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Platte County Commission extends lease for South Annex

The Platte County Commission voted to extend the lease for the South Platte County Annex during its regular administrative session on March 21. The annex, located at 6500 NW Tower Drive in Platte Woods, has been in operation since 1998. The new agreement extends the county's current lease through June 30, 2007, and locks in the monthly rent at $10.25 per square foot, or $1,537.50 per month.

First District Commissioner Michael Short said the decision to extend the lease was an easy one due to the popularity of the annex. "When I took office in 1995, one of my priorities was to make county government services more accessible for residents," said Short. "Opening an annex in the southern part of the county has helped in meeting that goal and has clearly been well-received by citizens in the area."

The annex is staffed by members of both the Assessor's office and the Collector's office. Citizens can visit the annex to pay taxes, get copies of paid tax receipts, be assessed for personal property and receive clearance of non-assessment. Platte County is one of only a handful of counties in the state that offer two locations for taxpayer services.

According to Platte County Collector Donna Nash, the annex has been well-used by residents, especially during the busy tax season. In the three-month period between November 2001 and January 2002, for example, more than 5,700 taxpayers visited the annex. In addition, members of the Collector's annex staff processed nearly 12,000 information requests from mortgage companies and title companies. In all, the county collected $8.6 million at the annex during the three-month period.

"The residents who utilize the annex seem grateful that Platte County realizes the importance of providing convenient service to all our taxpayers, regardless of what part of the county they live in," said Nash. "We do our absolute best to make paying taxes as painless as possible."

Presiding Commissioner Betty Knight said the county's primary goal in negotiating an extension to the lease was locking in rent payments. "We are pleased that we were able to negotiate a fixed rent payment for the annex over the next five years," said Knight. "This is clearly in line with the Commission's commitment to fiscal responsibility."