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Farley zoning request
approved by commission

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

Months of controversy of rezoning 76.1 acres of Jim and Norma Farley's land from R40 to R15-PUD for a subdivision, came to an end as the Platte County Commission last week approved the rezoning recommendation from planning and zoning.

The new proposed subdivision, which will be located on the north side of 136th street and a half mile west of Running Horse Road just south of Platte City, will consist of 158 single family lots.

Along with the numerous houses proposed in the subdivision, developer CLT Incorporated of Platte City has agreed to build parks and trails throughout the area.

Aaron Schmidt, director of planning and zoning, recommended the proposal to commission after months of compromising between themselves, the developer and current residents in the area.

Schmidt noted that the developer will have to meet three contingencies. 1) build the development in phases, 2) complete a traffic study. The traffic study must look at the effects the development will have on the roads in the area, 3) complete a stormwater study. This study will look at what needs to be done to keep stormwater from having negative effects on surrounding property owners.

The commission also approved many other zoning requests, including a proposed 20 acre townhouse development at the northwest corner of 136th and Running Horse Road. The zoning was changed from RMD, allows for apartments, to PR (planned residential).

The development will consist of 37 townhomes, including four dwelling units per townhome, for a total of 128 units. The development will also consist of a park area and trails.

Developer Valkyrie Land Investment of St. Joseph agreed to the one contingency proposed by Schmidt: conduct a stormwater study of the area.

Other rezoning requests and approvals included: John and Diana Russell requesting rezoning 2/3 of an acre from agriculture to R-12 for a two-car garage.

James Jones requested rezoning 13 acres of an 80 acre zone from agricultural to RE for a one lot subdivision.

Thomas Michael and Viola Noland requested rezoning 73.24 acres of agricultural to R-25 (single family large lot district).

Schmidt also notified the county commission on the updates of several storm studies in the county.

Schmidt stated a recommendation for the Walnut Creek watershed project should be available next month. And planning and zoning has received seven proposals regarding the Brush Creek stormwater study progress.

Planning and zoning is still working to form a survey for their roads master plan to distribute to citizens throughout Platte County. They are currently seeking many options for the survey.

In other business, Cheryl Thorp of Convention and Tourism, announced the 2003 state Harley ownership rally will be held in Platte County. The event will be held the weekend after Labor Day, and will be the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson.

Platte County approved an order establishing the position of county financial advisor.
Commissioners approved a resolution in support of the grant application for the Lewis and Clark celebration.