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Pat Wolf to run write-in campaign against Brooks

Former alderman will oppose incumbent


by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

In another twist to what has been an unusual 'campaign,' there will be some competition for the mayor's position in Platte City after all.

Two weeks after Gary Brown announced he was dropping out of a race against incumbent Dave Brooks, a former alderman has stepped forward to announce she will run as a write-in candidate for the mayor's seat at the Tuesday, April 6 election.

Pat Wolf, 52, on Tuesday filed her intention to run as a write-in with the Platte County Board of Elections. Her name will not appear on the ballot, meaning her supporters will have to pencil in her name.

In an odd situation, Brown's name will still be on the ballot even though he has announced he is no longer seeking the post. Brown pulled out of the race too late for his name to be removed from the ballot, according to officials with the board of elections.

Wolf was elected as an alderman in 1998 and served until 2000. In her time on the board she served on the personnel and public works committees. She is running for mayor because she is "concerned with the representation of the city with the current mayor," she said this week.

"I believe I can aid the board by helping them stay focused on issues once the facts have been weighed and effectively presented," she said.

"With my common sense approach, I can impress on board members that decisions should be made at the meeting table and not at a table in a restaurant.”

Wolf is the single parent of a 13-year-old son who attends Platte County R-3 Schools. She bought a home in Platte City in 1994.

If elected, open government will be a focus of her administration, she said.

"The word 'open' gets thrown around a lot, but the word 'open' should refer to more than the doors at city hall or the mayor's office," she remarked.

"There should be nothing to hide—this earns the respect of the community," Wolf added.

The former alderman said she will bring commitment and accountability to the job.

"I'm committed to being a good representative of the city, to staying within my own boundaries and will not micro-manage city hall. I'll hold myself and everybody else accountable for our actions," she said.

Wolf said she believes it's the position that's important, not the person filling it.
"I'll keep the people in mind and won't be self-absorbed," she said.

She added she will be a proponent of what she calls "citywide pride.”

"We should be proud of the whole city, not just parts of it or certain people in it.”

Brooks was elected mayor in 2002, defeating then-incumbent Frank Offutt. It was Brooks' third run for mayor. He had run unsuccessfully in 1996 against Pearl Brown and had been defeated by Offutt in 1998. In 2000, Brooks was elected alderman in Ward 1, serving one term before winning the mayor's race in 2002.

Brown, currently a Ward 3 alderman whose term expires in April, dropped out of the mayor's race a little more than two weeks ago, citing the need to "concentrate on family stuff and personal things.”

He had filed for the job in December, and harshly criticized Brooks in media interviews, alleging there is "a coalition" in place at city hall.


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