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No rush on concealed weapon applications in county

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

To date, the Platte County Sheriff’s Department has issued one-third of the concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits it had originally projected this summer.

According to Amanda Terhune, civil clerk for concealed weapons permits at the sheriff’s department, since July 12 there have been 223 applications received, with 191 permits issued, three denied due to their criminal history, and action still pending on the reminder.

That first day, the sheriff’s department was expecting 150 applications for CCWs. Instead, 52 Platte County citizens turned out to apply for the permits.

“The numbers are a little under what we were actually thinking,” said Captain Frank Hunter. “We were expecting 500-600 over the first couple of months.”

Hunter continued, “Originally we were thinking one percent of the eligible population, which in that case would’ve been 1,000 applicants over three years.”

Those original projections included seeing 60-70% of the applications in the first year, and then seeing a “turnpike effect” in the applications numbers.

“We planned for that so if we hit that number we could service the applicants,” said Hunter. “We wanted to be sure to provide service to the citizens and not have them disadvantaged.”

Hunter explained that one of the reasons for the smaller numbers is because every state has different laws regarding CCW permits.

According to Hunter, some states don’t require classes in order to receive a permit, and in other states the fee associated with the permit may be lower or not even exist.

“People who live in Missouri may have taken advantage of some of those laws,” said Hunter. “The people could’ve gone to another state and got a permit and that permit would be valid in Missouri. That may account for the numbers being lower than we prepared for.”

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department is currently seeing approximately seven applications per week.

The sheriff’s department accepts permit applications from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 415 Third St., in Platte City.

Applicants must pay a $38 fee using either a money order or cashier’s check and bring a government-issued photo identification showing proof of residency in Platte County. Proof of a Social Security number and documentation showing completion of a firearms safety course also are required.



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