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Donation of watercraft made to Central Plattes

The Central Platte Fire District has a new lifesaving tool to use this year--Kawasaki JET SKI® watercraft.

The two Kawasaki 900 STX™ watercraft, which were provided by McBrann Kawasaki of Gladstone, will enable rescuers to reach distressed swimmers and tow disabled boats to safety. The watercraft will also be especially helpful with patrolling and law enforcement.

The versatile 900 STX™ watercraft has an extra-long, wide, comfortable seat that hold up to three people. The craft's deep-V hull and high performance triple-cylinder powerplant will be an invaluable asset to the Central Platte Fire District during rescue situations.

Following successful use of JET SKI® watercraft by life-saving and marine enforcement agencies throughout the United States, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., implemented an ongoing loan program that allows Kawasaki dealers to provide watercraft to qualified agencies across the country for periods of up to one year. McBrann Kawasaki of Gladstone arranged this loan and will service the vessel for the duration of the loan period.
"JET SKI" is the registered trademark of Kawasaki's brand of personal watercraft. Personal watercraft are vessels that are powered by a water jet pump and carry between one and three passengers who sit, stand, or kneel on (rather than inside) the vessel's hull.

These JET SKI® watercraft are ideally suited to rescue situations," said Roger Hagie, director of public affairs for Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. "They're quick and maneuverable, and they have no exposed propellers or other moving parts on the outside of the hull that could harm a swimmer. In addition, JET SKI® watercraft have a very shallow draft, which enables them to operate in low levels of water that might restrict other boats. We hope that JET SKI® watercraft make a significant contribution to water safety in the Platte City area in the coming months."

This marks the 12th anniversary of Kawasaki's law enforcement loan program. Since 1989, Kawaski has made a $28.5 million commitment to the program, by loaning over 4,200 watercraft to more than 1,100 agencies nationwide. Statistical surveys completed by past agencies show that each season hundreds of lives are saved by the use of the loaned watercraft.