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Cheifs Chatter

Chiefs Chatter: Dismal performance ends win streak
(Posted 11/17/06

Chiefs Chatter: Plenty of mistakes, but still a win
(Posted 11/2/06

Chiefs Chatter: Big win over San Diego
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Chiefs Chatter: Steelers embarrass Chiefs
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Chiefs Chatter: Sloppy play, but a comeback win
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Chiefs Chatter: Chiefs dominate both sides of the ball
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Chiefs Chatter: Play action should be KC's best friend
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Chiefs Chatter: New era off to bad start
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Chiefs Chatter: Defense shows potential
(Posted 9/1/06

Chiefs Chatter: Reflections on training camp
(Posted 8/5/04)

Chiefs Chatter: Ready for (Julian) Battle
(Posted 8/3/04)

Chiefs Chatter: Cunningham calls on Chiefs' defense to 'show up'
(Posted 8/2/04)

Take a Memo: It's difficult to win on the road
(Posted 11/17/03)

Take a Memo: Green has snapped out of early season slump
(Posted 11/10/03)

Take a Memo: Impressive victory lifts Chiefs to 8-0
(Posted 10/27/03)

Take a Memo: Trent Green shows moxie
(Posted 10/13/03)

Take a Memo: Vermeil gets Bronco monkey off his back
(Posted 10/06/03)

Take a Memo: Dante does it again; and Randy Cross
(Posted 9/29/03)

Take a Memo: Chiefs developing bit of a swagger
(Posted 9/22/03)

Take a Memo: Big Play Dante key for Chiefs
(Posted 9/15/03)

Take a Memo: Maybe the Arrowhead mystique is back
(Posted 9/08/03)

Take a Memo: Chiefs should go deep into playoffs
(Posted 9/04/03)

Take a Memo: Coming out party for Larry Johnson
(Posted 8/25/03)

Take a Memo: Johnnie Morton, the X-Man, looks comfortable
(Posted 8/18/03)

Take a Memo: Bartee should be replaced as starter
(Posted 8/11/03)

Take a Memo: Peterson should step in to fire Robinson
(Posted 1/6/03)

Take a Memo: Chiefs have no quit in them
(Posted 12/23/02)

Take a Memo:Coaches should be embarrassed
(Posted 12/16/02)

Take a Memo:Get Priest the ball
(Posted 12/09/02)

Take a Memo: It's good to play the Cardinals
(Posted 12/02/02)

Take a Memo: Coaches turn into turkeys
(Posted 11/25/02)

Take a Memo: Green shows guts
(Posted 11/18/02)

Take a Memo: Missed opportunities
(Posted 11/11/02)

Take a Memo: Defense bends but doesn't break
(Posted 10/28/02)

It's time to cure the disease
(Posted 10/21/02)

Take a Memo: New ways to blow leads
(Posted 10/21/02)

Take a Memo: Third and three call blew it
(Posted 10/14/02)

Fantasy Geeks check in with questions
(Posted 10/09/02)

Take a Memo: Ugly win is still a win
(Posted 10/08/02)

Take a Memo: Big days for Green, Al Saunders
(Posted 10/01/02)

Joe Delaney: Don't let the memory die
(Posted 9/24/02)

Take a Memo: Kennison makes the wrong call
(Posted 9/24/02)

Take a Memo: Reality bites
(Posted 9/17/02)

Sunday Channel Surf: Observations from the easy chair
(Posted 9/17/02)

Armchair QB: Offense holds four aces
(Posted 9/13/02)

Take a Memo: Popular Feature is Back
(Posted 9/10/02)

Channel Surf: Week 1 Highlights
(Posted 9/10/02)

Cyber Chiefs: More Notes and Quotes
(Posted 8/20/02)

Cyber Chiefs: Notes and Quotes
(Posted 8/15/02)

Armchair QB: Time for Peterson's ego to take one for the team
(Posted 8/05/02)

Cyber Chiefs: Scanning the web for chunks of Chiefs news
(Posted 8/05/02)

Cyber Chiefs: Searching the web for team tidbits
(Posted 7/29/02)

Condon's answer was pathetic
(Posted 5/16/02)

Expect more propaganda from Peterson and Condon
(Posted 5/13/02)

Grading the AFC West team's drafts
(Posted 4/21/02)

Summarizing and grading the Chiefs' draft
(Posted 4/21/02)

A microcosm of the season
Three columns for the price of one today

The curtain falls on the 2001 season for the Kansas City Chiefs in Seattle in defeat 21-18. The game was a microcosm of the season as the Chiefs got behind early, staged a nice rally, but fell just short. (Posted 1/7/02)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Rams are rolling towards the Super Bowl and unless Bettis makes a return the Steelers will leave the AFC wide open. (Posted 1/4/02)
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Monday Morning Quarterback: Chiefs learning how to win
The Chiefs tried to give this one away, but the Jaguars wouldn’t take it. KC turned the ball over 4 times, dropped two sure interceptions late in the game in the endzone and still hung on for a 30-26 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Posted 12/31/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Raiders fall out of favor in this week’s Landmark Power Poll. And to think Faiders fans were once e-mailing the poll wanting to know why they weren’t number one ahead of the Rams. (Posted 12/28/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback: Chargers provide present for KCl
Merry Christmas Chiefs. That was ugly. But it was a needed step, and a win. The Chiefs, fifteen weeks into the schedule have their first winning streak, achieved when they outlasted the Chargers 20-17 on Sunday at Arrowhead. It was a game they should not have won, a game where both the coaches and players made terrible decisions and mistakes, but the team pulled it off. (Posted 12/24/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Chiefs achieved the role of spoiler by virtually eliminating the Broncos from the playoffs with last week's OT victory. The also eliminated themselves from the bottom five of The Landmark Power Poll. The Rams and Steelers look to be on a collision course headed for New Orleans and are head and shoulders above the rest of the Top five.. (Posted 12/21/01)
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The Zone Blitz: Chargers vs Chiefs
The Chargers were the Cinderella darlings of the NFL back on November 4th when the teams had their fist meeting of the season in San Diego. The Bolts were 5-2 and had a struggling Chiefs team at home. They were planning on advancing to 6-2 and putting together a run for the playoffs. (Posted 12/21/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback:
Saunders growing as offensive coordinator

Tears flowed from Dick Vermeil at Arrowhead on Sunday. No, not when Gary Stills was called for a holding penalty to take a game-winning FG by kicker Todd Peterson off the board in overtime and force another attempt. (Posted 12/17/01)
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Take A Memo: Torching Broncos' playoff hopes
Vermeil may now have a grasp on the rivalries that envelop the AFC West. The Broncos verbally attacked newly acquired WR Eddie Kennison during the middle of last week and the first guy to his defense was none other than coach Vermeil. He also threw out a little smack of his own towards the heavily fined Broncos squad basically telling them to clean up their own mess before commenting on his. (Posted 12/17/01)
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The Zone Blitz: A lot of deja vu
Game of the week? Pittsburgh in Baltimore. Looks like the Steelers will play another game without Bettis, but if they can get that kicker to hit a few FG’s it shouldn’t matter. Steelers 3-0 at PSI.Net Stadium and have dominated Grbac forever. Steelers win on the road. (Posted 12/14/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
Game of the week? Pittsburgh in Baltimore. Looks like the Steelers will play another game without Bettis, but if they can get that kicker to hit a few FG’s it shouldn’t matter. Steelers 3-0 at PSI.Net Stadium and have dominated Grbac forever. Steelers win on the road. (Posted 12/14/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback: Why is Dick Vermeil smiling?
1:00 left in the game. The score is 28-26 and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has a scowl on his face. He looks angry. Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil has a smile on his and looks at a play list before shoving it back down the front of his pants. (Posted 12/10/01)
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Take a Memo: Who's calling the plays?
The curse of Mike Stock lives on. The Chiefs Un-special teams gave up 249 return yards. Chiefs kicker Todd Peterson who had hit 14 meaningless FG’s in a row blew a chip shot late in the 2nd quarter and it wound up being the difference in the game. (Posted 12/10/01)
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Landmark Power Poll: Rams still on top
The Rams vs. the 49ers is a true #1 vs. #2 classic, let’s hope it lives up to the hype. The Steelers face a test without Bettis against the Jets. Combine that with the Bears vs. the Packers and that makes the for the best NFL weekend of the season. (Posted 12/7/01)
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The Zone Blitz: Raiders have had rough week
The Raiders suffered through a bad week. First they lose to the Arizona Cardinals at home dropping them to 8-3. Then DT Darrell Russell is fingered for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. FB Jon Ritchie gets hurt and rumors surround HC Jon Gruden leaving for the Notre Dame job. Will they take their poor mood out on the Chiefs? Will Russell play? Will Ritchie suit up? Will the Raiders pump ex-Chief Jermaine Willimas for info? (Posted 12/7/01)
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Friday Morning Quarterback: This game was over early
This game was over as soon as the Eagles used a nine yard unchallenged onside kick to begin the game. Dick Vermeil didn’t think so, “It startled us, but I don’t think it hurt us. What did they get, 3 points?” (Posted 11/30/01)
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Take a Memo: Examining another loss
What was the reason for bringing back these greedy Union refs?

•Here’s something a Union ref can go over in his 4-hour conference call—an onside kick must travel 10 yards. (Posted 11/30/01)
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Zone Blitz: KC-Philly preview
The Eagles have an aggressive defense that will not hesitate to load eight or nine players near the line of scrimmage to thwart Priest Holmes. Their defensive coordinator has put a bulls-eye on TE Tony Gonzalez and will switch coverage on him.

The Eagles' offense was anemic last week only producing 3 points and (Posted 11/29/01)
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Take a Memo
Who are these guys? All this time it looks as if the Chiefs only needed a week off to regroup. KC comes out, physically dominates a Seahawks team that has a shot at the playoffs and finally gets an Arrowhead victory. A decent game plan was employed on both sides of the ball and the Chiefs played to their potential. (Posted 11/26/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Chiefs are right on the edge of the bottom five at # 26. The only thing saving them is the ineptness of those below them. As predicted last week in the "Going South" section--the Chargers are falling. It's the Bears turn this week. Top Five (Posted 11/18/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback:
Lack of effort will chase away fans
Dick Vermeil cried with his buddy before the game. Dick Vermeil then cursed after the game. Chiefs’ fans cursed during the game. Chiefs’ fans then cried with their buddies after the game. “I’m pissed off,” Vermeil would say in his post game comments. Get in line, it stretches around the block. (Posted 11/12/01)
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Take a Memo
Nice effort. The Chiefs gained nothing from their victory last week in San Diego unless they learned it was probably a fluke. The team played listless, boring football and were routed 27-7 in New Jersey. Another uninspiring effort by TrINT Green who finished the game with a, gulp...35.4 QB rating. (Posted 11/12/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Chiefs escape the bottom five due to a win and the complete ineptness of some horrible NFL teams. The DC Chiefs have found the “gleam” and are also out of the bottom five. Top Five— (Posted 11/9/01)
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Quarterback play will be key
The Chiefs make a trip to the Meadowlands to play an ugly team on Sunday. However bad they have looked, the Jets have had success. It’s a miracle they have a 5-3 record, as they are awful against the run. Jets RB Curtis Martin is the AFC’s # 1 rusher. Number 2? The Chiefs’ Priest Holmes. Whichever team's QB makes the least mistakes will likely take a home a victory for his side. (Posted 11/9/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback; The good, the bad, and the ugly
Monday Morning QB checks in a day late. The Chiefs showed some signs of life in their 25-20 victory at the Q in San Diego over the Chargers. It was a gallant effort by a team that is beginning to show signs of players putting forth maximum effort. (Posted 11/6/01)
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Take a Memo
The Chiefs last drive featured Priest Holmes and Trent Green. Both were flawless and that must have been what the Chiefs had in mind when they made the moves to bring those two in on the eve of the 2001 NFL draft. It's several games too late for this season, but can be used as a building block. What an ending---for once the Chiefs were on the other end of poor clock management. Mistakes were made, but lessons had to be learned. (Posted 11/5/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Rams had to turn the ball over eight times to finally lose a game. I would demote them out of first—if any other team was dominant. The Raiders have had a nice run, but are still only the best of the rest. The Chiefs are two wins away (If Carolina and Detroit win) from dead last. (Posted 11/1/01)
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Take a Memo
There is nothing I can write to make it better. I cannot understand what goes through Trent Green’s mind when he sets up and delivers a pass into the endzone. The result is becoming obvious. INT. The three calls on first and 10 from the Colt’s 11-yard line were ridiculous. Three straight fade/jump balls and two to Ricks? But Green has no one to blame but himself for the decision to loft a ball into double coverage in the front corner of the endzone. He couldn’t have went and handed it to the Colts any better. (Posted 10/26/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
Let’s face it—the NFL and the Landmark Power Poll has developed into the Rams and everyone else. A new format will emerge this week, the top five and the bottom five. The power ratings will remain. The way they work? The Rams (96) would be 19-point favorite over the Chiefs (77) on a neutral field. (Posted 10/25/01)
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Monday Morning QB: Personnel doesn't fit the offense
Arizona 23-Kansas City 3. No that wasn’t the final score. That was the number of plays run from scrimmage in the third quarter on one series by the Chiefs and two drives by the Cardinals. The 25th play of those two drives came on the second play of the fourth quarter and resulted in a TD for Arizona. (Posted 10/22/01)
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Take a Memo: Game was lost in first half
That was ugly. The Chiefs dormant offense has yet to score a first quarter TD this season. It wouldn’t change in the desert. By the time the slumbering offense awoke it was mid-way through the fourth quarter and the team needed a miracle. Aside from K Todd Peterson’s 49-yard FG, no miracles were to be had in Arizona.

Take A Memo

For Chiefs’ fans— (Posted 10/22/01)
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The Zone Blitz: Two unsettled QB's to square off
These teams have much in common this season. Both struggle to stop the run. Both have but one win. Both are suffering through injuries to key players. Both desperately need a win.

The key to Sunday’s game—two unsettled QB’s. The one with the least turnovers wins. (Posted 10/19/01)
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Landmark Power Poll -
Chiefs fall again in the week six power poll. The NFC West now has 3 teams in the top 10. Redskins don’t dissappoint — headed for 0-16? Raiders prove their worth in Indy, scratch into # 3 spot. (Posted 10/19/01)
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Monday Morning QB:
Help needed at Arrowhead

The Chiefs may not be ready to ask for help yet, but the cynical staff at Monday Morning QB is ready to hang out the help-wanted shingle for the embattled team. This week we concentrate on the coaches and the personnel operations.

Get your resumes ready folks, positions are opening up as we speak.

Help Wanted: (Posted 10/15/01)
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Take a Memo:
Advice to coaches and Trent

Two performances in a row that were very difficult to watch. Lots of mistakes, and plenty of blame to go around. Get a pen, a pad and take a memo—

From the Chiefs coaching staff—Can someone come and set my VCR clock? It’s been flashing 12:00 for years. Can someone help me manage the game clock as well?

To the Chiefs coaching staff— (Posted 10/15/01)
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Landmark Power Poll -
The Chiefs finished another week without a TD. Down the poll they slide. The Rams keep rolling and even though they are facing the number 5 team, are an 11-point favorite. Cleveland sneaks into the top 10. (Posted 10/12/01)
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The Zone Blitz
Welcome to Chiefs Chatter’s newest feature—The Zone Blitz. Plenty of information delivered from various angles, all in a blitz package. Chiefs Zone Blitz -The Chiefs were so short on receivers this week that they used a few defensive backs to run routes in practice. That can’t help Trent Green’s timing with his receivers. (Posted 10/11/01)
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Take a Memo:
Receivers needed; Hall needs to go

Take a memo explores the reason Chiefs’ receivers can’t finish routes, Trent Green completes as many balls to a Denver defensive back as he does to Derrick Alexander, Dante Hall instills fear into no one and other bits from a horrible offensive effort in the mile-high city.

To Derrick Alexander—

Are you looking for the Randy Moss “I quit on plays award?”

To Special Teams coach Frank Gansz, Jr.— (Posted 10/8/01)
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Monday Morning QB: Fast break
offense looks more like a four-corner stall

Offensively, it was awful. Defensively, it could have been. For the second time in three games, the Chiefs offense scored no touchdowns. After the initial hype of the “fast-break” offense subsided during the pre-season, I downgraded the Chiefs offensive scheme to a “controlled fast break.” If this kind of play continues, Dean Smith may be called in and the Chiefs offense may go to the four-corner stall against formidable foes. Much was said about how the receivers and Trent Green weren’t on the same page against the Broncos. Skip that—they weren’t on the same chapter. At times, they were perusing completely different books. Blitz sight adjustments were missed, receivers ran out instead of up. Receivers quit on routes. Green seemed determined to float balls toward a general area no matter what kind of pressure he was faced with. (Posted 10/8/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
Sure the Chiefs played the worst coached team in the NFL. But seven straight drives for scores? The Chiefs get a nice bump in the Power Poll. The NFC Least brings up the rear with the bottom three teams. The Rams continue for the third straight week at #1. Here's the complete list: (Posted 10/5/01)
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Chiefs sign speedster
The St. Louis to Kansas City connection completed another minor chapter on Tuesday afternoon as the Chiefs quickly signed KR/WR/RB Aveion Cason to their practice squad after his release from the Rams. Cason is an undrafted rookie out of Illinois State that began the season as the Rams number one kickoff returner. He lost that job with a fumbled kickoff return during the week one game against the Eagles. He had an excellent pre-season returning kicks for the Rams and won the kick return job. He returned 4 kick-offs averaging 18.3 yards per return for the Rams in game one. He was then made inactive for game two, demoted to the practice squad for game three and released on Monday after Rams head coach Mike Martz questioned his practice habits. (Posted 10/3/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback
grades the Chiefs first victory

'The turning point of the Chiefs’ one-sided victory came late in the first quarter. After two fairly successful drives, the Washington Redskins stared at a 4th and 1 from the Chiefs 30 leading 3-0. The momentum was all Redskins; the crowd had even cheered a few times for the DC team.

Head coach Marty Schottenheimer talked it over with his family, er his coaching staff and decided to go for it on that 4th down. His new QB Tony Banks threw an incomplete pass, and the Redskins’ offense walked off the field. The Chiefs took advantage of the mistake, marched 70 yards for a TD and never looked back.(Posted 10/1/01)
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Take a memo
'Take A Memo' takes notes during KC’s first victory.

TAM gives you five reasons the Ravens won’t repeat, and TAM channel surfs the other NFL games.

To the NFL from the KC Chiefs—

Can we schedule the Redskins three more times this season?

To Larry, Moe and Curly (I.E. The Three Stooges)—

Apologies for comparing Mike Stock, Kurt Schottenheimer and Jimmy Raye to you guys. That’s an insult. (Posted 10/1/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The bad news for the Chiefs is that they are down to # 25 in the Power Poll. The good news is that they play our cellar dweller, the Washington Redskins.

The two rising stars of the poll—San Diego and Cincinnati will battle to see which team goes 3-0. The Baltimore Ravens dropped out of the top 10 and are looking for Trent Dilfer’s new phone number in Seattle.


1) 92 RAMS—Number 1 ‘til they lose.
2) 91 BRONCOS—Can score at will.
3) 91 COLTS—The ‘99 Rams.
4) 90 DOLPHINS—Jay Fiedler dives for the endzone—touchdown!
5) 89 PACKERS—Sleeper. RB Ahman Green could have a breakout season. (week one write up continues) (Posted 9/29/01)
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Chiefs Notes
WR Derrick Alexander practiced well on Friday and will be ready to go on Sunday. The hope is that he will be unrestricted in his snaps against the Redskins this weekend.

• • •

TE Tony Gonzalez gave the Chiefs a scare during Thursday’s practice. He smacked his forearm on a defender’s helmet and sat out the second half of practice. He also will be ready on Sunday.

• • •

According to of ESPN, the new sticking point between the Chiefs and WR Derrick Mayes is a guaranteed contract for the rest of the season. ESPN contends the Chiefs have some hesitation on this. (Posted 9/29/01)
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Wideout Wipeout
Wideout wipeout. What has Chris Thomas accomplished that no other Chiefs receiver has this season? A productive game? You could argue that. Separation from a defender? Another good argument, but this accomplishment is more definite. He has remained healthy. The way things look now Chris Thomas is in line for his second career start in DC against the Redskins this week. Snoop Minnis suffered a concussion during the 13-3 loss to the Giants last week. He is likely out for week three. Derrick Alexander has been bothered all season with an Achilles problem. (Posted 9/27/01)
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Take a memo
As the Chiefs/Giants game unfolded, I began to believe that I was going to run out of pages in my legal pad, as I jotted down memo after memo for the KC Chiefs and the fans. I whittled it down to the top 15.

Don’t think I forgot the rest of the league, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for them as well.

—A long list for the Kansas City Chiefs-

-The offense you are attempting to run will not work without offensive playmakers on the outside. Make some adjustments.

-If Todd Peterson is the answer, what’s the question?—Check that—that was from last week.

-If Todd Peterson can’t hit a 52-yard FG attempt with a stiff wind at his back, he can’t hit a 49-yard attempt into that stiff wind. (Posted 9/24/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback suggests calling Mayes, kicker tryouts

The good news—NFL football returned on Sunday. The bad news—no one told the Chiefs offense. The Chiefs offense spit and sputtered early, gained little as the game unfolded and produced a mere 3 points.

• • •

MMQB will tell you why, but with the Chiefs offensive personnel problems, even the cynical bunch that head up the MMQB division of Chiefs Chatter will be a challenged to offer up a quick fix.

• • •

Due to injuries, this team has little experience at WR and it showed in the worst way on Sunday. Until something is done to get at least a couple of wideouts that can gain separation, defensive opponents will continue to key on Tony Gonzalez who is the lone threat the Chiefs have at the skill positions when they throw the ball. That equates into teams only having to contain the run and will result in more offensive performances like this one. (Posted 9/24/01)
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Green experiences his first KC boos
It took one game, two quarters and 4 minutes and 54 seconds for the Arrowhead crowd to boo their new QB. The time on the clock read 10:06 in the third quarter, Chiefs QB Trent Green called a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty and the crowd let him have it. The Chiefs were down only 10-0, but the fans had seen enough offensive ineptness to show their feelings.

After the timeout, Green dropped back, had some time, actually had one of his receivers get separation and delivered a strike for a 49-yard gain to Snoop Minnis. The boos turned to cheers.

• • •

Unfortunately, that was the lone offensive highlight of the game. Early on, the inexperienced WR corps could not find seams or gain separation and Trent Green had no success in completing passes. He began the game a paltry 2-8 for 25 yards and an interception in the Giants end zone. (Posted 9/24/01)
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Have we taken the tailgating experience a bit too far?
Carl Peterson held a special press conference this week to inform Chiefs’ fans that the security at Arrowhead Stadium for the Sunday game against the Giants would be at an all-time high. He asked Chiefs fans to end their parking lot tailgating parties early and file into the stadium prepared to wait in long lines while security checks purses, diaper bags and bulky clothing.

A funny thing happened on our way to the stadium over the past decade - we made the decision somewhere along the line to stop off at Sam’s Club and bring half of the store’s inventory with us to the game. When did it change from just grabbing a jacket and maybe your binoculars to having to rent a U-Haul and take up three parking spots just to fit your gameday gear into Arrowhead? (Posted 9/21/01)
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Game Preview: Giants at Chiefs



COACHES VS. OPPONENT: Fassel: 1-0 Vermeil: 13-4


Giants lost 31-20 at Broncos
Chiefs lost 27-24 vs. Raiders

LAST TIME WE MET: 12/20/98: Chiefs 7 at Giants 28. New York’s defense records 4 interceptions while RB Gary Brown rushes for 103 yards & 1 TD.

TV: FOX (12:00 PM CT): Sam Rosen, Bill Maas. (Posted 9/20/01)
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Landmark Power Poll
The Tennessee Titans topped our poll before week one, but played awful at home two weeks ago and have dropped all the way to number 8. The new king of the hill—the St. Louis Rams. The cellar also has a new occupant. The Marty Schottenheimer and the three stooges-led Washington Redskins.

1) 92 RAMS—Nice win in Philly—hey they played a little defense.
2) 91 BRONCOS—Losing McCaffery hurts.
3) 91 RAIDERS—Resilient win in KC.
5) 89 SAINTS—Legitimate. Can they now handle the pressure of being a contender? (week one write up continues)

(4) 88 RAVENS—Elvis sure improved that stale offense quickly, a whopping 17 points. (Posted 9/20/01)
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NFL math may have new look
Here is the first look inside the “new” NFL math. First you take 15 games scheduled for week 2, subtract them and then add those 15 games onto the schedule during week 18.

Next you take the 4 wild card games scheduled for that weekend and subtract them, leaving 4 cities, 4 teams and 4 teams’ fans out in the cold.

A quick synopsis—you now have only two rounds of the playoffs before the Super Bowl, only 6 playoff games before the Super Bowl, and only 8 teams in the playoffs.

What does this complicated equation equal? (Posted 9/20/01)
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Special etiquette for this week's game
Fans want to know—what is the proper etiquette for this weekend’s games? How do I behave at the game, if I even go this weekend? Should I cheer? Is it OK to high-five on a great play? Can I still boo?

All legitimate questions, and although each person must do only what they are comfortable with, I will provide my guide to the answers to the questions that are running through everyone’s minds, and through my e-mail.

—Should I go?

This is a personal decision that one must make—but if you are not going to go and you already have tickets, give your tickets to someone who wants to. Freedom to assemble is very important and should not be squelched. (Posted 9/20/01)
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Chiefs/Giants desperate for a win
With another difficult opponent coming into Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday, the Chiefs may have trouble again in the passing game. WR Derrick Alexander’s new shoes haven’t seemed to work and he is struggling with his foot again. He failed to complete practice on Monday. The Chiefs are off today.

The Chiefs and Giants both need a win after losing their season openers. The situation is multiplied by the likely scenario of only one wild card team making the playoffs per conference if the NFL chooses to make up week two and skip the wild card weekend eliminating four playoff teams. Neither team can afford an 0-2 start.

Inexperience a distinct possibility at wideout for Sunday—
Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil commented Monday after practice that starting WR Derrick Alexander’s “Achilles bothered him and he just quit working. He is doubtful (for Sunday.)” (Posted 9/18/01)
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Monday Morning Quarterback:
This week's game plan

NFL stadiums sat empty on Sunday. But with the turn of a new week, work resumes in the NFL.

The Chiefs are scheduled to practice today as are most teams. The NFL once again moves forward as will our coverage. With no game yesterday—MMQB has turned into this week’s game plan.

• • •

Paul Tagliabue had his hand forced last week by the player’s union. As debate and consideration for the week two schedule raged between the owners and the league office, the players union held a conference call.

27 player reps voted in that call and the tally of the vote was 17-10 to not play the games. Three teams reps abstained and the San Diego rep didn’t vote as they already had a bye scheduled for week two. (posted 9/17/2001)
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Mid-Week Update
Chiefs lose out on Poole

WR Keith Poole stiffed the Chiefs on Tuesday after receiving a phone call from his agent while he was visiting Arrowhead Stadium. The message—the Broncos have called and want to bring you back. Poole was released by the Broncos on final cut down day because of an
injured hamstring. The Broncos were in the market due to WR Ed McCaffrey’s season ending injury on Monday night. Poole said thanks but no thanks to the Chiefs. He signed a 1-year deal worth a reported $500,000 on Wednesday with Denver. (posted 9/13/2001)
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Monday Morning Quarterback
Okay Chiefs fans, take it easy, back off the ledge and calm down. There is no reason to bail off the Chiefs bandwagon just yet. Here—breathe into this paper bag. Slow deep breaths—there you go. Feeling better? Good, now let’s Monday Morning QB this one.

Sunday’s game was a difficult one to lose, but realize that the Raiders are one of the top five teams in the league. They have nearly everyone returning from a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl last season, and they added WR Jerry Rice, RB Charlie Garner and DE Trace Armstrong to that talented team.

The Chiefs have a new offensive system, a new defensive system, and a bunch of new personnel. They battled to the end, had a great late game offensive drive engineered by QB Trent Green to tie the game at 24 and with a little luck could have pulled this one off. (posted 9/10/2001)
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Chiefs loss reminiscent of last year
For game one—week one, maybe these were your father’s Chiefs.

It was like deja vu’ all over again. In a game reminiscent of last season’s Arrowhead loss to the Raiders, the Chiefs gave up big returns on special teams, Todd Peterson gagged on another FG attempt and the Chiefs lost by three to division rival Oakland 27-24.

Last season, Peterson was wide left on a 44-yard FG attempt, this year he was wide left on a 37-yard attempt that would have given the Chiefs the lead after a nice drive. Both were very costly and when an offense struggles like the Chiefs have at home against the Raiders as of late those 3 points are crucial.

After the Chiefs drove for a game tying TD pass from Trent Green to Snoop Minnis, Todd Peterson once again came into play delivering a short kick-off that was returned 40 yards to set up the game winning drive for the Raiders.

Was former Chiefs special teams Mike out-of-Stock on the sidelines? (posted 9/10/2001)
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Take a memo
There is no question that those who participate in the NFL need suggestions throughout the season. As you sit in the stadium screaming at the coaches, players and the refs we hear you. For those watching the game throwing stuff at the TV we know how you feel. Do you ever feel like firing off a memo to those who you believe deserves your wrath? This column is for you.
Memo to the NFL referees—
Next time someone offers you a 60% raise for a part time job, take it.
Memo # 2 to the locked out NFL referees—
Either come back or go back to your day jobs. Stop whining.
Memo to the KC Chiefs—
(posted 9/10/2001)
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Chiefs a dominant home underdog
Opening day at Arrowhead Stadium has been good to the Kansas City Chiefs. In the last 11 years, they have a 10-1 record. Being a home underdog has also served the Chiefs very well. The team has been in that situation eight times since 1995. The record: 6 wins 2 losses.

The Chiefs open for the second straight season as a home underdog. Last season was a disaster as they came out flat and were defeated handily by the Indianapolis Colts 27-14.

The exact situation plays out Sunday at Arrowhead Sunday. Into town comes hated division rival Oakland, favored by 3 point. (posted 9/8/2001)
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Can I quote you on that?'
A new feature on Chiefs Chatter will be “Can I quote you on that?” Check in every week to see what the Chiefs opponents are saying about the upcoming game and any quotes that qualify as bulletin board material.

•“(Chiefs CB Ray) Crockett’s a good bump-and-run, man-to-man guy, I’m sure he’s going to play a lot of that. He may follow me the whole day. If they do that, that means they put (Chiefs CB Eric) Warfield on Jerry Rice.’’ Brown pauses then smiles. “So they may change that up after a couple plays.”
Raiders’ WR Tim Brown, Mercury News.
CK: Bulletin board material for not only Warfield, but also the entire Chiefs secondary. Brown seems to hold little respect for Warfield.
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Landmark Power Poll
With each NFL week fans want to know how their team stacks up against the rest of the league. Everyone wants to know who’s the favorite and who’s the underdog. The best way to do this is assign each team a power rating and rank the teams in order of that rating. Never ones to be shy the Landmark’s staff is happy to provide this feature free of charge. Introducing the Landmark Power Poll, a weekly power rating system. This poll will be updated each week.


1) 91 TITANS—Few weaknesses. Wonder how last season’s playoffs turn out without Del Greco taking the gas pipe?
2) 90 RAMS—Still have Marshall Faulk and a healthy Kurt Warner. They still command respect, but if Warner goes down....
3) 90 BRONCOS—Offensive juggernaut, a few defensive questions.

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Game preview
Oakland (0-0) at Kansas City (0-0)
Arrowhead Stadium: Noon Central.
Line: Oakland -3
STREAKS/RECORDS: Oakland has won three straight. Chiefs lead series 40-39-2.
LAST TIME WE MET: 11/5/00: Chiefs 31 at Raiders 49. Oakland QB Rich Gannon passes for 4 TDs, two apiece to WR Andre Rison and TE Rickey Dudley.
TV: CBS (12:00 PM CT): Kevin Harlan, Dan Dierdorf, Bonnie Bernstein (Field reporter)
• • •
Raiders: -Oakland had NFL’s top ground game last season (154.4 yards per) & AFC-most 23 TD runs.dd Text

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Not your father's Chiefs
A These aren’t your father’s Kansas City Chiefs.
-Gone is the Marty/Gunther smash-mouth conservative game plan.
-Gone is the slow-witted lock on the same receiver QB.
-Gone is the fullback turned running back—turned running back-by-committee.
-Gone is offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye’s run, run, play action pass and punt, non-ball control offense.
-Gone is defensive coordinator Kurt Schottenheimer‘s bend-and- break defense.
Meet the new Chiefs.
• • •
Enter head coach Dick Vermeil. Vermeil is an old school coach who has evolved and learned to coach in today’s NFL environment. Vermeil took on the head coaching job of the Chiefs without closely examining the Chiefs situation in reference to the NFL salary cap. Once he learned of the awful cap situation Vermeil didn’t cry (well at least publicly). He just helped the team organize and bring in who they could with the available cap funds.

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