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Neighborhood Crime Watch area established

by Shana Hhaines
Landmark reporter

Platte City Police Department has officially declared Bello Mondo Apartment Complex a part of the Neighborhood Crime Area Watch Program.

PCPD and the Bello Mondo Apartment Complex have begun efforts to prevent crime in the area by establishing the Neighborhood Crime Area Watch Program. The program is designed to ensure that residents call the police when suspicious activity is spotted.
Five signs stating the watch program will be erected in the area. The signs were purchased with SEMA grant monies.

PCPD Chief Joe McHale says more signs will be posted in town at a later date.

Platte City Mayor Dave Brooks says he knows crime watch programs work, and has been lobbying for Platte City to incorporate them.

"When I was alderman, I started talking to the board about block watch programs. The block watch program has been proven over the years to work," Brooks said. "This is the one thing we need to get done as we grow."

Melody Doescher, Bello Mondo apartment manager, said management has been in the process of improving the complex.

"We are very excited. We are going to clean Bello Mondo up," Doescher said.

Hanan Hammer, who represented the owners of Bello Mondo, also gave support to the program.

"I think this is going to be terrific for the apartment complex. It will improve the overall quality of life for occupants," Hammer said.

PCPD officer Christopher Diemer has been assigned as the liaison between the complex and PCPD. Diemer will be responsible for all follow-up investigations.