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City has improved marks in ETC survey of residents?

by Mark Vasto
Landmark reporter

In a recent survey conducted by the ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, Platte City was found to have one of the top ratings of resident satisfaction in the Metropolitan Kansas City area.

The results, as shown at the May 25 meeting of the Platte City Aldermen, found that when compared to other cities in the metro area, Platte City rated in the top 25 percent of all cities when it came to overall quality of customer service, water service, sewer and trash utilities and the enforcement of city codes of and ordinances.

The survey was conducted over the month of May and was administered by phone to a random sample of 408 households in the Platte City area — roughly one out of every four households in the city.

Chris Tatham, director of the ETC Institute, said that the findings showed that the city was making “tremendous progress” in many areas since the city started conducting the survey in 2000.

“Most cities have gone down during the recession,” Tatham said.
Platte City Administrator Keith Moody was clearly ecstatic over the findings, pointing out that out of 67 categories surveyed, 59 saw an increase in satisfaction and out of 45 benchmarking categories for the entire metro area, 35 areas ranked at or above average.

“That’s an amazing feat, in my opinion,” Moody exclaimed, adding that he planned on giving a commendation to city staffers.

The survey had a +/- ratio of 5 percent with a 95 percent level of confidence which means that if the survey was conducted 100 times, it would reflect the same results within five percentage points 95 times.
In other actions of the board of aldermen:

•Alderwoman Melody Doescher apparently hit a nerve when she questioned why the Hampton Condominium complex wasn’t sharing in the cost of building drainage on an area of ground next to a privately-owned residence. The cost of the project is being estimated at $9,200 dollars, and Doescher reasoned that since the Hampton Condominiums seemed to be the reason for the drainage problem, they should be required to pay for some or all of the improvements.

City Administrator Keith Moody balked at the suggestion, saying that the city could provide no “motivation” for the Hampton Condominium homeowners to pay for the problem. Moody spoke from firsthand knowledge: after Doescher pressed on the point, Moody admitted that he was the president of the Hampton Homeowner’s Group. Moody did say, however, that the group would “be happy to grant the easement” for the property.

•Aldermen spoke briefly on a dispute between Sprint and the city over unpaid legal fees. The dispute allegedly arose when Sprint required a separate franchise fee ordinance that differed from the city’s existing rules. The city is asserting that since the company required the change in law, they should pay for the legal fees. Sprint, in a written communication, said that charging for legal fees is against the law. Sprint spokesman Randy Knox could not be reached for comment as of press time.

•Approved a TIF policy that would serve as the framework for initiating discussions on projects by developers interested in receiving the special tax increment financing used to deal with blighted areas.

Reported that gross sales within the city are increasing according to recently released sales tax data. In particular, sales taxes from the fast food restaurants have shown an increase. Motel sales taxes have declined, however.


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