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Riss Lake burglar guilty after two-day trial


Steven R. McCann

A Platte County jury has found a Kansas City man guilty of breaking into a Riss Lake home and possessing a purse stolen from the home.

Steven R. McCann, 21, was convicted last week of first-degree burglary and receiving stolen property following a two-day jury trial.

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd said, “A person’s home should be a place of safety and security. This defendant shattered his victim’s sense of security and will now pay the price for his crime.”

Prosecutors proved that on November 28, 2006, McCann, a co-defendant, Wesley Daniels, and an unidentified third person, broke into a home in the Riss Lake subdivision. A police officer stopped the vehicle in which McCann was a passenger just minutes after the reported burglary. The victim’s purse was found on the floorboard between McCann’s legs.

The victim told the jury that at approximately 12:45 p.m. she heard a knock at her door and someone rang the doorbell. When she realized she didn’t recognize the person at the door, later identified as McCann, she watched him leave and went about her business.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, the woman heard noises in her kitchen downstairs. She saw three men fleeing from her home with her purse toward a teal-colored automobile. The woman ran inside to call 911 and discovered the phone lines were cut. She went to a neighbor’s house and made the 911 call.

Approximately three minutes after the woman called 911, a Parkville Police Officer stopped a car matching the description given by the woman. The officer testified that as he was responding to the burglary call, the car turned out of the Riss Lake subdivision directly in front of his patrol car. The officer stopped the car in the parking lot of Sonic Drive-In and asked the driver to exit. The driver, Daniels, got out and had a long, flathead screwdriver with a wooden handle. A pair of gloves was also found in the car.

During the car stop, a brown and tan Louis Vuitton purse was found in the front passenger floorboard. The victim reported having sixty-six dollars in cash inside her purse and exactly that amount was found in console of the car, near the defendant.

McCann testified at trial and denied having any part in the burglary of the residence. He said that he rode with Daniels to Riss Lake to buy marijuana. He testified that he waited in the car smoking marijuana as Daniels walked across the victim’s back lawn. McCann said that when Daniels came running back to the car with a purse, he “figured” the purse was stolen.

Zahnd said, “Thanks to quick thinking by the victim and good work by law enforcement, this man was literally caught holding the bag. The jury only needed about one hour to return a verdict holding the defendant responsible for his crimes.”

Daniels pled guilty to first-degree burglary on June 21 and is scheduled to be sentenced on August 2. McCann is scheduled to be sentenced on September 6. McCann faces up to life in prison for the burglary and up to fifteen for receiving stolen property.

The case was investigated by Parkville Police Department. It was tried by Assistant Prosecutor Chris Seufert and First Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gibson.



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