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Building inspector hired, water plan update given

•by Kathy Crawford
Landmark reporter

Progress at Dearborn was reported in a couple of different areas this week.

At a board of alderman meeting on Monday night, more progress was reported on the five-year water plan and by the city's planning and zoning committee in the form of hiring a building codes inspector.

Alderman Larry Wilmes reported on the Department of Natural Resources’ five-year water plan with Dearborn.

“We got the stuff back from White Cloud Engineering – Brock Pfost – on the estimate to replace the line on Montague,” Wilmes said.

He asked the board for $5,000 over the original $15,000 allotted to complete the first phase. The board unanimously passed the request.

“The total for the first phase would be $20,150,” Wilmes said.

Wilmes also said he would like to run this phase of the water plan in conjunction with some kind of street maintenance on Montague and new homes on Second Street. He told board members that once the water lines are set, they should rarely have to dig them up again.

“Never say never, but it should be very minimal,” he said.

Wilmes said it would take about $16,000 to put a 2-inch topcoat along Montague and Second Street.

“If we could do something like this every year, hopefully within five or six years we would have all the old water lines replaced,” he said.

The board decided it would be best to advertise for bids on the asphalt needed for the street maintenance.

Alderman Luke Thies announced that the planning and zoning committee had made some changes.

“The planning and zoning commission has elected a new chairman and secretary,” Thies said. “With your approval, we would like to have Jeremy Buckler for the chairman and Zac Hershley for the secretary.”

The board obliged by unanimously passing the motion, and Mayor Frank Downing Jr. said he wanted to also note that Jamie Lewis and DJ Hoffman also helped with the planning and zoning committee.

Thies also asked the board for and received $100 to purchase seven copies of ICC codebooks.

“I’ve check with Platte City and Platte County,” he said. “Platte County just went with the 2006 ICC Code and Platte City is using 2003. I feel 2003 would probably be sufficient.”

Thies explained to the board that this would bring Dearborn up to speed and help keep an eye on builders by allowing the city to hire a building inspector.

“It will protect the people,” he said. “If a builder is going to do it right, they won’t have a problem with an inspector.”

Thies then made a recommendation that the board hire Zac Hershley as the inspector, explaining that the board would need to make an ordinance to adopt penalties for code violations. He said that right now Dearborn has no code in place and no way to enforce it even if they did. The board passed the motion to hire Hersley.

“We want to ease into this stuff,” Thies said. “We don’t want to slap everybody in the face with this all at once because it is very overwhelming.”

In other business:

•A new bill was passed reducing the speed limit to 10 mph on Commercial Street that lies in Dean Park. In addition, new signs warning drivers of the speed reduction will be placed on Commercial Street.

•A new bill was passed re-establishing two wards in Dearborn, which will include the election of two alderman for each ward. The terms for the alderman will last two years, and elections will be held the first Tuesday of April.

•The board passed a motion with one dissent from alderman Donald Swanstone to pay for two trucks at $250 to come on Oct. 6 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a clean-up day. The Betterment Committee and members of the community will do all of the work in exchange for the city paying for the trucks.

•The board approved the adoption of a new application form to be filled out for a building permit, which can then be turned into the county for tax purposes.

•A request for a permit to build a shed at a home on Harrington was passed.

•A request by City Clerk Cindy Atkison to change a 30-day Certificate of Deposit into a six-month CD was tabled for further discussion.



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