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Cost of living pay increase gets early okay from city

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Preliminary approval for cost of living adjustments to city employee salaries has been given.

Platte City Administrator Keith Moody presented the board of aldermen with cost of living adjustments to employee wages and benefits for consideration at Tuesday evening's meeting.

According to Section 4.070:B of the city’s personnel policy, “In coordination with the adoption of the city’s fiscal budget, the board of aldermen may consider...cost of living adjustments to employee wages and benefits...based on indexes unique to Platte City’s region and line of service.”

The two indexes that are used to guide the development of annual wage and benefit increases for employees are the Consumer Price Index and Employment Cost Index. The board of aldermen voted to accept the preliminary wage and benefit increases. The preliminary wages showed an increase of 30 cents to 40 cents per hour.

"What we do is take that increase and slice it into thirds, and depending on where the individuals are at in the pay scale will determine the amount of increase they will see,” said Moody.

For employees at the bottom of the pay scale they would see a 40 cent increase, employees in the middle of the pay scale would see a 35 cent increase and employees at the top would receive 30 cents.

The board of aldermen will revisit the issue when it’s time to adopt the budget for fiscal year 2005 to make sure the raises fit within the allotted budget.

"Tonight if they say yes it’s reasonable, then we take those numbers and start plugging them into each of the department’s budgets,” Moody said Tuesday. “We’ll compare the budgeted expenditures to our projected revenues. Once they’re compared, then we must decide if the increase is feasible.”

Preliminary approval was also given for the benefits. Approval includes a $23 increase per month to be effective June 2005. The effect on the 2005 budget is an increase of $3,680 in personnel cost over what the city pays currently.

The new budget for fiscal year 2005 will be adopted in mid-September.

Moody told the aldermen, “I believe these items should be given preliminary approval so they have a chance to be revisited when it’s time to set the budget.”

In other items, the board awarded a bid to Restoration and Water Proofing Contractors Inc. for $36,119 to complete tuck pointing and brick sealing at the Civic Center.

Moody informed the board that there are funds available to complete new window caulking in the three story section and east section of the building. Other future repairs for the building include: masonry repairs to the east section, the three story section, the gymnasium section, the west section, and clean and seal at city hall.

Moody stated he anticipates budgeting for that work in the 2005 budget.

In other matters:

•The city has previously agreed to be responsible for developing a drainage easement along the course of an open drainageway at the end of Hampton Drive.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Drake, the Hampton Condominium Owners Association, and the Hampton Home Owners Association have agreed to contribute $1,000 each toward the improvement project. The Platte City Development Corporation announced they will provide the track hoe for the project.

Moody stated the estimated cost of the project is $8,000, but with the track hoe being lent to the project and the other contributions of money, the city will now have just $1,500 in out-of-pocket expenses.

•The board of aldermen also approved an agreement with Boomerz Band to provide entertainment at the End of the Trail Rally and Street Dance on Friday, Sept. 10 and Saturday, Sept. 11. The dance will take place both evenings from 7-11 p.m. on Main Street. The city agreed to pay the band $1,600 for both evenings of entertainment. It is estimated that between 5,000-10,000 people are expected to attend the event.



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