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Economy, tax cut topics for local visit by Graves

One week after being sworn in for his second term in Congress and being appointed Deputy Whip, Congressman Sam Graves toured local businesses and talked with local workers about the need for Congress to pass an economic stimulus package.

During his stop in Weston at McCormick's Distilling Company, Graves outlined his own economic priorities by stressing the need for Congress to cut the capital gains tax and get rid of the alternative minimum tax. He also championed frivolous lawsuit reform as a way to lay the groundwork for long-term economic prosperity.

"We can make our economy stronger by cutting the taxes of the American people, giving them more power to purchase and invest," Graves said. "I believe that reducing the tax burden of America's families and small businesses will help get America working again."
Besides detailing his own plans to expand the economy and stimulate immediate job growth, Graves also listened as local workers, employers and community leaders expressed their concerns and ideas regarding the fragile economy.

"We need real tax relief for individuals, businesses and investors if we really want to get people back to work," Graves said. "I believe my plan will go even further than the President's plan to create more jobs and foster long-term economic prosperity."

Congressman Graves said he was glad to support extending unemployment benefits last week and supports the President's plan to speed up the tax rate reductions for individuals and eliminate the marriage penalty.

He also supported the President's proposal to create Personal Reemployment Accounts, that would provide unemployed workers with $3,000 for job training, childcare or other expenses associated with finding a new job.

"It is time that we focus on providing tax relief for individuals, encourage investment by businesses to create jobs and provide fair investor tax relief," Graves said. "The economy is recovering, but we are not seeing strong job growth along with this recovery. I will continue to fight in Congress to make sure we get Americans back to work."