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$howing the money

Wegner, Short have more campaign funds available

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

As a general rule, county political campaigns require some cash to energize the effort and to help communicate the message of each candidate. It’s no different here in Platte County, where candidates—some more than others—have taken donations to help fund their races.

Quarterly campaign finance reports for county candidates were due Thursday. Not surprisingly, the incumbents seem to have more healthy war chests than the newcomers that are challenging them in the primary election scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 3.
What follows is a look at the financial standing of candidates in the contested county commission races in Platte County. Wendy Flanigan, director for the Platte County Board of Elections, explains the maximum contribution per election is $300.

Steve Wegner
Second District County Commissioner

Early on in the campaign, Steve Wegner, incumbent, mentioned he didn’t have the personal financial resources of his challenger in the Republican primary, Jim Plunkett. A look at the latest campaign finance report, and a look at the very noticeable interstate billboard signs he has on display in his district, leaves the impression that Wegner’s campaign is not suffering from a shortage of funds.

In this election cycle, Wegner’s campaign committee known as Platte County First has receipts of $25,880. It has spent $12,310, leaving roughly $13,000 on hand as of July 15.

“I’ve done OK on my fundraisers,” Wegner recently told The Landmark.

It’s true. A recent golf tournament hosted at The National Golf Course in Parkville had a net profit of nearly $9,000 for Wegner’s campaign fund.

Contributions listed on his quarterly report have come from:

Clark R. Irey II, Leawood, Ks. $150; Nancy T. Allen, Parkville, $300; Sandra Aust, Kansas City, $50; Judy Stokes, Kansas City, $200; N. Gary Wages, Independence, $50; Ronald Williamson, Kansas City, $100; George Z. Hull III, Weston, $100; White, Goss, March, Schulte and Weisenfels, Kansas City, $300; G. Elain Bowers, Kansas City, $300; James C. Bowers, Kansas City, $300; R.H. Johnson Company, Kansas City, $300; Betty Gregoire, Austin, Tex., $100; O. Lavon Roland, Platte City, $25; Keith Hicklin, Platte City, $100, Rebecca Rooney, Weston, $300; John W. Brake, Overland Park, Ks., $50; Cynthia McGinnis, Platte City, $100; Myron Calkins, Kansas City, $50; Michael Burke, Kansas City, $150; Robert Neil Davidson, Parkville, $50;

Whitaker Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Ingle Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Michael Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Paul McLaughlin, Kansas City, $300; Cynthia Hileman, Overland Park, Ks., $300; George Butler Assoc., Lenexa, Ks, $300; Lexeco, Leavenworth, $300; Kaaz Construction, Leavenworth, $300; Pamela Miller, Kansas City, $300; Clarkson Construction Co, Kansas City, $300; Clarkson Equipment Co., Kansas City, $300; Eaton Chemical, Inc., Riverside, $50; Neil Davidson, Parkville, $25; Philip Krause, Parkville, $25; Gary Wages, Independence, $25; Jack and Carole Coots, Platte City, $50; Corey and Lori Rush, Platte City, $50; Michael Maasens, Kansas City, $300; Dave Johnson, North Kansas City, $300; Nelson Hopper, Parkville, $300; Arnie Tulloch, Fairway, Ks., $300; Allan Cooksey, Overland Park, Ks., $300; Pat McCowan, Independence, $300; Kyle Burch, Kansas City, $300; Dale Brouk, Parkville, $300; ET Archer Corporation, Lee’s Summit, $300; Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, $300; Friends of John Fairfield, $300; Forest Park Development Parkville, $300; NDH LLC, Parkville, $300; George and Pam Gunter, Kansas City, $300; Greater KC Chamber PAC, Kansas City, $300; Harrington & Cortelyou, Kansas City, $300; Ingram’s Magazine, Kansas City, $300; John F. Lutjen and Assoc., Kansas City, $300; McCormick Distilling Co., Weston, $300; Mega Industries, North Kansas City, $300; Nash Gas, Karlton and Donna Nash, Riverside, $300; Nearing, Statts, Prelogar and Jones, $300; Olsson Associates, Kansas City, $300; SFS Architects, Kansas City, $300; Franklin L. Weatherford, Kansas City, $300; Larkin Group, Kansas City, $300; HNTB, Kansas City, $300; BHC, Overland Park, Ks. $300.

Expenses for Wegner have included: FireFly Marketing, Kansas City, campaign literature, $1,360; Firefly Marketing, campaign literature, $1,475; 1st Street Graphics, St. Joseph, campaign literature, $601; DAC Photography, invitations, $299; Waitt Outdoor, Omaha, Neb., outdoor sign, $1,175; Waitt Outdoor, Omaha, outdoor sign, $1,500; US Post Office, postage, $149; Dac Photography, Platte City, $35, Dac Photography, $53.63; Dac Photography, $17.50; Firefly Marketing, campaign literature, $2,835; National Golf Club, Parkville, $2,915.67.

Jim Plunkett, Second District County Commission candidate

Plunkett’s campaign committee, known as Citizens to Elect Jim Plunkett, is at the other end of the financial spectrum from Wegner’s. Money on hand as of July 15 for Plunkett was listed as just $373.35.

Monetary receipts this election for Plunkett are $4,415. Of that amount, $3,900 came from a personal loan Plunkett made to his own campaign committee.

Plunkett says there are reasons he is relying primarily on self-funding of his race.

"I vowed I would not take money from county vendors or developers," he said, adding that vendors and developers are prominent in Wegner's list of contributors.

"I have vowed that if elected, I will be ethical in office. And I can assure you that there won't be anything going on that shouldn't be going on. That's one of the reasons I'm self-funding the race," he said this week.

"I just want to get work done. I don't want to be a politician," he remarked.

Monetary contributions received outside of his own personal funds this election total $515. Itemized contributions for this reporting period number only one: It came from Mike Hemphill, St. Louis, in the amount of $300.

Itemized expenditures for Plunkett’s campaign include:

Platte County Election office, copies, $4.75;, yard signs, $749.94; Britt Kennedy Signs, signs, $736.60; Groundhog Communications, artwork, $425; Groundhog Communications, artwork, $100; Dunkel Printing, printing, $910.35; Dunkel Printing, printing, $342.72; The Landmark, ad, $89.40; The Citizen, ad, $135; and several payments for postage in the amount of $63.85, $46, $92, $23, $94.04 and $138.


Republican Incumbent Michael Short, first district county commissioner, has plenty of cash on hand in his campaign fund, with a balance of $26,438 as of July 15. His report shows he has raised $73,886 for this election.

"I've been very fortune. A lot of people have come forward to support me (with donations)," Short said this week.

Monetary donations to Short this reporting period include:

Kevin Green Homes, Parkville, $300; Knight for Presiding Commissioner, Platte City, $300; Shields for Pro-Tem, St. Joseph, $300; Citizens for Shields, St. Joseph, $300; Nathan Granger, Parkville, $200; Michael L. Defenbau, Parkville, $150; James Allen, Parkville, $300; Gary Anderson, Shawnee Mission, Ks. $200; Beau Arnason, Columbus, Ohio, $300; Edie Ballweg, Kansas City, $20; James Bowers, Kansas City, $300; Brungardt, Honomichi and Co., P.A., Overland Park, Ks. $300; Mike Burke, Kansas City, $100; Myron Calkins, Kansas City, $100; Central Platte Holdings LLC, Parkville, $300; Glenda Corwin, Kansas City, $300; Damon Pursell Construction Co., Liberty, $300; Delich, Roth and Goddwillie, Kansas City, $300; John Dillingham, Kansas City, $100; Randall Ferguson, Lee’s Summit, $300; George Butler and Assoc., Lenexa, Ks. $300; Whitaker Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Ingle Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Jan Gunn, Kansas City, $300; Pamela Gunter, Kansas City, $300; Jerry Hagg, Dearborn, $150; Bill Hern, Kansas City, $50; Home Embellishments, LLC, Parkville, $300; Randy Irey, Leawood, $50; Jerry’s Collision and Refinishing, Riverside, $50; Gerald Johnson, Lee’s Summit, $300; Marta Kimball, Weatherby Lake, $300; Tracey Kolasa, Kansas City, $100; Lakes at Oakmont, St. Joseph, $300; Lexeco, Leavenworth, $300; Martins Group, Platte City, $300; Mega Industries, North Kansas City, $300; John Miller, Kansas City, $300; Mitchell, Kristi and Lieber, P.A., Kansas City, $300.; NBH LLC, Parkville, $300; Lee Pedego, Parkville, $200; Platte County Title, Platte City, $300; Steve Pomerantz, New Albany, Ohio, $300; Barry Rosenberg, Columbus, Ohio, $300; Michael Royle, Kansas City, $50; S&P Financial Services, Kansas City, $100; Debbie Saladino, Kansas city, $25; Ronald Shaffer, Prairie Village, Ks. $300; Robert Shaw, Platte City, $300; Thomas Smith, Lenexa, Ks. $300; Judy Spinner, Kansas City, $50; The Bukaty Agency, Overland Park, Ks., $300; Lee Valentine, Weatherby Lake, $25; Carolyn Valentine, Weatherby Lake, $25; David Watson, Kansas City, $300; Larry White, Overland Park, Ks. $300; Vicki Williamson, Kansas City, $300; WNB Architects, Kansas City, $300.

Some of Short’s more notable expenses include $2,915 to The National Golf Club for a tournament/reception; $3005 to Firefly Marketing for yard signs; $299 to Dac Photography in Platte City; $111.10 to Sports-N-Shorts in Platte City (owned by fellow commissioner Steve Wegner) for t-shirts.


Pryor’s report shows he has nearly $10,000 on hand as of the July 15 quarterly reporting deadline. Pryor has raised $10,395 this election and spent just $456. The amount he has been able to raise is considered fairly impressive based on the fact it's his first foray into countywide office.

Contributions received this period for Pryor:

Richard W. Saunders, Kansas City, $300; Pryor Appraisal Services, Inc., Gladstone, $300; Pryor Trust, LLC, $300; Inside Information, Smithville, $300; Larry Ellington, Bonner Springs, Ks., $300; John Elliott, Smithville, $300; Julie Elliott, Smithville, $300; James T. Wrigley, Parkville, $250; Karen E. Wrigley, Parkville, $250; Citizens for Pouche, Parkville, $300; Todd Burnidge, Kansas City, $200; Kevin S. Coffman, Kansas City, $200; Randall C. Reed, Kansas City, $300; Blue Excel, Platte City, $300; Triple Star, Platte City, $300; Jeb S. Coy, Smithville, $300; Brian D. Everest, Mission Hills, Ks., $300; J. Stephen West, Kansas City, $200; The Donaldson Group, Gladstone, $200; Moyes Eye Center, Kansas City, $150; Brenda Pryor, Kansas City, $300; TWG Mortgage Solutions, Kansas City, $250; Victor Hurlbert, Liberty, $300; Jim Plunkett, Inc., $300; J.D.N., Kansas City, $125; Sherri Plunkett, Platte City, $300; Jim Plunkett, Platte City, $300; Thomas J. Pryor, Kansas City, $300.

Notable expenses for Pryor include $910.35 to Dunkel Printing of Weston; $325 to Groundhog Communications for logo and push piece; $152 in postage; and $116 to Signs Now of Kansas City for yard signs.



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