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Charged after
death of
Park Hill student

by Stephanie Eaton and
Ivan Foley
Landmark staff

Two teenagers face felony charges after the death of a Park Hill High School student.

According to Sgt. Jerin Almond of the Platte County Sheriff’s Department, Krista Meeks, 17, and Jamell Montgomery, 18, both of Riverside, face the charge of delivery of an imitation controlled substance. The charge is a felony, Almond said.

The charges came after deputies responded to the 4900 NW block of Fisk in Platte County near Parkville at 2:20 a.m. on Friday.

Authorities believe Ethan Rickman, 14, a freshman at Park Hill High School, died as a result of the consumption of an imitation controlled substance.

A second person was taken to the hospital also as a result of the consumption of an imitation controlled substance. Almond said the second person's condition was not known this week.

Meeks and Montgomery are both being held on a $25,000 cash bond.

According to court documents, deputies arrived on the scene to find Rickman unresponsive on the floor. The homeowner was performing CPR. One deputy assisted the homeowner with CPR while other officers attempted to collect information on what had happened, and detained a second 14-year-old juvenile who authorities said was acting suspicious and also taken the drug.

A witness reported she was present with the two 14-year-olds when they purchased an illegal substance she believed to be acid. The witness said she knew the person who sold the substance, identifying her as Meeks.

According to court documents, Meeks admitted to authorities she obtained “acid” for a friend, Jamell Montgomery. Montgomery then connected Meeks with Rickman via telephone numbers for them to work out purchase price and pick up locations.

Meeks admitted, according to court documents, that the “acid” she sold to the two 14-year-olds was not the LSD form of acid but a research chemical drug that mimics the effects of LSD.

Meeks admitted to being a heavy drug user and admitted to authorities she refuses to take the drug because the effects are so harsh and violent, according to the statement of probable cause.

Meeks described the effects of the drug “to be so extreme that she has read articles where people have died after taking this exact drug,” according to court documents.

According to school officials, Rickman attended Prairie Point Elementary School, Plaza Middle School and Congress Middle School. He started at Park Hill High School this fall.

School officials described Rickman as a bright, talented, fun-loving young man who played in a band.

In a statement released by the school system, it said that Rickman's family donated his organs.

Park Hill High School had counselors on hand Monday for any students or staff who needed support.