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New building designed to resemble Stealth Bomber

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Northland developer and builder Andy Homoly, has put a unique spin on his newest development.

According to Homoly, an 11,140 square-foot building, located on the southwest corner of Hwy. 92 and Kentucky Ave. in Platte City, will resemble a Stealth Bomber upon its completion.

“I was looking for a design that would fit the shape of the lot,” said Homoly. “With the lot being a triangular shape, the Stealth fighter idea just kind of evolved.”

Homoly explained that the building "will be symbolic to that of a Stealth fighter.”

The building will feature a cockpit section, exhaust portholes, and pilot windows. The exterior will feature a black roof, the building will be an aircraft steel gray color, there will be aircraft aluminum gray storefront window frames, and blue tinted glass will be used.

“All the parts that will go into the making of the building will give the look and feel of the Stealth fighter,” stated Homoly.

Homoly said a special tribute will be added to the building. The building will feature a special island in front of the building with a large flag flying above the site. Homoly also stated there will be a plaque dedicated to the men and women of Whiteman Air Force Base, located in Knob Noster, Mo. Whiteman Air Force Base is the home of the Stealth Bomber.

The main anchor of the new building, Platte County Title, will be joined by Blockbuster Video and ReMax Homes Center. Around 1,200 square-feet of pad site space is still available in the new facility.

Homoly, developer of the building, is also overseeing the construction of the site.

“If you were in a plane looking down at the building it would look exactly like the Stealth fighter,” said Homoly. “The shape of the roof line is what creates the appearance.”



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