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Commission approves workforce
development program with EDC

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

Director of the Economic Development Council, Pete Fullerton, spoke to the Platte County Commission on Sept. 27, regarding a contract to put forth a work force development program between Platte County and the EDC.

Fullerton stated that on Sept. 18, the EDC board approved the proposal to present to the commission.

In his proposal, Fullerton stated he wanted to research other area communities regarding their workforce development programs. He also wants to look at what the local needs are as a county and come up with an effective tool that can be used as a community.

The program development commenced Oct. 1 with completion and presentation of the program by Dec. 31, 2001. EDC and Platte County agreed on the $15,000 cost for the program.

During the program, the EDC will also work with American Airlines, who purchased TWA, regarding their workforce issues such as employee retention and retraining, in order to keep the Overhaul Base as a main contributor to Platte County's economy.

Fullerton stated with the cutbacks going on in the airline industry since the crisis on Sept. 11, we need to pull together as a community to prepare for the possibility of those cutbacks knocking at our back door.

"I believe as a community, EDC council and as leaders, that we need to be an empathetic and sympathetic as possible that tomorrow will be better than today."

During the meeting, the commission passed resolution #01-20, proclaiming October 2001 as Senior Citizen Month in Platte County.

The resolution stated that according to the 2000 United States Census, nine percent of the population of Platte County, approximately 6,500 residents are now over the age of 65.

The resolution stated, 'These individuals have played a vital role in our community for many years and are responsible for many of the attributes that make Platte County a great place to live and work.'

'Organizations such as Platte Senior Services, Inc. and the Platte County Senior Citizens' Services Fund have cooperated to provide many worthwhile programs designed to benefit seniors in the county.'

Commissioners also approved to amend the budget for the general revenue fund, eight special revenue funds, six debt service funds and four capital projects fund.

In other business, bids were awarded for the power ditcher to Hurricane Ditcher Co. of Indiana for $27,350. A bid was also awarded to Fehrs Equipment Company of Kansas City, MO for the hydraulic excavator for $264,768. The bid for the Windows 2000 Recorder, was given to Voice Products of Wichita, KS for $39,956. AT Switzer Inc. was awarded the bid to paint the high traffic area in the administration building of the law enforcement center for $4,545.

Finally during the bid awards, the commission accepted a bid from Platte Valley Construction for $10,678 to replace the sidewalk in front of the courthouse on Main Street.

Aaron Schmidt, director of Planning and Zoning, announced the addition of Rob Perry, engineer in planning and zoning, as a new employee.

The next commission meeting is scheduled at 2 p.m., Oct. 4 in the Platte County administration building.