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Woman guilty of trying to pass fake prescription

A Riverside woman was found guilty after a trial of trying to obtain Xanax with a fake prescription. Angela P. Stanton, 29, of Riverside was convicted of fraudulently attempting to obtain a prescription drug on October 8.

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd said the crime was as much a desperate cry for help as it was an illegal act. “Medical records presented at trial document this defendant as a ‘well-known drug seeker,’” Zahnd said.

“The defendant also testified that she had attempted suicide and had been ‘pronounced dead about three times.’”

Prosecutors charged that Stanton went to St. Luke’s Northland Hospital on Nov. 17, 2002. At the hospital, Stanton received a prescription for two drugs. After leaving, prosecutors alleged she wrote herself a prescription for a third drug at the bottom of the form. Stanton testified she had no memory of her actions that day.

The evidence presented at trial indicated Stanton then went to a pharmacy on Barry Road to have the prescriptions filled. The pharmacist testified that she immediately was suspicious when she noticed the handwriting for the third drug was different than the top two. She also testified that the ink color for the third drug was slightly different. The pharmacist delayed Stanton and called the doctor to verify the prescription. Shortly thereafter, Kansas City, Missouri Police were called and arrested Stanton.

Zahnd said, “This defendant admitted she was undergoing significant personal problems. She testified at trial that she was on probation for assaulting a Division of Family Services employee. Those problems escalated to the point the she has committed a felony by attempting to fake a prescription.”

Zahnd said he believed Stanton needed drug rehabilitation treatment and that his office would likely ask that Stanton be placed in a treatment program within the Missouri Department of Corrections.

“If the defendant is going to get her life in order, she needs the kind of intensive treatment offered in Missouri’s Institutional Treatment Center,” Zahnd said.

The Institutional Treatment Center is a four-month program offered within the prison system designed to treat drug abusers.

Stanton’s sentencing is set for November 13, 2003. The case was handled by Platte County Assistant Prosecutor Joe Vanover.