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Building permit numbers
show continued growth

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

A report from Platte County Planning and Zoning shows increased building growth within the county compared to the figures in September of 2000.

At Thursday's county commission meeting, Gale Cantu of planning and zoning reported issuing 17 single family housing permits in September with 48 building permits issued total for the month.

From January to September 2001, there have been 176 single family permits issued, up 38 compared to last year's figures in September.

Total permits issued for the year stand at 422, compared to last year's total in September of 391.

Cantu stated the assessed valuation of the permits issued in September of this year totals $28,274,268.

The Platte County Commission heard from planning and zoning regarding Platte/Clay Electric Cooperative building a communication tower at 16250 HH Highway. The issue of approving a $26,000 bond was brought to the attention of the commission by planning and zoning in the event that the tower is no longer used.

The Platte County Zoning Order requires the owner to remove the structure, all equipment and restore the site back to normal. In case the site isn't restored back to normal and the tower disposed of properly, the county is able to use the bond money to restore the area to its previous condition. Following discussion, the commission passed the site restoration bond for Platte/Clay Electric Cooperative.

In other business, the commission accepted a lease agreement to purchase a large heavy duty lawn mower for Shiloh Springs Golf Course. The 54-month lease with American Equipment Leasing Company will commence immediately, with the final lease payment in March of 2006. The lawnmower leased by the county is a Toro Greenmaster 3100.

The commission heard from Jane Henry, director of administration for Platte County, regarding an addendum to the 911 interlocal cooperative agreement.

The cooperative agreement was agreed upon by the counties in June of 1995. The county commission was approached with an addendum stating present needs for updates to the 911 system. Each county involved in the agreement was asked to approve and be responsibe for the revisions and costs for the system in their county. The commission voted to accept the addendum of the existing agreement.

Commissioners approved this year's employer's and employee's delegates to attend a meeting regarding local government employees retirement system. The annual meeting to be held Oct. 25-26 is a learning session for delegates regarding the government retirement system program. The elected employer delegate is LeAnna Fannon from the human resources department and employee delegate is Shelle Browning of the sheriff's department.

Dale Thomas, public works director, told the commission of preparing a transportation task force to look at the road conditions of the county roads. The task force will look at the current road conditions, as well as the future plans for the roads in Platte County.

This year's Platte County Clean-Up will be held from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 25 - Saturday, Oct. 27. People can drop off items at the Platte County Public Works Department at 15955 Highway 273 in Tracy. If you have any questions you may call (816) 858-2223. They will not accept hazardous waste, household or farm chemicals or liquid paint. Due to an increase in the costs of handling recyclables, there will be a fee for the following items.

• Passenger tires without wheels - $1 per tire, passenger tires with wheels - $5 per tire.

• Trucks or tractor tires - $5 per tire, truck or tractor tires with wheels - $15 per tire.

• Stoves, washer, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, microwaves, tv's, computers, hot water heaters - $5 per item.
All fees must be paid in cash only. Proof of Platte County residency such as receipt from personal property tax payment or real estate tax payment is required.