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'Stranger Danger' situations reported at Misty Woods

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department recently reported two “Stranger Danger” situations in Platte County’s Misty Woods housing addition at Parkville.

The first situation occurred on Sunday, Sept. 30 with a man in a light blue Lincoln and a second on Tuesday, Oct. 2 involving a man with a rusty brown truck. The two cases were found to be unrelated.

The second situation is still open, and the sheriff’s department took a report and is still searching for the rusty brown truck. The man approached two juveniles at a bus stop around 8 a.m. on Oct. 2. The man is described as white and roughly 50 years old. Anyone with a lead in the incident is encouraged to call the department at 816-858-2424.

The first incident has been resolved since the department conducted an investigation and concluded it was not a “Stranger Danger” but the actions of a concerned citizen.

On Sept. 30 a white male in his 50’s was driving a light blue Lincoln in the neighborhood when he contacted two 10-year-old females, wanting to know where they lived. After the investigation, the department found that the man had observed the two juvenile girls driving an ATV on the public roads and they had turned in front of the man in a busy intersection in an unsafe manner. The man then contacted the two and asked where they lived to inform their parents of the girls’ driving manner.

The man did not try to conceal his identity and spoke with another adult neighbor after the juveniles went to them for assistance. The man told the neighbor about the girls’ driving and the neighbor said they would tell the juveniles’ parents.

The Park Hill School District sent a letter to parents during the week of Oct. 3 to describe the two incidents.



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