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Challenger promotes change in county treasurer race

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Platte County Treasurer Bonnie Brown says she is hoping her skills and knowledge of the financial world will convince voters to elect her to a second term.

“This office deals with the management of bank accounts and investments and my hands-on experience makes me more qualified than that of someone looking at it from a financial/investment standpoint,” said Brown.

Brown, in her first term as treasurer, has served 18 years in the banking profession and is a graduate of MBA School of Banking.

If elected, “I plan to continue to bring new ideas, procedures, and processes to the office that make it more efficient and cost effective. Therefore, saving the taxpayers money. I’ve done that somewhat over the last four years and I’d like to continue to do that more,” said Brown.

Brown, 58, is a member of the Platte County Economic Development Council, Riverside Chamber of Commerce, Platte City Chamber of Commerce, and the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce.

She is also involved in many community organizations such as: Habitat for Humanity Northland, Park Hill Community Drug Task Force, Northland Symphony Orchestra, Parkville and Platte City Rotary, and Park Hill Baptist Church.

Brown resides in Kansas City, Mo., and has one daughter, Bobette.

“I love Platte County—living here, working here, and I appreciate the opportunity to use my skills to help the citizens,” said Brown. “I look forward to continuing as part of the team and working with other officeholders for the best county government possible.”

Chris Dalton, 31, said his decision to run for office didn’t come lightly.

“I really struggled with the decision of running for office. I had to make sure there was a reason to make the change,” said Dalton.

Dalton, who said he has been approached several times over the past few years to run for office, was waiting for the right time and office.

“I’m a Christian man and I felt God was calling me into public service. I waited to see where there would be a good fit for me in Platte County,” stated Dalton. “With my background in finance, I felt it lined me up with the treasurer’s office.”

Dalton wants to implement three goals if he’s elected to office on Nov. 2.

“There are three things I’m pledging to the citizens of Platte County,” said Dalton. “I want to reconcile all the accounts, invest every dollar wisely, and follow the proper accounting procedures.”

Dalton said he wants to diminish the view some people may have about him being a part-time candidate.

“I’m going to devote my time to being a full-time treasurer. Nothing's going to come in the way of the office. The duties of the treasurer's office will be my priority,” said Dalton.

Some changes Dalton plans to bring to office include check signing procedures.

“Currently a check can be made, printed, and signed without the treasurer being in the office and I have a problem with that,” explained Dalton.

Another change is making sure all the proper procedures are followed regarding the filing of bills.

“You need three signatures in order to pay certain funds and the current treasurer isn’t doing that all of the time,” said Dalton. “That was noted in the outside auditor’s report in 2002.”

Dalton is owner of Noggin Noodle Toys, and owner of two franchise businesses in the Mrs. Fields Famous Brands line.

He is currently attending Park University in Parkville and will graduate in 2005 with a bachelor's of science degree in business administration.

Dalton and his wife Jennifer have three children, Chase, Meghan, and Jenna, and are expecting a baby boy, Carter in December. The family resides in Kansas City.

“I will be a full-time treasurer who will protect our tax dollars, I will invest them wisely, I will follow all the proper accounting procedures and these reasons I feel will make me the best candidate for Platte County treasurer,” said Dalton.




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