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Landmark bracket contest
ready to roll

It's time for prognosticators to be gearing up for The Landmark's eighth annual NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket contest.

Here's all you need to know: To enter, fax your completed bracket to The Landmark at 816-858-2313 by 11 a.m. Thursday, March 25

Prize money and a free meal are at stake in this year's event. First place winner gets $50 and a meal on the town with Ivan Foley and Mark Vasto of The Landmark. Entry is free and limited to one per person. Contestants of all ages are invited to take part.

The bracket pairings will be announced Sunday, March 14. To enter The Landmark's contest, fill out a copy of the bracket (clip one out of the daily papers or pull one off the Internet) predicting winners for every tournament game.

As a potential tiebreaker, write in how many total points you think will be scored in the championship game.

There are several ways to get your entry to us. The most convenient way is to fax it to 816-858-2313. Entries can also be sent by email to, or brought to The Landmark office at 252 Main St., Platte City.

Entries are due by 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 18. Be sure to put your name and phone number on your bracket.

Weekly updates on the standings of the contest will be reported on in the Between the Lines column.

Those who enter will be able to test their prognosticating skills against Landmark staffers Ivan Foley, Mark Vasto, Greg Hall, CK Rairden and Brian Kubicki. Also, Dave Stewart of Metro Sports Television will be taking part as a celebrity contestant.

Off the Couch Columnist Greg Hall is so confident this year that he has said any on-air personality in the KC media who enters and can beat him will get three sentences written by Hall in a future OTC filled with nothing but complimentary niceties. Sounds like a challenge.

The Landmark's scoring system is slightly different this year than last. Scoring will be done this way:

Two points will be awarded for each correct first round selection; four points for each second round; six points for a third round; eight points for a correct fourth round; 10 points for a correct fifth rounder; and 20 points if you correctly choose the tourney champion.


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