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Downtown revitalization discussed by 'new' group

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

The possibility of organizing a downtown revitalization effort was the topic of a meeting in Platte City Friday morning.

Around 20 interested persons turned out to discuss potential revitalization efforts for downtown Platte City. There were more questions than answers at the 7 a.m. breakfast gathering held at Fannie's Restaurant, though it was agreed the group will meet again soon.

The meeting was chaired by Mark Hubbard, president of the Main Street Association that recently voted to disband. Coming up with a new name for the group was one topic addressed, as well as developing a list of objectives and goals for the group.

Hubbard said he is looking to get away from a leadership role in the organization, though there were no volunteers step forward Friday morning to take his place.

"I'm not gonna do this, folks," Hubbard said at one point, before discussion led to a decision to form a committee to get the ball rolling.

Hubbard said the previous Main Street Association finally disbanded after just a few people ended up doing the work of the organization.

A committee of volunteers from the new group will meet on Thursday, Sept.. 13 at noon at Hubbard's law office, 500 Third St., to discuss goals and objectives. The meeting, as is the new organization, is open to anyone interested in preserving and improving Platte City's downtown.

The next meeting of the entire group is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 27, 7 a.m. at Fannie's.

The group set a tentative membership fee of $30 per year. Fees can be paid to Jack Coots at Wells Bank.

Mayor Frank Offutt informed the group the city will begin installation of new light poles in the downtown area the week of Sept. 17. The poles will include multi-seasonal banners which can be changed several times throughout the year.

The new poles will be similar to the poles installed on Fourth Street during the recent improvement project in that area.