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Local spots
up for grabs
in April vote

The beginning date for the filing of candidates for local cities began on Dec. 18 with the filing date for school districts beginning Wednesday, Dec. 26.

The deadline for filing is Jan. 22 for the April 8 election. For voters to register, the deadline is March 12.

The following positions are up for re-election in the Platte County area, according to the Platte County Board of Elections.

Camden Point: Mayor Kevin Boydston; Ward 1 Alderman Jane Johnson; and Ward 2 Alderman Ray Woodson.

Dearborn: Mayor Frank Downing; Alderman-at-large Donald Swanstone; and an open seat for alderman-at-large position.

Lake Waukomis: Mayor Tom Rezentes; Collector Donna Rhodus; Ward 1 Alderman Bob Crosthwait; and Ward 2 Alderman Dianne Gruber.

Parkville: Mayor Kathy Dusenbery; Ward 1 Alderman Jim Brooks; Ward 2 Aldermen David M. McCoy and Gia McFarlane; Ward 3 Alderman Jeffrey S. Bay; Ward 4 Alderman Marc Sportsman; and Municipal Judge Sandra Pruitt Ferguson.

In Parkville candidates have begun to file for election in city government. For mayor, Gerry Richardson has filed. As of Monday no one had filed to challenge Richardson.

In Ward 1, incumbent alderman Jim Brooks is running again. For Alderman Ward 2 Dave McCoy is running as an incumbent. Also in Ward 2, Gia McFarlane is running for a one-year term after being appointed by the mayor this year.

Former Alderman Brian Atkinson is challenging incumbent Ward 3 Alderman Jeffrey Bay. Ward 4 Alderman Marc Sportsman is running for reelection to the board.

For Parkville Municipal Judge, Sandra Ferguson has filed for reelection.

Platte City: Mayor Dave Brooks; Ward 1 Alderman Marsha Clark; Ward 2 Alderman Kenneth Nash Brown; Ward 3 Alderman Aaron Jung; and Municipal Judge J. Gregory Dorsey.

As of Wednesday morning these candidates have filed: Dave Brooks and Frank Offutt for mayor, and Gregory Dorsey for judge.

Platte Woods: Mayor John C. Smedley; Ward 1 Alderman Pat Piper; and Ward 2 Alderman Mike Hazlett.

Riverside: Mayor Kathy Rose; Ward 1 Alderman Ron Super; Ward 2 Alderman Bernie Bruns; and Ward 3 Alderman David Hurt.

Weatherby Lake: Mayor Alan York; East Ward Alderman Tanya Finn; West Ward Alderman Gene Roberts; and Municipal Judge Mark Geran.

Weston: Ward 1 Alderman JoAnn Yazel; and Ward 2 Alderman John Collier.

School Districts
North Platte R-1: Board members Tim Belcher, Debie A. Asher and Jimmy Paden.

On Wednesday morning Debie A. Asher, George Hoeffner, and John McLaughlin filed for the Board positions.

Park Hill: Board members Fred J. Sanchez, Michael Otto and Bob Weidt.

Platte County R-3: Board members Patricia Stinnett, Dave Holland and Carey Rolofson.
Only incumbent Patricia Stinnett has filed for the board as of Wednesday morning.

West Platte R-2: Board members Donald Wilson, Pat Roberts, and Lynn Van Amburg.

Ambulance Districts
Southern Platte: District 2 Director Fred J. Sanchez and District 5 Director Martha Zirschky.



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