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Farley, neighbors reach pact on zoning

by Jalana Robinson
Landmark reporter

It looks like R-15 zoning will now be the plan for a proposed development south of Platte City that had drawn opposition earlier this year.

Landowner James Farley and developers Willis and Darrin Sherry have reached a compromise with several nearby property owners who had been in opposition to the development in its originally proposed form. The development is planned on 80 acres near 136th St.

R-15 zoning will allow lots covering a minimum of 15,000 square feet. Other reported items of agreement include that there will be no more than 158 lots and that the first two phases will feature the majority of the larger lots to serve as a buffer between the development and adjacent property owners.

Earlier this year, Farley's group had proposed a plan calling for nearly 170 homes and R-7 zoning. It was tabled and then withdrawn after opposition developed.