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Nominations being sought for Truman Glenn Award

To all people of the Platte City community: Do you know someone you believe deserving of public recognition for his/her outstanding contribution to the betterment of the Platte City community through service in one or more of the following fields: civic and in youth or senior citizen programs...patriotism...religion?

That's what the annual presentation of the Truman V. Glenn Memorial Award is all about and that person won't receive it unless you are willing to do something about it.

Your nomination must be writing and not exceed a single typewritten page or its equivalent. State only the facts in answering the following questions:

1. What has this person done that you consider an outstanding contribution to the betterment of the Platte City community?

2. Who has actually benefited from this person's service? In what way? How many people are or were involved?

3. When and where were these services performed? For how long?

Sign your name to the nomination and include your telephone number so it can be confirmed.

Place the nomination in an envelope, SEAL IT, and address it as follows:

Truman V Glenn Memorial Award Committee, City Hall of Platte City, Missouri, Attention: City Clerk, Platte City, MO. 64079.

Mail it or deliver it in person to the City Clerk.

Deadline for receipt of nomination Monday, Oct. 15 at 5pm.

Truman V. Glenn was elected mayor of Platte City in 1976 and continued to serve in that capacity until his untimely death in 1984 while in office. During his tenure, the city built a secondary treatment plant, updated the water plant and doubled the size of the police department, all while maintainiong an excellent financial position.

He was an active member of the Platte City Chamber of Commerce, the Platte County Industrial Commission and served as president of the Platte City Lions Club. He was a strong supporter of the all community activities and his enthusiasm, diligence and ability to get things done have left its mark on the Platte City community.

In an effort to perpetuate the qualities of this man, the Platte City Chamber of Commerce, Platte City Lions club and the City of Platte City board jointly established the Truman V. Glenn Memorial Award in 1985 to be presented annually to someone who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of the Platte City community through service in the following fields: civic improvement, health and welfare, education, leadership in youth or senior citizen programs, patriotism and religion.

Recipients of the award to date: 1985, John W. Coots Jr., 1986, James M. Higgins; 1987, Arvid H. Edwards; 1988, Floyd Coon Jr., 1989, Betty N. Sopher; 1990, Billy G. Cox; 1991, Betty A. Hoskins; 1992, Gordon L. Miller; 1993, Blanche G. Brown; 1994, Patsy M. Baber; 1995, David P. Fisher Jr.; 1996, Laverne and Verda Mae Lutte (jointly); 1997, Maxine W. Davis; 1998, William A. Brown; 1999, Max Fryrear; 2000, Carl M. Myers MD.