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Saying he's no longer an asset, Bomar resigns

by Kathy Crawford
Landmark reporter

Alderman Gary Bomar read his letter of resignation effective immediately at the Dearborn Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday night.

Bomar began the letter by saying he had people to thank and enumerated many achievements made by previous boards with which he served.

“There has been tremendous progress in Dearborn over the past two and one-half years,” said Bomar.

He said that upgrades were made to the computer system for city hall, the phone system, and the water billing system. He also spoke of money generated to the tune of $15,000 per year from updating the lease agreement with Verizon and taking a budget that was $50,000 in the red and putting the city in the black within one budget cycle. Updated public works equipment, a state-of-the-art community park, a paved culvert that was a “serious safety issue” and telemetry for the water tower were also listed as accomplishments prior to April of 2006.

“The greatest accomplishment by the previous board of aldermen was to contract with a firm to codify the city ordinances so all citizens can know the city governing document as an easy to read and up-to-date document,” said Bomar.

He then went through a brief history of past board members, mayors, elections and resignations, finally ending with the election in April of this year.

“It was after the April (2007) election that I became uncomfortable in the role I had taken,” he said. “Mr. Mayor, members of the board, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for being so black and white in my observations and my opinions of the board’s governing positions.”

He said that in his endeavor to see issues as black and white, he became antagonistic and disenchanted with the status quo.

“Effective Oct. 10, I wish to tender my resignation from this governing board,” he said. “I no longer feel I can be an asset to this board.”

He said that his attitude is because he perceived that “there was seemingly a vacuum-leadership.” He apologized again for any grief. He said his sole intent was and is the welfare of the city. Bomar said that he should have been more congenial about open meetings glitches that occurred.

“Perhaps the most notable glitch was the rescinding of the previous board’s decision to make Dearborn an at-large candidate pool for the city’s elected officials,” he said. “The enlarged candidate pool concept was put down and overturned by the current board.”

Bomar said that he ran for the board because he felt he was capable, knowledgeable and educated in municipal government. However, he said that he was aware of a disharmony.

“It has been made clear to me that some individuals fear repercussions from my dissent regarding board matters,” said Bomar. “It has led to much speculation and gossip.”

He also apologized to any citizens of Dearborn that he may have offended at any time but expressed confidence in his intentions. He went on to say that he felt the citizens of Dearborn deserve and need a forthright and aggressive city management.

“In the end I have genuine confidence that my intentions were founded in sound municipal management and a sincere desire to do the right thing for the city,” he said.

After Bomar read his resignation, he gave a copy to the city clerk and mayor. The remaining four board members voted unanimously to accept his resignation.




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