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Parkville makes top ten
list of ‘coolest towns’
Alan McArthur/Landmark photo

•by Alan McArthur
Landmark columnist

Parkville was named one of the top ten coolest small towns in the United States in the September issue of Budget Travel.

“A little bit hip and a little bit homey, these up-and-coming towns guarantee a fun detour on your next road trip,” says the magazine article. “You’ll be browsing the local real estate pages before you know it.”

Budget Travel chose Parkville without a formal application from the city.

“This is quite an honor,” said Kathy Dusenbery, Parkville mayor. “I had no idea this was coming. I opened my mail on Friday and there was a letter from the editor and a copy of the magazine.”

According to Dusenbery, being chosen by the magazine will benefit surrounding communities as well.

“People look in a travel magazine to find different places to go,” said Dusenbery. “I think this will be good for Parkville and the entire region. Someone might visit Parkville and then stay in Weston.”

The businesses in Parkville will benefit the most from being selected.

“I think this is fantastic for Parkville,” said Angelo Gangai, owner of The Power Plant Restaurant and Brewery. “This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the many businesses in downtown Parkville.”

Dusenbery said that Parkville was probably chosen because of the diversity of shops and the atmosphere in town.

“We have a lot of unique shops in town,” said Dusenbery. “People are looking for that hometown feeling and that’s what Parkville has.”

Another major attraction for Parkville is English Landing Park along the Missouri River.

“English Landing Park is beautiful to enjoy and it’s right on the river,” said Gangai. “Parkville is a historic riverfront and has a nice ambiance.”

The other towns listed in the top 10 include: Millerton, N.Y., Milford, Pa., Yachats, Ore., Waitsburg, Wash., Paia, Hawaii, Silver City, N.M., Peterborough, N.H., Tuscumbia, Ala., and Collinsville, Conn.

Many of the other towns are in areas near either of the coasts and range in population sizes from more than 10,000 to only 200 people.

“Parkville is a great little community,” said Gangai. “It’s close to Kansas City and the airport and very easy to get to.”

The article quotes several business owners in Parkville and lists places to dine and shop in the area.

“We’re just 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City,” Jeff Anderson, co-owner of River Rock Reserve, was quoted as saying, “but I feel like any minute someone’s going to ask me to help with a barn raising.”

The owner of Café des Amis, Didier Combe, is also quoted comparing Parkville to a village in France.

“After the last dinner is served, we often sit on the deck with friends and guests,” the magazine quotes Combe.

Other businesses mentioned in the article include Wines by Jennifer, The Sweet Guy, and Bentley Guitars.

Parkville is located 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City and has a population of 4,059 people.



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