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Is O’Dell
a serial

by Ron Rugen
Landmark contributor

When Quintin O’Dell gave authorities his statement that led to his arrest for first degree murder and other charges, did he unknowingly confess to being a serial killer?

Nationally-known criminal profiler Pat Brown says O’Dell’s statement to authorities, if truthful, shows that pattern.

Brown, an eight-year regular on the Nancy Grace show on HLN-TV, says authorities should look at other unsolved crimes to see if O’Dell struck previously.

Not only does his alleged statement show serial killer tendencies, Brown says in her opinion the Alissa Shippert murder was clearly a sexual homicide. Shippert, who had been fishing in the Platte Falls Conservation area when O’Dell came upon her, was found with hatchet wounds to the head and only wearing a bikini top.

Brown says she doubts whether O’Dell conveniently found a hatchet while walking along the banks of the river before seeing his co-worker. She suspects he brought the hatchet with him and had it in his canteen belt.

She believes he probably walked lone paths such as this area, maybe a biking trail, etc., hoping to find any woman alone.
“When you look at the totality of evidence, it’s (Shippert’s murder) a premeditated sexual homicide,” says Brown. “Carrying a hatchet, whether he planned to kill that day, doesn’t matter. They are always looking for victims.”

Between the Shippert murder and the attack on the Ferrelview woman who woke up to find razor wounds to her body exposing her intestines after being with O’Dell, Brown says his alleged statement wreaks of what he would have us believe are coincidences, “not going to take responsibility for anything that happened.”

Brown says it appears O’Dell thinks he was perfectly justified by his actions and denies culpability.

In the alleged statement of Shippert’s murder, O’Dell tells investigators they got into a scuffle after Shippert would not stop hitting him after he reportedly scared her.

In the Ferrelview attack, O’Dell’s statement says he became enraged after the victim got into a phone argument with her boyfriend.

As for the Ferrelview assault, Brown says O’Dell likely felt the victim mocked him. O’Dell reportedly came to her apartment to hang out and drink, while he says the woman continued to text or talk on the phone, essentially ignoring him.
“O’Dell fabricated his story allowing him to justify what he did,” Brown opines.

Brown said in her professional opinion, “O'Dell appears to enjoy brutalizing his victims in gory ways; (allegedly) striking the first victim in the face with a hatchet and (allegedly) cutting open his second victim. Left out to roam free in the community, the perversity of his crimes might have continued to mutilation and desiccation of the corpse and cannibalism.”

Pat Brown is an author and contributor/commentator on several HLN and CNN programs, as well as the Today Show, CBS’ Early Show, Anderson Cooper, Fox and Friends, and Inside Edition. She is the author of “The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths” available on Amazon.com.

(Ron Rugen, who authored this article, has been a Landmark contributor since October. He is a licensed private investigator. His company, Rugen Team Investigations, has offices in Kansas City but serves the entire state. He serves on the board of the Missouri Association of Private Investigators).