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North Platte board hears
of slight enrollment growth

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

Principals' reports that detailed a slight growth in enrollment were a topic at last week's meeting of the North Platte R-1 School Board.

The meeting began with usual business and principals representing each of their respective schools presenting a report to the school board members.

Karen Seckel of North Platte Elementary reported to the board that the school currently has 209 students enrolled, with 56 students in kindergarten, 44 students in first grade, 54 students in second grade and 55 students in third grade.

Cathy Boyd of North Platte Intermediate told the board of her school's current enrollment status of 172 students. The school has 49 fourth graders, 63 fifth graders and 60 sixth graders.
Roger Giger of North Platte Junior High reported a total of 117 students currently enrolled at the junior high, with 66 students in seventh grade and 51 students in the eighth grade.

The high school enrollment is currently at 213 students, which breaks down to 45 freshmen, 65 sophomores, 50 juniors and 53 seniors.

Total enrollment for the school district stands at 711 students, which is up 15 students from last year.

"We're going in the right direction," said Superintendent Dr. Francis Moran. "We like to see the steady growth. It will benefit us as far as state aid."

Following the report from the principals, the board was approached by PTA representative Sue Brown concerning the air conditioning of the buildings and the results of a recent survey.

"The informal consensus looks like we're probably going to put it on the April ballot and let the people decide," said Moran.

The board also received an update on the status of the multi-purpose room. The board was informed that last Saturday, 20-25 volunteers put together the football lockers for the multi-purpose room.

The board also announced that it is looking for people to fill positions on committees for transportation in the county and recreation funds/community building in Platte City. If anyone is interested, they are asked to visit with a board member or Moran.

In other school board action, the state auditor has approved the $4.25 levy. The levy is the same as last year.

Moran also explained that the school board is joining with the state PTA and the Missouri School Boards Association in a grassroots effort to start a petition on the ballot that only takes a simple majority to pass school bond issues.

School bond issues now take anywhere from 57% to 67% approval margin for passage.