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Stray dog, cat situation getting
'out of hand'

by Mark Vasto
Landmark reporter

Resisting the temptation to resort to clichés, Platte City Police Chief Joe McHale told the Platte City Board of Aldermen on Tueday evening that the city's stray dog and cat situation had gotten seriously out of hand.

"We did nothing but pick up dogs today. This is a serious issue to me now," McHale said, lamenting the loss of manpower.

"We are going to write citations. No mercy. No breaks.”

McHale stopped short of recommending the creation of a full-time animal control officer position, but urged the board to consider a fee for each pet the city had to pick up and an increase in annual pet fees.

Currently, the city charges $3 per year to license a cat or dog in the city. According to city statutes, any unlicensed dog or cat captured by the city can be destroyed. Unless a specific law regarding animal control is passed in the future, owners of problem pets could be subjected to the general penalty statute of Platte City and subjected to fines up to $500.


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