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Commission gives
statement about
hog farm proposal

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

The following is a statement from the Platte County Commission regarding the Confined Animal Feeding Operation recently proposed by Oberdiek Farms nearly Farley.

The Platte County Commission has received notification from Oberdiek Farms of their intent to expand an existing Class II Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) to a Class IC CAFO.

Platte County has in place a health ordinance regulating certain CAFO's which was adopted in December, 2000, following a detailed study by a Task Force of citizens who recommended adoption of the health ordinance. Missouri law does not allow counties to regulate CAFO's in the planning and zoning process because they are considered agricultural operations.

In response to the Oberdiek notification, the county commission sought a legal opinion from counsel, specifically counsel who drafted the health ordinance, as to whether or not an existing Class II CAFO expanding to a Class IC CAFO was required to obtain a county health permit under the terms of the ordinance. It is the opinion of legal counsel that such an expansion does not require a county health permit.

Citizens with concerns must contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to voice their concerns regarding this proposal. The MDNR can be reached at (573) 634-2436.