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Police will help organize line at flu shot clinics

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Health Department has enlisted the help of area police departments to ensure the flu vaccination clinic on Monday, Nov. 1 is a success.

“The Platte County Heath Department, together with the Platte City Police Department and the Riverside Police Department, has developed a plan to ensure that the flu vaccination clinic will flow as smoothly as possible,” said Susan Hoskins, emergency response planner/public information officer for the Platte County Health Department.

These measures were taken after the health department learned that their flu vaccine supply would be cut by 90%.

After an announcement by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Oct. 5 that its would be a shortage of the flu vaccine this year, the health department started developing a plan to deal with the effects that would fall upon Platte County.

“The Platte County Health Department is striving to serve the “at risk” population of Platte County with our limited supply of vaccine in as fair and equitable manner as possible,” stated Hoskins.

That striving goal has forced the department to hold a one time only flu clinic at 9 a.m., Monday, Nov. 1 at both the Platte City Health Department, 212 Marshall Rd., Platte City, and the Riverside Health Department, 4443 NW Gateway, Riverside.

The flu clinics are open only to Platte County residents who are: adults 65 or older; children age 6 months-23 months, persons age 2-64 years with underlying chronic medical conditions including: heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, metabolic diseases, blood disorders, and weakened immune systems; and women who will be pregnant during flu season (typically, November through March).

The health department is requiring that each person bring with them: proof of Platte County residency (driver’s license, utility bill with address, property tax statement); adults 65 or older (driver’s license, Medicare card); children age 6-23 months (birth certificate, shot records, signed parental consent if caretaker is bring child for immunization); adults with underlying chronic medical conditions (note from physician on prescription pad or letterhead attesting to condition and need for vaccine); and pregnant women (note for OB/GYN on prescription pad or letterhead attesting to condition and need for vaccine).

According to Hoskins, county residents planning on attending the flu clinic should be advised of the police presence at both locations to assist with traffic flow and crowd control.

• Residents should not arrive prior to 8:15 a.m. (people will be turned away prior to 8:15 a.m.).
• Cost of the immunization will be an administration fee of $7. (The vaccination itself will be free.) If residents have Medicare or Medicaid, they must present the card at the time of the vaccination.
• The clinic will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and will last until all the vaccine is depleted.
• Individuals allergic to either eggs or thimerosal, which is a form of mercury used as a preservative, are not able to receive the flu vaccine.

“The Health Department asks for the patience and assistance of the public on Nov. 1. Lines may be long and residents can bring a lawn chair if they wish,” said Hoskins.

“Once it has been determined that an individual seeking the vaccination meets the CDC criteria, with supporting documentation, the shots will be given on a first come-first served basis until the supply is exhausted.”




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