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Wideout Wipeout


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

Wideout wipeout.

What has Chris Thomas accomplished that no other Chiefs receiver has this season?

A productive game? You could argue that.

Separation from a defender? Another good argument, but this accomplishment is more definite.

He has remained healthy.

The way things look now Chris Thomas is in line for his second career start in DC against the Redskins this week.

Snoop Minnis suffered a concussion during the 13-3 loss to the Giants last week. He is likely out for week three.

Derrick Alexander has been bothered all season with an Achilles problem.

Larry Parker had been healthy until Wednesday’s practice.


Wednesday, the Chiefs practice had both good news and bad news on the receiver front.

The good news—Derrick Alexander came back stronger than anticipated and if he continues to improve will start on Sunday.

The bad news—Larry Parker developed pain in his rib area during Wednesday’s session and had to leave practice. The extent of the injury is not known.


Can you hold please?

WR Derrick Mayes, released on the Chiefs final cut, was on hold most of the day waiting on word from the Chiefs practice to see how Alexander performed.

A contract was at the ready, but with Alexander improving was not finalized. With Parker’s injury unknown expect the same scenario today. It’s still unclear as to why the Chiefs don’t ink Mayes, as the receiver situation has been a sore spot for the first two games. If Mayes is signed the Chiefs the team could thin its linebacker corps. KC has eight linebackers on the current roster.


He’s gone, by George.

The Redskins released their starting QB Tuesday cutting nomad Jeff George. They quickly signed career back up Kent Graham to a one-year deal and he will assume the second string role behind Tony Banks.

Banks has the same Jeckyll and Hyde football abilities as George; he is either awesome or awful. The Chiefs will try to pressure him into the latter on Sunday.