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Local voters follow
trend, favor Kerry

by Mark Vasto
Landmark reporter

Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry won the Missouri state primary handily on Tuesday, capturing a little more than 51 percent of the vote.

“I am really grateful for the extraordinary margin in Missouri,” Kerry told reporters from the Associated Press late Tuesday night.
Kerry’s win can hardly be considered a mandate from Missouri voters, however. Only 543,708 of the state's nearly 3.8 million registered voters — just under 7 percent — even bothered to vote in the primary. In Platte County, 5,148 citizens voted, a little more than 9 percent of the county’s registered voters.

With 100 percent of Missouri’s 4,002 precincts reporting, Kerry won 51 percent to John Edwards’ 25 percent. Fading former front-runner Howard Dean netted 9 percent, Wesley Clark with 4 percent, Sen. Joe Lieberman with 4 percent, Al Sharpton with 3 percent, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich with 1 percent.

Platte County’s results closely mirrored the statewide results of the race. Kerry received 50 percent of the Platte County vote, Edwards finished second with 28 percent and Dean came in a distant third, capturing only 9 percent. Every one of the county’s 34 precincts saw Kerry take the majority of voters.

On the Republican side, President George W. Bush won 95.1 percent against two relatively unknown candidates. The president, who is all but assured his party’s nomination barring unknown catastrophe, received a little more than 117,000 votes in the Missouri primary— more than Democratic hopeful John Edwards and nearly three times as many votes as Howard Dean.

In the sole question seen on the ballot for a small portion of Edgerton based Platte County voters, East Buchanan C-1’s request to raise its operating tax levy by $.93 cents per $100 of assessed valuation was struck down by an 8 to 1 margin. Buchanan County voters narrowly defeated the measure 282 to 279. If passed, the new levy for the district would have increased from $4.33 to $5.26.


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