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KC Wolf hits town with
message of self-esteem

by Kim Tiefenthaler
Landmark reporter

While you can usually see the famous KC Wolf on
the sidelines and in the stands of Arrowhead Stadium cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, he also travels to nearly 130 schools across the Midwest each year talking to students about self-esteem.

This past Friday, KC Wolf, also known as Dan Meers to many outside Arrowhead Stadium, stopped by Platte County R-3 to speak with students from Rising Star and Siegrist Elementary Schools.

"I take my job as a role model seriously because I do speak at a lot of schools," said Meers. "It's fun to be a role model for kids because they definitely need them this day and age."

Before appearing as the KC Wolf 12 years ago, Meers was the St. Louis Cardinals mascot.
"Kansas City contacted me while I was at St. Louis, and I felt this is where I should be," said Meers.

"In baseball there are 81 home games a season while in football there's only 10 home games. I realized a football career would last longer because I could perform eight seasons here compared to the one in baseball."

The move to Kansas City would also allow Meers to do more community appearances, events with children, parades and weddings.

Meers stated that while weddings rank up there in the strangest appearances made, a celebrity cow milking contest at the Kansas City Zoo claimed the top spot on the list.

Meers responded with a laugh and a grin: "Cows don't care too much for mascots."

Meers made 430 appearances across the world last year, traveling across the U.S., as well as Berlin, Germany and Japan.

To keep up with the busy year round schedule, Meers credits his ability to stay enthusiastic to three attributes.

"The first thing is I love what I do. When you love what you do it makes it all easier. Second is God's blessing of good health and finally eating good, as well as plenty of sleep," said Meers.

Meers graduated from the University of Missouri, where he got his first break as a mascot.

After reading that the school was having tryouts for the Tiger mascot, Meers decided to use his enthusiastic attitude to pursue the job as the university's mascot.

Meers spent the next four years of his college career cheering on the teams of the University of Missouri. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism and communications.

KC Wolf sums up his job for the Chiefs in these words, "KC Wolf presents the KC Chiefs in a positive fashion. I'm paid to be the most optimistic guy at Arrowhead," explained Meers.

As far as his opinion on the Chiefs changes this year, he said: "I think we'll do okay this year. It's tough for any coach to come in and turn the team around in one day but I like the changes we've made and I think we're heading in the right direction."