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Aldermen okay motorcycle, study dumpster tip rates
by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Platte City's aldermen were able to cross off one of the fiscal year 2005 objectives at last Tuesday evening’s meeting.

The board approved the budgeted lease agreement with Jack Fleming’s Ozark Harley Davidson in Lebanon, Mo., for the acquisition of a police Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

The lease was figured into the fiscal year 2004-2005 police budget.

The cost of the lease will total $1,859.92, with $500 toward the one year lease of the motorcycle and the remaining cost for the emergency equipment and installation.

Officer David Leach, who has had 30 years experience as a motorcycle officer, will be the sole operator of the vehicle for the next year. He is also a motorcycle officer trainer with certification by Institute of Police Technology and Management in Jacksonville, FL.

In other matters, according to City Administrator Keith Moody a decision to amend the city code for solid waste management was tabled by the board after concerns were raised regarding the uncertainty of how the city's refuse utility revenue would be affected.

The question that was brought before the board was whether they wanted to add the option of tipping a 6 yard dumpster to their current 3 yard dumpster tipping service.

Platte City’s current rate for tipping a 3 yard dumpster is $14.20 per tip based upon a four week month. There would be a manhour cost savings associated with dumping a 6 yard dumpster versus two 3 yard dumpsters.

According to Moody’s report, tipping two 3 yard dumpsters would generate $28.40, if the city set a fee of $20 per tip for a 6 yard dumpster. That means a customer could save $8.40 per tip with four weeks per month, that would amount to a savings of $33.60 per month.

In other business, Moody advised the board that he and Mayor Dave Brooks will be meeting with the Missouri Department of Transportation on Wednesday, Dec. 2 to get their comments on the traffic study that was updated by MannRose Development.

"They’ve been studying and reviewing the traffic study that was updated by MannRose to consider the improvements that may be needed at a future date to intersections in Platte Valley Plaza,” said Moody.

“The study looks at the traffic volume now and what it may be at a future date.”

Those intersections under study include: Kentucky and 92 Hwy., Running Horse Road and 92 Hwy., Kentucky and Platte Falls Road, and Platte Falls Road and Running Horse Road.



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