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Parade route chosen for
Harley event Sept. 6

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

Harley Owners Group (HOG) officials were in Platte City last week to discuss final plans for the End of The Trail Party to be held Saturday, Sept. 6.

Richard Hamstead, HOG Coordinator, and Linda Malia, 2003 Missouri State HOG Rally Coordinator President, visited Platte City Friday to finalize some plans with Platte City Special Events Coordinator George McClintock and members of the planning committee for the End of The Trail Party.

HOG members are planning a state-wide rally and will be in Platte County Sept. 5-7. The HOG members will be based at the Embassy Suites near KCI.

Platte City has reserved $5,000 to host a street festival for the organization on Saturday, Sept. 6.

Plans include a parade from Platte County High School parking lot through Platte City, with HOG members arriving in downtown at approximately 7 p.m. for a street dance.

Friday, McClintock told Hamstead and Malia that three parade routes had been chosen and they could pick which one suited HOG members.

After touring the three routes, Hamstead and Malia chose the seven mile route.

According to Platte City Police Chief Joe McHale, HOG members will gather at PC R-3 at 4 p.m. and begin setting up for the parade, which will begin at 6 p.m.

The route, McHale said, will begin at 92 Hwy. and go east to Running Horse Road; south to 136th Street; west to N Hwy and then north on N, which becomes Fourth Street in Platte City.

The group will continue north on Fourth Street, crossing 92 Hwy. where they will pass a viewing stand at Fourth and Main and continue north to Vine Street. The parade will then turn west on Vine to Third Street, where it will turn to go south and cross Main. The motorcycles will be parked on Third Street between Main and Ferrel.

"This is the route that has the better view. It takes them on seven miles and allows them to spread out more," McHale said.

McHale added that motorcycles will be parked on curbs and in the middle of the street. Both sides of Third Street will also be used if more parking is needed.

Maila said that they hope Platte City residents will come out to view the parade.

"We want people to come out and watch," Malia said.

Malia also said it was preferred that only HOG members ride in the parade. She added that HOG members will be identified by arm bands.

"We can't 100 percent guarantee that all of them will wear arm bands, but we prefer only the people with arm bands ride (in the parade)," Malia said.

Work on the rally has been very extensive.

"I don't go to sleep anymore and count sheep, I count hogs," McClintock said.

Malia and Hamstead were very pleased with the coordinated events.

"We are real happy to be up here. It is a beautiful place," Hamstead said.