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Dog that attacked girl to be removed from city

by Bill O'Malley
Contributing writer

At its meeting Tuesday night, Parkville’s Board of Aldermen never relented from its unwavering support of Police Chief Bill Hudson’s decision to order that a dog that attacked an 8-year-old girl on Oct. 2 be removed from Parkville.

Mickey and Linda Guthrie petitioned the board in an appeal of Hudson’s decision. Fighting back tears, Linda Guthrie pleaded with the board to allow them to keep the dog until she had her hip replacement surgery, scheduled for Dec. 2, and the couple is able to find a new home outside of the city limits.

Guthrie argued that the incident was the result of a bizarre set of circumstances and that they could assure that it would never happen again. They purchased a 7 foot fence and offered to never allow the dog to go into the fenced area without their constant supervision. She indicated that she believed that the mother of the girl would support their appeal.

Mrs. Guthrie said that the dog is docile and has “never shown any aggression toward anyone.” She added “We always thought that if someone came into our yard that he'd lick them to death.”

Alderman Jack Friedman said that he had a unique insight into the incident as he knows the people who saved the girl from the attack. He said that they told him two important things: First, the dog was docile. But, second, the dog went after the girl again every time that they moved away from her. He insisted “If James and Brian had not driven up at this time, it wouldn’t have been over.”

Hudson cited “City ordinance gives me the authority to ask for the removal of any dog from Parkville that is a danger. I’m not saying that it’s a bad dog, but it’s a dangerous animal.”

The board unanimously backed Hudson’s decision and suggested that the city could be liable if there was a future attack. Alderman David Rittman said “We have been elected to protect the city. We’re very lucky that this little girl is alive and nothing less than that is factual.”

Rittman showed pictures of the girl's injuries to the couple.

The order means the couple will have 48 hours to remove the dog from the city limits.

Hudson and the entire board expressed sympathy for the couple’s plight. Mayor Dusenbery and several aldermen said that they hoped that the couple would remain in Parkville.

The board approved Park University’s request to conduct a private, managed deer hunt on its land in Parkville. The dates for the hunt will be Dec. 19-22, 2004, Dec. 26-30, and Jan. 2-5, 2005. The hours of the hunt will be from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset each day.

Anna Jaffe and Mike Horine, representing Curious Eye Productions, updated the city on improvements that are being made to Parkville’s cable access channel, Channel 2. Improvements have already been made to advance the station’s programming and transmission.

The board applauded their accomplishments and thanked them for being a wise steward of the taxpayer’s money. Dusenbery said “They are being very modest about what they’ve accomplished.”

Consent was given by the aldermen to authorize the mayor to enter into a contract with Williams Spurgeon Kuhl & Freshnock Architects, Inc. (WSK & F) for improvements at city hall. The approved contract was for $13,500. It is only one stage of the scheduled city hall improvements. The board also passed an ordinance covering an agreement for $467,000 with Wolf Construction for improvements at the McAfee Pump Station.

Aldermen approved the purchase of a new F-350 truck to assist in snow removal from Thoroughbred Ford, Inc. for $20,779.18 and a snow plow from Kranz of Kansas City for $7,402.00. The quote from Thoroughbred Ford was the lowest of the three bids that the city received. Bill Woods Ford bid $21,155.18. Metro Ford submitted a bid for $29,572.65.

Alderman Rittman abstained from voting on the purchase of the truck. While he indicated that he would receive no financial remuneration for the purchase, Rittman said that he did not feel that it was appropriate for him to vote on the ordinance as he is employed with the dealership.

The city also approved several community development projects, including Lake Pointe Professional Center and two final plats for new development at the National.

Parkville’s next board of aldermen meeting will be held on November 2 at 7 pm.



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