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Absentee rate headed back to normal

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

If they weren't sick, Platte County R-3 students had quite an extensive break last week.

With only a little over an inch of snow accumulation Wednesday night, R-3 students didn't attend classes Thursday or Friday.

Platte County R-3 Assistant Superintendent Ron Harmon said cancellations were due primarily to the bitterly cold wind chill on Thursday and numerous illnesses among students on Friday.

Area schools have been busy disinfecting buildings in an effort to battle illnesses.

"We thought this was the opportune time to de-germ the place," Harmon said. "Instead of bringing them in with the germs, we decided to give them a chance to clear out."

Harmon added that last Tuesday the district absentee rate was 18 percent. The normal absentee rate for the district is 5 to 6 percent.

Harmon explained those days of missed classes will be tacked on in May. A school district must be open 175 days, according to Harmon.

This week the absentee rate has decreased.

R-3 reported a 5 percent absentee rate on Wednesday. On Monday the absentee rate was at 8 percent.

West Platte R-2 School District has reported a 7 percent absentee rate this week. According to Kyle Stephenson, West Platte R-2 superintendent, the state considers a perfect attendance rate for a district at 95 percent.

"We are running at 93 percent. We would like to run over 95 percent, but we consider ourselves fortunate," Stephenson said.

Stephenson added last week the district was looking at a 13 percent absentee rate.

"The three day weekend helped a lot," Stephenson said.

North Platte R-1 Superintendent Dr. Francis Moran said his absentee rate has seen a big decline in the past week but is still significant.

Moran said Tuesday's rate was 11.7 percent. On Monday the rate