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Fixing bump on Main would cost over $13,000

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City’s Public Works Committee met on Monday night to discuss possible projects, including repair to Main Street at the top of the hill in front of the Dodge dealership for $13,189.

There is a large-sized, hard-to-miss bump on the south edge of the road in the eastbound lane at that location. The bump has existed since paving of Main in that area in 2004.

Committee members Aaron Jung and Andy Stanton expressed concern about the city having to foot the bill to repair the mistake.

“I’m disappointed that it was left that way, it’s crap,” said Jung, alderman and public works committee member. “Is there anyway in the future to prevent something like this from happening again?”

“I don’t know that it was going to be an apparent bump,” said Keith Moody, city administrator. “I don’t know that it was a design flaw. If the contractor was putting it down according to plan then there’s nothing we could do.”

Moody said that at the time no action was taken by the board to fix the problem because of funding.

“It was the feeling of the board at the time to not take any action,” said Moody.

The lowest bidder on the repair project was Seal-O-Matic, which is the same company who made the Main Street improvements in 2004.

The committee decided to allow Susan Mulally to come up with a plan to fix a problem she has with her new driveway along First Street.

The driveway was installed by the city to accommodate a planned sidewalk, however the residents along First Street decided they did not want a sidewalk.

According to Mulally, her car drags at the point where her driveway meets the sidewalk portion. She is asking that the city do something to fix her driveway so it will not cause her car to drag.

The committee was worried about making changes to the driveway, which would allow water to possibly run down the driveway from the street and damage Mulally’s house or damage a neighbor’s property.

“Are you willing to accept responsibility for what the water might do to your house?” said Dave Brooks, mayor.

“If the water gets over the curb then it’ll get into the neighbor’s yard,” said Leonard Hendricks, public works director.

In the end, the committee decided to have Mulally bring in an updated plan for driveway changes.

“I think we should have the property owners bring in designs for the driveway,” said Moody. “This committee is in a position to entertain some deviation on the driveway.”

The city may also require the property owner to sign a waiver releasing the city from responsibility for damage caused by stormwater to the home.




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