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Weston fixes annexation
matter with state park

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

A public hearing held at Monday's Weston Board of Aldermen meeting raised no objections to the annexation of two tracts of land not included in the original annexation of Weston Bend State Park.

Prior to the annexation of the park in December of 1999, each tract of the land which now comprises the park was individually owned by numerous parties. Those individuals petitioned the City of Weston to annex those tracts into the city limits.

According to Kim Kirby, city clerk, during a title search of the land the city discovered that two pieces of land weren't annexed in 1999. The board of aldermen on Monday approved unanimously to annex those tracts of land that were missed originally.

In accordance with city ordinances, the aldermen held a business license revocation hearing for Current Cottage. The ordinance states that a public hearing must be held prior to any action taken by the city.

According to Mayor Howard Hellebuyck, the State of Missouri notified the city that Current Cottage owed $11,947.05 as of Dec. 7, 2001 in sales tax to the state. Current Cottage, which is owned by Phelps and Cathy Murdock of Weston, notified the board that they would have the matter with the state cleared up by the end of March.

In other business, Hellebuyck appointed attorney Jim Boggs to the city judge position. Phyllis Warder of Weston, who has served as city judge since 1979, announced her retirement.

The position, which was formerly an elected post, was approved by the board of aldermen earlier in the year to be changed to an appointed position by the city.

The aldermen also approved a three-year contract with Midwest Alarm of St. Joseph for a security system at the depot. The contracted lease will amount to $855 for the remainder of 2002, and Midwest Alarm will supply the security equipment and monitoring services.

It was also announced at the meeting that the board will be accepting bids for the lease, to include utilities, of the former city hall building at 526 Main Street in Weston. Bids will be accepted until their next meeting on April 8. Hellebuyck stated that the board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Hellebuyck also signed contracts with many entities for services in the community of Weston. The first contract entered into was with Norman Landcraft for $8,089 for the landscaping of the depot. A contract was also signed with L&M Concrete for $13,427.43 for the concrete work at the depot, and a renewal of an annual contract was signed with the Platte County Economic Development Council for $300.

The final contract was signed with Hill Lawn and Landscape for the mowing of the city's parks. The amounts approved were based on the individual parks. The downtown city park will cost $75 a week, Franklin Park will be an expense of $20 per week, the front portion of Bless Park will cost $40 a week, the back portion of Bless Park will cost $300 per month and the mowing and landscape of the Depot Park will cost $40 bi-weekly.