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Planning steps for Platte Ridge Park moving ahead

by Shana Haines
Landmark staff

The dream of a park on Hwy. 371 north of Platte City is nearing reality as master planning continues.

Brian Nowotny, director of Platte County Parks and Recreation, says planning for Platte Ridge Park is moving along nicely.

Nowotny says that the park's steering committee will look at the conceptual plans, which will be their first look at the layout of the park.

Three plans will be looked at by the committee, according to Nowotny.

The idea of the park is to preserve the natural beauty of the property, according to Nowotny. However, plans for the park include ball fields, walking trails and enhancing ponds already located on the property.

Nowotny also said that it is important to have a safe entrance to the park from Hwy. 371, so transportation issues will also be addressed.

It is still uncertain how much money will be forked out for the park.

"We are going to take a look at some cost estimates," Nowotny said.

Considerable funding has been provided for the park from Platte County's 1/2 cent sales tax for parks. Platte County Commissioners have given $1.2 million for the park. Platte City's parks board will put in $200,000 and Platte City has offered to put in $200,000 for the park.

Nowotny hopes the master planning will be completed by summer. He anticipates phase I of the park will be completed by 2004. Nowotny said he hopes phase II and phase III of the park can be completed with volunteer hours.

The land, purchased by the county in October, had a $750,000 price tag. The property was previously owned by the Jim Wren family. The land is located on the west side of Hwy. 371 north of Platte City, northwest of the Cedar Ridge subdivision.