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Around 150 sign up for community center use

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

The membership drive is off and running for the Platte County Community Centers, as citizens from all over Platte County grabbed their first chance at a membership on Saturday.

The initial membership drive was held from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at both the northern and southern locations. Around 115 individuals, families and senior citizens turned out in full force in Platte City to join the YMCA managed facilities, while 35 members joined the southern facility.

With Oct. 29 as the official opening date of the Platte City location, the YMCA of Greater Kansas City made a greater effort to target the membership drive toward the northern area.

Prior to the drive, the YMCA made visits to area clubs including the Platte City Chamber of Commerce and the Platte City Rotary Club.

The Parkville location, scheduled to open in January, will have a second membership drive targeted more toward southern Platte County closer to opening day. The southern center is scheduled to open in January.

Platte County Parks and Recreation Director Brian Nowotny was thrilled with the first day numbers seen at Platte City.

“My unofficial goal for the membership drive was 100 and I thought if we would hit that I’d be happy,” explained Nowotny. “But we blew right through that goal.”

The 29,000 square foot, northern facility, located at 3101 Running Horse Road, will open the doors with many features aimed to please a wide range of citizens.

Features of the northern community center include: a wellness center, indoor gymnasium, indoor family aquatics center, outdoor spray ground featuring a water cannon, a small water slide and a wet rainbow, an indoor walking track, indoor and outdoor playground equipment, locker rooms and a lounge.

According to Nowotny, cost for construction of the northern facility is $7.5 million.

The southern center, located at 8875 Clark Ave., Parkville, is the larger of the two facilities due to the higher density of population in the southern portion of Platte County.

“Greater population in the south necessitated the center being a larger facility because it will serve a larger population,” said Nowotny.

The 53,000 square foot facility, will include the same features as the northern center along with the addition of a generational center that will provide programs for senior citizens and teens, two dedicated aerobics studios, an elevated running track, and a party room off the aquatic center.

Construction of both facilities is being managed by J.E. Dunn Construction of Kansas City. Dunn is in charge of managing over 50 contractors in the construction of the centers.

Membership fees for Platte County residents are: Family $68.40 per month; individual $45.90 per month; senior citizen family $60.30; senior individual $39.60; and teen $20.70. These rates reflect a 10% discount for county residents, who also have the benefit of getting a $100 joining fee waived.

The membership will be valid at both centers and will include programs such as aerobics, yoga, palates and more.



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