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Event kicks off
county’s 175th year

175th anniversary of Platte County
will be year-long observance

by Stephanie Eaton
Landmark reporter

Music filled the air outside of the Platte County Courthouse as a crowd gathered for a special Platte County Commission meeting to kick off a year of celebration in honor of the county's 175th anniversary.

During the meeting--which was held the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 31--the crowd sang “Happy Birthday,” enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and learned of the rich history of the county.

Pat Medill, the chairman of the 175th anniversary committee, said Platte County is extremely special to her and that being part of the celebration is extremely important.

“I was born and raised in Platte County,” Medill said. “I am a product of Platte County schools. I have Line Creek water in my veins. That is where I learned to swim. I love Platte County and will do anything for Platte County.”

Medill said if residents were not able to attend the kick-off celebration, there will be a lot of other events taking place throughout the county in 2014. Medill said there will be 175th anniversary activities every month during 2014.

“We have such a lineup. They are going to last the full year,” Medill said. “We have a Civil War Reenactment. We have the Native American Indian culture. We are going to have a three week Native American culture event going on in August that will highlight their culture and their authentic crafts and foods and dancing.”

And there’s more.

“We have a Bonnie and Clyde Symposium that is going to be a lot of fun,” Medill said. “We will have a kayak and canoe launching at the new boat ramp in Parkville. We're looking at the TWA museum to highlight that.”

Medill said she would encourage residents to come out to participate in the anniversary events.

“I think it is important. If you are going to live in a county, especially if you have lived here any time at all, you need to know the history. You need to know how this county became the county that it is. It is a marvelous place to live, but it did not happen by accident. It happened through a lot of efforts of many people. We need to learn to appreciate those who came before us and the hard work that they did.”