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Air conditioning for R-1 elementary is requested
by Jalana Robinson
Landmark reporter

North Platte R-1 students headed back to school this week and already have a couple days of learning under their belt.

Last week before the homework began, the North Platte Board of Education met to discuss the upcoming year.

Parent Susan Brown attended the meeting and addressed the board with concern for her daughter that is in the North Platte Elementary School.

She questioned board members about the possibility of adding air conditioning to the elementary school.

Superintendent Dr. Francis Moran told Brown that the board had taken up the issue and plans to look at it more throughout the year.

He also told Brown to visit with the building administrator and the parent/teachers organization.

"It (air conditioning) will probably take an extra levy increase," Dr. Moran said. "It not only costs to install it, but also to run it."

Later in the session it was brought up that the band room also needs air conditioning to help preserve the instruments.

Dr. Moran stated that the school had been quoted $18,000 for hooking a cooling system up to the heat pump a couple of years ago.

He said that if the board is considering adding air conditioning to one place, then it will have to look at adding air to all the facilities.

Considering the cost of adding air conditioning to all of the buildings, the electric bill estimate, what kind of unit, the cost estimate and the levy increase are all things that Dr. Moran said would have to be evaluated by January if the board wanted to pursue the issue.

Increasing the levy is something the school board avoided doing this year. The levy will stay at $4.25, the same as last year.

The board also heard reports from principals at each school facility.

The elementary enrollment should be over 200, which is an increase from last year; the intermediate school should have about the same as last year; the junior high will have about 113 compared to 89 students last year; and the high school numbers should stay the same at around 220 students.

In other action, the board:
•Approved the 2001-2002 goals.
•Heard that work is still being done on the windows for the multipurpose building.
•Heard that renovations have been completed for the ITV and internet rooms, with 10 to 11 new computers being placed in the internet room.
•Heard the security camera system is ready for the new school year.
•Heard a recommendation from Dr. Moran that Trenton not be allowed into the KCI Conference at this time.
•Heard that the Title I remedial reading program will continue.
•Approved to add Nicole Timmons to the substitute teaching list.