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Potholes causing
problems for
Camden Point

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

Last year's heavy snow conditions are causing problems in the city of Camden Point this year.

According to Mayor Gloria Boyer, the city is experiencing a number of potholes in its streets.

At a board of aldermen meeting on Monday evening, the board voted to allocate as much as $2,000 if needed to deal with the pothole situation. Boyer said the board hopes to have the work completed by winter.

In other business, after receiving two bids for snow removal, the board of aldermen voted to award the bid to Charles Woodson of Camden Point. Woodson submitted a bid for $75 per hour.

Boyer also announced that Camden Point residents will need to have their dog tags submitted by Jan. 1, 2002. Dog owners must complete a form describing their pet, as well as the pet's rabies vaccinations and a check to city hall. The fee for the dog tags is $7.50 if the pet is not spayed or neutered, and $5 otherwise.

"The purpose of the dog tags is to make sure the dogs are vaccinated," stated Boyer.

The next Camden Point Board of Alderman meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Nov. 19 at city hall.