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Aldermen question bills sent to city

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

A couple of bills to the city were questioned by members of the Platte City Board of Aldermen at their Tuesday night meeting.

One bill from Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative for $24.40 was brought to the board's attention by Alderman Lee Roy Van Lew.

The bill was for the land recently acquired by the city for the new park on Hwy. 371. Van Lew asked why the city was being billed for electricity to the property.

"We haven't stared doing anything and we are getting a bill," Van Lew said.

According to Dannie Stamper, director of Platte City Parks and Recreation, the bill was to power a heat source for a well located on the property so the well wouldn't freeze over during the winter months.

Stamper said he was unsure where the well was on the property and he would talk to the previous owners to locate it.

Aldermen Gary Brown also questioned a web site fee of $108.75. The money, according to City Administrator Keith Moody, is for the city's hosting fee.

Economic Development Committee goals were also discussed by aldermen.

According to a letter sent to aldermen by Moody, the chairman of the Economic Development Committee for the Chamber of Commerce's Team Platte City Program, goals have been developed for the EDC.

The goals were developed by the committee of Mark Harpst, Pete Fullerton, John Ingleman, Stan Palmer Mayor Dave Brooks and Karen Wagoner, director of the Chamber of Commerce.

Three goals were outlined by the EDC:

1. Provide financial incentives for the extension of infrastructure east of I-29.

The committee said by providing incentives for the extension of infrastructure to the east side of I-29, because the area does face hurdles that it must clear in order to be developed, would be a great advantage.

2. Create a balance of use and self sufficiency within the community.

3. Planning for the expansion of corporate limits.

The goals ride on the heels of the EDC meeting with property owners east of I-29 last week.

Platte City Police Chief Joe McHale said during a meeting last week with Captain Mark Owen of the Platte County Sheriff's Department that a mutual aid agreement between the city and county was met.

A mutual aid agreement between the city and county was necessary for emergency resources and to recoup any emergency funding through the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the State Emergency Management Agency in the event of a disaster.

Aldermen voted to table the appointment of John Minyard to the Park and Recreation Board.

Aldermen wanted to be allowed to meet Minyard before they approve his appointment.