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Betty Knight, Platte County Presiding Commissioner, served as emcee for the recent roast of U.S. Attorney Todd Graves. Knight played the role of traffic cop and introduced each speaker. Graves claims his face is red because he had been out in the sun earlier that day.
Graves' first roaster of the evening was Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd. As shown here, some of Zahnd's comments forced an embarrassed smile from the roastee.
Jeff Roe, chief of staff for Congressman Sam Graves and Todd Graves' campaign manager when he ran for state treasurer, took his turn at the microphone. Roe took some shots and then introduced Sam, who unloaded more ammo.
Graves played the role of good sport while on the receiving end of some digs from Ivan Foley, publisher of The Landmark Newspaper.
A surprise to Todd was the arrival of his brother, Congressman Sam Graves, late in the evening. Older brother Sam told some boyhood stories. "Todd used to have to sleep in the same bed as I did. He tells people it's because we were poor. Really it's because he was afraid of the dark."
This poster shows Todd Graves armed and dangerous at the age of 4. A college student was doing a project on the dangers of guns and used young Graves as a subject in his presentation.