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Voters will decide fate of
city/school candidates

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Platte County voters will head to the polls—though probably in low numbers—next Tuesday to decide the fate of local candidates and issues.

"We're guessing voter turnout will be around 10-15%, unfortunately," said Wendy Flanigan, director for the Platte County Board of Elections, admitting the spring elections don't always draw a large crowd.

Four northern Platte County cities—Platte City, Edgerton, Tracy and Dearborn—have contested races for mayor. There are two contested battles for alderman positions in Platte City, one in Dearborn, one in Edgerton and one in Weston.

In addition, there's a three-person race for a one year term on the Platte County R-3 School Board, and West Platte has two contested races for school board.

Voters can read election notices in the legals section of this issue of The Landmark.

Here's a quick summary of Tuesday's ballot:

MAYOR: Current alderman Dave Brooks opposes incumbent Frank Offutt.

WARD 1 ALDERMAN: Bill Knighton is running unopposed on the ballot.

Ward 2 ALDERMAN: Incumbent George McClintock is being challenged by Ron Porter.

Ward 3 ALDERMAN: Gary W. Brown faces incumbent John Kurtz.

PLATTE COUNTY R-3 ONE-YEAR TERM: Jeff Hayes, Dorothy Bridger, and Karen Wagoner square off in a three-person race for a one year term to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Tammy Glick.

THREE-YEAR TERMS: Three incumbents face no opposition for a trio of three-year terms on the ballot. They are Carey Rolofson, Scott Henson, and Dave Holland.

CITY OF TRACY MAYOR: Brenda J. Ferguson will face James M. Blankenship.

CITY OF DEARBORN MAYOR: Marvin Landes and Steve Sellars will go head-to-head. Current Mayor Kent Hott did not re-file.

WARD 2 ALDERMAN: Incumbent Frank Downing, Jr. will be challenged by Delba Denny.

CITY OF WESTON WARD 1 ALDERMAN: Rod Ables faces incumbent Joyce Priddy.

CITY OF EDGERTON MAYOR: Incumbent Donna Hay is opposed by Shawn Harmer.

EAST WARD ALDERMAN: Incumbent Regina Humphrey will be challenged by Lloyd Bressman.

CITY OF NORTHMOOR WARD 3 ALDERMAN: A three person race for a one term of two years: Lorrie Eddins, Joe T. Harris, and Ronald D. Thomas.

There are four candidates for a trio of three year terms. They are: Teresa Kincaid Bing, Patrick E. Roberts, Lynn Van Amburg, and Donald R. Wilson.

Three candidates for three open spots: Jimmy Paden, Debie A. Asher, and Tim Belcher.

North Platte will also vote on a proposal to raise the tax levy by 10 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. The increase is earmarked for air conditioning all the district's schools.