at you. Because you used me.’”
Steve Walentik
, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: So Dixon has been suspended for using a girl? I guess we need to clean out that university of the male population immediately.

“In the final follow-up police report on Nov. 16, [Sgt. Steve] McCormack listed under follow-up remarks: ‘insufficient evidence to file criminal charges.’ ”
Steve Walentik, Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: Duh.

“Dixon, who was never interviewed by police or charged, has been suspended from the MU basketball team since at least early October for what coach Frank Haith has repeatedly called violations of team rules. His future remains unclear, and MU officials declined comment Tuesday night.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Violation of team rules? I thought he’d skipped class. And universities wonder why we believe almost nothing they say in prepared statements.

“The police report reflects several interviews with the alleged victim and also interviews with her roommates, the result of which evidently led the prosecutor's office to believe interviewing Dixon was not necessary to reach the conclusion to close the matter.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Gregorian was a guest on Bob Fescoe’s show Wednesday morning and I am glad the guy can write. His narrative of what went on with the Dixon case was even more confusing than the mixed signals coming out of Columbia the past month. I have long enjoyed Gregorian’s work as a writer – but as a talker he failed miserably this morning.

“It’s basically a chancellor’s review board. I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s made up of like five faculty members. People are calling it a student board – it’s not students. It’s faculty members. That board, as I understand it, voted to expel Mike from school.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: This is interesting information – if accurate. Kim English, the victim, the Columbia Daily Tribune, Gregorian – all have stated this was a student board that heard this case and made this decision. If they had access to this same narrative, what the heck were they thinking?

“The [MU] student board is not `a joke.' … Dixon is a rapist and I know this because im the victim.”
Tweet from the supposed victim in this case, responding to tweets from Kim English who called the student conduct board a joke, Twitter
GH: This victim has been anything but shy about keeping the spotlight on Dixon. She is about to become very famous in the state of Missouri.

“If the committee has, in fact, made a ruling, Dixon has, as suggested by English, the right of appeal to Chancellor Brady Deaton. … Deaton has been out of the country and won't be back until later this week.”
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: What country did Deaton depart for – a colony on Mars? How difficult is it for him to take the time to review this case remotely and make a call? This is exactly the kind of publicity that a chancellor should be working to avoid despite a trip abroad. Unless Deaton has been gone since September, this incident should have long ago been decided. 

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Withey gets triple double

Posted 12-1-12

“Well-traveled 6-2 James Kinney has dropped 30, so far, on Jayhawks tonight. Looking like Anthony Peeler in Allen Field House.”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, on the San Jose State guard’s output in their 70-57 loss at Allen Fieldhouse, Twitter
GH: An Anthony Peeler reference from FranFrasch? Mizzou’s Peeler lit up the Jayhawks for 43 but lost 97-89 to Roy Williams’ 1992 squad at Allen Fieldhouse.That stood as a record output by an opponent inside the land of the Phog until Oklahoma State’s Randy Rutherford poured in 45 in 1995. One other opponent equaled Paseo High’s Peeler’s  43 at AH. Cincinnati’s Big O – Mr. Oscar Robertson.

“We let this dude come in and hang 30 on us. No offense to him, but that ain't Kevin Durant out there.”
Bill Self, via tweet from @JayhawkTalk, Twitter
GH: I love Bill Self interviews. His Hawk Talk show this past week was fantastic. He told recruiting stories about back when he was a rookie assistant at Oklahoma State. It was fascinating listening to him recall the names of the high school coaches, players, gymnasiums and teams he was there to scout. To hear him tell it, he never landed a single recruit back then. Things have changed.

“I’ve seen bad offense before — third-and-fourth-grade YMCA basketball with no good ball reversal and bad ball-handling. Our offense surpassed that tonight the last 12 minutes of the game.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com

“KU fans enjoy [Ben] McLemore while u can cuz he aint going to be around too long. #NBA
Jeff Boschee, @JeffBoschee, former All-Big 12 guard at KU, Twitter
GH: Boschee was one of the deadliest outside shooters to ever play in the Big 12. McLemore has yet to show us he can fill it up from beyond the arc. Read on.

“Kansas beats San Jose St easily but Ben McLemore goes 0 for 7 from three-point range. Fits and starts.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Self has said that this Kansas team will be a much better shooting team than in recent years. They will need to be.

“Next time someone asks the question if there's any chance McLemore comes back next year, show them that dunk.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, on McLemore’s signature dunk against San Jose State, Twitter
GH: Can McLemore move into the lottery with Sportscenter dunks? Yes. I don’t think Self expects him to return for his sophomore season.

“Still not sure what to make of KU right now. Played around with San Jose State, won by 13. Meh.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter

“Triple double for Withey. I don't know if I have ever seen someone improve as much in a short time as Jeff in any sport. Congrats!”
Charlie Weis, @CoachWeisKansas, Twitter
GH: Withey makes Kansas a legit Final Four team. He is that much of a problem for opposing teams. What a difference from the first time I saw him on the KU bench as a transfer from Arizona. He looked like a guy who might never get out of his street clothes.

“Withey can play 15 years in The League just as a shot blocker.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter

“Bill Self's KU teams are always very good defensively. This team is gonna need to be elite though to overcome some real offensive problems.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Hitting the outside shot makes an offense look measurably better. If KU does not, they will suffer. I expect them to heat up as the weather gets cooler.

“Tough night for Tobacco Road tonight: Heels and Pack will lose at Indiana and Michigan, respectively.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: These are some great college basketball games for a Tuesday night. I am prepared to watch them in my home office as my family ODs on Pawn Stars.

“Talk fantasy basketball with Kareem Rush on Sirius XM!”
Promo for the former Mizzou star’s spot on satellite radio, Sirius XM
GH: Kareem’s a member of the media? Cool. About time he put that Pembroke Hill education to use.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Peyton Place, Autograph Gate

Posted 12-1-12

“According to Neal Jones of KCTV-5, Dwayne Bowe also got in on the action [along with Jamaal Charles] and posed for some pictures with [Peyton] Manning following Kansas City's 17-9 loss to the Broncos. And he actually made some sense. When cameras caught the two Chiefs stars milling around for Manning, it was a goofy bit of video. While Jamaal Charles was clearly embarrassed and tried to play it off like his mom wanted the autograph, Bowe leveled with us.”
Sean Newell, writer, DeadSpin.com
GH: Kudos to KCTV5’s Neal Jones for being in the right place at the right time and recognizing a story as it developed in front of him. Whether or not you think Charles and Bowe asking Manning for autographs and photos is right or wrong, the video and story made the rounds on national media outlets the past few days. Read on.

“It's a legend, I guess. It's Peyton Manning. Who wouldn't want a picture with him? If you had an opportunity, would you take it?”
Dwayne Bowe, responding to Neal Jones’ question as to why he asked to pose with Manning, KCTV5

“It’s nothing, man. After the game, in the parking lot, to take a picture or autographs with your friends? That’s no big deal! That happens all the time. It would be different if it was on the field and you’re in uniform.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: I think it’s embarrassing to show that kind of public adulation for an opponent in your league. Yes, it was after the game and in the parking lot – but it is not something I want my teammates doing after a home loss.

“How is asking for an autograph an hour after the game the same thing as not valuing winning? Jamaal Charles ran for over 100 yards in the game. He appeared to give full effort. The team lost to go 1-10. What's he supposed to do, dress in black for three days, delete everything except Morrissey off his iPod and sit shiva?”
Chris Chase, writer, USA Today
GH: I wouldn’t expect the sit shiva routine but I do think laughing it up with the opposing QB in front of Chiefs’ fans is a bad signal for members of a 1-10 team that hasn’t won a game at home this year.

“I don't understand it at that moment. They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team's about. I don't know if winning's really that important.”
Richard Baldinger, KCTV5
GH: That is the problem that this kind of innocent act can cause – the perception that losing doesn’t matter.

“To some, it would have been far preferable if Charles and Bowe had spit on Manning while talking about how much they hate Papa John's, Buick Veranos and older brothers named Cooper.”
Chris Chase, writer, USA Today
GH: Better yet, beat his ass on the field and see if Manning is in the mood for photo ops and autographs an hour after the game. I’m betting he’s not.

“If they wait until after the game, you’re free to do what you want. It’s not really a big deal I don’t think honestly. … I wouldn’t do it. I’ve got too much pride.”
Nick Leckey, former K-State and NFL player, 810 AM
GH: It’s not a big deal until you see a camera man and it hits ESPN and USA Today. Then it’s a big deal. 1-10 is no time to party with the Broncos. It is just another sign to the paying customer that they care far more than the shareholders.

“You lose ever week, but you only get a chance to get a Peyton Manning autograph once in your life." –Chiefs.”
Chris Kamler, @TheFakeNed, Twitter

“If Peyton Manning was here [in Kansas City] this year, what would this offense look like? It’d be a touchdown machine! They’d be scoring touchdowns right and left!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: No doubt the Chiefs would be far more competitive with Manning than Cassel and Quinn – but did you notice how much Manning’s arm has deteriorated over the season? His throws look loopy and had no zip at Arrowhead. I don’t remember him throwing one spiral on Sunday. Peyton may have hit a wall that many aging players who sat out the previous season find difficult to climb the last two months of the season. Keep an eye on him the next few weeks.

“I think [Johnny Manziel] may be a little more exciting than RGB to me.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Whoa. A redshirt freshman being compared to the Redskins’ quarterback for the next decade? That’s deep.

“Can you imagine if Johnny Football was eligible for the draft this year? Chiefs’ fans would be going nuts!”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Banners would fly.

“I’m of the opinion you have to grab two quarterbacks in this draft.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Sign Alex Smith and draft a QB with the 33rd pick. Use that number-one pick to get three more picks or grab Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o or Georgia’s Jarvis Jones.

“We’ve got to get a quarterback, man. We’ve got to get a quarterback on this team and at least rejoin the NFL.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Love that comment – “We’ve got to get a quarterback on this team and at least rejoin the NFL.” Dead. Freaking. On.

“It’s probably one of the worst years in the last six or seven to be at the top of the draft. It’s the worst quarterback’s class since 2007. Matt Barkley’s the best of the worst. Matt Barkley is six-foot, maybe six-foot-one. His arm strength isn’t anything special. There’s no reason for the Chiefs to reach for a quarterback at number-one this year.”
Sean Zobel, of DraftHeadquarters.com, 610 AM
GH: Let the debate begin. What else do we have to discuss with a team that’s 1-10 and getting Peyton Manning’s autograph?

“SOC will launch ‘Can Pioli’ Food Drive this Sunday against Panthers. Please plan on bringing food 2 the game 2 donate. More details soon.”
SaveOurChiefs, @SaveOurChiefs, Twitter
GH: Please avoid dropping any food wrappers in the parking lot.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Romeo's smarts questioned

Posted 12-1-12

“It's just hard to win at Arrowhead. Now I know, this makes what, seven in a row the Chiefs have lost here?”
Dan Dierdorf, as the Broncos finished off the Chiefs 17-9 at Arrowhead, CBS
GH: Some myths die hard like... Gates BBQ is quality food. 18th & Vine District is cool. Shawnee Mission School District is attractive to home buyers. And Arrowhead is a tough place to play for the opposition.

“Arrowhead might be the 1 great stadium built in parking lot in middle of nowhere that American sports has ever seen.”
Mark Kiszla, Denver columnist, @markkiszla, Twitter
GH: Kiszla writes much better with the aid of a newspaper editor than he communicates in a tweet. But we get his drift. And many of us do not completely disagree with his slam on the location of the Truman Sports Complex. Raytown isn’t the middle of nowhere but it’s also not the middle of any place you would expect to house, feed and entertain the 2.5 million or so fans that populate Royals and Chiefs games each year. I am sure many visiting media members share Kiszla’s same thought – nice house, boring neighborhood.

“Isn't anything built out here in the ‘middle of nowhere?’ … By the way, love the upgrades they've made to Arrowhead. This place is a great venue for the game of professional football.”
Vic Lombardi, Denver writer, @VicLombardi, Twitter
GH: Lombardi takes a flyover-flatland swing at Kansas City and then thinks better of it and tries to appease the KC crowd by praising the stadium upgrades. So when does Clark Hunt get this franchise back to where the team is what is most impressive at Arrowhead?

“You cannot win games when your offense can’t put points on the board. This offense is just all-time bad.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I am sure there have been seasons in the past when the Chiefs were this inept on offense but I cannot recall when. I had no sense of hope that the Chiefs would score a touchdown on offense. None. And I don’t see them scoring more than one a game through the end of the season. That’s a tough way to win.

“They’ve scored 28 points total in the last three games including an overtime game [since Romeo said he wanted to pay more attention to the Chiefs’ offense].”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“I thought it was better today.”
Romeo Crennel, on the Chiefs’ offense, Kansas City Star
GH: Three field goals. At home. Here is the really, really sad part about that statement – he was probably correct.

“This season has long gone from losing to lost, leaving Crennel awkwardly close to bragging on non-blowout losses. He singles out his quarterback, running back and offensive line for good efforts after a second consecutive game without a touchdown.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“I won’t say Romeo Crennel is dumb, but there’s a difference in knowing football and being able to communicate to your team. They look like they have no idea what they’re doing out there.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: The CBS cameras caught Romeo ripping into his offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, during the loss to Denver. It was a rare sign that Romeo might not be just an old man standing in the cold that he appears to be on game day. But wasting a timeout before a punt and thinking field goals will be enough against Peyton Manning should make us question his competence as an NFL head coach. Hell, his record in Cleveland and now KC tell us he’s a born loser when it comes to the NFL. Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli might be Tom Brady’s most overinflated NFL balloons. Add Charlie Weis to make it a trio and we have the luxury of housing all three here in the Kansas City area.

“Romeo Crennel is not crazy. He is not stupid. But when the coach of the sport’s worst team stands in front of reporters and cameras and his boss to explain a 10th loss in 11 games, well, this is not Crennel’s finest moment.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Romeo has to be the deadest man walking a sideline since Gene Chizik was recently dismissed by Auburn.

“The coach is the most important part of your team, regardless if the final decision rests somewhere else. The coach is the one that sits with the players 24/7. You take on his personality.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: No wonder the Chiefs play like grandparents who had too much turkey!

“Gene Chizik won a National Championship at Auburn. He just got fired. And you're telling me Pinkel has ‘earned’ a bad season? Naw, man.”
Brandon Kiley, @BKSportsTalk, Twitter
GH: After Texas A&M jumped out to an embarrassing 42-0 lead in the first half in College Station Saturday night, Pinkel’s future at Mizzou was the source of multiple rumors. Read on.

“All reports from the internet indicate that Gary Pinkel has resigned as head coach of the Mizzou Tigers after a season in the Southeastern Conference with a lackluster performance.”
YardBarker.com, a site affiliated with Foxsports.com and MSN.com
GH: Twitter heated up Sunday with rumors from the TigerBoard and a St. Louis-based report that Pinkel would resign today [Monday]. The more mainstream media moved quickly to squash the talk.

“For all asking, yes I've heard the rumors Pinkel will resign on Monday, no I don't see any reason to put stock in them. Normally wouldn't even respond to them, but have been asked so often today, I thought I should.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: The Internet drives reporters like DeArmond crazy. Someone posts an anonymous report and it gets picked up and sent through Twitter faster than spam. Is there some legitimacy to these rumors? Who knows? But none of this talk can be healthy for Mizzou football’s recruiting.

“Total BS from DG once again.”
Mike DeArmond, @sptwri, responding to this tweet from Doug Gottlieb, “I have disdain for Missouri, all their coaches were against the move [to the SEC], Pinkel especially.”
GH: Gottlieb has been one of the most outspoken critics of Mizzou’s and A&M’s decision to bolt to the SEC. Since his dire predictions for A&M’s football success in the SEC have been torched by Johnny Football’s team, he has returned to punch Mizzou in their Pinkel.

“Auburn will pay Chizik $7.5m to not coach, in other words exactly what he did this year only without coming to the office.”
Dan Wetzel, @DanWetzel, Twitter

“In a 7 year period, Auburn will have paid Tommy Tuberville & Gene Chizik a total of $12.6M not to coach.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: Jesse James would have loved coaching college football.

“Promising her players a new, more aggressive football coach who will deliver ‘Alabama’ type results in recruiting and on the field, N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow fired head coach Tom O’Brien Sunday.”
Joe Giglio, writer, NewsObserver.com
GH: NC State is shooting for Alabama type results in recruiting and on the field? O’Brien just won seven games and is headed to a bowl. Yow!

“Good seats at the 50 for the BCS champ game as of right now will cost you between $5,000 and $6,000.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: I’m not sure some of Jesse’s relatives aren’t selling tickets on StubHub.

“I've been saying it for months but Auburn can't do better than Bobby Petrino. Just can't.”
Clay Travis, @ClayTravisBGID, suggesting that Auburn seek to hire the motorcycle/coed-riding former Arkansas head coach, Twitter
GH: When you “can’t do better than Bobby Petrino,” it might be time to call the Hogs home and reevaluate the state of Arkansas football. Whatever schools hires Petrino – and one surely will – you have to wonder how a parent could turn his/her 18-year-old son over to this bastion of character in a neck brace.

“I have Notre Dame at seventh in SEC this week. Dropped them from sixth after impressive Cocks road win. outkickthecoverage.com/starting-11-wh…
Clay Travis, @ClayTravisBGID, Twitter
GH: You have to love the arrogance that seems innate in SEC football. I find their ignorance immensely entertaining.

“Wow...the over/under for Oklahoma State at Baylor is 81.5 points! That has to be a record and I bet it still goes over.”
Sean Callahan, Sean_Callahan, Twitter
GH: I am still shaking my head over K-State’s inability to score more against Baylor. If KSU blows out Texas this Saturday – and they should – it will make that Baylor loss all the more mysterious.

“Greinke camp confident he will not only become highest paid RHS in baseball history but might even surpass the Hamels deal.”
Jim Bowden, @JimBowdenESPNxm, Twitter
GH: So, we should just go ahead and put that For Sale sign up at Greinke’s place on the Plaza?

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



The CBE at Sprint Center needs help

Posted 11-23-12

“Notre Dame's last bowl win over a ranked opponent? 1994. Prepare for Bama destruction. Potential South Beach teabagging. Trust me, I want Notre Dame in the title game. Best thing possible for me is crying Notre Dame fans as Saban crushes them. Notre Dame has played one team in the top 50 of FBS offenses all season. One! Just a complete fraud of a team. You give Nick Saban a month to prepare for a team with no offensive weapons? I predict pure destruction. I honestly think Notre Dame would be the worst team to ever play in the BCS title game. Bama. Huge.”
Clay Travis,
@ClayTravisBGID, Twitter
GH: And to think, all this Bama chest pounding could have been avoided if K-State would have taken care of lowly Baylor.

“More I think about it, how much could Bama score on Notre Dame? Ten? I like ND to win that game.”
Gregg Doyel, @GregDoyellCBS, Twitter
GH: So, not everyone in the national media is ready to crown the Tide’s ass. We better wait and see how these last couple of games play out. There is still a chance neither ND or Alabama make it to Miami.

“Congrats to Turner Gill on winning a conference title this weekend.
Nick Sloan, @NJSloanKCK, Twitter
GH: Well, what do you know? Liberty is 6-5 under Gill this season and 5-1 in the Big South Conference. Here is the game story on the Flames win over VMI… newsadvance.com/sports/liberty…

“Kansas needs to stay right where they are. The Big 10 would not be a good fit for them. This I-35 corridor is perfect for this conference.”
Kevin Kietzman, on a report in the Omaha World Herald that the Big 10 is considering inviting both Kansas and North Carolina, 810 AM
GH: A stable Big 12 is a good home for Kansas – but the question is how stable is it? There are three conferences that appear to be calling the shots these days – The SEC, Pac 12 and the Big 10. If a school gets an invite from any of the three, they have to seriously consider their future.

“I think Florida State would be crazy to stick around where they are. The Big 12 would be a real nice fit for them.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK flips his logic to fit his desires. KU moving to the Big 10 would be an awful fit in his mind. But FSU pulling up roots in the ACC and moving to the Big 12 is such a great move they’d be crazy to resist. You might need to read between the lines here.

“Yes it is a big deal [to you] because you keep talking about it.”
Jack Harry, responding to Kietzman saying it’s no big deal to him whether or not Missouri was able to join the Big 10, 810 AM
GH: KK has switched his attack from Missouri and its governor to the Big 10. He is now saying the Big 10 and Jim Delaney made a huge mistake in not taking Mizzou two summers ago. This from the same guy who dragged Nebraska’s and Missouri’s names around through the conference realignment like they were ungrateful, prima donna lepers. Good thing it doesn’t matter to Kevin.

“Lots of empty seats at Sprint Center. If you want to save the CBE HOF Classic, it's simple!! 2 teams, Kansas/Mizzou. That was easy!!”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, on the sparse crowds for the CBE tourney, Twitter
GH: Since KU is not going to agree to this absolutely perfect solution to filling Sprint for the CBE, what’s the next best idea? Continue to have at least one of the big three locals each year – KSU, KU or MU – and then bring in quality teams with nearby fan bases like Creighton, Wichita State, Minnesota [who are LOADED this year, BTW], and maybe a stud team from the ACC or Big East. Fans are getting smarter about how they spend their dollars. Watching SLU and A&M ain’t it.

“I will absolutely stand by my prediction that this will be the worst Kansas team under Bill Self. … But they looked very good [in their two games in the CBE]. I might be proven wrong again, but I don’t see NBA talent. … Jeff Withey is not going to sniff 10-points a game in the NBA. Elijah Johnson is not going to play in the NBA.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro loves to quantify his predictions on how a player projects at the professional level. It is one reason he’s been so wrong about Collin Klein’s college career. Few teams have four or five NBA players like Kentucky seems to every year. Butler had one and made back-to-back Final Fours. I think Withey is an All-American. He completely changes how an offense operates in the paint. Self has called McLemore the best freshman he’s ever coached and maybe the best player. Elijah is a senior point guard with Final Four experience. Releford is a fifth-year senior who was the CBE MVP and is the team’s best defender. If this proves to be Self’s worst team, it’s only because the others have been so damn good.

“I’m trying to figure out who could have gone to Waco that night and won that game. If K-State couldn’t win it, who could? I don’t think Alabama could have beaten [Baylor] that night!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I’m sure Baylor would have kicked the 49ers’ ass. Maybe 2-5 Baylor deserves a shot at the BCS.

“I think [Missouri] needs Gary Pinkel more today than ever. He’s going to get everything cleaned up.”
Kevin Kietzman, on MU fans who are unhappy that Pinkel has announced he will be bringing back all of his assistants, 810 AM
GH: It would be difficult to imagine last November Pinkel having the kind of 12 months he’s had. The DUI. Divorced after 39 years of marriage. DGB getting busted for weed in the stadium parking lot. Injuries to James Franklin that never allowed his to be himself. Embarrassing early SEC losses to Georgia, USC and Bama. MU’s NFL-ready Sheldon Richardson suspended for the one game MU desperately had to win. No bowl game. I think MU appreciates the job Pinkel has done in the past, but pointing to him as the one guy they need to clean things up might be wishful thinking from a guy who secretly enjoys watching Tiger Nation suffer.

“5:30 AM practice on Monday will get that Thanksgiving dinner out of them! Once again, enjoy family and friends. Tell someone thanks!”
Charlie Weis, @CoachWeisKansas, Twitter
GH: I am so glad my world is not controlled by coaches. Is there any reason that KU needs to hold a 5:30 AM football practice the week that school is out? This is the kind of crap that gives old-school coaches a bad name.

“MLB teams generally avoid commitments based on small sample sizes. But it's hard to overstate what 14 starts for KC meant to Jeremy Guthrie.”
Buster Olney, @Buster_ESPN, on the Royals re-signing the 33-year-old Guthrie to a three-year $25-million contract, Twitter
GH: I like the signing. I would also like the Royals to trade for another quality starter before April. I doubt they will. We are talking about the Royals after all.

“HBO's most recent Real Sports highlights why football as we know it is endangered species. Head trauma research is going to change it all.”
Shawn Ryan, @ShawnRyanTV
GH: I shook my head while listening to Baltimore’s Ed Reed and his protectors defend his head-hunting tackling style and scoff at the NFL for levying his $50K fine. We will look back on football and players like Reed just as we now look back at how the Boston Marathon once treated women – what the hell were they thinking? I love the game of football but its violence is impossible to defend.

“It’s not going to be that breezy and stormy this winter. It’s going to be a rather tranquil winter. 14 inches of snow. It’s going to be a mild winter. I do believe it will be a fairly dry winter and a fairly dry spring ahead.”
Gary Lezak, on his winter forecast for the Kansas City area, 810 AM
GH: And a 70-degree Turkey Day to get us started. May you and yours have a great holiday weekend. I am thankful for those of you who make this website a regular stop. And for pie.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


KU and UNC talking to Big 10?

Posted 11-23-12

“The [conference realignment] speculation is rampant — ironic, since [Jim] Delany said the reason the Big Ten went secret this time after going very public with its search for a 12th member two years ago was the turmoil caused by prolonged rumor-mongering.”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Prolonged rumor mongering. Sounds a lot like a guy we all know with the initials KK. Read on.

“ ’The Big Ten changed its mind,’ Kietzman told The Pitch before he went on the air on Thursday [in June 2010]. The host said Missouri leaders were ‘absolutely mortified’ not to receive a formal offer to join the Big Ten. Kietzman is standing by his story. He notes that circumstances changed.”
David Martin, writer, confirming with Kietzman back in June of 2011 that he reported the Big 10 had invited MU to join the conference, The Pitch June 2010
GH: Circumstances changed. What a great line for all aspiring journalist to remember when called in to explain how they got the story so wrong. Circumstances changed. But what about the status of the facts, Kev?

“What does Missouri think now that the Big 10 has [expanded to add Maryland and Rutgers]? There is no doubt the invitation would have come [had MU waited]. That opens up an entirely different conversation of should Missouri have stayed in the Big 12. I’m afraid Missouri got a little excited on this thing and jumped the gun on this conference realignment.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: What beautiful irony – KK is saying Missouri got a little excited and jumped the gun about conference realignment?  Kietz seems intent on not allowing maybe his most embarrassing on-air blunder to rest. He broke the story in 2010 of Missouri being invited to join the Big 10 – an invitation that just never happened. Read on.

“I’m still friendly with my ex-wife. I’ll bet you’re still friendly with yours.”
Mizzou Caller, to Kevin Kietzman’s show, while discussing why he thinks Kansas and Missouri should have continued scheduling games with their sports teams, 810 AM
GH: Stunningly, this caller disappeared from the phone line and his call with KK abruptly ended. I am sure circumstances changed.

“That's no comfort to league commissioners and member schools who hear that ACC school North Carolina [where Delany played basketball] and the Big 12's Kansas are high on the list of possible targets. Is this corner barstool chatter? Doesn't sound like it. Four BCS conference coaches and administrators I talked to Tuesday said they think the Big Ten is actively hunting for members 15 and 16, and mentioned the Tar Heels and Jayhawks.”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Whoa – this sounds crazy! How wild would it be to see UNC and Kansas bring their big-time basketball programs to the Big 10 – and leave their once-healthy-looking conferences behind? Barfknecht says he confirmed this rumor with four BCS coaches. If that many people are talking about it – why isn’t the Kansas City media on this rumor?

“It's a difficult business. It's not always successful. You have to be good and lucky and hardworking at it. People treat it as if there's a no-risk assessment. There's always a risk. This initiative has risk. If it was so easy why didn't it happen a long time ago?”
Jim Delaney, Big 10 Commissioner, on the Big 10 inviting Maryland and Rutgers to join the now 14-school conference and the money the conference schools expect to garner through expansion, SI.com
GH: The two most proactive conferences in these realignment wars appear to be the Pac 12 and the Big 10. We thought it was over but we now know it was simply halftime. Will the Big 12 play the role of the vulture or the role of road kill? Or possum? Read on.

“The Big 12 is in a pretty good place right now, and aside from being something I never thought I’d be typing, it gives them a relative position of strength. I just haven’t found anyone who convinces me that bigger is better, that more teams signify strength, that quantity is more important than quality. … as long as the conference has no more defections, it is FINALLY in a place where it can be selective about who it adds.”
Sam Mellinger, kansascity.com
GH: The Big 12 is already feeling the hurt from not having a Big 12 Conference Championship Game in its first year as a ten-team conference. K-State has no title game to vault back into BCS title contention. Only one state [Texas] is adding population at a similar rate as the states that make up the SEC and Pac 12. The Big 12 is in great shape today – but these conference moves are not meant for today but rather the next 30 years. The Big 10 has a deteriorating population base in its core Midwestern states. It is expanding to add television sets and alumni. The Big 12 needs to act now or die later.

“One year Auburn is winning the national championship. The next year they haven't won a game [in their league]. In my view, I would be shocked if both Maryland and Rutgers aren't more competitive a decade from now, if they haven't moved up one standard deviation. They're going to get better.”
Jim Delaney, Big 10 Commissioner, on why the Big 10 would choose to add two schools that do not have a long history of success in football, SI.com
GH: Delaney is a bit of a storyteller. If Rutgers and Maryland start winning more games in the Big 10 than they did in the Big East and ACC, then the Big 10 might need more help than even Notre Dame can provide.

“I don’t think this really affects the Big 12. I think the Big 12 is in perfect position now to do whatever it is they want to do.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the 810 AM
GH: Every BSC school that chooses to change conferences affects every other BCS conference. To think otherwise is naïve and dangerous.

“You have to think that if the Big 12 wants to expand, now is the time to pounce. I don’t think the Big 12 can sit back and continue to say ten is a good number. If they continue to sit at ten, they are going to be an inferior league. Texas is going to go and Oklahoma is going to go. They are going to get poached.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The ACC upped its exit-fee penalty from $10 million to $50 million last summer. Maryland still bounced to the Big 10. There are no ties that bind in college conferences. Every school of worth is a target. The Big 12 has only two. That is where the problem lies for those schools in the Big 12 not named Texas and Oklahoma.

“I think the Big 12 is between a rock and a hard place – because you just don’t have the TV markets in the Big 12. You just don’t. In my opinion, they need to add at least two more schools.”
Robert Ford, 610 AM
GH: The Big 12 needed to grab Florida State when it looked like that was an option – if it ever was. That would have been a huge get for the plain states. Their options now are limited – and the longer they wait to grow, the more those options narrow.

“I was talking to a Big 12 official right when this [Big 10 expansion] was announced and he said, ‘This now opens it up for Louisville and Florida State to move into the Big 12. So there’s my prediction.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Would Kansas really leave K-State behind? I don’t think KU leaves the Big 12 if they can get Florida State to join. If the Big 12 stays at 10 teams though, I think it’s every man, woman and TV set for themselves.

“The whole thing is just so dumb to me.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman – and he is far from alone in his thinking – views this realignment merely from his place and time. Our children and their children will think nothing of these changes. It is different, I will agree. But change is exciting. The college experience should include an exposure to cultural differences. Staying in your own backyard rarely gives you access to the best recipes. Enjoy the feast.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



K-State chokes away BCS title shot

Posted 11-23-12

“You choked it away. You should have beat Baylor. I don’t care what happened – you should have beat Baylor, regardless. They choked it away. I’ve done three Baylor games this year. I’ve seen that team. And there’s no way if you’re the number-one team in the country that you don’t show up ready to play. Baylor put up most of their numbers against bad football teams.”
Jayice Pearson, on Kansas State’s 52-24 loss at Baylor, 610 AM
GH: Pearson took a tough-love approach to Kansas States shocking upset loss in Baylor. Kevin Kietzman offered a different approach. Read on.

“[Kansas State] looked tired. I would say [Baylor] is the best four-win team in the country.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Baylor was 1-5 in the Big 12 and ranked dead last in the NCAA in total defense. Dead freaking last. At 5-5 overall, they still need to beat Texas Tech or OSU to become bowl eligible. This was not the best four-win team in the country. This was one of K-State’s easiest games in a season where the Cats had built a sparkling resume of impressive wins. This was a disaster. Read on.

“No reason for this. Worst defensive team in football and you can't get a yard, you don't deserve a championship.”
Curtis Kitchen, @curtiskitchen, Twitter

“A defense that couldn't stop anybody... they're about to carry their coordinator off the field.”
Brad Nessler, ESPN play-by-play voice, after
Baylor’s goal line stand against K-State, ESPN

“I think [Johnny Manziel] is going to win the Heisman. It’s over. Who else is going to win it? Who do they play – Missouri next week? Johnny Manziel’s going to win the Heisman trophy.”
Chris Childers, Sirius XM 91
GH: How cruel a twist is this? Mizzou’s miserable football season can culminate by ripping the Heisman from Collin Klein and gift wrapping it for Johnny Football. 

“Collin has not played the same. He was a little dinged up.”
Nick Leckey, 810 AM

“He hasn’t looked the same since the injury at Oklahoma State.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Kansas State sent out their Klein-for-Heisman promotional mailer last week to the media and it cleverly included a Band-Aid – a Band-Aid that will serve as a reminder that Klein just doesn’t look healthy.

“That’s a monumental loss to that program. Two major awards just went bye-bye.”
Jay Binkley, on K-State losing to Baylor possibly costing them the COTY and the Heisman, 610 AM

“Hahha SIC 'EM BEARS!!!!”
Johnny Manziel, @JManziel2, Texas A&M’s Heisman candidate, Twitter

“Really? I know you're a frosh and all, but son, this is a DICK TWEET.
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, responding to Manziel’s tweet above, Twitter
GH: I am pretty sure Manziel did not use his dick to type that tweet – but I get what Rosen’s laying down. But kids will be kids. Some choke, some send out smart-ass tweets.

“I think that [Coach of the Year award for Bill Snyder] is gone.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Pearson named A&M’s Kevin Sumlin as the new leader of COTY honors. He is probably correct.

“Let’s not lose perspective of what the K-State Wildcats have achieved.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: This is true – but how many times have K-State, Kansas or Missouri ever played their final football game of the season with a chance to be crowned the national champion? None. This opportunity might not reappear for our local schools for another 125 years. Kansas State had a real shot – a tremendous shot – at meeting and beating Notre Dame for the title. Gone. That kind of a loss isn’t easy to replace with a nice bowl trip.

“I think K-State fans will get over this one rather easily.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This from the guy who likes to tell us he’s knows what we’re thinking. While many MU, KU, ISU and NU fans quietly rooted for Bill Snyder, Collin Klein and K-State – it was KK’s crowing and attempts to build the Texas/K-State game into the greatest sporting event to ever occur in the state of Kansas that turned non-KSU fans off. His attempts to downplay the Baylor upset are just as unattractive.

“I’ve been sitting here for ten weeks saying what happens when K-State gets behind and Collin Klein has to throw the ball. I have never liked Collin Klein as a passer. I had a sneaking suspicion all year that when K-State got behind that would happen.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: What is KK talking about? Kansas State was one of the best comeback teams in the country last season. Snyder and Klein conducted miracle come-from-behind victories almost every Saturday last year. It was what built their reputation as a never-say-die team. I know I wasn’t alone at halftime in thinking K-State would own the third quarter and eventually score 50 on Baylor on their way to another easy win.

“To lose when you’re number one and two weeks away [from the BCS title game]… You’re going to live with that forever. You will live with that forever.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Pearson referenced his senior year at Washington when his Huskies lost to USC and their chance to play for the national championship. BYU was voted the title that year and Pearson has never forgotten how it felt.

“To me, both Oregon and Kansas State looked like they were just tired of playing football. They were tired of carrying that [undefeated] zero around. … I thought [Baylor’s] defense came out of nowhere. That was the worst defense in the country!”
Dennis Dodd, 810 AM
GH: Tired? How can young men who are playing for everything play tired? They didn’t look tired to me. They looked slow, out of sync and lost. It may have been just for this game – but it didn’t look like this was a fluke win. Baylor even gave KSU a free touchdown with an interception on the goal line. Baylor didn’t play error free – they just played better. A lot better.

“It was simply the nature of this loss and how dominant Baylor was in running the football. That’s what shocked me.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Watching Baylor dominate Kansas State reminded me of another top-ranked and undefeated team that was humbled on their way to an expected national championship. Nebraska was that team in 2001 when they went to Colorado in late November and were eviscerated 62-36. I didn’t think Nebraska looked tired. I thought they looked dominated – not unlike what we saw in Waco on Saturday night.

“It’s different when you get beat by a highly-rated team. Baylor was the worst team in the country defensively. And you get blasted? You lose everything – because everything was right there for you.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“I get to go on the radio today and talk about four, FOUR football losses. And in each of the losses they were total devastation.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the losses by the Chiefs, Cats, Hawks and Tigers, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman was willing to rate K-State’s as devastating as long as he linked KU, MU and the Chiefs along with his Cats. Yes, all four losses were devastating – but only K-State was playing for anything more than mediocrity. K-State was playing for a national championship.

“I have a tough time saying 18- to 21-year-olds choked – just because they are 18- to 21-year-olds. … It has been and will continue to be a great season for Kansas State. All they did is just return to being K-State – and that’s what they are, right?”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: Is there an age minimum on choking? If so, athletes playing DI BCS football are not on that list. Kansas State deserved all the praise and adulation we sent their way this season. They also deserve to hear the truth after this loss. This was Baylor. That is called choking.

“This is John Van de Velde at the British Open choking it away at the end.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Kansas State’s collapse against a 1-5 Baylor team was catastrophic to their BCS title hopes – but was it as big a choke job as Van de Velde executed at the 1999 British Open? You be the judge –
click here to relive that 72nd hole at Carnoustie.

“I don’t think Notre Dame makes it through this [Big 12] league undefeated.”
Kevin Kietzman, on K-State’s 51-24 loss to Baylor, 810 AM
GH: This is the same argument that the SEC schools were using against K-State and Oregon when they were ranked ahead of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Notre Dame has the most difficult schedule of any of the top-ranked teams. I am guessing ND would have beaten Baylor in Waco last Saturday night. Lose with grace, Kietz.

“Two more games and Kansas State will play in the national championship game!”
Wyatt Thompson, in what sounded like a live-read commercial before the K-State/Baylor game, Wildcat Radio
GH: Sirr Parker probably heard this and smiled.

“Where are all the people that, for years, said Baylor ‘didn't belong’ in the Big 12 & would ‘never be able to compete’ in the Big 12?”
Jason King, @JasonKingESPN, Baylor alum, Twitter
GH: Well, for years, Baylor had no business in the Big 12 – or the MAC for that matter. Instead of slashing that bear claw, what Baylor should be doing is thanking the other Big 12 teams for carrying their sorry ass for the first dozen years of this conference.

“They wanted us gone! Roll Damn Tide is back! Notre Dame – I hope you’re undefeated because we want some of that Irish ass!”
Caller Johnny, following the upsets of K-State and Oregon on Saturday night, Sirius XM, 91
GH: Kansas State had a chance to shut these Roll Damn Tide idiots up for the entire year. They are now more juiced than ever.

“You want the real reason [Alabama jumped Oregon in the polls]? It’s the SEC. It’s because it’s the SEC and that’s the way it works.”
Chris Childers, host, responding to a caller who asked why Oregon’s loss to Stanford is viewed worse than Alabama’s loss to A&M, Sirius XM 91
GH: Perfectly logical, right? What a joke it is how we determine our college football national champion.

“What a night of college football. There's nothing wrong with the BCS system.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter
GH: Nothing that a colonic wouldn’t cure.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Chiefs blackout serves up a black eye

Posted 11-23-12

“Well, for a long time this was one of the magnificent franchises in the NFL.”
Marv Albert, play-by-play voice on Bengals/Chiefs game, as he surveyed the blacked-out Arrowhead fans at the Bengals/Chiefs game during the Chiefs 28-6 loss, CBS
GH: Wow. The word “was” should bother the hell out of Clark Hunt. When The Clarks are giving thanks this week around their Thanksgiving table, they should save an empty chair for the Chiefs’ fans who have endured this franchise’s nosedive under Clark and Scott Pioli. It would be appropriate to toss a shawl over the chair as well – a black one.

“The fans are tired of what they call ‘broken leadership and subpar performance on the field.’ They have endured 19 seasons with no playoff victories. The goal of this group is to create change. The red will disappear if change does not come about. I would say a pretty fair amount of fans did wear black.”
Marv Albert, play-by-play voice on Bengals/Chiefs game, CBS
GH: I was stunned to hear Albert, a network guy, detail the story of the Save Our Chiefs campaign on the CBS broadcast. Read on.

“It’s kind of a grassroots effort to get fans to wear black instead of red to protest. This is so foreign to me though, Marv. A guy who played here from ’95 to ’98. These fans are great fans. They’re just so frustrated now with the product on the field.”
Rich Gannon, NFL analyst, CBS
GH: This protest, the people dressed in black, the ‘Fire Pioli’ banners, the Fescoe rants are not just the work of a few but it now appears the many. The view of Arrowhead Sunday was so telling that even the CBS crew took time to comment on what was once a great home-field environment. Was.

“The biggest story of the Chiefs game once again was not the Chiefs’ game. It was the disgruntled crowd. It had to be 75% of the crowd [dressed in black or Bengals fans at Arrowhead] yesterday. It was incredible. … I got to be honest – it was a beautiful thing.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“Nobody cares about the [Chiefs’] game. We haven’t talked about one X and O of that game. Because nobody cares. You better pray that people care enough that they still want to talk bad about this team. When apathy sets in and we’re getting close to that. Where you just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘Well, I knew they were going to lose. Who cares?’ That’s when you’ve lost your fan base.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I had not realized this until SSJ brought it up. The game is no longer written or talked about. Not in The Star, not on the radio, not on television. The fans have become the story and their unhappiness with the franchise’s attempt to discover new depths to rock bottom each week.

“Departing of the Red Sea.”
Headline, in Monday’s Kansas City Star, with a photo of the sparse Arrowhead crowd filing out of their stadium seats, Kansas City Star

“This Chiefs fan base has won. They have won.”
Carrington Harrison, on making a loud statement at the Bengals’ game, 610 AM

“The more fan bases at Arkansas and Tennessee fawn over Gruden, more likely he's not going want that pressure. NFL fan bases more sedate.”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, Twitter
GH: Fran must not have ever been inside Arrowhead on game day.

“Never thought I would be saying the same thing to my son. They will be back, we just have to suffer. I love them no matter what #Chiefs
Shaker Pepper, @shakepepper, lifelong Chiefs fan now living in on the east coast, Twitter
GH: This tweet hurt my heart. It should rip Clark Hunt’s wide open.

“Watching $$$ Hunt-Glass hoodwinked from voters validates my decision to sell my house/move to Vegas. Suck it, Royals and Chiefs.”
Chad Harberts, former Metro Sports anchor,
@ChadHarberts, Twitter
GH: Once again it is geography that compels so many of us to embrace the Chiefs and Royals. Shake Pepper still feels a strong connection to the teams of his youth, despite the 1500 miles between him and the Truman Sports Complex. Harberts is loving Vegas and has these two losers in his rear-view mirror. Winning cure all – but winning seems like it too has up and moved away.

“Updated panoramic of Arrowhead Stadium in mid-third quarter of #Chiefs game vs. #Bengals. 360.io/jQCYZX
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, Twitter
GH: Is it 1987 again?

“As a [Chiefs’] fan, how can you go to the game? You go tailgate but then you walk into the stadium and it’s a horrible negative experience from there. At the stadium – it’s just not fun!”
Gary Lezak, 810 AM
GH: There wasn’t a more festive and proud place to be in the ‘90s than Arrowhead on game day. A ticket to the Chiefs’ game was a ticket to a great experience. Gone. All gone.

“Not surprising, but Arrowhead crowd to see end of blowout is sad.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, of ESPN, Twitter

“Prediction: Scott Egoli goes tomorrow [Monday]. Just a prediction.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter

“Strap yourselves in. I don’t think there are going to be any [Chiefs] firings until we get to the end of the year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I think Petro is more right here than Whitlock. It looks like Clark Hunt is content to move slowly and suffer through the next six games with his lame-duck regime.

“The only things left are shame, ugly accusations about mistreatment from fans, and questions. If not now, then when? If the Chiefs can land like an anvil at the bottom of the NFL in year four of a process that was supposed to be competing for the division championship, then what, exactly, could it possibly take for major changes? If not after this, then what?”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“I look at these [Chiefs’] players and I don’t see any fear for their jobs. They look awful gosh darn content. Why aren’t guys getting whacked? Every week somebody ought to get whacked just to set a precedent and say, ‘We’re not going to accept this!’ When I was playing and we lost, guys couldn’t sleep Sunday night because they were afraid they were getting cut on Monday morning.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: This week I’d fire Eric Winston. Instead, we have high-priced first-year free agents scolding the fans and calling them sickening and disgusting.

“Derrick Johnson is making plays like the Chiefs are 8-1 instead of 1-8.”
Mitch Holthus, on the continued superlative play by the Chiefs’ linebacker, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: I want to end this OTC column on a positive note. Derrick Johnson embodies everything Chiefs’ fans want in their players. He plays hard, he plays smart and he competes. We have gone from the right 53 to the right one.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



McLemore with five slams to lift struggling KU

Posted 11-16-12

“Just re-watched tape of the first half of KU game. It wasn't pretty. Chattanooga dictated play. Not use to that in AFH. Red flag?”
Jack Harry, @JackHarryKSHB, after Kansas fell behind lightly-regarded Chattanooga by 12 in the second half before pulling away comfortably at Allen Fieldhouse to win 69-55, Twitter
GH: Panic or teaching opportunity? Bill Self was as irate as I have ever seen him during the first half of this game. He dropped f-bombs and got in the face of his players like he was Frank Martin. I was never as concerned as Self appeared to be that KU would fall to the Mocs at home. Was this a red flag? I think it was more one of those leftover pink ones from the NFL.

“Leap-easy [Ben] McLemore had five slams and even threw a lob that Jeff Withey slammed home. In so doing, McLemore enabled the release of all that pent-up frustration from a crowd that had to watch a Kansas offense that only the game’s inventor and the first and only losing basketball coach in Kansas history, Dr. James Naismith, could have enjoyed.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, KUSports.com
GH: How good is this redshirt freshman? We have been told he has a bigger upside than both Xavier and Brandon Rush. I now actually believe it.

“[Ben McLemore] is just so smooth.”
Chris Piper, who has moved from KU’s radio side to the television side this season, on KU’s redshirt freshman who poured in 25 against the Mocs, Jayhawk Television Network
GH: Daman Wayans and McLemore, separated at birth? Every time I see a close up of McLemore I start thinking, “Mo’ Money.”

“It was a bigger crowd, and I love playing in front of a lot of people, so I just decided to go out there and play. If I can get the first one to go in, I'm going to shoot another one, and I kept it going. I didn't feel like I would miss as long as I got a clean look.”
Farad Cobb, the Chattanooga freshman who hit six three pointers in the first half at AFH and totaled 21 points in the Mocs loss to KU, Huffington Post
GH: We have seen opposing players enter AH in the past and just go off – but this wasn’t Kevin Durant. This was a true freshman on a team picked to finish fifth in the Southern Conference. This was impressive stuff.

“No one came up to get the hot Cobb.”
Greg Gurley, KU new basketball color radio analyst, on KU not picking up the defensive assignment on Cobb, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: One of my early favorites for radio comment of the year from a color analyst – emphasis on the anal.

“Just got my flu shot for this year .. It didn't hurt but I hate needles.. Even tho I do have 23 tats.. Sheesh.”
J. R. Giddens, @JGidd4, Twitter

“If KSU plays in BCS title game the game will have its lowest ratings in history guaranteed. ND (as much as most of you despise them) vs Ducks in BCS title game would be best for continued growth in popularity of cfb. KSU vs Oregon might be a great game, but that doesn't mean it would generate NATIONAL interest. MAC plays good games no one watches too.”
Chadd Scott,
@ChaddScott, Twitter
GH: Who is concerned with the “growth in popularity” of college football? I think the sport is pretty healthy, Chadd. It could somehow survive a title game that included the undefeated Big 12 champion and Heisman trophy winner – not to mention their 73-year-old head wizard.

“Not just going, I will be the backup left guard.”
Eric Stonestreet, @ericstonestreet, Modern Family’s Cam and well-known K-State alum, responding to a fan asking if he would be attending the BCS title game in Miami if K-State is there, Twitter

“All KU students. Not going to the game because you don't have a ticket? No problem, I'm buying! Send our seniors off the right way!”
Charlie Weis, @CoachWeisKansas, Twitter
GH: Love this. Yes, it is a problem that Kansas can’t sell out their final home game but that isn’t the issue here. Weis is stepping up and investing in his program and the culture of Kansas football. I like it.

“Kansas St basketball rebirth started with Huggins. Frank Martin established it and Bruce Weber will maintain it.”
Rich Zvosec, @CoachZZ, Twitter
GH: Not everyone agrees, Coach Z. Read on.

“His track record is he can coach yours real well. He can coach talent. Long term, I think [Kansas State] will be a perennial bubble team under Bruce Weber.”
Soren Petro, on Bruce Weber’s success after following Bill Self as Illinois, 810 AM
GH: K-State is going to be very good this season. It will be Weber’s job to see that continues after 2014.

“Gotta play the next 20 like we did the last 20.”
Tim Miles, @CoachMiles, new head basketball coach at Nebraska, tweeting at halftime during the Huskers’ home win over Valpo, Twitter
GH: A head coach tweeting at halftime of his game? Welcome to the new and unchartered waters of college coaching in the age of social media.

“These [Chiefs’] coaches are playing not to lose.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: And they are doing a damn poor job of it.

“I think if you do [the Chiefs’ blackout] next time, go with neon green shirts. Those really stand out.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: If there is a next time, there might not be enough fans inside Arrowhead to take roll.

“Zack Greinke is the only number-one pitcher in this free-agent market.”
Tim Kurkjian, ESPN
GH: I would love to see Zack back. It is remote at best that is happens. We need Alex Gordon to put on a full-court press and get Senior Goofy back in Blue.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Petro says KU is ripe for the picking

Posted 11-14-12

“I think this is probably the worst team that Bill Self has put on the floor since he’s been there. It is open. It’s open for somebody to take down Kansas. They do not have the warriors. They do not have the warriors to say, ‘I will not let us lose.’ It’s wide open in the Big 12 this year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: That is a heckuva bold statement from Soren after watching this Kansas team play their second regular season game of the season.  It will be interesting watching KU’s young team develop over the next few months and seeing whether Petro’s a prophet or a troll.

“[Bill] Self blamed the breakdown of the KU defense less on Withey than on the failure of defenders behind him to rotate and cut off the drive. Self used the adjective ‘soft’ to describe the defense, which to him is a four-letter word.”
Mike DeCourcy,
GH: “Soft” is one of Self’s favorite words when describing his team before March. Self likes guys like Thomas Robinson and Sherron Collins – for the same reason that KU’s opposing fans hate those guys. They play physical, intimidating hoops and they don’t really care who gets hurt while they’re on the court. Withey is not T-Rob.

“We’ve got a long ways to go with competing and understanding how to compete and being tougher mentally and that kind of stuff. It’s new to them. Our freshmen are pretty good, but they’re green and naive. They’re not the typical heralded freshmen that have had a lot of exposure and are worldly. They’ve been pretty sheltered as far as experiences, so this will be a great learning experience for them.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com
GH: I love these early-season big-program college hoops games. We rarely get to see these kind of contests in college football because everyone is too busy trying to bag four easy non-con wins in September to qualify for that all-important [but nobody cares about) Meineke Car Care Bowl. Props to KU, MSU, Kentucky and Duke for risking the loss so early on.

“Is it me or does Withey look like he has lost some toughness he showed from last season?”
Aaron Swarts, @a_swarts, Twitter
GH: He lost Thomas Robinson. That would make anybody on the opposite side of the lane look a lot more vulnerable.

“Withey has not added much to his offensive repertoire.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Was Parkins expecting Withey to go Laurence Bowers and start drilling treys this season?  BTW, I have Bowers down for an outside shot at winning the SEC POTY. If you forgot how good this Missouri big man was two seasons ago, he is back to remind you.

“There’s no reason to overact if you’re a [KU] fan. What happened last year? They lost to Davidson [at Sprint Center] and then they turned into one of the greatest Kansas teams of all time.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I am siding more with Harrison than Petro on where I think KU will be come March. Young, raw and maybe a bit soft – but there is some wicked talent on this Jayhawk team. I don’t know if Jamari Traylor can score but he is a SportsCenter highlight just waiting to happen. His put-back slam and backboard-pin block were two of the most physically athletic plays I’ve seen out of a KU player in a long, long time. T-Rob had the power but lacked this kid's timing and grace.

“There’s no question in my mind that [K-State] is an underrated basketball team. None. That dude [Jordan Henriquez] is the most underrated shot blocker in the country. Jeff Withey is terrific – but I don’t know that I would rather have Jeff Withey than Jordan Henriquez.”
Doug Gottlieb, who will be starting his new gig with CBS Sports Network in January, 810 AM
GH: Bruce Weber inherited a lot of talent and experience from Frank Martin. The crowds at Bramlage have been sparse so far, but it is still football season in Manhattan. Things should warm up come January.

“I don’t know a soul who wants K-State in the title game. If they keep winning, all you’re going to hear is, ‘We don’t want them! Get them out!’ ”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK is well known for his exaggerated statements and this hyperbole is no different. Kansas State might be the most loved team in the country this season. Everybody I know in Nebraska is rooting for Snyder’s Cats. Missouri fans are even scheduling their Saturdays around Collin Klein’s games. But outside the Midwest, there are those who are rooting for K-State to slip and fall. Read on.

“The last time Kansas State won in Waco was ’02. I thought Tim Brown was crazy last week when he was talking about A&M going into Alabama and winning. And here you are talking about Kansas State losing to Baylor! ”
Mark Packer, Sirius XM 91

“I feel like Baylor has good balance on offence – they can run and throw the football. They can’t stop anything on defense – however – I think they have more weapons offensively [than Kansas State]. I just got a feeling. I could be wrong, but I’ve just got a feeling about them. I don’t know if Kansas State can go toe-to-toe with them.”
Eddie George, Sirius XM 91
GH: Baylor? K-State can’t go “toe-to-toe” with Baylor? If Baylor beats KSU in Waco or on Saturn, the Cats don’t deserve a BCS bowl. Kansas State wins this game by 30.

“We have to educate these guys about the celebrations…about the penalty situation. As far as celebration, we have to be smarter. A group is not allowed to celebrate at any point. As soon as you bring more than one in, a flag goes down. We have to be smarter and understand that.”
Romeo Crennel, when asked by Mitch Holthus about the players dancing and celebrating in Pittsburgh, 810 AM
GH: Some of the Chiefs’ dance routines on Monday Night Football looked very deliberate and well-prepared. How does an NFL player NOT know that it takes two to tango and get flagged? Romeo either has the dumbest collection of NFL players in the league or they just don’t really give a damn about costing their team 15 yards in exchange for some TV time.

“ ’I feel like I lost out a lot,’ said Bryan Smothers, a 27-year-old small business owner from Eureka, Calif., who said the [Yahoo Fantasy Football] site let him down during a week crucial toward determining whether his path will lead toward the playoffs or a lost $500 buy-in.  Smothers said he waited until Sunday morning to set his lineup because he wanted to be current on the latest injuries, but the outage meant his lineup became locked in with Patriots running back Stevan Ridley, receiver Brandon Lloyd and Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick all on the bench with lesser options in his lineup — including one player on a bye. Smothers said he appreciated the apology but thinks it may not be enough for players who invest a lot of time and money into leagues.”
Oskar Garcia, writer, after Yahoo’s fantasy football website went down Sunday CBS.com
GH: I have the completely opposite approach to web technology than Bryan Smothers – I am amazed that all this stuff works and works on everything from my PC to my iPad to my cell phone. Is it a hassle when a website goes down or my phone can’t find service? Sure, but I remember the stone age of technology when we were listening to the screech of a dial-up modem just to log on the world wide web. The lesson here is set your fantasy lineup by Wednesday and then make adjustments Sunday morning as injury reports become known. And if you’re playing in a FF league for thousands of dollars – get out of it. I have yet to see a league with high stakes that doesn’t end with friends hating friends.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Chiefs dance to a loss in Pittsburgh

Posted 11-13-12

“I’m of the opinion that firing people in season accomplishes nothing. But this one has to happen. Junior…I’ll quote a former Chiefs’ head coach, ‘Son, it’s time to take the diapers off.’ Make a statement. [Clark Hunt] needs to step forward and make a statement on what happened on the field last night.”
Soren Petro, in a public shout out to the Chiefs’ owner following the Chiefs 16-13 overtime loss in Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football, 810 AM
GH: Junior? That might be as disrespectful of a title for Clark Hunt as his 1-8 football team’s dancing and frolicking on MNF on their way to the worst record in the franchise’s history. And you know what? It fits.

“Chiefs' new anthem: Foot-LOSE.”
Jeffrey Field, @kiribatiwriter, Twitter

“There’s no excuse for group celebrations. No excuse at all! For Kansas City not to show a little more poise than that is ridiculous! That’s a tragedy if you’re the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Jon Gruden, color analyst for MNF, after the Chiefs were penalized for Justin Houston’s choreographed end-zone dance within a circle of Chiefs’ defenders following a defensive TD that was called back, ESPN
GH: This Chiefs’ loss was different than the embarrassing scoreboard ass-kickings Clark Hunt’s team has endured this season. This one was embarrassing for the Chiefs’ display of a total lack of self-awareness. It was so ridiculous that even an ex-Raiders’ coach called the Chiefs out for a lack of poise. Wow.

“Chiefs acting like the Canes of the 80s.”
Danny Clinkscale, @dcwhb, Twitter
GH: Except the Canes were winners. These Chiefs have set an all-timer franchise record in futility. Swagger without the wins is just a complete disregard for your teammates, your coaches and your owner. What a disgrace to the NFL shield that Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt so often point to for pride.

“Only the chiefs can get penalized for being too happy about scoring a TD that never happened.”
Todd Leabo, @Leabonics, Twitter

“Holy cow! What a series of plays. TD taken off the board. Missed field goal. TD reversed. And now a penalty for celebrating non-existent TD.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter

“Not looking to pile on, but...getting penalized for a group celebration for a TD that didn't happen is the most Chiefs thing ever. … The Chiefs are my favorite 1-7 team ever. These dudes are out of their minds.”
Jim Rome, @jimrome, Twitter
GH: The Chiefs have made themselves a story due to their ineptness and their willingness to celebrate it. What a joke this franchise has become. How does anyone even attend any of the next three home games at Arrowhead? Screw ‘em, let them dance alone.

“Tickets for the majority of the remaining home games for the Chiefs are going for cheap, as third-party ticket sites like Stubhub have tickets for next Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals for $9. … Even the expensive seats that would cost hundreds of dollars are now averaging between $60 and $70.”
GH: $9 sounds high.

“Romeo, do yourself a favor for the audition for your next job: sit Justin Houston and Dwayne Bowe right now. What a farce.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, sports editor KC Star, after Bowe taunted and Houston danced, Twitter

“I love this city and this team does not act like the heart and soul of this city...this goofy celebrating-pointing at names on jerseys.”
Greg Schaum, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter
GH: This is not the Kansas City I know, root for and live in. This is embarrassing for anyone who calls themselves a Chiefs’ fan.

“Glad we have the right 53 and all of these former team cap'ns. Quality display.”
Tyler Best, @tdbest, Twitter

“After tonight's dancing fiasco, we know there's hope to see the Chiefs as guests on an episode of Glee during the playoffs?”
Chris F, @ChrisF_KC, Twitter

“Plenty of people found themselves wondering what exactly the Kansas City Chiefs were doing on Monday Night Football, but not too long after kickoff, several plausible answers popped into evidence. … They were unleashing a season's worth of unused celebration dances at the most ridiculous times. … Frankly, for pure theatre, the bit about turning Heinz Field into Land of 1,000 Dances was not duplicated in a prime time show that likely sent most of the nation to bed before the 11 o'clock news. … In the back of the end zone, Houston was joined by a virtual chorus line of teammates, and the ensuing choreography this time drew multiple flags, the officials apparently unimpressed with the Chiefs' interpretation or precision.”
Gene Collier, columnist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
GH: The Steelers found the Chiefs’ act ridiculous as well. But not all did…read on.

“I think it’s an age thing and particularly a cultural thing. I think fewer black people would have a problem with it than white people.”
Danny Parkins, on the 1-8 Chiefs’ dancing and celebrating like they were back at Niecie’s on Blue Parkway, 610 AM
GH: Is this just a bunch of old white guys bitching about young black men getting their Mac on? It wasn’t the dance that offended me – it was the timing. 1-8 teams that have yet to lead a game have nothing to celebrate. It’s just ridiculous behavior no matter what your culture, color or age.

“A lot of foolish behavior and a lot of dumb mistakes cost this [Chiefs’] team.”
Steve Young, HOF quarterback and current NFL analyst, ESPN
GH: Just another white guy who doesn’t get it, I guess. What would Steve Young know about Kid & Play?

“Damn it’s hard to like this team!”
Nate Bukaty, after the Chiefs danced their way to a 1-8 record with their loss in Pittsburgh, 810 AM
GH: Next to impossible.

“I don’t know what’s happened to [Tamba Hali]. He’s part of the problem now – not part of the solution.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“They’re just a grossly underachieving football team. I think they are the most underachieving football team in the National Football League.”
Evan Silva, of ProFootballTalk.com, on his assessment of the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: If the dances don’t require a pink slip from The Clarks, “grossly underachieving” should rate pretty high.

“At the end of the year I think everybody’s going to get a little bit of the blame and I think everybody’s going to get fired.”
Evan Silva, of ProFootballTalk.com, on the Chiefs, 810 AM

“You can't send Cassel into Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday. No way. The crowd will destroy him. Rick Stanzi.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter
GH: The “crowd?” Jason has a very optimistic view of what Arrowhead will look like on Sunday when the Bengals arrive for the noon kickoff. Apathy has found its way into the Chiefs Kingdom…and it is dancing.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Bill Maas on why Hunt has not yet fired Pioli

Posted 11-12-12

“People say, ‘Man, I feel bad for you – you’ve got the Chiefs this week.’ Are you kidding me? It’s Monday Night Football!”
Mike Tirico, ESPN’s play-by-play voice for MNF, on the Chiefs visit to Pittsburgh tonight, 810 AM
GH: There was a time when the match up didn’t matter. America was tuning in to see and hear Howard and Dandy Don and Frank. While the NFL is more popular now than ever, games like Chiefs/Pittsburgh make it very easy for much of America to ignore Monday’s most popular show. The NFL did not expect the Chiefs to be 1-7 at this juncture and yet to lead a game in regulation. But that is exactly where they are.

“I’ve learned that the Kansas City Chiefs still have not paid Todd Haley the rest of his salary when he was there. Millions of dollars! They are in arbitration. Oh yeah, there’s bad blood there.”
Jay Glazer, NFL insider, Fox Sports
GH: This is not a new story. I believe The Star or one of the local radio stations had this news shortly after Haley was dismissed by the Chiefs. Rumors are that the Chiefs believe Haley is not owed the remainder of his contract because he made disparaging remarks in the media about the franchise. Kent Babb’s candy-wrapper story in The Star comes to mind.

“I believe [Clark Hunt] is honoring his part of the relationship. … Here’s the nuts and bolts of it – it cannot go forward with these two guys as head coach and general manger.”
Bill Maas, on why Hunt has not yet fired Scott Pioli, 610 AM

“There is no evidence [Marty Schottenheimer] could be a GM…or even a consultant. For me to think he could be good in any other fashion [than a coach], I would have to see it to believe it. How could a guy who believes the head coach should hold all the power be an effective GM?”
Danan Hughes, who played for Marty in Kansas City, on rumors that the former Chiefs’ head coach has talked to Clark Hunt about returning to the Chiefs as a GM or consultant, 610 AM
GH: Marty and Clark are close. Understandably, Clark has a great deal of respect for the man he watched bring great pride to his father’s franchise. 

“[Clark] has identified the problem by going and looking for answers. He knows there’s a problem here. He knows you have nothing to hang your hat on as far as offense, defense and special teams. There’s been no progress. He’s been handcuffed by poor decision making and poor leadership. This is what he is addressing right now.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas had led us to believe the changes would occur much faster than they are. He is now softening that stance by stating Clark is an honorable man and simply making good on the contract he signed with Pioli – but make no mistake, Maas believes both Pioli and Crennel are dead men stumbling. I find it funny that Clark is adamant about honoring Pioli’s contract but in arbitration for withholding Todd Haley’s money.

“Sometimes [to emphasize corrections] you basically have to threaten them -- so if you fumble it I’m going to take you out of the game. Then they will get the message.”
Romeo Crennel, ESPN.com
GH: I was surprised at the reaction the Border Patrol got from the Chiefs’ former head coach, Herm Edwards, when they asked him about Romeo’s latest attempt to improve the Chiefs’ turnover ratio. Read on.

“I’m sure if somebody loses the ball he’s going to take them out [of the game], but when you have to do that, you’re grabbing.”
Herm Edwards, on Romeo Crennel’s announcement that any Chiefs’ player who commits a turnover will be taken out of the game, 810 AM

“Why can’t Stanzi play tonight?”
Gary Lezak, who wants anybody but Cassel behind center for the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: Steven St. John agreed with Lezak and stated he too would like to watch Stanzi. If Stanzi can’t get even a sniff at quarterback ahead of Cassel and Brady Quinn, I am pretty sure none of us want to see him on MNF.

“The only reason to watch the game tonight is to see if the Chiefs can get the record for not leading in a game – ever!”
Gary Lezak, 810 AM
GH: We are making history here in Kansas City. The wrong kind of history but history just the same. History that one day will simply be referred to as “The Pioli Years.” 

“We’re not talking about the ’07 Patriots [coming into Pittsburgh tonight] who can hang 50 on anybody.”
Mike Tirico, play-by-play voice for MNF, on the Chiefs visit to Pittsburgh, 810 AM
GH: No we are not. More like the ’12 Chiefs who can’t get a lead on anybody.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


New hero? Johnny Football at A&M

Posted 11-12-12

“The last time the [Kansas State] Wildcats were this close to a possible national championship was 1998, when they went 11-0 in the regular season before being upset by Texas A&M in the Big 12 championship game. The league no longer has a title game. Maybe the Aggies have finally provided some payback, and helped their old league.”
Steven Hawkins, writer, AP
GH: No Kansas State fan above the age of 25 will ever forget the name Sirr Parker. How great is this college football season playing out? What a great time to be a football fan.

“No moment is too big for him.”
Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M coach, on the play of Johnny Manziel, the Aggies’ redshirt freshman QB, after he led Texas A&M to a win in their first visit to Tuscaloosa over an Alabama team that many were calling their best ever – and Steve Spurrier said could beat some NFL teams, AP
GH: We have a new American football hero and his name is Johnny Football. He did what few thought was possible. He did what sports heroes do – he conquered the odds and made Goliath weep. Read on.

“In 10 games, Manziel has lifted a team that finished seventh in the Big 12 last season to the elite of the biggest, baddest conference of them all. The redshirt freshman who couldn’t win the starting job in spring ball, and had to fight to beat out Jameill Showers in fall camp, is now the talk of college football.”
Matt Hayes, writer, SportingNews.com

“We have had a pretty tough stretch here, and that’s no excuse but, Mississippi State, LSU, and this game – playing at Tennessee, which is a big game for us emotionally.”
Nick Saban, in what sounded a lot like an excuse for his team losing at home to Texas A&M, NBCSports.com
GH: Saban is a great coach and he has assembled a dynasty at Alabama. But his team this season has holes – many of them were exposed by LSU and then again by Manziel and his talented Aggies. When we begin to assign historic greatness to a team or an athlete before their goals have been accomplished, all too often their human frailties ruin the dream. The Tide is just another really good team amongst many – and the many don’t all just play in the SEC. We need a 16-team playoff. A&M came into this game ranked 15th.

“A&M beat Bama on road. La Tech's lone loss was a 59-57 defeat via Aggies. No one wants to see Bulldogs in a bowl.”
John Walters, @jdubs88, Twitter
GH: There are great teams like La Tech that get no run on ESPN or elsewhere. We don’t want a four-team CFB DI playoff – we need a 16-teamer.

“Of the 23 current [Alabama] starters — 12 listed on the offense — 16 of them are underclassmen and, barring early leaps for the NFL, would return in 2013. On the two-deep depth chart, 36 of the 46 players are non-seniors. So, yeah, the Tide will be loaded with talent again in 2013 — talent with the benefit of an additional year’s worth of experience, it should be noted.”
John Taylor, writer, NBCsports.com
GH: Yeah, Bama will be good again next season. But they will also face Johnny Football as a sophomore – in a crazy little place called College Station.

“Many choices for National Coach of the Year. But I'm voting early (and often) for Kevin Sumlin.”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter
GH: Win at Alabama and the world is your oyster. Now, pundits everywhere are calling for Manziel to win the Heisman and Sumlin to be name COTY. Read on.

“Johnny Manziel went and wrecked the season, everyone. Forced all involved to pause and think: Where is the national championship race headed, and can a freshman really win the Heisman Trophy? … A freshman has never won the Heisman Trophy, but a sophomore had never won the award until Tim Tebow did it in 2007 at Florida. Why not Johnny Highlight, why not now? He’s on pace to account for nearly 4,500 yards and 40 touchdowns, and no one has a bigger game—a bigger moment—on their resume.”
Matt Hayes, writer, SportingNews.com


“The old, white American establishment will vote for Collin Klein. The young people, minorities and women will vote Johnny Manziel. There will be people who will vote for the sensible senior over the scintillating freshman because Johnny Football will ‘have his time.’ Pretty sure Johnny Football's time is now. Manziel is the best player and the most valuable. He's got a huge resume win and he's vaulted Aggies to respectability in first SEC season.”
Brady McCollough, @BradyMcCollough, of YahooSports.com, Twitter

GH: Why does it always come down to knocking the other guy? Does Manziel’s performance make Klein less deserving of the Heisman? Hell no! But Brady is presenting his case like Klein winning the Heisman would be an injustice. How ridiculous is that?

“It's not over. Two games left for each to improve their resume. I really like Klein, but Manziel represents hope and change and Scooby Doo.”
Brady McCollough,
@BradyMcCollough, of YahooSports.com, Twitter
GH: Hope and change? Please. If there is a better story than what is going on in Manhattan, Kansas with hope and change as the plot, it must be on Mars.

“The Aggies (8-2, 5-2), playing in the Southeastern Conference for the first season after ditching the Big 12, also might have ended the league's run of BCS titles at six years.”
John Zenor, writer, AP
GH: Not so fast my friend. Bama slipped only to the fourth spot in the BSC poll. Still plenty of time for the Tide to roll up another title shot.

“I'm the only 1 who voted ND No. 1 in AP poll. Being right -- again -- is lonely. Wait! Knock at the door. Looks like an angry Duck. Oh, no!”
Pete DiPrimio,
@pdiprimio, sports writer for Fort Wayne (IN) News Sentinel, Twitter
GH: Notre Dame deserves a shot at the BCS title game just as much as Oregon and Kansas State. Who knows who beats who without playing the games?

“He was on the field, I reached to grab him and pull him off, and when I pulled I missed his shirt and I grabbed his facemask — or his microphone — and it just ripped off his head. I was trying to get him off the field. … It wasn't anything to it. It was just one of those deals where I missed his shoulder and ended up grabbing the microphone on his head set and pulled it off.”
Tommy Tuberville, explaining why he ripped the head set off of his assistant, Kevin Ogletree, Star-Telegram.com
GH: Tommy might want to retract that fib when he sees the video, which you can do
by clicking here.

“The new regime of coaches has preferred to belittle, intimidate and humiliate us. This approach has obviously not been successful, and has put a dark shadow on this program. My teammates and I have endured this treatment all season long. It is not ‘tough love.’ It is abuse. This abuse cannot be allowed to continue.”
Marquess Wilson, Washington State junior wide receiver who amassed over 1,000 yards receiving his first two seasons, after he quit the team over abuse he attributed to head coach Mike Leach and his staff, ESPN.com
GH: This is a new era – one where athletes don’t have to sit back and take it. Bo Pelini was verbally assaulted by his starting safety on the sidelines in the first half of the Penn State game. Players and assistants shouldn’t have to be treated like lesser beings just because a head coach makes millions.

“In the third quarter, James Franklin stood on the sidelines at Neyland Stadium and heard a man behind him shout, ‘James, you're horrible!’ The Missouri quarterback turned and saw that it was a fan in black-and-gold, not orange, that he had offended.”
Joe Walljasper, columnist, Columbia Tribune

"I don't really care what everybody else says. I think it's kind of funny. What they're really looking for is a response to get me upset or get angry. They're never going to get that from me.”
James Franklin, Columbia Tribune

“He's been through hell.”
Gary Pinkel, referring to his junior quarterback, Kansas City Star
GH: I get the feeling Pinkel sees a lot of his season in Franklin’s season.

“[James] Sims’ sixth straight 100-yard game — a school record — moved him into eighth place on KU’s career rushing list. In seven games this season, he has 875 yards and eight touchdowns on 180 carries.”s.com
Matt Tait, writer, KUSport
GH: There have not been a great deal of things to get Jayhawk football fans excited this season – especially if you’re counting wins. But KU’s running game looks to be a building block for future success. Sims set a rushing record at a school that has produced some talented backs – Gale Sayers, John Riggins and the MU-killing Tony Sands to name three. Snyder and Sumlin have the inside track to being named the national coach of the year but the job Charlie Weis has done in Lawrence in just a few months is encouraging. I sure wish we had a non-con KU/MU game to wrap up Thanksgiving leftovers in next week. 

“Dorothy's 'Wizard of Oz' dress sells for $480,000 at auction.”
GH: Hard to believe there is a recession when I read stories like this.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24




Sporting KC gets eliminated

Posted 11-8-12

“They do win but they will not move on in the next round.”

Syed Shabbir, reporter, on Sporting Kansas City’s 1-0 win over Houston at Livestrong Park resulting in their confusing elimination from the MLS playoffs, KSHB 41
GH: So maybe the aggregate scoring that the MLS is using for their playoffs this year makes sense to those great Sporting fans who populate The Cauldron, but what about the rest of Kansas City? Or America? You win and you’re out? No wonder we worked Italy’s pizza over to an unrecognizable but delicious American version of the tomato pie.


“At least make the goalkeeper do his work. Everything was hit at him or around him. They didn’t make his life hard or difficult. A lot of that goes to the back line of the [Houston] Dynamo. They’re a damn good defending team.”
Jake Gutierrez, 810 AM
GH: The match was a frustrating one for Sporting fans. It seemed SKC had the rock in their end of the pitch the entire match – but had so little scoring to show for it. It was as if Houston played 95 minutes of rope-a-dope and Sporting was able to land only one haymaker.


“There were opportunities that were missed – several of them. That bad call by the official [aside], you still had two chances to get two goals in that game.”
Jake Gutierrez, 810 AM
GH: How do professional soccer players whiff on an open shot 15 feet in front of the net? This is not unique to Sporting. I marveled during the Olympics as I watched wide-open shots soar wide or over the cross bar and into the stands. It’s like a 16-year-old boy dealing with premature ejaculation. Is the excitement of the moment just  too much to bear?


“You know what [Sporting] needs? They need a fox in the box. That’s what they call it.”
Nate Bukaty, on Sporting needing a goal scorer who can consistently put the ball in the back of the net, 810 AM
GH: A fox in the box? That would go nicely with my 16-year-old boy analogy.


“Proof you don't need a British accent to do terrific soccer play-by-play: Glenn Davis on NBC Sports Network doing KC-Houston MLS playoff.”
Mike DeCourcy, @tsnmike, Twitter
GH: Does Japan import baseball play-by-play guys from America who sound like Harry Carey or Bob Ueker? So why does American soccer feel the need to have our play-by-play guys sound like Mary Poppins? I’m sure Sportings’ Callum Williams is a swell lad but I can’t understand half of what he is shouting during a SKC match. Read on.


“The new voice of Sporting Kansas City is a charmingly British one, belonging to a handsome announcer named Callum Williams. The 21-year-old Birmingham, England, native has a soft spot for frozen yogurt and women who smell like strawberries. Swoon. He also has a girlfriend (sorry, ladies).”
Monica Watrous, writer, InkKC.com
GH: Did you catch Callum’s mug on the telly Wednesday during Sporting’s match? If this bloke is something the girls will be swooning over, we all need to get our hairy asses to London and score!

“Seriously, who put the curse on KC sports? I want your suggestions...”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: I am beginning to think that the great legacy that was Kansas City sports in the late 1960s and much of the 1970s and 80s for the Chiefs and then the Royals was the aberration and now is the norm. Our window of success here for our professional sports team is like that little round window in your laundry room. Our window of failure is the big bay window in your living room.

“I think [Todd Haley’s] done a tremendous job. I really do. Maybe he’s not a head coach but he’s a tremendous [offensive] coordinator. As an offensive mind, he’s very impressive to me. I think he’s a master of, ‘these are our players, coach – figure out how to use them.’ The results are phenomenal. [The Steelers] are really one of the best offenses in the league.”
Matt Williamson, of ESPN.com, on Haley’s work as the Steelers’ first-year offensive coordinator, 810 AM
GH: Good for Haley. I thought he handled his head-coaching opportunity here in Kansas City all wrong but it is becoming more and more apparent that working under Scott Pioli might be an impossible task.

“We really haven’t seen any yelling and screaming.”
Ben Roethlisberger, when asked about working with Todd Haley, 810 AM

“You’ve got to motivate these players through some respect but the number-one motivator is fear. Fear of letting down your teammates, being embarrassed or fear of losing the job. Where is the fear in Dallas? There’s no fear in Dallas. It’s a country club where everybody is buddies.”
Jimmy Johnson, on his former Cowboys’ team, Dan Patrick Show
GH: I’d like to know where the fear is anywhere in the NFL. I HATE how chummy the players from opposing teams are with each other before, during and after games. That stuff is for 10 years after you retire. Football is a nasty game played best by nasty men.

“I don't really have any comment on that. We do things the way we do things here and from a football standpoint we believe we practice the right way, we meet the right way and create the right atmosphere of urgency for our players it's what I learned as a player and coach in this league. And that's what we're trying to create with our football team.”
Jason Garrett, when asked to respond to JJ’s comments, ESPN.com
GH: Blah, blah, blah. And the Cowboys still haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since 1996 – back when Jerry Jones was more flesh than plastic.

“I would extend Tony Romo unless I had somebody better, and they don’t have anybody better.”
Jimmy Johnson, Dan Patrick Show
GH: Would it be more frustrating to have Romo as your QB, a guy everybody thinks should be good, or Matt Cassel, a guy who is just paid like he’s good?

“The Lakers stink! They are 1-4 for the first time since 1993!”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: I believe it is WAY too early to inscribe the Lakers tombstone for this season. They will rise from the dread.

“The worst NBA team would beat the best college team by 50. Everyone is so much faster, stronger… It’s just literally the best basketball players in the world trying to score in 24 seconds.”
Kim English, who is in his rookie NBA season with the Detroit Pistons, in an interview Thursday on The Border Patrol, 810 AM

“I saw Howie Long and I called him Terry Bradshaw. He said that happens all the time.”
Kim English, 810 AM

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


KSU and Alabama on upset alert

Posted 11-8-12

“Quinn has not been cleared to play. Cassel will start at QB vs. Steelers.”
Adam Teicher, @adamteicher, Chiefs beat writer for the Kansas City Star, Twitter
GH: Are we supposed to be upset about this news? Does anyone outside the Quinn family care?

“Romeo Crennel says both Glenn Dorsey and Brady Quinn will not play against the Steelers this Monday...”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, Twitter
GH: Don’t forget Stanford Routt. Stanford will be spending the weekend much like Romeo did, sitting and thinking – about the $5 million the Chiefs paid him for eight games.

“I’ve never seen anything like the facilities at Texas A&M. I was just blown away. I couldn’t have been more impressed.”
Paul Finebaum, on his visit to College Station, Sirius XM 91
GH: The Aggies have played some of the best football of any team in the country the past two seasons – and some of the worst. It has never been a question of talent for A&M but more an inability to play well in the second half of many of their losses. Are they good enough to go to Alabama this Saturday and win? I think so.

“A&M has nothing to lose. They shouldn’t be here. They’re one of the great success stories of the season. This is going to be a tremendously competitive game. I think this is going to be hard for Alabama to do in back-to-back weeks.”
Dennis Dodd, of CBSsports.com, referring to Alabama’s last-second win last Saturday at LSU, 810 AM
GH: I know the popular perception of A&M is that they don’t belong in the top 20 but this is a talented bunch of football players. The Aggies lost the respect of KC area fans due to Mizzou’s recent two wins in College Station. Instead of belittling A&M for those losses, I prefer to think of those wins as marquee moments for Pinkel’s program.

“Against UF, Mizzou generated a lot of yards, a lot of guys open, you could see the confidence coming back.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, Twitter
GH: Mizzou’s defense is starting to look to be SEC worthy. Unfortunately, their offense is as well. What a quick evolutionary change for Pinkel’s team. MU has always struggled defensively under Pinkel but his spread offenses changed how the Big 12 recruited talent. In the span of a couple of months, MU has gone from looking like Oregon to playing old man football. Who woulda thought?

“Danny Sheridan says Bama would be -3 vs. Oregon in BCS. Also -10 vs. K-St. and -14 against ND.”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter

“I think it’s an equal maximum upset alert for both [Alabama and Kansas State]. I think K-State going down there [to TCU] is going to be hard. I think TCU’s gotten better and it’s going to be a tremendous struggle for both [K-State and Alabama].”
Dennis Dodd, of CBSsports.com, 810 AM
GH: Is Kansas State in trouble heading down to play Gary Patterson at TCU? Read on.

“I think when you look at the teams that are winning, you see the best defenses in the league. So, yeah, this is a league where you have to score points to keep up, but it’s also a league where your defense can make a big, big difference.”
Gary Patterson, DallasNews.com
GH: Five Big 12 teams are averaging 40 points or more a game. K-State’s offense looks almost unstoppable with Collin Klein at the helm. Much has been said about Patterson’s knowledge of Bill Snyder’s system. What coach doesn’t know Snyder’s system? The guy’s been coaching for 50 years. Knowing and stopping are two different things. I like K-State big again this Saturday in Fort Worth.

“Coach P, I’m not sure he ever wants us to give up a point or a yard.  You can say that [bend but don’t break], but that’s not how we live out there. We want to stop every play for no gain.”
Kenny Cain, TCU linebacker, DallasNews.com
GH: Welcome to the Big 12, Kenny. May you have as many lives as your South park namesake.

“The horns down is disrespectful. We ought to talk about that as a league.”
Mack Brown, on opposing players and fans turning the signature Longhorns’ gesture upside down, Kansas City Star
GH: I am starting to worry about Mack – and not for the obvious reasons. If he thinks the horns down sign is disrespectful, what does he think of what goes on inside the student section of a college basketball arena? Mack needs to take a trip up to the Octagon of Doom or sit with The Antlers for a game. He’ll think that little hand gesture looks like somebody’s blowing BEVO a kiss.


“I believe that we will win.”
Signature chant of Sporting Kansas City
GH: Sporting KC takes on Houston tonight at Livestrong Sporting Park in what is the second half of their playoff game. The first half took place in Houston – and Sporting is smarting from a two-goal deficit going into tonight’s match. At the risk of upsetting my soccer readers [again], I have a few questions…like what the hell kind of playoff game lasts a week and covers two scoreboards and a couple of states? Why did Houston get the jump on the game if Sporting won the division? Why is this live-or-die match on a Wednesday night?  All that said – Go Sporting! If they can pull this one out of the fire, maybe the MLS will give them a weekend date.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Romeo gives up D coordinator

Posted 11-8-12

“In a desperate attempt to salvage the second half of the season, the Chiefs make themselves worse... if that's even possible.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenter, after Romeo Crennel announced he will step down as the Chiefs’ DC in favor of Gary Gibbs and that the team cut starting corner Stanford Routt, Twitter
GH: The first move to salvage the Chiefs’ horrendous season was to replace Matt Cassel with Brady Quinn. After yet another ass-kicking loss, the Chiefs move to the defensive side and rearrange a few chairs in the film room – and cut a cover corner they signed to a $6 million contract after eight games. Dysfunctional is too kind a word for Scott Pioli’s four-year Reign of Error in Kansas City.


“I thought I’d spread myself a little thinner and further around to help this team.”
Romeo Crennel, , in an interview with Mitch Holthus Monday night, on why he chose to relinquish the defensive coordinator job, Chiefs’ Kingdom radio show, 810 AM
GH: You just can’t make these kind of quotes up that Romeo provides for my Off The Couch column. While this may read like Romeo made this comment tongue-in-cheek, he was not trying to be humorous. But as we know, almost everything Romeo says is humorous.


“I want to let [the players] know that I’m pulling for the whole team and I know what’s going on with the whole team.”
Romeo Crennel, 810 AM
GH: How many head coaches in the NFL feel the need to go public with the pronouncement to their team that they, “know what’s going on with the whole team?” What NFL player worries about junior-high crap like this? None. Romeo just sounds like an idiot with these ridiculous explanations. Read on.


“I’m up on what we need to do and what we’re trying to do. We’re not always getting it done.”
Romeo Crennel, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: “Not always,” might be the kindest way of saying “never” I have heard. The Chiefs have yet to lead in regulation as they head into their November 11th game.


“The way I read this is that Scott Pioli told [Romeo], ‘You can’t do this anymore. Go sell this to the public.’”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: Sweet spot, Chadiha. I understand that we all do what our boss tells us to do, but there comes a time in a grown man’s life when you just need to be a grown man. Romeo instead chose to be a lamb.


“How long have you thought about this and when did you say, ‘This is what we have to do?’”
Mitch Holthus, to Romeo on the changes he made, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: Romeo should have said, “Right after I hung up from Scott Pioli’s phone call.” Instead, he told us a bedtime story. Read on.


“As I was sitting over the weekend, I was sitting and thinking, ‘Maybe this is something we need to do to try and help the team.’ I came to this conclusion and announced it to the team and the media today.”
Romeo Crennel, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: What Romeo did not reveal is that this sitting spell followed a Presidential Platter at Gates and three yammer pies. Then he burped up Stanford Routt.


“It just wasn’t going along as quickly as I anticipated that it would happen. So I decided to go ahead and change that relationship out, so that both parties can go their own ways. Stanford is a good guy and he was trying to learn our system and work within our framework, but it just didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted it to.”
Romeo Crennel, on why he lanced Routt, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: You have to love the language of the NFL. “I decided to go ahead and change that relationship out,” is coach speak for, “We fired his dumb ass.”


“I’m still trying to figure [Routt’s firing] out. It’s a weird situation. I know they’re 1-7, and they’re looking for reasons … I have no clue what happened. I’ve got a call in to Scott [Pioli]. I talked to Stanford, and he’s about as surprised and shocked and down as one can be. He doesn’t totally understand it either. … This was about as random in my 30 years as it gets.”
Vann McElroy, Stanford Routt’s agent, Kansas City Star


“From a football standpoint, I think this is a net loss for the Chiefs. … I would assume they are trying to send a message a little bit. It’s kind of a weird signal.”
Adam Teicher, on the Chiefs releasing Routt, 810 AM
GH: I know many have panned the play of Routt this season but his poor plays were not the kind of miscues that gets you canned. I thought he must have littered the offices at One Arrowhead Drive with a butt-load of Halloween candy wrappers to get axed. Seems he just wasn’t smart enough for Romeo. How scary is that?


“You’re figuring this out in week eight of your second tenure as an NFL head coach? What the hell is going on?!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“So, most likely, the Chiefs just installed new speakers in a totaled car.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“It just reeks of bizarreness and I’m not buying any of it.”
Bob Fescoe, on the changes made by the Chiefs and announced by Romeo Crennel, 610 AM

“Well, Shaun [Smith] is a big-bodied guy who knows the system and has been with us before. He kind of fits the type of player we need along our front.”
Romeo Crennel, on adding the defensive lineman, Chiefs’ Kingdom, 810 AM
GH: Smith’s big body looked HUGE in the video clips I saw of his interviews. He looks ready for a max of three or four plays a game.


“Worst Coach: Romeo Crennel: I mean, come on. There is plenty of competition for this title, but Crennel just seems like the clueless, lovable uncle. He doesn’t know why Jamaal Charles only got six carries in a game, and he doesn’t know why things keep falling apart. He was supposed to bring good defense and the defense has been inconsistent. He’s a puppet for Scott Pioli, and it’s going worse this time around than when he was in Cleveland. One and done.”
Jason Lisk, on his NFL mid-season grades, BigLeadSports.com


“I just don’t know how you can sell this guy as a head coach going forward. There’s no reason to think you can’t do what you did last year with Todd Haley and just cut bait and move on. ”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: I am beginning to wonder what it will take for Pioli to fire Romeo. 1-7? Nope. Not having a lead in regulation? Nope. Getting smoked in almost every game? Nope. Winless at Arrowhead? Nope. Romeo must be a Hoover when it comes to candy wrappers.


“There is nothing that you can point to that is positive about this season for the Kansas City Chiefs. Not one thing! It’s a disaster from top to bottom! I can’t think of one, ONE positive thing that this organization has done this year! I’m not going to sit here and try and do it and blow smoke up our listener’s asses!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM


GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Titans' Bud Adams rips his team

Posted 11-8-12

“In my 50 years of owning an NFL franchise, I am at a loss to recall a regular-season home game that was such a disappointment for myself and fans of the Titans. We were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish today. At this time, all aspects of the organization will be closely evaluated, including front office, coaches and players over the next seven games. If performance and competitiveness does not improve, I will look at all alternatives to get back to having the Titans become a playoff and championship football team.”
Bud Adams, 89-year-old owner of the Titans, after his team was mauled 51-20 by the Bears, The Tennessean
GH: When you are 89 years old, the filter comes off. Are we going to have to wait until the Chiefs’ Clark Hunt reaches his octogenarian stage for him to display some passion for winning in the NFL?

“Those people who are being hard on Clark Hunt forget that he got out the checkbook for the guy everybody said was the best [GM prospect].”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: We all applauded Clark when he signed Pioli. But four years and an embarrassment of a franchise later we all look like fools. So we’re all supposed to continue to be fools? Maas has consistently and publicly stood up for Clark as the heat is being turned up on the Chiefs’ owner. It makes me wonder if Maas expects a future role with this organization once the Candy Man gets canned.

“I just can't be flying up there to see that happen.”
Bud Adams, after leaving Soldier Field in the third quarter of the Titans’ embarrassing loss, The
GH: Chiefs’ fans have been witness to similar thrashing this season at almost every game. Bud has a lot invested in his team but his financial losses aren’t going to alter his monthly budget. You can’t say the same for a lot of Chiefs’ fans.

“If a team underperforms, I'm the first guy you should look at for that, not anybody else, not assistant coaches. It starts with me. If we don't finish this season the way (we) should, then what needs to happen will happen. Sure, it starts with me, I'm the head coach.”
Mike Munchak, the Titans’ second-year head coach, The Tennessean
GH: That sounds a lot different than a Romeo, “I’m not sure what happened,” postgame comment.


“Now you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. Now we get a chance to evaluate players and see where we’re at. Obviously, we’re not out of it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we’ve got and how guys keep on fighting through the rest of the season.”
Mike Shanahan, Washington’s head coach, after his Skins lost 21-13 to Carolina to fall to 3-6, Washington Post
GH: Shanahan is being panned by the media and the talking heads for “giving up” on the season – despite saying, “Obviously, we’re not out of it statistically…” I see Shanahan’s comments as a challenge to his team – a very public one. I don’t know of a Rat yet who gives up halfway to the cheese.


“Peyton Manning in 2012: 5-3, 2,404 passing yards... Andrew Luck in 2012: 5-3, 2,404 passing yards. What a stat by @ESPNStatsInfo.”

Linda Cohn, @lindacohn, Twitter

GH: Would the Colts have taken Soren Petro’s offer of five number one picks in last year’s NFL draft for Luck? I wish the Chiefs would have tried.


“What would YOU ask #Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel? Tweet me some good questions for tomorrow's midday presser.”
Jeff Rosen, KC Star sports editor, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: My ten questions for Romeo…

  1. Is the animosity being shown by Chiefs’ fans similar to what you experienced in your last season at Cleveland?
  2. Is the quarterback the single most important variable in winning games in the NFL? If not, what is?
  3. Have you seen Geno Smith and Matt Barkley play? If not, why not? Pioli says he has not, isn’t that a dereliction of his duty to evaluate personnel for the draft?
  4. Is the Chiefs’ roster simply not very good? At 1-7, it appears we all were wildly optimistic about this team’s talent.
  5. Did you make a mistake in accepting the head coaching position? You have exceled as a DC but have now failed miserably as a head coach twice.
  6. How do you plan to turn around the attitude of a 1-7 team that has appeared to underachieve in almost every game?
  7. Washington’s Mike Shanahan has stated he’ll use the remainder of their season to evaluate players and see who wants to remain on the team. Have you given up as well? If not, wouldn’t it be better to prepare for 2013 then try to win a few games in 2012?
  8. Can you lead this Chiefs’ team to the playoffs in 2013? How?
  9. Just how bad is Ricky Stanzi? He’s worse than Tyler Palko, right?
  10. With half the season remaining, what would be a realistic goal for the number of wins your team can attain?


GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24




Even Mitch Holthus losing faith

Posted 11-2-12

“You find out who has the true pride and passion in situations like this. It’s why our broadcast team will bring it like we are 6-1.”
Mitch Holthus, responding to a tweet from a fan prior to the game urging him to broadcast the Chiefs/Chargers game like the team was 6-1, Twitter
GH: This dreadful excuse for an NFL franchise has brought even the Chiefs biggest cheerleader to his knees. Read on.

Len Dawson, as the Chiefs’ 31-13 loss at San Diego came to a close, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Lenny let this perfect one-word description of what he has witnessed this season from his Chiefs fall from his lips not with despair but rather disgust. His play-by-play partner, Mitch Holthus, knew his frustration and echoed it. Read on.

“There’s no other word.”
Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: I have listened to the radio broadcast a bit more the past few weeks to get the home team’s perspective of a season where the good guys never lead a game. The tone from Lenny is no longer that of an angry ex-Chiefs’ player but rather that of a tired fan who just wants it to end. During the game broadcast, Mitch is far less giddy and over-the-top optimistic about the team as he is on his goofy Chiefs’ Kingdom Show – “We have the Lake Rats here tonight from Lake Lotawana!!!” When the Chiefs have lost Mitch, they have lost us all.

“To do what the Chiefs are doing requires a perfect conspiracy of unpreparedness, ineffectiveness and whatever is the complete opposite of surgical focus — stoner focus, maybe?”
Sam Mellinger, read Sam’s complete column here, KCStar.com

“This season is unimaginable. Kansas City with three more giveaways in this game. Back-to-back defensive touchdown.”
Mitch Holthus, as the Chargers increased their lead to 31-6 in the fourth quarter, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: The Chiefs would finish with four turnovers to give them an almost unfathomable 29 for the season. Matt Cassel owns 18 of those T.O.s all by himself – more than every other NFL team except Dallas. Sickening and disgusting.

“This was another game that was winnable.”
Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Just when I think Mitch has re-entered our galaxy and is once again somewhere within a reality zip code, he drops a Uncle Mitchism like this. Winnable? The Chiefs are absolutely no threat to score a touchdown unless the game is hopelessly out of reach. In a division that has three of the worst offenses in the NFL, the Chiefs are rock-bottom bad. Winnable? How can you think ANY game is winnable when the team has yet to lead even one second in regulation this season?

“The NFL smells the Chargers’ kind of stink all the time, and it’s a significant stink. But by now we all know there is nothing quite as putrid as the Chiefs’ reliably rotten stink. We’re part of history here, you know. … The Chiefs are not just the worst team in the NFL. They’re building a case as one of the worst in modern NFL history.”
Sam Mellinger, read Sam’s
complete column here, KCStar.com

“The Chiefs are an embarrassment to the entire population of KC.”
JT The Brick, @JTTheBrick, Twitter
GH: Even Raiders’ fans are embarrassed for us.

“This fireable offense of a Chiefs season made its prime-time debut on Thursday night, every misstep and fumble and failure of a 31-13 loss to the (not quite as) sorry Chargers broadcast in high-definition to what we can assume was a horrified national audience.”
Sam Mellinger, read Sam’s
complete column here, KCStar.com

“@kcchiefs have apparently started blocking lots and lots of fans who follow them on twitter.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: Obviously the Chiefs have confined this blocking to Twitter. Their best-paid blockers like Eric Winston are too busy drawing procedure penalties and bashing Chiefs’ fans.

“This isn’t a football team — it’s a slump buster in pads. … Maybe the next coach can call a play with the lead. Maybe the next general manager will worry more about the quarterback than candy wrappers.”
Sam Mellinger, read Sam’s complete column here, KCStar.com

“Of all the [conference] movement, Missouri to the SEC I think was the worst decision across every category you can grade it. I think it was a knee-jerk reaction to thinking the Big 12 was going to implode. Not only is it not going to implode, it’s really strong.”
Ed Cunningham, college football broadcaster, ABC
GH: Kevin Kietzman opened his Thursday show discussing Cunningham’s comments about Mizzou’s decision to move to the SEC. Ed Cunningham? Was that Richie’s big brother? KK’s fixation (i.e. jealousy) concerning the conference realignment moves by Missouri, Texas A&M and Nebraska continues. I know it riles up some Tigers’ and Cornhuskers’ fans but I find his verbal attacks entertaining.

“I don’t mean to go off on a rant here, but of all of the money grabs… Missouri would have made just as much if they’d have stuck around in the Big 12.”
Ed Cunningham, college football broadcaster, ABC Sports
GH: The main reason the Big 12 is alive and healthy today is exactly because CU, NU, A&M and MU left! I am not sure of Cunningham’s education but he apparently slept through of number of his classes. Missouri left the most unstable conference for the richest and most stable conference in all of college athletics.

“Frankly, I would bet there are conversations at Missouri about how we undo this. Because Missouri should get back in the Big 12. They should just admit their mistake, come back with their pockets pulled out and say, ‘What do you need from us?’ Because it’s just a disastrous decision, I think.”
Ed Cunningham, college football broadcaster, ABC Sports
GH: While the Big 12 was hurriedly adding huge financial penalties to its bylaws for any members  who might desire to leave, the SEC has no such shackles on their teams – because no one wants to go. Should Kansas look to secede from the Big 12 due to their poor football performances the past few years? What was K-State thinking staying in he Big 6/8 their first 70 or 80 years in the conference? Cunningham and KK want MU to quit after two months in the SEC? That Mizzou Tiger stock is a bit hardier than talk radio fodder.

“That was shocking to hear him say that! I didn’t see this coming from a national broadcaster. This leads me to believe he’s heard other people talking about this.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Cunningham’s comments regarding Mizzou’s move to the SEC, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman stated that Cunningham’s words might have Missouri fans pounding their vehicle’s steering wheel. Kietz wishes. Mizzou is more SEC today than they ever felt Big 12. Ever. The Big 12 is not the Big 8 we all knew. That changed everything. And for most, (sorry Colorado) for the good.


“It’s going to be at least five years in football before you have a foothold.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou may not win an SEC title in football – for 50 years. But when and if they do, they will remember the struggle to get to that pinnacle. Check with K-State fans on how much they are enjoying their run from the bowels of college football to the penthouse this season. Pretty sweet, ain’t it?


“The better word for Missouri was petty. It was really petty. They said, ‘We just need to get away from the Big 12.’ I don’t think this conference would take them back.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Petty is continuing to bring up conference realignment issues about schools that long ago packed their bags and never looked back.


“I think K-State people work hard. I think they work ridiculously hard. Many of them come from agriculture and farm backgrounds where nothing came easy. It’s instilled in them. Everything you get in this world you work for. You daddy’s not the CEO of some large corporation and has millions of dollars. That’s not the K-State profile.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: And KU people do not? Those CEOs work just as hard as a pig farmer. It might not fit with KK’s Rockwell painting but today’s farmer’s got nothing on today’s software engineer.


“Almost all K-Staters that have anything, earned it themselves. Know that first and foremost.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Was Jerry Green a K-Stater?


“What this fan base loves about this football team – they see themselves in it.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: What every fan base loves about their team’s success is the success. K-State’s team worked just as hard when Bill Snyder’s boys were struggling before Ron Prince was brought in to right the combine. Fans like their school’s team but they LOVE when they win. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s not turn Manhattan, KS into Oz.

“Collin Klein did not kiss a girl until the altar of his wedding. I say it’s absurd and unnatural. Got an opinion?”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, Twitter
GH: This tweet from Forde showed up on my timeline Thursday night. Apparently, the Yahoo sports writer / taker was on the air at the time and was trying to drum up phone calls to his syndicated radio show. He included his station’s toll-free number with the tweet. Kansas City is all too familiar with sports talk hosts who will sell their character for a ratings bump. Read on.

“Ok, let me rephrase: Not an attack on Collin Klein’s beliefs. Not what I meant. Just find it almost unhuman. No slight to the young man.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, Twitter
GH: Unhuman? Even for Yahoo that’s a tad barbaric. Who was Forde trying to dupe here? Of course he was attacking Klein’s values and beliefs. When you call an act, “absurd and unnatural,” that is an attack. Forde must have heard from a number of folks who did not take kindly to his tweets. Read on.

“Calling Chump on myself for the C. Klein bit. Live radio and Twitter offer the chance to overstate. And I did. Apology to the young man.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, Twitter
GH: Forde then deleted his tweets about Klein’s kiss and tell. Klein is now married . I am guessing his late start in the kissing game hasn’t hampered his marital bliss.

GregHall24@Yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Ryan Maguire leavies 610 for Pittsburgh

Posted 11-2-12

“ENTERCOM Sports KCSP-A/KANSAS CITY PD RYAN MAGUIRE has been named PD at ​​CBS RADIO Sports KDKA-F (SPORTSRADIO 93-7 THE FAN)/PITTSBURGH, starting NOVEMBER 26th. MAGUIRE fills the slot left vacant when TERRY FOXX exited to launch sister Sports WZGC (92.9 THE GAME)/ATLANTA.”
GH: Maguire is the program director who was brought in from Milwaukee to help 610 Sports build their audience. He also gave Nick Wright his first break but their professional relationship deteriorated when Wright took a job in Houston and Maguire fired most of what remained of Wright’s staff. Read on.


“Ryan has a very impressive track record in programming Sports radio stations. He has produced strong ratings, and successfully developed a number of dynamic on-air sports personalities. Furthermore, Ryan has an uncompromising passion for sports, and his leadership will well serve PITTSBURGH sports fans.”
Michael Young, SVP/Market Manager, AllAccess.com

GH: Maguire has developed strong ratings and “a number of dynamic on-air sports personalities?” Bob Fescoe? Nick Wright? Will those Cleveland jocks next be weeping for Pittsburgh?

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity and privilege to be a part of SPORTSRADIO 93-7 THE FAN in Pittsburgh. Western Pennsylvania is home to some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the country, and I’m looking forward to seeing KDKA continue to be a big part of their sports experience.”
Ryan Maguire, AllAccess.com
GH: Maguire gets to trade the Royals and Chiefs for the Pirates and Steelers. If he can do the same for KDKA’s on-air talent, he will be a big hit in Pittsburgh.



Cleveland radio laughing at Chiefs

Posted 11-2-12

“Chiefs’ fans – they are laughing at us in Cleveland! … They knew in Cleveland and now we know in Kansas City.”
Michael Coleman, sports anchor, KCTV5
GH: Is this how bad it has gotten here in Kansas City? It’s so ridiculously futile here that even Cleveland Browns fans are now making fun of us? Coleman played an audio clip from a Cleveland sports talk radio show on his Wednesday sportscasts. Read on for the Clevelanders’ comments .


“The guy [on a KC sports talk radio station] comes back from break and he says, ‘Why Brian Daboll is still employed… Then they played the sound from Romeo and he goes, ‘Well, uh, uh, uh…”
Aaron Goldhammer, Cleveland sports talk show host, WKNR-AM
GH: The rest of Goldhammer’s comment was drowned out by howls of laughter from his cohost. Is Kansas City now known as, “The Mistake by the Fake (GM)?” We are now the butt of Cleveland’s jokes? This is getting serious, Clark. BTW; The name of Goldhammer's and Rizzo's show? The Really Big Show. Sounds somewhat familiar...


“Six weeks ago I said, ‘Apparently they don’t get the Internet in Kansas City.’ ”
Tony Rizzo, Cleveland sports talk show host, WKNR-AM
GH: Rizzo’s comment referenced the lack of success that Romeo Crennel had in Cleveland – and the Chiefs’ inability to project the same results would likely occur with Romeo as the Chiefs’ head coach. For all of you long-time KC sports talk radio listeners – as the late Mizzou football coach, Larry Smith, would proudly say, “I don’t have an Internet.”


“Thank God we're not those teams this time around.”
Tony Rizzo, Cleveland sports talk show host, WKNR-AM
GH: Geez. The Browns are 2-6 and these brown-mustard-stained wretches are laughing and thanking the Almighty that their not Chiefs’ fans. Do something, Clark. Before the Argonaut fans start laughing at us.


“Love Romeo! Great guy. Great coordinator. Horrible coach. Horrible! Brian Daboll – horrible coach!”
Tony Rizzo, WKNR-AM
GH: These two guys were entertaining in the short clip that KCTV5 aired. There should be a race between 610 and 810 to get these two Cleveland talkers on one of their shows to tell Romeo and Daboll stories. That would beat the hell out of the next interview with a Target parking lot bride or the guy grilling chicken on top of a beer can. You can hear the Cleveland sports talk show hosts’ audio here.


“I don’t usually eat red meat.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: While it is still moving?


“I try to treat every team in the [Big 12] on equal footing. I really get along great with every coach in the league. I try really hard to call it down the middle.”
Fran Fraschilla, who will replace Bob Knight as the TV analyst for the Big 12 Big Monday games on ESPN, 810 AM
GH: Fraschilla is a much better option as an analyst than Knight, who never seemed to take his job seriously. But I’m not nearly as enthralled with FF as most. His great relationships with the conference coaches and his bending over to be fair to all teams make for a bland broadcast. Give me a guy like Doug Gottlieb over FF any day or night. Gottlieb lives on the edge and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about a player, coach or team. I would much prefer an opinionated analyst like Gottlieb or Jay Bilas than a fence sitter like Fraschilla.

“Right now, I think Dallas-Fort Worth has the best high school basketball in the country – and that’s coming from a New York guy.”
Fran Fraschilla, 810 AM
GH: Really? So now Dallas is the mecca for high school football and high school hoops?  If only they could get that Longhorn Network working.

“I think he’s got more potential for greatness than either of those two guys.”
Fran Fraschilla, saying that KU’s Ben McLemore has more potential than Brandon Rush and Xavier Henry, 810 AM
GH: Big Ben’s put-back slam dunk in his debut Tuesday night made Fraschilla look like a prophet. He is going to be fun to watch – at least this season.

“I’m not giddy about my team at all yet but I love their ‘try’ level.”
Bill Self, 610 AM
GH: I have heard Self talk about his team a number of times already this season. He sounds giddy to me.

“I think there is great pride in winning the league and no team wants to be the one that didn’t.”
Bill Self, on KU’s attempt for their ninth straight Big 12 Conference title, 610 AM
GH: Wow. Just wow. That streak is just incredible in today’s game. Hats off to KU.PS: I heard some grumblings from Jayhawk fans that the Allen Fieldhouse pregame video underwent a major makeover and most were not happy. No Mario shot? Boring video of recruits signing letters of intent? As Michael Coleman would say – “Back to the drawing board!”

“I think Oklahoma State is loooooaded and I think Oklahoma is loaded too. When you’ve got Texas and West Virginia in the middle of the pact, that tells you your league is pretty good.”
Bill Self, 610 AM
GH: I also think The Mayor in Ames will have some talent for the Big 12 to have to defend. Kansas State is going to be very interesting to monitor as well. Nothing like Big 12 basketball to warm my winter nights…and piss off my wife.

“I’d say I’m almost always 80% [on my free throws].”
Nate Bukaty, who said he routinely shoots free throws prior to calling the KU women’s basketball games, 810 AM
GH: We need a sponsor to organize a KC-area celebrity free throw contest. We can hold the finals during the CBE HOF Classic at Sprint Center in November. I’d love to see Bukaty, Michael Coleman, Lazlo and Gary Lezak battle it out front of 17K fans. Somebody make this happen.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Chiefs are beyond bad; Dayton Moore kicks Royals' fans in the baseballs

Posted 10-29-12

“Consider this. Heading into Week 8, the NFL had experienced 62 games decided by one possession (eight points) or less, a record number through seven weeks of the season. Similarly, we have seen 30 games decided by three points or less, the fourth highest in league history.”
Brian Billick, NFL analyst, Foxsports.com
GH: Consider this. Despite all of these close games the 2012 Chiefs have yet to lead for even a second of regulation play. Not one. Read on.

“There are obviously the outliers at the front end like the Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans, and then there are the outliers at the other end of the spectrum with the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers. But most of the teams are hunkered down in the middle, stuck in the parity of the NFL. As we approach the halfway point of the season, the first-place teams in five of the eight divisions only have a one-game lead.”
Brian Billick, NFL analyst, Foxsports.com
GH: In a league where it is almost impossible to be awful, the Chiefs are worse   than awful. I heard today that the Raiders have won twice at Arrowhead since the Chiefs last won there. Frosty.

“The Chiefs fourth turnover. Halloween has come early for the Chiefs.”
Kevin Harlan, while doing the TV play-by-play of the Raiders/Chiefs game, CBS
GH: Halloween showed up for Chiefs’ fans this season in September…and it was wearing a Scot Pioli mask.

“Does it really matter? Does it really matter who the [Chiefs’] quarterback is right now?”
Josh Klingler, on reports that both Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel could be injured for Thursday night’s game in San Diego, 610 AM
GH: Maybe if we made a trade for Peyton Manning it would matter. Maybe. What did Peyton know about the Chiefs that so many of us missed in the off season?

“Arm strength? [Peyton] Manning don't need no stinking arm strength. Some quarterbacks wing it. Manning methodically dissects, flicks and just as the secondary starts cheating up pops the occasional deep ball to Demaryius Thomas. Arm strength? In the Broncos' impressively easy 34-14, AFC West first-place-lifting victory against New Orleans before a sellout crowd of 76,832 and a national television audience Sunday night, Manning showed he has just enough arm strength.”
Mike Klis, columnist, Denver Post
GH: I did not think Peyton could return from his injury and be half the quarterback he was in Indianapolis. I was wrong. I was VERY wrong. He looks different but the results are still there. He is playing at a Pro-Bowl clip and it looks like he just might take Denver back to the Super Bowl. Wow!

“I'm not exactly sure. We were rotating our backs in there. [Peyton] Hillis was back, and he was able to get some carries.”
Romeo Crennel, when asked why Jamaal Charles only had five carries against the Raiders, 610 AM
GH: Hillis had a whopping four carries.
Romeo, oh Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
Deny thy GM and refuse thy paycheck.
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn at my love.
And I’ll no longer be a victim of the salary Cap-u-let.

“The Chiefs are beyond disappointment, beyond even the kind of stink that makes your eyes water, and are now neck-deep in the all-time pool of pathetic with Matt Millen’s Lions, Turner Gill’s Jayhawks and Buddy Bell’s Royals. … The Chiefs are the first team to go seven weeks without a lead in regulation since 1940. Nineteen-forty.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Even I don’t remember 1940.

“Cheer up, Chiefs fans: MT @ShawnZobel_DHQ: Current 2013 NFL Draft order after today's games: 1. KC, 2. Caro, 3. Jax, 4. Cle”
Adam Teicher, @adamteicher, Twitter
GH: Success in failure? Pioli’s plan at work.

“The price to get in to the next 4 Chiefs home game on stubhub -- $8.94, $26.00, $7.94, $6.95. Broncos game is killing the AVERAGE price.”
Cody Thorn, @CodyThorn, Twitter

“Jerry Palm predicts Alabama/Oregon in BCS championship game. K-State/Notre Dame in Fiesta.”
Kellis Robinett, @KellisRobinett, following a weekend that saw Notre Dame win at Norman, Oklahoma, K-State demolish Texas Tech, Alabama embarrass undefeated Mississippi State and the Ducks obliterate the Buffalos worse than Wild Bill Cody, Twitter
GH: Sure, there are still four or five weeks in the regular season for these four teams. Each team could lose down the stretch and make all this handwringing premature. But what if they do not? What if all four do what I believe they will do – continue on a path that leaves the BCS with four very talented and deserving undefeated teams? Read on.

“Alabama vs. Notre Dame for the BCS could be biggest title game ever.”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter
GH: Finebaum is the mouth of the south when it comes to SEC dominance in football. There is no question in his mind that Alabama is the best team in the land – he simply is looking for the most attractive scalp for the Tide to hang on their BCS trophy. Notre Dame is the greatest name in all of college football. Has been since
Knute Rockne donned a bowler and walked the earth in fuzzy black and white film. Finebaum’s words can be grating to Bama’s opposition but he speaks the truth.

“And any K-State fan who didn't already hate the Irish, now's your chance. You're almost certainly gonna get screwed by ND.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: No fan of college football should be spending any energy degrading the talents and efforts from any of these four teams. All four have proven their worth on the field this season. It is not Notre Dame or Oregon or Alabama who would be screwing Kansas State [or vice versa if K-State gets the nod over two other undefeated teams]. It is the NCAA and their rigidness to adhere to their BCS formula when it would be obvious to all that it needs to be scrapped immediately. Do not wait until 2014. The BCS needs to come out today with a contingency plan that has the four undefeated playing in semifinal matchups on January 9th and a title game on January 16th.

“The Fighting Irish became the latest team to move past Oregon on Sunday, taking third place behind Alabama and Kansas State. The Ducks remained fourth. … Oregon's upcoming schedule could help solve the Ducks' problem. Oregon plays three opponents in the BCS top 25 [Southern California, Stanford and Oregon State] in its last four games, starting with the Trojans in Los Angeles on Saturday. The Pac-12 title game, if the Ducks get there, should give Oregon another quality opponent.”
Ralph Russo, writer, YahooSports.com
GH: Oregon will get a late-season BCS push from their schedule. Notre Dame just needs to stay undefeated and beat a faltering USC. K-State has its big wins in the bag, which might hurt in the last few polls. All of this is maddening if you are a fan of any of these teams.

“Almost just ripped a dude’s throat out that asked if I just jumped on the K-State bandwagon or if I actually went to school there.”
Eric Stonestreet, @ericstonestreet, KSU alum, Twitter
GH: The Kansas State bandwagon is about to set a record in capacity. Every non-ND fan in the land is pulling for the Cats over the Catholics. It stinks that the BCS has forced fans to devolve into negative campaigning. You would think this is an election year.

“I had a couple of Kansas fans tweet me and tell me that it’s absurd that I’m rooting for K-State, as a KU-football guy. I’m not gonna sit here and hate on K-State. I’m not gonna be that guy who tries to minimize what my rival is accomplishing. Any KU fans out there who think I’m a traitor rooting for K-State – save it.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I wonder if Kevin Kietzman entered into Nate’s thinking here? KK’s Schadenfreude tactics does make it hard to root for KSU if you are a rival. But how many KU fans are covertly or maybe not-so-secretively rooting for the Snyder Cats? I understand rivalries but why would any Kansan root against a state school’s march to excellence? The most common answer? “Their fans will be insufferable if they win a national title!” We like to keep our enemies down, especially when we are in the gutter ourselves.

“In other words, the fact that Oregon's No. 4 in BCS right now means nothing. It's No. 2 in polls. If it wins out, it will be top 2 in BCS.”
Stewart Mandel, @slmandel, Sports Illustrated writer, Twitter

“If Arthur Brown was on Notre Dame, he’d already have won the Heisman.”
Nick Leckey, former K-State and NFL player, 810 AM

“We know who we are and how we have to build this [Royals’] team, and how we have to build our rotation. We’re going to be aggressive as we can, but we know who we are and how we need to do it.”
Dayton Moore, Royals’ GM, after the Royals claimed Chris Volstad [3-12, 6.31 ERA last season] off waivers from that juggernaut of pitching – the Cubs, KCStar.com
GH: We know who we are? WE KNOW WHO WE ARE???? What an absolute kick in the baseballs to every Royals fans sitting around a hot stove. I wish I knew who David Glass is.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Kietzman chooses to rip KU as KSU football rises to top

Posted 10-28-12

“If Kansas State were to go on and win their next five games and Collin Klein wins the Heisman Trophy and then Kansas State goes on to play in the national championship game – not win it but just play in the national championship game – would that be the single greatest sports accomplishment in the history of the state of Kansas? I can’t think of anything that would come close to it.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Please pause for the noise that these comments will surely bring from those who don crimson and blue and root for the Jayhawks. Does KK make these kind of outlandish, ridiculous and baseless comments to secure his role as a radio shock jock or simply to needle his favorite target – Kansas fans? And why, when his Kansas State Wildcats are enjoying their greatest season ever, would he stoop to this kind of beak tweaking? Oh, there is more. Much, much more. Read on.


“And that would be an incredible compliment to Kansas. I honestly mean that as a compliment to KU basketball.”
Kevin Kietzman, on his above comments, 810 AM
GH: How in the hell is that an “incredible compliment” to Kansas basketball? Does Kietzman think we are all as dense as Danny Clinkscale, the KU grad who lock-stepped agreed with his “single greatest sports accomplishment in the history of the state of Kansas” comment? Kansas basketball lays claim to five national championships. How would a K-State appearance in the BCS title game surpass any of those titles? I think KK just wants to pick on KU while it’s still football season. Read on. 


“I keep hearing people saying they’re better. I keep asking for someone to show me how? I make my living telling you what I think. Telling you the truth.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM


“I’m talking about what I’ve seen this year [of KU football]. I keep hearing people say they’re better. I am just asking how? I don’t see [any improvement in KU football]. Normally, you can see when a really good coach comes in and has a plan, there’s a trademark. A coach comes in, he puts a system in place and you go, ‘Okay, I see what they’re trying to do.’ When I watch that team, I don’t know the identity of that football team.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: We must consider that Kietzman has a keen eye for college football talent. He is also the same guy who has assured us that Missouri would be a force in the SEC East this season with their best chance to ever win the division. He said Texas A&M football would be an embarrassment in the SEC. He accused Tommy Tuberville of just wanting a big payday when he actively auditioned for the KU job and he then said Tuberville would be a sure failure at Texas Tech. KK was Turner Gill’s most ardent advocate while he was at Kansas – even chastising anyone who would dare criticize Gill for his team’s woeful results. Now he is questioning how anyone can say KU football is improved under Charlie Weis. Did KK not watch the KU/K-State game this season when Kansas was down only 21-14 at the half to the possible national champion?

“We’ve all just taken a brush and painted over everything Turner Gill did for two years and said it was awful, the team was awful, blah, blah, blah.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: A brush? We could use a crop duster and not cover all the awful that Turner Gill dropped on KU football.


“This will be the third head coach and the fourth year in a row where the [KU] head coach has won zero or one conference games. That’s Mangino, Gill and Weis. Maybe it isn’t Charlie Weis. Maybe it’s the place.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Why choose this week of all weeks to pick on the dregs that is Kansas football? As a proud K-State grad, Kietzman should be reveling in his team’s success and if anything, ignoring the mess that is and has been Kansas football. But Kietzman cannot seem to get the red and blue demons out of his head. He is obsessed with Jayhawks. Always has been. Not even the Wildcats’ greatest football season ever can ease his pain.


“Maybe you can’t win there. Nobody ever says that about Kansas. We’ve got this thing in this town, this is right here. We don’t say that. It’s easy to say that about K-State. We say it about Iowa State. We say it about places like that. Maybe you just can’t win there.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Huh? Has KK’s source for medication dried up? What the hell is he talking about? Who is saying you can’t win at K-State? Kansas football isn’t great but it’s not what Turner Gill had it looking like. I still remember sitting in KU’s Memorial Stadium and watching Kansas ring up 76 on the Cornhuskers in 2007.


“Again, I am not drawing a conclusion. I have not closed the book on Charlie Weis.”
Kevin Kietzman, after Weis’ 1-5 start as KU’s head football coach, 810 AM

GH: Okay, as long as you’re not drawing any conclusion. Just dragging Weis and his Jayhawks through the mud for old time’s sake then?


“We’re not talking basketball. I’m not talking any basketball until there are games being played to talk about.”
Kevin Kietzman, in response to Jack Harry wanting to talk local college hoops, 810 AM

GH: Translation: Frank Martin moved to South Carolina. 


“I think Bill Snyder Family Stadium is going to be on fire Saturday afternoon! I’m going to call out the Kansas State fans here a little bit because against Kansas, [the K-State crowd] wasn’t much. I’m guessing that is going to be one tough environment.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Finally, something KK and I can agree on. All the more reason to be focused on the Red Raiders rather than Charlie Weis.


“Everyone expects K-State to just win the rest of their games easy. This is going to be so hard. It’s next to impossible.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Alright then, let’s talk college hoops.

“Did you know KU basketball starts next Tuesday?”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: KU opens with Emporia State and Washburn. These games are exhibitions but any trip to Allen Fieldhouse comes with the full-blown floor show that leaves the occupants panting. Get there if you get the chance – even against the in-state buffet schools.

“[Last season, Missouri] was the worst great defensive team in my memory. That’s going to change with [Alex] Oriakhi.”
Mike DeCourcy, college basketball writer for Sporting News, on the 6’9 former UConn big man, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou is getting a lot of national love due to the magical Phil Pressey, the return of Laurence Bowers and some talented transfers. They open November 10th against SIU-Edwardsville. The Mizzou Center has a lot to learn yet when it comes to matching Allen Fieldhouse for every-game atmosphere.

“I’m sorry to hear about Gene Chizik’s mother [passing away] but it’s kinda like karma. It is what it is.”
Caller Lisa, an avowed Alabama fan, on the passing of the Auburn head coach’s 86-year-old mother, Paul Finebaum Show / Sirius XM 91
GH: Lisa had an audible smirk as she told Finebaum Chizik was simply getting what he deserved. The SEC is a different place when it comes to football rivalries. A different and dark place.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Romeo not a leader; Mellinger bashes fans who don't love soccer

Posted 10-25-12

“[Romeo Crennel] has to go down as one of the coaches in the NFL that instills the least amount of confidence in his fan base.”
Aaron Swarts, after commenting on some of the head-scratching comments made by Romeo about the Chiefs’ poor play this season, 810 AM
GH: I had high hopes for Romeo’s press conferences after he took over for Todd Haley. He appeared to be more forthright and less vague than the homeless golfer. But Romeo’s pressers have turned into confusing comedy routines. His grandfatherly style elicits more sympathy than real anger. But some have had enough. Read on.

“I don’t want him as my coach. He shouldn’t be here. Go back to Cleveland. … That’s why they play uninspired out there. That’s why they quit.”
Jake Gutiérrez, after Romeo Crennel laughed and said he had no interest in reminding his players the Raiders have won five straight at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: There is no laughing during Raiders Week. We have the fortunate or unfortunate background of what the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry once was. Romeo, Scott Pioli and most of the football players dressed in the Chiefs’ colors do not. Len Dawson’s teams initiated the rivalry. Marty Schottenheimer and Carl Peterson made the Raiders the Chiefs’ main focus. This city reveled in those games and the victories. For Romeo to not understand that is more than sad. It is a dereliction of duty.

“The guy wearing the whistle around his chest for this team says, ‘Be positive guys. It’s all good. We’re going to get through this.’ All I’m saying is that hasn’t been working. … It’s why these coaches get $10,000 speaking engagements. They write books – because they are great motivators of men. They’re great leaders.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs thought they hired an experienced head coach in Crennel and what they got is a guy far too happy to have a second chance at being the head guy. Romeo is so happy he’s the head coach he has worked to avoid pissing some people off. Sometimes it takes being the bad guy to be a champion. Grandfatherly types need not apply.

“It’s a tradition. The Raiders, they come in, they cheapshot, they hit you. I’m not saying [any] names. It is what it is. We’ve got to be ready to play and keep our composure, stayed poised and be able to get this win. The core guys that have been here, they understand what we’ve got going on Sunday. [The Raiders] are coming in and they’re a good team and a fast team and they play dirty. We’ve got to come out swinging.”
Tamba Hali, Kansas City Star
GH: Ben Davidson would have taken great pride in Hali’s comments. The Raiders’ Richard Seymour did not. Read on.

“In terms of being dirty, going out to hurt guys, I don’t think I play that way or any of my teammates [play that way.] I don’t stand for it. But we do play tough and physical. I do believe that’s the way the game is supposed to be played. I respect guys that play the same way.”
Richard Seymour, Raiders’ defensive lineman, Kansas City Star
GH: Translation: Buckle your chinstrap, Tamba.

“I have a hard time picking the Chiefs against anybody right now with Brady Quinn behind center. Not that Matt Cassel would be any better – but I have no faith in Quinn. Kansas City is just so bad at the quarterback position.”
Matt Williamson, ESPN NFL writer, 810 AM
GH: Williamson picked the Raiders to beat the Chiefs for the sixth straight time at Arrowhead, 17-14, in what he called a bad game between two bad teams.

“I’m no proponent of Matt Cassel as a long-term answer. However, he’s better than Brady Quinn.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“[Darren McFadden] used to be one of the nastiest, look-for-contact runners. He doesn’t run with that same anger and I think that’s as much a problem as anything.”
Matt Williamson, ESPN NFL writer, 810 AM
GH: I am often reminded how quickly an NFL running back’s greatness can turn to ordinary. We saw it with Larry Johnson. My fantasy team is suffering through McFadden’s fall from heaven. It is shocking how quickly it sometimes goes. Jamaal, get what you can while you can.

“I don't think any city deserves the NBA more than Kansas City. Fans here are so supportive.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, tweeting from Sprint Center while watching the Heat and the Wizards Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: Kansas City was a whirlwind of midweek sports activity Wednesday night as the NBA was in town for an exhibition game, Sporting KC secured the MLS East Division title and the World Series flickered on televisions sets in homes on both sides of the state line. My Twitter timeline captured much of it. Read on for a sampling.

“Official attendance tonight at @LIVESTRONPark: 19,428. Another game, another sellout. You guys are the best.”
@SportingKC, Twitter
GH: Sprint Center announced the attendance for the NBA game at over 16K. That’s 35K out and about on an October school night here in KC. Me? I was glued to the WS game on my couch. How ‘bout that Kung Fu Panda dude? The Babe, Reggie, Pujols and Panda. Three dongs and a cartoon.

“Don't know how anyone could sit down and really watch the NBA and hate it. It's beautiful. How effortless the game looks for them, the athleticism and fluidity of the game, the talent. It's basketball at the highest level, it's art”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter

“If you're attending an NBA preseason game with a Sporting KC match in KCK & the World Series on the tube, I question your common sense.”
Craig Brown, @royalsauthority, Twitter

“I've never heard 18,000 people be so quiet. This is why I don't like the NBA.”
Brian McGannon, @BrianMcGannon, Twitter
GH: The NBA still suffers in this town I believe because of “Allen Fieldhouse Syndrome.” We in KC expect the pro game to mimic the experiences we have at KU, MU and K-State. It is why Arrowhead is such an anomaly in the NFL – we treat the Chiefs like a college team.

“It's a who's who of Kansas City Chiefs courtside at the preseason NBA game. Flowers, Albert, Poe, Dex, Breaston, Moeaki, among the crew.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: If that is a “Who’s Who,” it SCREAMS Kansas City.

“This isn’t about the soccer. Some of you can’t make that leap. Some of you never will. Some of you don’t want to, don’t care, and of course that’s your choice. Your choice to miss out. Because even if you’re stuck in the 1980s and refuse to think of soccer as anything more than orange slices and Capri Suns, you must at least wish your team could model the thorough, smart, and fan-first success of Sporting KC.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Here we go again with the bashing of those sports fans who refuse to love soccer. “Your choice to miss out.” What is happening with Sporting KC and at Livestrong Sporting Park is fantastic. But the Cerner boys built that neat little stadium to seat 20K for a reason – it’s a niche sport. It’s a really cool niche with a passionate fan base but after 16 years the MLS Wizards/Sporting still schedule their season and their games around the big three – the NFL, MBL and NBA. That’s not changing, Sam.

“Think about this: Sporting KC is not only on its way to joining the mainstream local sports scene … the franchise is changing it.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: How? Where? When? This is simply not true. Again, I love the excitement and success Sporting has infused into this city – but it is not causing an evolutionary change in Kansas City’s landscape. It’s a great chapter in KC’s sports encyclopedia.

“Look at this with an open mind, and the franchise that commissioner Don Garber calls the MLS’ greatest success story is perfectly positioned to take advantage of market conditions both in and out of its own control. So this is about much more than just soccer, but if that’s not your thing, then fine.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The open mind that is missing here is Mellinger’s. I understand him and the Sporting fan base WANTING us all to know what they know and feel what they feel. Saying it loudly and writing about it passionately does not make it so. Maybe in another 16 years.

“It’s just that you’ll be missing the best part of Kansas City’s current professional sports scene.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Don’t forget to keep an open mind, Sam.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Brady Quinn described as 'extraordinarily inaccurate'

Posted 10-24-12

“I’m surprised and I’m shocked to be honest. I think we know who Brady Quinn is. He’s a quarterback who couldn’t cut it in Cleveland and he couldn’t cut it in Denver.”
Clark Judge, of CBSSports.com, when asked by Soren Petro for his reaction to the Chiefs naming Brady Quinn as their starter, 810 AM
GH: What does the rest of the NFL think of the Chiefs having to bench their $63-million QB seven games into the season in favor of a guy who couldn’t make it in Cleveland or as Denver’s back-up? They think this franchise is broken and they can’t wait to stomp on it. Read on – but not on a full stomach.

“I know folks who used to work with [Quinn] and I know one in particular who believed strongly in him and then gave up on him. He said, ‘He’s one of the most extraordinarily inaccurate passers I’ve seen.’ … You try to get the ball to the right spot and he just can’t do it. Eventually, that team gave up on him.”
 Clark Judge, of CBSSports.com, discussing what he has heard about Quinn from NFL coaches who have worked with him, 810 AM
GH: Has the phrase, “He’s one of the most extraordinarily inaccurate passers I’ve seen,” ever even been used before to describe a first-round NFL quarterback? Obviously, Scott Pioli either never talked to this former Quinn advocate or ignored his warnings. We are about to spend the next two months finding out who was right.

“I just wonder what this [quarterback change] means for the Chiefs. What it means for Matt Cassel and what it means for a lot of people long term in that Chiefs’ organization.”
Clark Judge, of CBSSports.com, 810 AM
GH: Are the futures of Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli tied to Quinn’s production? If so, both will be wintering in much warmer climes than Kansas City.

“His career is basically on the line. I do think that the motivation factor for Quinn has to be incredibly high. I think his NFL career is staring him right in the eye right now.”
Kevin Harlan, on Brady Quinn’s opportunity as the Chiefs’ starter, 810 AM
GH: If we are to believe what Quinn’s former coach said about him, staring Quinn “right in the eye” is going to result in an extraordinarily inaccurate result.

“I’m here to tell you [Quinn] can’t do it. There is no right answer on this roster for the head coach to turn to. What I saw against the Bucs, this is probably the wrong move.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro made the comment that someone close to the Chiefs’ organization told him Cassel’s head has been fried – that he’s lost all confidence. That is exactly how Cassel looks to me – like a guy who expects the worst every time he drops back into the pocket.

“We’ve almost regressed here under Jim Zorn.”
Jay Binkley, on Zorn’s work with the Chiefs’ quarterbacks, 610 AM
GH: Anyone who has watched Zorn work at a Chiefs’ practice has to like his energy and the chemistry he shares with the quarterbacks. But the value of a coach is measured in the production from his players. In this category Zorn gets a Z.

“We talked about Romeo earlier. Where are the players who are blossoming under him? Justin Houston, I’ll give him that. Justin Houston’s grown up. But aside from that, I don’t see anybody else really coming alive these last five or six weeks.”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: About the only thing Romeo’s regime has restituted at Arrowhead is the SaveOurChiefs.com band wagon.

“I don’t listen to Romeo Crennel for news. I listen to him for humor, basically.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“ESPN's Bill Simmons is supporting the SaveOurChiefs.com movement. ‘I am 100% supporting the KC thing,’ Simmons.”
@SaveOurChiefs, Twitter
GH: The national media already have their cameras pointed toward Kansas City, thanks to Eric Winston’s rant. It will not take much for them to focus on Pioli and Crennel instead of the X-Factor’s wedge. 

“It’s not a real strong crop if you ask me at this point.”
Kevin Lockett, former K-State and Chiefs receiver, on his opinion of the college quarterbacks that will be available for the 2013 NFL draft, 610 AM
GH: With Geno’s Pizzazz taking a major hit the past two weeks against Texas Tech and then Kansas State, the quarterback draft options do not look quite as attractive as they did earlier. Geno didn’t handle pressure well and he is not a throw-on-the-run kind of QB. I’d still take him against the Raiders on Sunday – but I’d take Trick Shot over Brady Quinn.

“Barkley is Cassel and he is on top of the [draft] board.”
Josh Vernier, on the USC quarterback, 610 AM
GH: Barkley isn’t Matt Cassel, despite their common USC roots. Barkley has been a two-year starter at USC while Cassel never started a college game. Barkley might not be a great NFL quarterback but I wouldn’t write him off just because he is a Trojan.

“Saturday Night Live has always been outstanding! People who say Saturday Night Live isn’t as good as it used to be are wrong. It’s always been outstanding! You’re absolutely wrong!”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: This SNL debate will never die. I am an old guy who can remember SNL’s debut as NBC’s Saturday Night in the mid 70s. I was waiting tables in college at the time and I can remember closing the restaurant on Saturday nights at 11:00 PM and the entire wait staff and crew huddled around the bar’s 19-inch TV to watch Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase and the like make fools of themselves and everyone they parodied. Was it better then than it is now? Has it waned over the years? It is my opinion that each SNL show [no matter the year] has always had a number of weak skits with an occasional keeper. More shaft than wheat. But the keepers are so good I come back every week to catch it. The
Bruno Mars’ Pandora Radio skit last Saturday was epic. Having a DVR now makes skipping those too-long not-funny skits a lot easier. #CheeseburgerCheeseburgerCheeseburgerCheeseburger!

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Deadspin does a piece on obnoxious sports reporters

Posted 10-24-12

“We asked for your stories about gross reporters being gross or obnoxious reporters being obnoxious, and here are snippets of the best entries we got so far. By all means, keep 'em coming.”
Dom Cosentino, writer,
GH: DeadSpin is a destination site for sports media people and their like. This recent effort to out some of the well-known sports media folks from broadcasting and print has caused quite a flutter from those named and those who might have volunteered information. How accurate are these tails? Debatable. But they make for some delicious voyeurism into the off-air personalities of these talking heads. Read on for a sampling.

Len Dawson: “Each time he needed a refill, he'd hold his glass [empty] in the air and yell, ‘BOY!!,’ at which point one of a number of waiters would come over to refill said drink.”
GH: Lenny The Cruel? I am not sure what press box or media event Len was supposed to have attended where there were waiters but we get the gist of this story. I wonder if Lenny had Dave Stewart and the Channel 9 staff fetching his food and drink inside their Kansas City studio. Is that why Dave headed off to Metro Sports?

Jason Whitlock: “I was amazed both by his caloric intake and his lack of work ethic.”
GH: This entry could have been sent in by no less than 4,567 different people. Maybe more.

Woody Paige: “They were serving hot dogs in those big tin pans like they have at buffets, and Paige was reaching his hands in there, grabbing hot dogs and just wolfing down on them.”
GH: I just can’t get the visual of this scene out of my head. How many guys do you know who hit a buffet line and then start bare-handing weenies right out of the steamer into their pie holes? Is beef that scarce in Denver?

Bonnie Bernstein: “CBS producer moved her industrial-sized can of Aqua Net to set up a camera and she lost it on him.”
GH: Bonnie has long been one of my favorites to look at on the tube. But following her on Twitter has revealed to me that she is far prettier than she is bright, interesting or even aware.

Mike Lupica: “I mean, screaming questions at them, demanding to know why they didn't start earlier in case it did rain..." Another reporter who was also there confirmed this story and told us, "What an utter asshole.”
GH: Damn, if this one doesn’t depict Lupica in exactly the same light as I have come to know him from afar.

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MU video director makes it rain in Vegas with university credit card

Posted 10-24-12

“Missouri’s director of video operations Michael Schumacher was making it rain at a Vegas strip club, and charged it on his university credit card. The university found it during an audit. Department spokesman Chad Moller said Tuesday that director of video operations Michael Schumacher had repaid $7,605.50 for two credit charges from a May 5, 2011, visit to Olympic Garden. One of the charges included a $2,000 tip on a $4,400 bill at a nightclub billed as the ‘only Vegas strip club on the Strip.’ ”
GH: I know of few “video operators” and they don’t quite fit the description of a rain-making strip-joint hopping Mac Daddy. Any chance Schumacher got used here by some MU officials who were a bit savvier than this overhead projector card-carrying union man?

“And you guys said Mizzou wasn’t ready for the SEC.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter

“Schumacher was representing Mizzou at a professional conference but traveled alone, Moller said. He said ‘responsive and appropriate disciplinary action was taken,’ but that he was unable to elaborate on a personnel matter.”
Alan Scher Zagier, writer, AP.org
GH: Traveling alone? MU VideoMan dropped $7K in a Vegas strip joint by his lonesome? I believe there is a name for that – SEC’s Mr. May.

"We're very happy with the results of the audit. Keep in mind that during the time period of the review, athletics had close to 14,000 (purchasing) card purchases. [The flagged charges] represents a very small percentage.”
Chad Moller, MU spokesperson, AP.org
GH: It’s not the small percentage here that MU should be cheering, Chad. It is the brazen stupidity of a MU employee thinking he could somehow pass off a $7K tab in a Vegas strip joint. One of those in 14,000 is one too many. It is not too much for the public to expect that all charges on an MU credit card be outside the services of a Vegas stripper.

“Dude tipped 2 grand after a night after the strip club. #Yolo at its finest especially when someone is paying for it.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter
GH: If Schumacher truly did pull this off by himself, you have to think there is a Rob Riggle movie in there just waiting to happen.

“Why, WHY can't I ever be on a trip where someone breaks out the company credit card?”
Curtis Kitchen, @curtiskitchen, Twitter

The Aug. 14 Pricewaterhouse Coopers audit — part of a routine and periodic review of university business functions — also flagged nearly $3,000 in charges by former men's basketball director of operations Jeff Daniels, who now works at Arkansas under former Tigers coach Mike Anderson.
Alan Scher Zagier, writer, AP.org
GH: I am sure that $3,000 was spent on patronizing all the people there in Columbia.

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Chiefs choose Quinn over Cassel

Posted 10-24-12

“Probably the most impactful move I could make to get everybody’s attention was to change the quarterback.”
Romeo Crennel, on his decision to move Brady Quinn into the starting role over Matt Cassel, Kansas City Star
GH: Does anyone really believe changing from Cassel to Quinn is going to jump start this Chiefs’ team? I found Crennel’s word choice here interesting. If the Chiefs are looking to make “impactful moves,” what does that say about the tenuous futures of Crennel and Scott Pioli?

“No, not at all. I don’t think it’s going to do anything to make anybody nervous or spark anybody or have that psychological impact that it could have with a lot of teams. I think right now it’s too little too late.”
Jayice Pearson, when asked if he felt this change to Quinn would in any way impact him as a player on the Chiefs, 610 AM
GH: I am with Pearson on this one – and I have a feeling most of Chiefs Nation is as well. This looks like nothing more than a PR move to quiet the growing horde of unhappy Chiefs’ fans who are getting more demonstrative each week with their displeasure. It is Raiders Week in Kansas City and I cannot remember a more distracted, distraught and disinterested Chiefs’ fan base.

“My biggest deal was my gut [feeling] in telling me that I needed to impact the team by changing the dynamic, by having a different dynamic. Brady Quinn is the guy I want to go with.”
Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Star
GH: How many head coaches in the NFL would be comfortable making that statement? “Brady Quinn is the guy I want to go with.” I have to wonder if Pioli scripted Romeo’s press conference comments for him.


“It’s more of a symbolic change than anything. The change needed to be made more for a symbolic change than the play on the field.”
Bob Fescoe, 980 AM
GH: I think the Chiefs just wanted to avoid having Matt Cassel booed at Arrowhead.

“There’s not going to be any quick hook or anything like that.”
Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Star
GH: Is Romeo talking about Quinn or his office space at One Arrowhead Drive?

“I think we’ve seen the last of Matt Cassel on the field for the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“I think [Cassel] could be the guy who starts over a rookie draft pick. I just see a scenario where he could still be a part of this Chiefs’ team.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: There is a real possibility that the 2013 Chiefs have a new starting quarterback, a new head coach and a new GM. If any of those three elements return to Arrowhead next season, many season ticket holders may not.

“I think they should go to Stanzi [if Quinn gets injured] – but they won’t”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: There is a real possibility that Ricky Stanzi is even a worse quarterback than I believe him to be. It appears the Chiefs think so. If he can’t garner any playing time on this team, he probably is Arena League material.

“Listen, I have no confidence in Scott Pioli as this team’s general manager.”
Jeff Chadiha, NFL writer for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: This statement had me turning up my car radio’s volume. Read on.

“You would like to think that [Clark Hunt] would say, ‘I don’t care what it costs, I’ve got to get rid of this guy.’ If Clark Hunt can walk into this building today and look at Scott Pioli and think that this team is heading in the right direction, he is kidding himself.”
Jeff Chadiha, NFL writer for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: The NFL often asks their fan bases to show patience with their GM, head coach and starting quarterback. “It takes time,” they will tell us. Well, what we have learned is that it takes time for losers because they are not competent in the roles they have been hired to perform. Look at the Royals. How has our patience been rewarded? With season after season of embarrassing futility. Patience is for losers. What are you, Clark? A patient loser or a pissed off winner? We need an axe man here in Kansas City with a very sharp blade.

“I could go with the cheap shots. Start snapping off lines based on old 1960s songs. Hey, if the Cardinals planned to play like this, they should have gone to San Francisco with flowers in their hair.”
Bernie Miklasz, columnist, on the Cardinals being outscored 20-1 while losing three straight to hand the Giants the NL pennant, St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: My Twitter timeline was clogged Monday night with Royals’ fans expressing their glee over the Cardinals’ misfortune. Okay, so a lot of you hate the Big Redbirds to the east. I have never understood that misplaced rancor. Yes, their fan base can be arrogant, but when you have won 11 WS titles, that breeds some jerks in the gene pool. I marvel at what that baseball town four hours east on I-70 has done over the last century. Consider the mileage KC has gotten out of our one WS win almost 30 years ago. Instead of chuckling at the Cardinals’ collapse in the 2012 NLC, I applaud their resilience and their history – and their determination to be right back in the hunt next season.

“Every starting pitcher you will see on either one of these [two World Series] teams would be the ace on the Royals. What other team can you say that about?”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: This is an incredible true statement. The Royals starting pitching is so desperate we don’t have a starter who could crack the rotation of almost any postseason team.

“This [Royals’] regime has given no indication that they can identify starting pitching either through the draft or free agency. That’s the whole problem.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Dayton Moore stated upon his arrival here in Kansas City now six seasons ago that pitching is the currency of baseball. So why is his team bankrupt under his tutelage?

“The Tigers in five. I think Verlander absolutely controls this series. I don’t think there is going to be more than three or four runs scored in any game.”
Jack Morris, former Tigers’ ace, ESPN Radio
GH: The World Series still holds a special place for me as a sports fan. I will enjoy watching these pitching battles in these two baseball-mad towns. And all the while I will wonder how special it would be to know what those fans know once again here in Kansas City.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


K-State deserves top BCS ranking over Alabama

Posted 10-22-12

“Tide then who?”
Headline on ESPN.com

“Mel and Todd [McShay] agree on Alabama but not on who comes next in line.”
Sub Headline on ESPN.com

“Over the last six years, we’ve gotten so used to a SEC team playing for the national championship that it has come to feel automatic. But if Alabama and Florida each drop a game along the way, don’t be surprised to see no SEC teams in Miami. That’s right. As unfathomable as this sounds…”
Samuel Chi, writer, SBNation.com
GH: Unfathomable? Maybe to those drenched in SEC swagger and drunk on backwoods “whine.” The best college football team to date is the Kansas State Wildcats. There appears to be some viable contenders to that title but no team has the resume that Bill Snyder’s Cats have clawed through. Not Alabama. Not Oregon. Florida? Maybe. Read on.

“In case you haven’t noticed, and you very well may not have, the Kansas State Wildcats are a good football team. Very, very good. Yet, despite the fact that they are currently ranked No. 4 in college football polls, they seem to be absent from everyone’s minds as they discuss the best team in college football this year. Could that all change after this weekend? The Wildcats, at this point, are the most proven team in the country.”
Marian Hinton, writer, RnatSports.com
GH: It appears that almost every pundit, analyst and sports fan in the country believes Alabama deserves their number-one ranking without even a discussion. I am not in that camp. Alabama may be the best team in the country – but let’s not hand them their ranking because of last season’s success. What ‘Bama has accomplished in 2012 is pretty mundane stuff. They have beaten one ranked team – #22 Michigan. Compare that to K-State’s road wins at Oklahoma, at Iowa State and at West Virginia. 1A in my rankings is Florida – with wins at Texas A&M, at Tennessee and a huge win over LSU and a rout over South Carolina. The only reason I give KSU the nod over Florida is because of their win in Norman. If Notre Dame knocks off the Sooners this Saturday – Florida is my new number one.

“Six straight. Gotta beat the king to be the king. Until I see another conference beat their best, the best SEC team > everyone else.”
Carrington Harrison, @CDotharrison, on K-State’s claim to be number one in the polls, Twitter
GH: I treat every college sports season like the last one did not happen. While it might be fun to use past results to predict future gains, it really is futile when each season the former champion graduates. Alabama is very likely a great team – I just want to see them play and beat somebody in the top 10…or 20.

“I am getting closer and closer to saying [Kansas State] will go undefeated but I still think there are issues out there. I’d like to temper everyone’s excitement because it is hard to go undefeated.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: Kansas State’s season could blow up and turn south faster than an Arkansas moonshiner being chased out of Branson. Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas, TCU and even Oklahoma State could all hand the Cats losses. I wrote before the season that it was conceivable that KSU could lose eight games. The comment was not met with much applause from the Purple People. But wild unpredictable stuff happens in college football and it is why I love the sport so dearly. But right now, K-State and Florida have proven on the field they deserve the top two spots in the BCS rankings.

“I think Texas Tech is very legitimate – and maybe more in line of what people thought West Virginia was. This is a dangerous team that Texas Tech is bringing.”
Stan Weber, on K-State’s next opponent, 810 AM

“I tried to tell everybody that West Virginia was grossly overrated but no one would listen to me.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: So are we then ready to declare the new and improved Big 12 football conference not quite so improved? There was a lot of chest beating going on about the Big 12 being the best it has ever been, (I may even have participated). But those Mountaineers look more like Baylor than Oklahoma.

“Yes, West Virginia is in the middle of nowhere – which is what people think when they come to Manhattan, Kansas.”
Soren Petro, responding to a caller who made fun of Morgantown’s remote status, 810 AM

“If you haven’t already done so, meet Collin Klein, the new Heisman Trophy frontrunner. Klein and Kansas State embarrassed West Virginia in Morgantown Saturday—and did so in ways no one saw coming.”
The Sporting News
GH: It may seem impossible to us here in corn country that any college football fan in the country could not be aware of Collin Klein’s greatness. But traveling about as I have the past two autumns, it is not always easy to find Klein and the Cats in the Big 10 or SEC towns’ media. That problem is beginning to fade though as of Klein’s invasion of Morgantown. Read on.

“Klein, once rated the 106th-best quarterback recruit in the country by Scout.com, is now a Heisman contender, delivering an astounding stat line here Saturday, completing 19 of 21 passes for 323 yards and three TDs while rushing for 41 yards and four TDs. His top receiver was Tyler Lockett, undersized and overlooked, who torched the Mountaineers for nine of those catches, 194 of those yards and two of those TDs.”
Dan Wetzel, YahooSports.com

“He doesn't do anything wrong. He's hard to tackle. He gets them in good plays. He doesn't turn the ball over. You can say what you want to about the throwing motion, but it goes exactly where he wants it go. He's a good football player.”
Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia head coach, on Klein, AP
GH: His throwing motion looks worse than maybe any D1 QB – including Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez. Klein looks like he is aiming his throws with a release that moves at the speed of word-of-mouth. But his rainbows often land in the hands of the right purple leprechaun.

“Collin Klein is the most efficient runner ever, by the way. He looks so slows and he just pulls away from people.
Nick Leckey, 810 AM

“He’s so patient – almost to the point where he comes to a stop. He’s able to get the most out of every single play. He uses blocks so well!”
Steven St. John, on Klein, 810 AM
GH: I do not recall any football player who ran with the patience Klein shows behind the line of scrimmage. He is a text book on how running backs and running quarterbacks should follow their blocking schemes. A text book that apparently only he reads.

“The Heisman Trophy race, like the college football season itself, is not a sprint but a marathon. To see how that clichéd but accurate point has been driven home, one need look no further than Morgantown, W.Va. Just two short weeks ago, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith was the runaway leader. There was another big performance Saturday in Morgantown, but it was the visitor from Kansas State putting up the big numbers. Wildcats quarterback Collin Klein now holds the top spot in the USA TODAY Sports Media Group survey of its 35 official Heisman voters, named first on 32 ballots and second on the remaining three for 102 total points.”
USA Today
GH: Geno Smith has fallen to fourth in the USA Today poll, trailing Klein, Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o and Ohio State’s brilliant but injured quarterback, Braxton Miller.

“Collin Klein is the leader [for the Heisman trophy]. I think he’s just got to make sure he doesn’t cough it up with a disaster game. But I don’t see a team on the schedule that can do that to Collin Klein.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Kevin Kietzman claimed he would shave his head if Klein wins the Heisman. This is a threat I will not ask KK to follow up on.

“Bill Snyder just said ‘cyberspace.’ He also drives a Caddy.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdodd, tweeting while listening to the Big 12 coaches’ weekly conference call, Twitter
GH: I wonder what words we will use in 30 or forty years that the young folks of the day chuckle at and think are quaint. I am just hoping the over-used term “awesome” has expired by then.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


K-State vs. West Virginia preview

Posted 10-19-12

“Death by Maserati or death by combine?”
Sean Keeler, columnist, on the Kansas State / West Virginia game this Saturday night in Morgantown, FoxSports.com
GH: This might be my favorite lede to a column this season. You can read Keeler’s entire column on the KSU/WVU matchup here.

“You want stakes? The winner gets pole position for the Big 12 conference title race the rest of the way.
You want stars? It's basically a Heisman Trophy elimination game for either West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith or K-State signal-caller Collin Klein. You want style? Short of Alabama drawing Oregon, it's damn near the most fascinating study in contrasts you'll find among the BCS elite.”
Sean Keeler, columnist, FoxSports.com
GH: A Kansas State win in Morgantown would vault K-State to heights their program has never known. That 1998 K-State team was [in my opinion] the best team in the country that year – but they burnt a lot of energy displacing all the negative vibes from a horrid football past.  No one is thumbing their facemask at Bill Snyder’s program in 2012. Pundits and people are lumping the Snyder Cats with names like LSU, Alabama and Notre Dame this season. The opportunity in Morgantown is the stuff of legends.

“The road win [at Iowa State] for K-State [6-0, 3-0 Big 12] was its third straight against a ranked opponent. This opposing crowd in Jack Trice Stadium was the largest to ever see Iowa State play at home.”
Kevin Haskin, columnist,
GH: Kirk Herbstreit has tried to temper the K-State optimism this week by pointing out that the Wildcats have no idea what awaits them in Morgantown. And being a night game, the moonshine will have been flowing there hours before kickoff. But Ames, Iowa is the Midwest version of Morgantown. So at least the Cats have some experience handling a hostile crowd in a foreign land.

“We don’t give up. I don’t care what you say or what you do to us. We just handle adversity. The away-game presence, it was there. And the ability to handle that and play the game between the white lines, we’ve done a great job with that.”
Tre Walker, KS’s junior linebacker, on the Cats’ road win at Iowa State, CJonline.com

“I think this is the week Kansas State losses their first game of the season, I just don’t see [Geno] Smith having another poor game. West Virginia 45 – Kansas State 32.”
Peter Aikens, writer, US Presswire

“I definitely think you'd want to see it. If you're a football fan, this is the game you want to watch. I think it has everything you want in football.”
Chris Harper, K-State wide receiver, FoxSports.com

"This is the Big 12. We've got a lot of teams, great teams, [and] everybody does something a little different. I think that's the great thing about our conference.”
Tre Walker, K-State linebacker. FoxSports.com
GH: What a football season for the Big 12 – just a year after it appeared Texas and Oklahoma were headed west to the Pac Plenty. Two of the leading Heisman candidates play here. K-State still has a shot to play in the BCS title game. Oklahoma looks like the best one-loss team in America. And every Saturday another new chapter is written about Bill Snyder, the best college football coach in America.

“If [K-State] loses now, it’s probably too late to recover, unlike Oklahoma who lost in week three or four.”
Curtis Kitchen, on Kansas State’s national title hopes, 610 AM

“It was embarrassing. Guys were disappointed. It's no fun for anybody. And so we got in here, I didn't sugarcoat anything. It wasn't a positive session. It wasn't, `It's going to be OK. Don't worry about it.' That's not what we did. Our job is to coach them and tell them what reality is.”
Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia coach, on WVU’s 49-14 loss at Texas Tech, CBSsports.com
GH: I heard Holgorsen on The Border Patrol on Friday morning and enjoyed his frank and friendly style. He downplayed the effects of travel on his team’s back-to-back trips to the state of Texas. But I think his team will be hard pressed to ever win a title in this conference from 1200 miles from Dallas.

“Does K-State need to find a way to be more sexy? It seems like they’re behind in these tie-breakers because they’re not as flashy.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: Klingler’s concerns are legit. If Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame and Kansas State all finish with undefeated seasons, how does the BCS legitimize leaving two of those teams out of the title game? The consensus is that Alabama and Oregon would get the nod. Why? I guess you could chalk it up to their sex appeal. It’s not fair, but the less-talented but sexy people have been capitalizing on that one attribute for centuries.

“Oregon is the best college football team in America. Hands down!  Bama COULD NOT hang with the Ducks.”
Jack Harry, @JackHarryKSHB, after Oregon rocked Arizona State 43-21, Twitter
GH: Can we just pull the plug on Mad Jack’s Twitter account after 4:00 PM?

“Everyone please calm down about Oregon. They are crushing a team that lost to Missouri.”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter
GH: Finebaum has the Missouri Tigers in his sights and he is firing from his Sirius XM seat often.

“They're smart. I mean, obviously. They go to Northwestern.”
Chase Rome, Nebraska defensive tackle, on the Huskers’ opponent on Saturday, via @swmckewonOWH, Twitter

“Colquitt drops another punt inside the 5. I'm just going to keep pointing out he doesn't have an extension... but Pioli does. Why?”
Soren Petro, @theprogramkc, tweeted during the Chiefs’ loss at Tampa Bay, Twitter
GH: This would have made a great question to ask Pioli. Maybe Soren could have substituted it for the one where he asked Pioli what costume he is wearing for Halloween.

“Who is faster Jamaal Charles or Pioli running to sign contract?”
Jay Binkley, @3guysinagarage, tweeted during the Chiefs loss at Tampa Bay, Twitter
GH: Another great question for Pioli that never was asked. Twitter makes us brave while face-to-face discussions bring out the wimp in many of us.

“Wow @SaveOurChiefs has 72,000 followers. A group of fans dedicated to getting rid of Scott Pioli. How is this not a national story?”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter
GH: The number of followers had risen to over 77K by Friday morning. Technology has empowered the sports fans to be more than toilets where teams relieve themselves. This fan revolt is serious.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Parkins and Harrison critique Pioli interviews

Posted 10-19-12

“When I look to see the brand that our competitors have built up, I already think that we have surpassed that.”
Carrington Harrison, on where he and his cohost see 610’s Danny Parkins’ Show in the KC sports radio landscape, 610 AM
GH: When Carrington spoke of his “competitors,” I expected him to knock the talent down the dial at 810. Instead, he and Danny Parkins opened their Thursday show with a detailed critique of the Scott Pioli interview that their coworker, 610’s Jay Binkley, conducted with Scott Pioli. And their critique was not kind. Read on.

“I felt like Kansas City fans got let down woefully by the media yesterday.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Parkins and Harrison were particularly critical of Binkley’s line of questioning to Pioli about fans needing to get to know him more as a person. Binkley arrived in the studio during their last hour to discuss their criticisms. Read on.

“There’s a reason Vernier wasn’t in that interview [with Binkley]. There’s a reason Pearson wasn’t in that interview. There’s a reason that interview wasn’t live on the radio and they make you go to Scott Pioli’s office and sit at his big huge desk. There’s a reason why there’s a PR guy standing in the corner. And you know why? It’s who they want to do it. People will say I’m throwing stones and maybe I am.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Jay Binkley is one who appeared to think Parkins was throwing stones. Read on.

“I’m not upset with you guys at all.”
Jay Binkley, when told by Harrison that he thought looked upset with Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Binkley was obviously unhappy with the shots his coworkers took at him on the air. Read on.

“I’m just saying if you want to do something or ask me my approach [for the Pioli interview] or how I did it, maybe talk to me. Do whatever you want on your show. But before the show, run it by me.”
Jay Binkley, when told by Harrison that he thought he was upset with Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Here is where the media gets a little taste of what it’s like to be Matt Cassel, Romeo Crennel or Scott Pioli. Does Binkley contact the athletes, coaches or front office folks before he airs his opinions of their work? Does it matter that Harrison and Parkins happen to share the same office space? It shouldn’t.

“Listen, I think you got somethings out of him that were really good.”
Danny Parkins, after Binkley came into the studio to discuss their critique of his Pioli interview, 610 AM
GH: Parkins spent much of the opening of his show lambasting Binkley’s, Soren Petro’s and Randy Covitz’s interviews with Pioli. But the first time he is confronted by Binkley, he immediately reaches for the “good job, good effort” bone. In other words, Parkins wasn’t nearly as forceful with his own coworkers as he stated he would be with the GM of the Chiefs inside his office at Arrowhead.

“I clearly didn’t get the answers I wanted. Time constraints considered, I would love to do it again. There were many things I didn’t get to.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Sorry, but you get no mulligans when you get a shot to interview what appears to be a lame duck GM as his franchise burns. This was a huge get for Binkley and he blew it.

“I’ve had thousands of Bob Costases tell me how they would have done this interview differently.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: This ain’t the garage anymore, Binks. You are no longer broadcasting to an Internet-only audience. When you step up into afternoon drive, expect to get critiqued – and sometimes a bit harshly.

“Take solace in the fact that nobody got anything out of him.”
Danny Parkins, to Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I started to wonder if Parkins was going to comb Binkley’s beard for him and get his slippers.

“I think if I had punched him in the face there would have been people who were still angry [with me]. Unless I punch him in the face and we get in a fistfight in his office.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: What BS. Binkley surprised me with his thin skin here. He did a poor job with the interview and he got some heat for it. Instead of learning and growing from the criticism, he appears to want to deflect it with this kind of rot. We weren’t looking for Binkley to fight Pioli. We expected him to challenge him verbally. It was not too much to ask…or expect.

“How we operate on this show is that we don’t talk behind people’s backs. I do not like [810’s] Doug Stewart personally on any level. I told him that to his face yesterday. I don’t like any part of him. I respect Petro. I think Petro has done a good job with his show.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Stewart just does something to the 610 staff that drives them crazy. Nick Wright hated Stewart more than he did a white NBA player. Read on.

“Do I think our show’s better [than Petro’s]? Damn Straight! I think our show’s better than his show.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: Thinking your show is better than the established competition is confidence. Declaring it live on the radio is a bit foolish – and not all that attractive.

“We all listen back and forth. We all listen to the competition. I listened to Petro’s [Chiefs’] pregame show, and whenever the La Canfora [report on Pioli’s extension] came out, Petro was patting himself on the back so hard and talking about how he was talking about it on his show all week. Well, when you had a chance to say it to his face, you know what you did? Backpedal!”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“Petro not only said [Pioli] was offered an extension, he said he HAD an extension! And Petro said it was either a four- or a five-year extension! … You freaking coward! You had the report! Stand by your report like a man! You reported it!”
Danny Parkins, on Petro not stating to Pioli he had reported he signed an extension, 610 AM
GH: I really don’t care whether or not Petro owned up face-to-face to Pioli about to his bogus report – but I am entertained when one sports talk radio host calls another a freaking coward.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Petro on why his Pioli interview sucked

Posted 10-19-12

“I could do a look-at-my-Johnson interview and say ‘Why’d you do this…’ And I hope that people enjoyed it because it would be my last interview with the guy. Or you do a professional interview where you’re going to get some information out of him and I’m going to get to interview him again.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: No one is asking Petro to show his Johnson to Pioli. What we would like him to do as a Syracuse-educated professional broadcaster is to follow up on some of Pioli’s pitiful responses. When Pioli states he is just as happy with Romeo Crennel as he was when he hired him – how can that be? Were his expectations 1-5? Did he see a fan-base in revolt calling for mass firings before the bye week? These aren’t even tough questions. We don’t expect you to act like as ass in the interview, we expect you to act like a pro. What we got was a chuckling water boy.

“I think I will [get another interview with Pioli], which I think is important in this job – to have access to the general manager. A lot of people in this town don’t. A lot of people at this station don’t! That’s one of the things that you have to balance out there in dealing with him with the questions you ask him about where the team is going. ”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: If Petro’s goal in an interview is simply to make the interviewee so comfortable with his questions that he is granted follow-up interviews, I don’t need to hear a Petro interview. Petro appears more concerned with how Pioli treats him at the stadium or on the street than delivering what his profession and audience demands.

“I’m not gonna do that kind of radio.”
Soren Petro, who said sports talk jocks that call for the firing of coaches, GMs, etc. sound like a “douche,” 810 AM
GH: And this guy is concerned about coming off as professional?

“I did not feel good about anything [Pioli] said.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“Usually when you have a media day like that you’re trying to calm people down. I think [Pioli’s media blitz] made the fan base more aggravated [Wednesday].”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“Some people would say I’m dressing up right now…masquerading as a general manager. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.”
Scott Pioli, when asked by Petro what he planned to dress up as for Halloween, 810

“He’s probably not the only one the way this thing is going.”
Jayice Pearson, after YahooSports.com’s Jason Cole reported that the Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe is very unhappy and wants out of KC, 610 AM
GH: Cole was on a Miami radio station Wednesday and linked Bowe with the Dolphins in answer to a question. My tweet that he reported Miami and Kansas City had discussed the trade was premature. But moving Bowe may be a priority if he becomes a locker room problem. His body language in Tampa Bay was very negative.

“Chiefs have been called out for many things in the past several weeks. Add 'Quitters' to the list after that beatdown at Tampa Bay.”
Jack Harry, @JackHarryKSHB, Twitter

“I know they haven’t led in a game and people are going to think I’m an idiot – but they could be 3-3 and right in the middle of this. Honestly.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: Oh, Mitch.

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Binkley's interview with Pioli may induce vomiting

Posted 10-19-12


OTC: Warning: Jay Binkley’s Interview w/ Chiefs' Pioli May Induce Vomiting

“It was almost like going in for a root canal.”
Jay Binkley, describing his wait at Arrowhead for his interview with Scott Pioli, 610 AM
GH: Listening to Binkley’s interview with Pioli was almost as painful as a trip to the dentist as well. The sound quality alone made it appear their discussion was conducted while they were driving down Blue Ridge Blvd with the windows open – in separate cars. There is nothing more important in radio than sound. NOTHING. Why this elementary premise was missing from this interview was criminal. I would not have continued to listened to this audio mess after the first few minutes if I wasn’t writing this OTC. It was that bad.

“I had never actually been up on the second floor at Arrowhead before.”
Jay Binkley, on his trip to interview Pioli at Arrowhead, 610 AM
GH: You could almost hear Binkley’s crotch rising as he shuffled in his leather chair.

“I would have liked to have had more time. It was a restricted amount of time. I would like to sit down with him for three hours and go over the entire roster.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Binkley made this comment before playing his interview. Downplaying your interview with the Chiefs’ GM before it airs is not a good sign. But it was an accurate one. Read on.

“I’ve been part of football since I was a boy. And there’s always been criticism… Of course you hear it. It’s how you handle it. I expect there to be criticism. We’re sitting here at 1-5.”
Scott Pioli, when asked about dealing with criticism, 610 AM
GH: This sounded like a rational response by a GM who has been a flaming failure at his job for four years. Then he added the “but.” Read on.

“It’s when [criticism] digresses into the personal and mean spirited… That’s what you have to try and block out.”
Scott Pioli, 610 AM
GH: It has been my experience that “personal” and “mean-spirited” criticism is judged by the target of that criticism to be any criticism with which they do not agree. The Star’s Kent Babb hinted [well, more than hinted] that Pioli considered his reporting and columns criticizing the Chiefs to be a personal attack. I have a feeling Pioli thinks any reporting that doesn’t mandate the reporter apply ChapStick after leaving his office is “personal” and “mean-spirited.”

“Trust me, Romeo knows what the problems are and I think he’s being a good leader in shouldering the blame himself.”
Scott Pioli, 610 AM
GH: Being a good leader? The guy gets paid millions to win football games. When you are the head coach of a 1-5 team, you damn well better shoulder the blame! Knowing what the problems are and being able to correct the problems are completely different items. Romeo is the same guy who tells us after each Chiefs’ losses that he doesn’t know what went wrong. Binkley’s show plays this Romeo drop about eight times a day. But the garage man just let Pioli drive on out without paying.

“I think Romeo’s doing a good job. I think Romeo’s doing the best job… I love having a partner like him.”
Scott Pioli, 610 AM
GH: It was at this point in Binkley’s wind-tunnel interview that I wanted The Clarks to walk in and fire Pioli on tape. Pioli sounds like a guy clinging to his job by the hair on my head.


“I often feel that people don’t know who you are. You’re a regular dude. They don’t see you wearing the jeans and t-shirt.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Who gives a flying flip who Scott Pioli is? Win some damn games, Scott! Find us a head coach who isn’t a golfer or wasn’t fired by the Browns. Find us a quarterback who can play. We don’t care if you run naked through the Plaza on Thanksgiving night! We want to win!

“The reality is that we spend quite a bit of cash. I’m going to find every way possible to manipulate the cap to take every advantage.”
Scott Pioli, when asked about the perception that the Chiefs are cheap, 610 AM
GH: How about manipulating the roster to find every way to win? Ever hear of that one, Stan?

“People before me [as the Chiefs’ GM] were more visible. I’m not judging that…”
Scott Pioli, 610 AM
GH: King Carl was an ass, but that SOB gave KC a decade of NFL greatness that we still cling to. Pioli shouldn’t even be allowed to reference the Trench Coat’s name.

“I’ve never come off as not liking Scott. He’s a pretty nice dude. .. It’s a tough job with a lot of responsibility.”
Jay Binkley, while discussing the interview with his cohosts, 610 AM
GH: Who gives a dump if Binkley likes “Scott?” It is not about liking people! It is about holding those in charge responsible. 

“I got the sense that the man really wanted this job. That he genuinely does care, just looking into his eyes.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: If I had been in that car-ride interview with Binkley and Pioli – this is where I would have puked in the back seat and then jumped out of the window and sought refuge along Prospect Ave.

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Petro whiffs in interview with Pioli

Posted 10-19-12

“Any time we get Scott Pioli on The Program it’s always, ‘He’s got about nine minutes.’ We got more time this time.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Pioli is making the media rounds during the Chiefs’ bye week in what appears to be an effort to calm the rising storm calling for his head, the firing of Romeo Crennel and for Clark Hunt to seize control of this franchise and lead it back to respectability. He was also schedule to meet with 610’s Jay Binkley for an interview that will likely air this afternoon on The Big Show. Read on.

“I have to get better at my job before this team is going to get better.”
Scott Pioli, in an interview with Soren Petro that was recorded this week, 810 AM
GH: Not everyone is all that eager to wait that long, Scott. Petro treated Pioli with the respect his position as the Chiefs’ GM deserves. I would even categorize their conversation as friendly. It is obvious Petro likes Pioli. I believe this is a tactic that Pioli uses to disarm an interviewer whom he invites to his big office at Arrowhead. Petro rarely asked any pointed follow-up questions of Pioli. He appeared to have a list of questions and did not vary from it. Was that the agreement? If not, why wasn’t Pioli ever pushed on his answers?

“I’m as confident in Romeo today as the day I hired him.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Petro completely let this bombshell comment slide. Unreal. How can a GM who has watched his team that was picked to win the division, start 1-5 in embarrassing fashion and state that he is as confident in his head coach as he was when he chose him? Petro draws a head slap for fanning on this one.

“Expectations are an interesting thing. … Because you still have to play games on Sunday.”
Scott Pioli, when asked about the Chiefs not meeting expectations, 810 AM
GH: What a cowardly answer to a simple question. So you too had no expectations of your Chiefs, Scott? Screw expectations! You are in the business of WINNING! The goal is to WIN! How about just doing what you were hired to do? How is that going, Scott?

“There is a long list of things that we have to get corrected.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Oh how I wanted Petro to stop Pioli here and ask him to list five of them. Give us some specifics, Scott. We deserve more than these broad, toothless responses.

“Any general manager that thinks they know how to do the head coach’s job better than them, I think they’re sadly mistaken.”
Scott Pioli, in answer to the prevailing thought that he is directing Romeo on what quarterback to start, 810 AM
GH: Well, we all know of at least one GM who has proven to be “sadly mistaken” quite a few times during his career with the Chiefs.

“I was in high school in 1983.”
Scott Pioli, when informed that the Chiefs haven’t drafted a quarterback in the first round since 1983, 810 AM
GH: Okay, so what is your excuse for the last four years? Have you been too busy monitoring the candy wrapper caper?

“I think it’s opportunity. For as much criticism I get about that – I look at everything. As I look back on those drafts, the top quarterbacks picked after we’ve had picks, I’m not sure how many of those guys are playing well. It’s about opportunity. I don’t want to be disrespectful to those players but there wasn’t a better solution out there.”
Scott Pioli, when asked to address why he hasn’t drafted a quarterback in the first round in his four years with the Chiefs, 810
GH: Petro again whiffed here by allowing Pioli to skate with this lame response. I KNOW Petro has a handle on every quarterback the Chiefs have passed on but he offered no names for Pioli to refute. Pioli was not asked even the simplest of questions like, “So why not move up in the draft to get your quarterback?” Petro spent far too much time laughing with Pioli than doing his job. It was just a disappointing performance from The Program’s host.

“No, actually I didn’t know there was a debate last night.”
Scott Pioli, when asked if he watched the presidential debate Tuesday evening, 810 AM
GH: The NFL employs some very, very odd folks.

“I will get this corrected.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: Petro let this bombshell go without even tweaking the fuse. A simple, “How?” would have appeased my ears – but we got nothing. Binkley gets his chance this afternoon with Pioli. I am eager to discover if he was more professional in how he handled one of the worst performing GMs of one of the more embarrassing franchises in the NFL.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Binkley: Winston has been flat-out bad last two weeks

Posted 10-16-12

“Don’t ridicule Kansas City Chiefs fans. One day soon, you could be in their position, a punch line for uninformed, unsympathetic national media, reduced to begging ownership to act responsibly and fairly, the target of scorn from the very athletes you support, forced to finance your own public-relations campaign.”
Jason Whitlock, you can read Whitlock’s complete column here on FoxSports.com
GH: Whitlock has long had a grudge with the national media. ESPN, a former employer of his, especially curdles the former Star columnist’s Haagen-Dazs. He has seized the uninformed and damaging comments by Eric Winston to reignite his fight with the men and women of mainstream media. He views himself to be above such cronyism. He is not. Read on.

“Fans don’t have a voice in the mainstream media. That should be clear in the aftermath of the Eric Winston-Matt Cassel-Chiefs fans controversy. The mainstream media are in bed with ownership and athletes, the people media believe they need. Athletes and media believe fans are stupid and unworthy of genuine respect. We think it’s a waste of time to look at things from the perspective of the average sports fan. … Not only do fans not have a voice, they’re despised and abused.”
Jason Whitlock, FoxSports.com
GH: If you play amateur psychoanalyst here – a role I unabashedly enjoy when it comes to Pork Chop – it doesn’t take too much of a leap to understand JW is talking about himself rather than Joe Fan. Since when has Whitlock seen himself as a lowly ticket-buying fan? What JW does see is himself being pushed further and further away from the media spotlight he clearly craves. And who is doing the pushing? The mainstream media who are in bed with the despicable owners and athletes.

“The last couple of weeks he’s been flat-out bad! He’s been terrible!”
Jay Binkley, on the play of Kansas City’s most famous offensive lineman, Eric Winston, 610 AM
GH: I would add “sickening and disgusting” to Binkley’s critique.

“Todd Haley wanted to go after Matt Hasselbeck [prior to last season] and in no uncertain terms he was told no by management.”
Kevin Harlan, repeating a rumor he heard from an NFL scout, 810 AM
GH: Nate Bukaty referred to Harlan’s rumor as a “bombshell.” I sure hope he was being sarcastic. Since when is Hasselbeck a quarterback for which to lust? We have seen our share of Hasselbecks, Grbacs, Bonos, Croyles, Quinns and Cassels and have yet had a reason to hit the air-raid siren.

“The AFC has a combined total of two winning teams. The NFC is stacked. Stacked!”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio

“We will turn this around, ladies and gentlemen!”
Mitch Holthus, as he signed off of his Chiefs’ Kingdom radio show Monday night, 810 AM
GH: If you want a sugarcoated view of our 1-5 Chiefs, just tune into Uncle “No-Bitch” Mitch’s Chiefs’ Kingdom show. Caution: Known to cause diabetes in rats.

“We’re not going to talk much football on this program but we are going to talk about the bizarre set of circumstances that surrounded that game.”
Mike Kelly, as he discussed the weather delay in the Alabama game with MU’s Mike Alden, Tiger Talk, 980 AM
GH: Here is one very glaring example of the difference between Missouri football and SEC football. When your football team starts 0-4 in the conference, it behooves the head coach or someone high up in the football program to at least be available on a cell to answer questions and discuss the disaster of a game that so many MU fans sat through both in the rain and watching on TV. Mike Kelly discussed the weather with Mike Alden and then went on to interviews on Mizzou volleyball. Do you think they are talking volleyball on the coach’s show at Auburn?

“The 101st edition of Missouri’s Homecoming and plenty of tickets are still available.”
Mike Kelly, Tiger Talk, 980 AM
GH: So tell me again why Mizzou needs to add seats to Faurot Field? If the school that invented homecoming can’t sell out in five games into SEC play, we might have some problems in Columbia. Scratch that “might.”

“We feel the sense of urgency to fix this. We have to fix this with the players we have. And we have two weeks to do it.”
Gary Pinkel, Columbia Tribune
GH: Pinkel told reporters he slept only 90 minutes Sunday night – supposedly due to how upset he was with the Tigers’ play against Alabama. That’s probably 60 minutes more than Steven St. John, a.k.a. MU Rock.

“Alabama Coach Nick Saban called Pinkel on Sunday to apologize for defensive lineman LaMichael Fanning's suplex of tailback Russell Hansbrough in the fourth quarter, a play that drew a 15-yard personal foul. Fanning also emailed an apology to Pinkel and asked that it be forwarded to Hansbrough. Nonetheless, as of this afternoon Fanning was still using a photo of the play as his background image on Twitter.”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Tribune
GH: This is an example of excellent reporting by Matter. Knowing that Fanning was still promoting his heinous body slam on Twitter is what I want from my news gatherers. Great job.

“Gary Pinkel, I admire him. I admire his strength. Folks, we're in the toughest football conference in the country, and what he's done putting his team together week after week, I just want to applaud him. We have a great football coach.”
Frank Haith, MU’s head basketball coach, addressing Columbia’s Tiger Club, Columbia Tribune
GH: Whoa, it appears Coach Haith is at least reading the message boards even if Coach Pinkel is not.

“I know who I thought was the best running back on the field – and he was wearing the good guys’ colors. He’s hot right now. He’s going to get it and he’s going to get it a bunch again this week. And that’s no secret. You can go ahead and pass that on.”
Charlie Weis, on James Sims, KU’s junior running back, outplaying OSU’s highly-touted Joseph Randle in KU’s  20-14 loss to the Cowboys, Hawk Talk, 610 AM

“Michael Cummings is a running-throwing quarterback, which means there are less people in the box because they have to worry about him running the ball as well. ... He’s a dual-threat. You can’t just key on the running back all the time. You have to key on him as well. Mike Cummings has a cannon. He’s a little guy, but he can throw it. And he throws heat on it, too. I tell him all the time in practice, ‘Don’t drill the swing pass to me because it hurts my fingers.’”
James Sims, on KU’s second-string quarterback, KUSports.com
GH: Has the Dayne Crist era at KU come and gone before Halloween? It would appear from Sims’ comments that he prefers Cummings’ cannon over Crist’s shotgun.

“To be honest with you, I thought we roughed [OSU] up at the line of scrimmage. I thought we surprised them. I think they thought we’d be softer than we were. I thought in the fourth quarter we were playing tougher than them.”
Charlie Weis, on how KU was able to slow Randle and the Cowboys’ rushing attack, Hawk Talk
GH: Coach Weis sounds very happy with his 1-5 Jayhawks. A bit too happy – but his enthusiasm is understandable when considering the depths from which KU football is attempting to climb. Is there a win for KU in their next six games? No. Which makes what Bill Snyder is doing in Manhattan all the more freaking amazing.

“I think [Klein] has improved quite a bit from where he was as a passer a year ago.”
Kirk Herbstreit, 810 AM
GH: Klein’s release still looks like one of those spring-loaded passers from the electric vibrating football game but he is getting the ball where it needs to be. His game at Iowa State, a place I feel is one of the toughest home-field advantages in the Big 12, was just, well, Heisman like. He does everything his team needs and then he does something that you thought was impossible – like dodge a safety in the open field or turn a sack into a 15-yard gain. Even Jayhawks have to admire what Klein is doing for college football.

“Everybody wants to call me up and ask me if I want to take back what I said about Collin Klein. No! He is exactly the same passer that he was last year! Kansas State is last in the Big 12 in passing!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: There is no comparison to Klein’s passing from last season and now. Last year he was drilling 15 yard slants into the dirt just beyond the line of scrimmage. Hopefully, Stan Weber addresses this with Kietzman in his Friday afternoon appearance on BTL.

“I don’t know if you guys have ever been in Morgantown, West Virginia, but it will be a hostile environment. … I’ll tell you, emotionally, this will be probably the biggest challenge Kansas State has faced all year.”
Kirk Herbstreit, 810 AM
GH: Every time I’ve watched a WV home game on the tube it seemed like the stadium was clouded in smoke – possibly from burning cars in the parking lot. The Mountaineers take their nickname seriously. This game is going to be a fun one to watch from afar.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


Bill Maas thinks Pioli could be fired this week

Posted 10-15-12

“I think you’re going to see unprecedented history happen this week in the NFL. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a GM fired in the middle of the season. It’s just become the logical thing to do.”
Bill Maas, on Bob Fescoe’s show Monday morning, 610 AM
GH: Maas dropped this bombshell on Fescoe’s show and he did not do it casually. He sounded extremely confident in what he was saying. Will Pioli get the boot this week? Today? Read on.

“This is Clark Hunt’s team. This is not Scott Pioli’s team. … I trust in Clark and in the end, I think you’re going to be happy with it all.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas was speaking to Fescoe and Josh Klingler but he could just as well have been speaking to the Chiefs’ fan base. Does Clark Hunt have the balls to whack Piloi in October? Maas doesn’t think he has any other choice.

“If [the head coach] isn’t a leader, than nothing else matters – and that’s been the problem the last four years. Therein lies the problem.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Pioli has hired two head coaches as the Chiefs’ GM – Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel. One was a maverick, the other a sheep. Neither got the job done. He does not deserve another chance in the interview room.

“When you look at the Chiefs, the talent is there. It’s just not coming together.”
Nick Leckey, former K-State and NFL player, 810 AM

“There’s talent on this team. A coach with leadership capabilities can come in and turn this thing around instantaneously. Let me tell you something guys, this is a heck of a football team for a guy to come in and take over. It reminds me of 1988 [before Marty Schottenheimer arrived in Kansas City]”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Could it be just that easy? Get a new coach and the Chiefs could repeat the Marty years? We might want to grab a quarterback as well.

“I don’t think the defensive line is good and right now the offensive line’s not good. … There are so many times where it seems like the other team just wants it more.”
Steven St. John, who does not agree that the talent is in place for this Chiefs’ team to excel, 810 AM

“Scott Pioli, according to this report, has yet to sign the [contract extension], with the buyout language of the contract one of the main reasons why the agreement has yet to be struck.”
Marv Albert, on CBS’ Jason La Canfora reporting Sunday that Pioli had been offered a two-year extension, CBS
GH: This news on Sunday morning sent Chiefs’ Nation into a tailspin not unlike the one the guy breaking the record for the longest free-fall from space. Sure glad that buyout language was not to Pioli’s liking.

“My buyout language for Pioli: Argo F yourself.”
Jeffrey Field, @kiribatiwriter, Twitter
GH: I caught Argo this weekend during the second half of Alabama stomping a mud hole in Columbia. Great movie. The 1980 period staging alone [along with the hairstyles] is worth the $10.

“The Chiefs did not offer general manager Scott Pioli a contract extension, a source close to the situation said, contradicting a report on CBS prior to Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt would not answer questions about Pioli’s contract.”
Adam Teicher, Chiefs’ beat writer, KansasCity.com
GH: Teicher posted this story in The Star’s website shortly after the game. It looks a lot like damage control to me. The last thing the Chiefs want is their season ticket holders to have even more reasons to bolt. There obviously were discussions between the Chiefs and Pioli about an extension. Whether it was formerly offered is a bit irrelevant. What does matter is that it was never signed.

“Wow, has Marv Albert been bad today. Two officials clearly point Tampa Bay ball. ‘Let's see who recovered. No indication.’”
Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeabolt, Twitter
GH: I have never understood why play-by-play broadcasters are basically allowed to work until they embarrass their legacies to an unrecognizable level. Marv has been a joke for years. Even he should be aware of that fact when he sees he’s been assigned the Chiefs/Bucs game.

“Marv Albert has run out of stamps he's mailing this game in so hard.”
Mick Shaffer, of Metro Sports, @mickshaffer, Twitter

“Will a producer get in [Rich] Gannon's ear at any point and say, ‘It's Shaun not Shane.’”
Nick Jacobs, of Metro Sports, @Jacobs71, on the continued mispronunciation of Shaun Draughn’s name during the CBS broadcast, Twitter

“I think Scott Pioli’s the right man for the job. He’s one of the better general managers in the business.”
Rich Gannon, CBS
GH: Gannon thinks Pioli’s one of the best GMs in the NFL. Maas thinks he might be fired this week. I’m picking Maas in this one.

“So @ericwinston is correct. They are not gladiators.”
Lazlo, @lazlothebuzz, Twitter

“Are you kidding me? Pioli said mother f------ c--- s------ while talking to Schiano? You know he was talking about what fans say to him.”
Josh Vernier, @JoshVernier, on a pregame video clip that CBS aired in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs’ game, Twitter
GH: This was more than odd. CBS showed Pioli talking to the Bucs’ head coach and it was obvious to anyone with a DVR that he was retelling how someone had called him or someone else a MFCS. Why would CBS do this to an NFL GM? Did they not take the time to read Pioli’s lips? It was an embarrassing moment for Pioli, who covered his mouth when he cursed but not from the side of the camera shot. I would guess CBS is hearing about this today from the Chiefs and the NFL. Read on for Vernier’s translation.

“Last week he/they were saying 'you should talk/walk before every game or something, but it's all you mf'r c-s---er, go back to where u came from.”
Scott Pioli, according to Josh Vernier’s lip-reading translation, Twitter

“You watch the Kansas City Chiefs and there’s just one position that’s hindering them right now and that’s the quarterback position. They’re not getting any kind of plays from it.”
Bill Cowher, CBS
GH: The CBS crew spent some time after the Chiefs’ fifth loss to discuss what is wrong in Kansas City. Eric Winston might call it sickening and disgusting. Read on.

“[The Chiefs’] defense is good enough to win. If Jamaal Charles had a quarterback, he would lead the league in rushing. The guy is a big play waiting to happen every time. … Maybe they need to bring back Len Dawson!”
Shannon Sharpe, CBS

“If you don’t have that quarterback position taken care of, you’re going to see a lot of this from teams like Kansas City. You have to wonder about the decision making as to who is playing quarterback. Who is making the decision to bring these guys in there to play? This is a team that is clearly going in the wrong direction, specifically because of who is playing quarterback for them.”
Boomer Esiason, CBS
GH: It doesn’t sound like Boomer thinks Scott Pioli is one of the best GMs in the NFL.

“[Josh Freeman] has to commit himself. If you want to be great, you have to earn. The players on that [Tampa Bay] team, the ownership of that team, the coaching staff of that team, knows what you’re doing. If you’re committed to your craft or you’re out doing other things.”
Boomer Esiason, CBS
GH: This was a very guarded attack on Freeman. Boomer hinted that there are off-field issues with the former Grandview/K-State quarterback but he offered no specifics. Just a very telling head nod and eye-roll to let viewers know there are problems in Tampa Bay with Freeman’s dedication.

“It was a team effort that screwed things up.”
Romeo Crennel, in his postgame comments after the Chiefs’ 38-10 loss at Tampa Bay, 810 AM
GH: Who says Romeo’s not on top of things at One Arrowhead Drive?

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24



Sean Salisbury bringing it strong as 810 guest

Posted 10-12-12

“You can’t win playing scared. In my mind at times, I think the Kansas City Chiefs play scared.”
Sean Salisbury, 810 AM
GH: After the Chiefs played one of the more conservatively called games in my memory last Sunday, they will start their back-up QB, Brady Quinn, against Tampa Bay this week. That might be reason enough to be scared. BTW, Salisbury’s Friday morning interview with the Border Patrol is appointment radio for me. He is that good. His passion for the sports and his willingness to cut loose his raw, honest feelings about almost any subject make for great listening. 810 shoves a number of big-name stiffs at us each week like Herm Edwards and Trent Green. Salisbury’s steak almost makes up for their veggie diet.

“Brady Quinn might not be any different. I call him the bad beer in the back of the fridge. But if he brings new life and a new spark – they have to do something!”
Jay Binkley, on Quinn replacing Cassel, 610 AM
GH: The Bad Beer In The Back Of The Fridge. I wonder if that would fit on the back of an XFL jersey?

“It just says a lot to me that Brady Quinn was a first-round pick [of Cleveland] and he only got 12 starts. Brady Quinn was the 22nd pick. You normally get a chance for a season or two.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: While some believe Quinn never got a fair shake, Harrison is saying it only took the Browns 12 games to determine they made a mistake with their 22nd overall pick in 2007. The Browns moved up in the draft to get Quinn at 22. They traded their second-round pick and their 2008 first-round pick to Dallas for the opportunity to get the Notre Dame QB. Ouch. The number-one overall pick in the 2008 went to Oakland – JaMarcus Russell. Triple Ouch!

“Yeah, I’m intrigued [with Brady Quinn]. I’m excited to watch him play actually.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I hope Quinn has some yet-to-be-seen magic that he is going to unleash in Tampa but I think he is exactly who we thought he was in both Cleveland and Denver – an underwear model.

“This is it for [Quinn]. He’s right there. This is it.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: One thing we have learned about the NFL is this – bad quarterbacks never die. They just move around like Clay Chastain.

“I think Brady Quinn is going to look so good in this one game that they are not going to be able to go back to Cassel.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Has Nate been over-served at the 5-Hour Energy bar again? I think Brady is going to remind us of another handsome guy we recall around these parts named Quin/Quinn who was a lot more about looks than wins.

“I think [the Chiefs] are going to win. Is that ridiculous? I think they are going to rally around this [Eric Winston] cause and actually give you a good performance. Brady Quinn is going to be either the savior or the reprieve from Matt Cassel.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I think we are going to get a firsthand look as to why Romeo has played Cassel no matter how poorly he looks during a game.

“Tampa Bay is a bad football team. I at least trust Romeo Crennel to come up with a game plan to not get destroyed.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: It is sad, but not getting destroyed would be an improvement over most of the Chiefs’ losses this season.

“They’re going to lose [to Tampa]. I don’t think they’re going to win.”
Frank Boal, who disagreed with Kevin Kietzman, who is expecting a Chiefs’ win on Sunday, 810 AM

“The only good thing is that we’re playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend. And they’re probably thinking the same thing about us.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“I gave Josh Freeman a trophy when he was in high school.”
Derrick Johnson, on presenting the current Bucs’ QB with the Simone Award in 2005 when Freeman was a senior at Grandview High School and Johnson was a rookie with the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: That is a pretty cool life circle when you think about it. I hope that DJ gets his hands on Josh a time or two on Sunday – just for old-time’s sake.

“I am dying for Geno Smith to come here! If Geno Smith comes here, we will be in a Super Bowl. Mark my words! For the life of me I can’t understand how somebody as smart as Clark Hunt can’t see that.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“You know what I’d do if I was the Chiefs this weekend [at Tampa Bay]? I’d take out [Greg] Schiano on the sideline. You don’t come out as a college coach and impose your will on the league! Yeah, I’m putting a bounty out on the coach but the guy’s a turd!”
Bob Fescoe, on the former Rutgers’ coach having the Bucs play full speed while the NY Giants were taking a knee at the end of the game to kill clock, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe is a native Jersey boy and a lifelong Giants fan. He took offense at Schiano’s play-to-the-whistle approach. His suggestion that the Chiefs should target Schiano is of course pure Fescoe – as in ridiculous hyperbolic Bulldog Bob sports talk radio blather. Maybe he’s hoping ESPN picks his bounty rap up for another Bulldog run.

“I don't know if that's not something that's not done in the National Football League, but what I do with our football team is we fight until they tell us game over. There's nothing dirty about it and there's nothing illegal about it.”
Greg Schiano, Tampa head coach, explaining his reasoning for instructing his team to try and cause a turnover as the Giants were taking a knee, ESPN.com
GH: Coughlin went nuts on Schiano and the Bucs when they went after Eli Manning. Shame on Coughlin if his team snaps the ball and doesn’t protect their quarterback no matter what the intent. The offense may think the game is over but I’m with Schiano – play until the game is over.

“I think Charlie Weis and his staff are bullying a student and I think that is wrong and as low as it gets. It just looks unsavory.”
Kevin Kietzman, on reports that KU has singled out a KU journalism student over his work on covering the Kansas football team for the school newspaper, 810 AM
GH: How this story has been covered by the local radio hosts has been interesting. Kietzman, a Kansas State grad, was out front with this story and hammered at it in his opening monologue on Wednesday. He discussed how he had contacted KU’s SID office and what he was told and how he felt Weis was being allowed to trample on the journalism standards of the school. Both Bob Fescoe and Nate Bukaty, Kansas grads, have backed Weis on this story. Both believe it is much to do about nothing. It appears to me that Kietzman isn’t nearly as concerned about causing damage to his relationship as the more worried KU grads.

“Absolutely not. I had no contact with any of this stuff.”
Charlie Weis, in an interview with Bob Fescoe, addressing if he made any demands about the student reporter who said he was told to not ask any questions at Weis’ presser, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe never pushed Weis as to how this story could have grown into a national tale if the head coach was as hands-off as he wants us to believe. But the Bulldog’s bite is all but toothless when he’s being fed.

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